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  1. http://nowwatchtvlive.me/nbc-channel-live-free-online-nbc-channel/ quality is mediocre at best though :/
  2. yeah, that might be the best idea thanks.
  3. OMG... Love that arrangement. I'd also LOVE to see Secret, Live To Tell and Deeper & Deeper making a comeback. Great job. I loathe that Drum remix of Living For Love though - I never wanna hear it again. Same for the horrific Hung Up remixes from S&S and MDNA - something closer to the original, please.
  4. Ticketmaster UK Order Status Your tickets have not yet been dispatched. ____ Does anyone know when they start shipping? Now that I've read that they apprantely send them 2 weeks before the event, I'm quite scared they won't arrive in time before I travel to London. (I've chosen overseas mail) ((
  5. Wtf is NYC not sold out yet? MSG and Barkleys combined have about 40,000 seats, don't they?
  6. I'm already tired of their dance style... I wouldn't mind if they didn't join M in tour.
  7. 1. Borrowed Time 2. Best Night 3. HeartBreakCity 4. Messiah 5. Veni Vidi Vici
  8. Could live with that as long as the album version's ellements are in. I need that huge finale with a choir. Dubtronic's version would be perfect to close the show.
  9. What happened? Was she late again?
  10. http://www.mapaplan.com/seating-plan/the-o2-arena-london/high-resolution/00-the-o2-arena-london-seating-plan-detailed-seats-rows-and-blocks-numbers-chart-high-resolution.htm
  11. If anyone has spare codes: I have a few American friends that'd redeem it Unfortunately I didnt receive any since I bought tix for the UK show
  12. - AM1S2JJPN - AM1YBQXLP first come, first serve
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