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  1. Vogue from the tours ranked

  2. Holiday from the tours ranked

    Sticky Drowned World Tour BAT Girlie Show Virgin WTG RIT Rebel Heart 😴
  3. "She doesn't have any distinctively pretty features. She just looks like an average Jewish girl trying to pass for Italian with pudgy nose and over bite. Nothing special about her looks." Top 10 ugly celebs that are viewed as attractive Sarah Jessica Parker Lady Gags Rihanna Miley Cyrus Nicki Minaj Fergie Justin Bieber Adele Angelina Jolie Julia Roberts https://www.thetoptens.com/ugly-celebs-that-are-viewed-as-attractive/
  4. La Isla Bonita from the tours ranked

    1. TGS 2. DWT 3. WTGT 4. CT 5. S&S 6. RHT 😴
  5. Express Yourself from the tours ranked

    1. TGS 2. BAT 3. MDNA 4. RIT
  6. Britney Spears thread

    this choreo on the other hand is a slay. what a bitch for delivering such lackluster performances on stage when she's capable of this:
  7. 27. You steal a 5-year-old's diary who had a fight in kindergarten the other day and copy an entry providing the lyrics for your new immature diss track.
  8. 26. You look like a transexual donkey and are still salty about how you weren't able to outshine Christina and Britney with your safe and boring soccer mom tunes.
  9. 25. Trying to get some coins by giving cheap online singing lessons, cause you haven't toured in a decade and got kicked off your red spinning chair at The Voice.