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  1. Yay - thank you so much. We gotta go to STN really early the next morning, but I'll hope M won't be late so that I can still party a little with you guys.
  2. Hope they reveal the opening act soon. I'm very thrilled and praying for Like a Prayer to be performed. I would literally die... I'll be in London from 28/11-02/12 - any cool Madonna pre oder after parties?
  3. was any song removed in favor of Ghosttown then?
  4. Okay, so now she's just teased Messiah on insta (again).... I'm confused.
  5. Secret Project Speech Mike Tyson 1 - ICONIC 2 - BITCH I'M MADONNA 3 - BURNING UP 4 - HOLY WATER 5 - VOGUE / HOLY WATER (reprise) Sound of bells then onto 6 - DEVIL PRAY 7 - BODY SHOP 8 - TRUE BLUE performed as a slowed down version 9 - GHOSTTOWN 10 - HEARTBREAKCITY / LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE 11 - LIKE A VIRGIN 12 - SEX with elements of JUSTIFY MY LOVE 13 - LIVING FOR LOVE (remix à la TV promo tour) 14 - LA ISLA BONITA 15 - DEEPER AND DEEPER 16 - LA VIE EN ROSE 17 - MUSIC (get stupid) 18 - CANDY SHOP 19 - WHO'S THAT GIRL [WTG sounds slowed down and rather acoustic] M SPEECH 20 - REBEL HEART 21 - ILLUMINATI 22 - MATERIAL GIRL 23 - UNAPOLOGETIC BITCH 24 - HOLIDAY not too keen on that setlist...
  6. not as far as i know, but if im not mistaken the person that allegdly recorded those snippets was stating both songs were rehearsed.
  7. First I was angry to read both snoozefest-songs HBC and Messiah were included, but then I listened to those gorgeous snippets... Those may be her best live vocals since Confessions
  8. guess he's referring to the Coachella 15 performance...
  9. Tbh this just shows me how much I prefer her face with little make-up. She looks STUNNING.
  10. I think that heavily depends on whether you count Hung Up or Papa in their forms as classics or not
  11. I'm going with a friend for example - and I exactly know she would've been totally disappointed with a setlist similar to MDNA's one. Ofc Madonna is the greatest entertainer alive, but even if she plays some oldies like Deeper & Deeper or WTG - those are (unfortunately) forgotten to a great extent by the GP already. Just look at S&S or MDNA's Like a Prayer performances... They were magnificent! We need at least a few non-reinvented-beyond-recognition iconic classics to burn the roof off!
  12. let's not pretend us hardcore fans dont love some like a prayer, into the groove or vogue
  13. Skin Bruno's set list would be perfection... BIM would be a better closer than Holiday imo... Other than that: like a prayer, Ray of light, wash all over me (dance), hold tight - could we ask for more?
  14. it deserves a performance on every fucking tour - especially since LaV and Vogue were included as well....
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