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  1. I live in Southern California and I think that when we get the big one, we are going to lose a lot of people. This will be part of that statistic. In other places, you will have wildfires, tsunamis, radiation accidents like the one in Japan or Chernobyl. I am not looking forward to it and I am doing my part to be prepared. Because of this, this is why I don't want to have kids. Overpopulation is another factor here.
  2. New York received a similar threat and they didn't close down. They deemed the threat as 'not credible'.
  3. I disagree. Better safe than sorry especially with what happened in San Bernadino which is not too far away from LA. Some kids were supposed to have finals today.
  4. I was about to head out when the breaking news started. It was 'rare enough' and 'specific enough' that the superintendent said that they had to be closed. The FBI is assisting. This started around 5AM. The LAPD police received an electronic threat and he reported it to the superintendent Ramon Cortines. LOS ANGELES — Public schools were abruptly shut down and students were sent home on Tuesday after the police here received what officials described as a credible bomb threat. Ramon C. Cortines, the superintendent of schools, said he would keep schools closed until the police had searched buildings to make sure the campuses were safe. Buses that had taken children to school early this morning were turned around and sent back. The threat was received electronically. The district, the second largest in the nation, has 640,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade at more than 900 schools and 187 charter schools. ​ The action came as the region remains on edge after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino less than two weeks ago that left 14 people dead and 22 wounded. Over the past two weeks, there have been a number of bomb threats. This one, Mr. Cortines said, raised more concerns. “A threat had been made to not one school but many schools in this district,” he said. “Some of the details talked about backpacks and other packages. After talking with him, also with the board president, I made a decision to close all of the schools.” He said that he had asked officials to search all the schools within the district, and to “work systematically through the schools.” “I’ve asked the plant managers to walk the school, and if they see anything that is out of order to call the police. Not to touch anything, but if they see anything out of line to contact the proper authorities,” Mr. Cortines said. He said the threat was directed at many schools, which is what prompted him to act. The school board president, Steve Zimmer, said, “It was not 1 school, 2 schools, 3 schools — it was to many schools, not specifically identified.”
  5. This is a bigger issue than guns. It's about mentally unstable people getting access to them. That's not 'ableist'. That is cold hard fact. I also think that the US has a big problem with thinking critically. Some of us like to think that we are a 'melting pot' of cultures and that it somehow makes us more 'liberal' and 'sophisticated' but look at how some people act when it comes down to sensitive issues like this: It's all about who can bark the loudest and this is why you have chumps running for office for the GOP. We aren't a nation that thinks critically. We are a nation that listens to someone who says what we want to say and supports them blindly. This is something that embarrasses me. On one hand, it 'makes sense' that you have this. Media saturation, long work hours, social media fueling our narcissism, shit pop culture and 'news' reporting that focuses more on what the Kardashians are wearing than dealing with REAL issues such fuels this. No one really wants to talk about it because of 'political correctness'. That is why there has not been a real 'dialogue' about gun control. Our lives are too 'busy' with long work hours and consumption that we do not have time to think about real, complicated and sensitive issues such as this and this is why you have a country that cares more about 'sensitivity' and staying away from hot button issues than to think critically and analyze. This is why we are so backwards when it comes to race. This is why the US is repressed in so many things. This is why gun control has never been really dealt with.
  6. I went to a concert about two weeks ago. I dont understand people who take pictures of themselves at the show instead of THE show. Are you that self absorbed? Do you think your farts smell like roses?
  7. I have a BA in history. This is horrible. I always carry that fear that when I get my credential nothing will be available for me. I have to wait for someone to retire or die. I have seriously considered a second career change but NOT in tech or science because that is not where my heart is even though that is where the money is at.
  8. Yup. I am very suspicious of this outrage. It reminds me of the time when Blackfish aired and everyone demanded that we boycott Sea World. Here are some thoughts from moi. 1. Palmer baited the lion out from his territory. This was low and disengenous and I feel the same had Palmer had his permit and did it within government sanctioned hunting grounds. 2. That being said, i think calling for his head and posting his private information is wrong and this is where I get really iffy about the faux outrage.
  9. I get what you are saying and I didn't take offense. Thank you for not making a giant assumption and call my opinion 'absurd'. Of course living in a first world country, my problems are not going to be the same as a woman, say Somalia, where genital mutilation occurs. Just because I don't talk about it doesn't mean I am insensitive. I never said one is 'better' than the other. Some of us are just more sensitive to one thing than another. It is not politically correct but it is how I and others feel. It's not popular and I get why some would question that. The thing is this: 7 billion people on this planet compared to 30,000 of these animals.
  10. How am I insulting one group over another? I never said black lives are worth less. I said that what happens to animals affects more because animals have less of a voice. It is not politically correct but it is how I feel.
  11. A lion does not know when it crosses over into government sanctioned hunting grounds. As a woman and a minority, I can choose whether or not racists/misogynists/privileged people can hold me back. I think you can be passionate about more than issue. It isn't a popularity contest. I support #blacklivesmatter and big cats. Racism does exist, privilege exists. It sucks but I like to think that as a person in a first world country, you still have the power to empower yourself through education and self improvement. You have that choice to empower yourself. I can tick so many boxes but I am not going to let my bad experiences hold me back. Animals do not have that option which is why for me personally Cecil's death (and anytime I read about something similar on the National Geographic facebook page) enflames me a lot more. I love big cats. I have been into lion conservation since I was a kid. I want to travel to Africa one day and see these animals in their habitat. Serious question but how many of you here knew that illegal and 'legal' poaching still occured? Didn't you guys know that there are whole conventions where these Safari Club members get together in places like Vegas where they show off their 'trophies'? Did you know that lion bones are being imported to China because the demand for tiger bones in traditional medicine is high?
  12. Living for Love Devil Pray Hold Tight Unapologetic Bitch Beautiful Scars
  13. I seriously wonder that if Cecil had been killed 'legally' and wasn't tagged for research purposes, would the public have been as outraged? Lions are endangered. How many lions die each day at the guns of professional hunters who use permits and go after 'old animals'? I despise this 'sport'.
  14. I picture myself on a beach drinking a pineapple and coconut flavored drink while listening to this. It's one of my favorites.
  15. Beautiful ballad. I put it on repeat tonight!
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