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  1. What the hell? They're reviewing STOLEN CONTENT. I'm shocked that such a reputable publication as Spin would describe and review unauthorized leaks before the album is released, especially considering that they have a long relationship with Madonna.
  2. She really addressed it in the most polite terms possible given the circumstances. I'm very impressed with her reaction.
  3. Some links have been taken down by a company called GrayZone Inc. It's an international anti piracy firm: http://grayzone.com/index.php. Clearly M and her team and label are dealing with it now.
  4. What should we do if we find a link? What's the best way to get it reported/taken down?
  5. I'm so sad for Madonna that this is happening right now. I'm sure her heart is going to be broken when she finds out. I hope she can find the strength to continue on with the album and have her work get the attention it deserves. I also hope she realizes that the people who leaked this are a very small element of her fanbase and the vast majority of us would never do something like this because we respect her.
  6. I'm trying to imagine if that happened here with American politicians.
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