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  1. On November 28, 2014, Thanksgiving came with a suprise: a snippet of 'Rebel Heart' leaked to the internet. We all know now how the story ends! http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6334591/new-madonna-song-rebel-heart-leaks A snippet of a new Madonna song, rumored to be titled "Rebel Heart," leaked to the Internet on Thursday (Nov. 27). Who's Working on Madonna's Album? 22 Possible Collaborators Madonna's publicist had no comment about the leak, but the diva's manager, Guy Oseary, Tweeted: "I would be grateful to any Madonna fans that can assist us in finding those responsible for the leak. We appreciate your help." About 40 seconds of the dance-meets-acoustic track materialized with Madonna singing, "I've spent some time as a narcissist, hearing the others say 'look at you, look at you.' Trying to be so provocative, I said, 'Oh yeah, that was me. All the things I did just to be seen.'" Madonna Aiming for 2015 Album Release, 'Having a Lot of Fun' With Diplo It's assumed the song is titled "Rebel Heart," as Madonna is heard singing the phrase at one point in the snippet, and because she used the #RebelHeart hashtag on her Instagram for months. The song might be a co-production withAvicii, as Madonna used the #RebelHeart hashtag in a photo of her with him and his team nine months ago. It's unknown if the song clip is from a demo version of the song or a recording of a finished track. (As the audio quality of the snippet is questionable -- it sounds like it was recorded through speakers -- some observers have suggested the song is unfinished.) Madonna has been working on new music throughout 2014, frequently updating her Instagram feed with photos and messages regarding her progress. A new album from the entertainer is expected in 2015. It will be her first studio effort since 2012's MDNA, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.
  2. http://www.earone.it/news/madonna_hold_tight_radio_date_24_07_2015_15735864/ Madonna - Hold Tight (Radio Date: 07/24/2015) Radio stations in Italy will air 'Hold Tight' , in spite of "Bitch I'm Madonna", and there's no information about releasing it commercially as a single or else, at the moment. New single for Madonna, the queen of pop. It is "HOLD TIGHT," available for the radio programming from Friday, July 24. "Hold Tight", written by the same Madonna with Toby Gad, Thomas Wesley Pentz, Maureen McDonald and Uzoechi Emenike, is the third single from the album "REBEL HEART" - GOLD certified for sales in Italy after only two weeks after - after "Living for Live" and "Ghosttown" (also certified gold in the individual). After recording immediately sold out for Italian first two stages of Rebel Heart Tour on 21 and 22 November at Pala Alpitour of Turin, has added a third on 19 November.
  3. Madonna says folks shouldn’t be too put off over her recent comments about growing up in Rochester Hills. “I appreciate my provincial upbringing,” the Michigan-born pop culture icon explained by phone Friday, June 17, from her home in New York City. She’s preparing for her Rebel Heart Tour, which begins Sept. 9 in Montreal and will bring Madonna back home on Oct. 1 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The Bay City-born Madonna (nee Ciccone) — who was raised in Pontiac and Rochester Hills, graduating from Rochester Adams High School — ruffled local feathers when she referred to the “basic, provincial-thinking people” of her hometown during a March interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM satellite radio. The remark even prompted an open letter from Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett defending the area. Madonna, 56, who studied dance for one semester at the University of Michigan before moving to New York, says she hasn’t read Barnett’s letter but expressed a bit more pride about her roots on Friday. “To me it’s really important that I came from the Midwest,” she explained, “with my father and people that I was surrounded with, very strong work ethic and my practical approach to work, and not a lot of frills. “I don’t think I would be as creative as I am if I’d grown up surrounded by everything at my fingertips. The fact that I came from a small town in the Midwest has a lot to do with the kind of open notebook that I had to start my journey of creativity.” That journey has continued with “Rebel Heart,” Madonna’s 13th studio album — which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts in March — and will take its next step with the tour, which she promised will be one of her characteristically theatrical spectacles, featuring songs from throughout her 32-year Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recording career, with plenty of challenging choreography and provocative imagery. “I’m still working my way through the set list,” said Madonna, who’s working on the show with a team of creative directors, choreographers and costume designers. “The name of the tour, Rebel Heart, starts the party and then I think, ‘What’s a strong beginning? What’s the statement I want to make?’ and then we go on a journey from there.” The theme of the show, she added, will be “romance.” “Love. Living for love. Being a rebel heart. Living for love. They’re all kind of intertwined, you know — rising above, believing in your dreams, overcoming heartbreak, things like that,” Madonna said. “You know, the simple things in life.” And while fans wonder if she can still perform at the level she has in the past, Madonna, whose daughter, Lourdes, begins her second year at U-M this fall, said they won’t be disappointed. “I have a very disciplined life,” she said. “I don’t do a lot of socializing. My life revolves around my show and my children and trying to live a very healthy lifestyle. The only thing I’m lacking right now is sleep — as always.” Tickets for Madonna’s Joe Louis Arena concert, priced $53-$158, are on sale. Visitolympiaentertainment.com for details.
  4. Sorry, but he received three copies of the same! They have 10 tracks!! He's willing to sell two , soon !
  5. A gift from M to Aldo Diaz, the artist behind the single cover. Three diffeent CDs, one contains 10 tracks. Congrats, my friend! You're the best!
  6. BIM will debut on Billboard DAnce Chart at #26 ! soon another record break ! Another #1 !! No one can stop it beshes!!
  7. M now has a crush on Kevin, despite being Portuguese, he looks Italian ! She has a weakness for these type !!
  8. Yes! Yellow! And if you noticed, she appears more than twice along the way M runs the spot!!!
  9. As far as it goes, over 7mi (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) views, by now we noticed this cameos: Aya and Bambi,Rita Ora,Chris Rock, Diplo, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rocco, David, Alexander Wang, Jon Kortajarena, Nicki Minaj, Andrea Denver, Nicky Ottav, and Kevin Sampaio, the guy she kisses - he has a twin brother, Jonathan, can't stand this hotness!!!
  10. Yes , this footage, and with the Vogue face T- shirt too!!
  11. One thing I wonder, those scenes in the first teaser, and the others with her in that hall...Why were they cut off? Will there be a onger version, a remix version? The last two didn't have, but all those scenes missing... I liked the video, the full color in in, the fun, the movement, but I thought could have been added a history to it.
  12. OMG !!! Fun fun fun!!! And again Jon Kortajarena is there with her, he loves her!! She loves him!! Alexander Wang and Chris Rock, Rita Ora !! Loved her jump with the socks!!
  13. More info: all the other arts Aldo Diaz did, he used pics from the upcoming video, so these images are not known to compare, but the backgrounds he's posting with old pics such as at the Met Gala after party.
  14. What reaaly matters to me, is that everyone tagged there to be in the video... Imagine Beyonce ? And to inform evryone: Aldo Diaz sent at least 12 different cover arts to Madonna, but she liked it at first sight, on Instagram. No idea if the other works will surface, but, she is the one who chose it.
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