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  1. While the Empire State Building is known for changing from shades of red to blue and everything in between, tonight's light show will take on a bit different fashion; fashion photography from some of Harper's BAZAAR's most iconic shoots and cultural moments. In honor of BAZAAR's 150th anniversary and presented in partnership with Tiffany & Co., glossy pages will turn into sky-high projections, flooding the city with some of fashion's greatest. Think unforgettable covers (Rihanna's Jaws cover, anyone?) to stunning editorials that have highlighted the premier of seasons past. Join us tonight from 8:30PM to midnight on the north side of the Empire State Building above 34th Street, or tune in to BAZAAR's Facebook page for the entire live stream.
  2. Strike A Pose, the documentary, will be added to Netflix Brazil's catalog on April 7 !! Cheers to Brazil !!
  5. Girl Gone Wild in Turino‼ you might think that Im an Unapologetic Bitch . ❤ #rebelhearttour
  6. It is based on an instrument used to detect industrial flaws in ships. They perfected its clinical use, and by the end of the 1950s, ultrasound was routinely used in Glasgow hospitals, Nicolson said. But it didn’t really take off in British hospitals until the 1970s, and it was well into the 1970s before it became widely used in American hospitals
  7. Dont ever tell me to stop‼️. ❤ #rebelhearttour
  8. Sorry guys! I need to remember to post the source, so many of you will believe in what's real or not. Anche la Repubblica Torino dedica un articolo alla visita di Madonna e due dei suoi figli al Museo Egizio, in occasione della tappa torinese del suo Rebel Heart Tour. La sala più amata dalla popstar? La Galleria dei Re! Also la Repubblica Torino devotes an article to the visit of Madonnaand two of his children to the Egyptian Museum, on the occasion of the stage torinese of his rebel heart tour. The room more loved by the pop star? The Gallery of the king!
  9. I love this for so many reasons! @cityofnopity ❤#bitchesareyouinmygang I bow down to love not fear! Freedom equals no FEAR! ❤ #rebelhearttour @aldodiaz
  10. I don't smoke but i like to start fires.......! The is here‼️R U Ready Italy??? ❤#rebelhearttour @sitbonruben
  11. David and Mercy share there light❤‪#‎rebelhearttour‬
  12. Thank you very much!! Now I can start the project !!
  13. Cut Me Down the middle.........,,,,#heartbreakcity prayforparisprayforbierutprayforpeacearoundtheworld Thank you Denmark from the bottom of my Rebel ❤ #rebelhearttour