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  1. I'm pretty sure this isn't true. Vegas venues are well known for keeping show lengths as short as possible because they want to get the audience back in the casino gambling. That's why all of the Vegas residencies (Celine, Britney, etc) are 90 minutes or less.
  2. I thought this was another one of Stephen's parody articles until I clicked the link...
  3. I saw her in person tonight! I was watching the arrivals with some friends from across the street and I saw her pose on the carpet and interact with Liz and everything. She looked AMAZING as you can imagine and the most fun thing for me is that she seems in person exactly like you would expect: fun, flirtatious, and charismatic. OMG I'm still getting over the shock of actually seeing her for the first time in my life!
  4. This was probably what inspired the prop person in American Sniper.
  5. What the hell? They're reviewing STOLEN CONTENT. I'm shocked that such a reputable publication as Spin would describe and review unauthorized leaks before the album is released, especially considering that they have a long relationship with Madonna.
  6. Can you imagine if Drake wrote an album of love/breakup songs about M?
  7. My personal vote is for Heartbreak City. I want a super melodramatic and grand conclusion with a full showing of Demonna and I want the last line to be "And I still feel shittttttyyyyyyyyy" as she descends below the stage a la the Super Bowl.
  8. Why wouldn't you have it in your head always? Fuzzy dreams are the best dreams.
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