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  1. Secret Don't Tell Me Live To Tell Deeper & Deeper Rain Frozen desperately need to make a comeback. I'd rather want to hear them than her "overplayed" classics. I also love them, but the songs mentioned above also deserve some spotlight again...
  2. holy shit. this is more than i had even expected. cannot wait til monday. ugh.
  3. Same... I want everything to be fresh and I want to be surprised when I see it I'll probably have a sneak peak at the costumes though - I know I can be a weak person
  4. London 1st show now I legitly feel poor after seeing all you guys attending multiple shows on different continents.
  5. OMG let's pray she repeats that historic Jimmy Fallon performance tonight.
  6. Madonna shouldn't have anything less than 13 Top 100 entries
  7. Holy shit, what happened? Why does she keep aging backwards AGAIN? I guess that look works even better on her without the grills. Wow, I'm so slayed. <3 Anyway, what a lovely interview. I love personality sfm.
  8. Don't really know yet how to feel about S.E.X. Love the song and I don't see her doing bad, but I guess I'm too anxious about yet another spot being taken on the precious set list :/ What about you guys?
  9. what? how did you get yours already?
  10. https://instagram.com/p/2EHoM-Gfmd/ https://instagram.com/p/2Ea62UDQ12/ https://instagram.com/p/2E0Ra8DXhh/ ____ when will we finally get ours? they look so pretty.
  11. Oh, I've already ordered back in March, but mine werent dispatched yet.
  12. Just wonderin if anybody got their tix already? Getting kinda jealous seeing everybody else showing off their precious tickets on insta already...
  13. Sorry, I don't see it doing any better than LFL unfortuantely. Single should've been released on iTunes, back when she performed with Taylor. How am I supposed to buy it on iTunes when I have already purchased the album? Including that acoustic version on a stand-alone single, and market it as a feature with Taylor would've also helped, just like using the gained momentum and releasing the MV that week....
  14. Holy shit, I need to have ALL of em. She truely serves nothing but perfection recently. Madge really knows how to make me poor these days
  15. spare codes are still welcome. i have lots of friends that would love to redeem them
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