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  1. This is my favorite track of the whole album. I don't know but it creates this mood/ambience when I listen to it. It has that early 90s feel which has already been established here but to me, it's a track that I wouldn't mind listening to at 6AM on a Saturday with the rain outside. I even created a playlist with this song. I also included 'Glory Box' by Portishead, 'Inner City Blues' by Marvin Gaye, 'Never as good as the first time' by Sade in it. I am just so in love with this one and I am glad it's getting a remix.
  2. This thread is full of hotties because we all have the same role model.
  3. So many sexy mens and one hot lady too! Okay, here is me. It’s one photo I am not embarrassed by.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to write this. You are doing God's work!
  5. I live in Southern California and I think that when we get the big one, we are going to lose a lot of people. This will be part of that statistic. In other places, you will have wildfires, tsunamis, radiation accidents like the one in Japan or Chernobyl. I am not looking forward to it and I am doing my part to be prepared. Because of this, this is why I don't want to have kids. Overpopulation is another factor here.
  6. I was lukewarm to the song but I am really liking the version with In The Sphinx.
  7. I never liked that quality in people. Why is it so hard to be direct? Do some people get off on creating drama and make someone a target? I understand that in a work environment you want to keep it professional even if people you don't like but damn. With shows like this it is about ratings. If Madonna bashing begins, they will join in.
  8. Thank you, erotica blu but isn't that too much trouble? Great, now everyone will make a meme out of my nose! I had to get a pic with the guy in the nun's habit.
  9. Once my dumbass figures out how to post pics with this board, here is my instagram in the mean time. I posted a couple of pics. instagram.com/damnatioadbestias
  10. Aside from my car troubles, I had an awesome time and I really hope that she taped this show. A few more things: I saw a quite a few guys who looked like the main characters from that Mike Judge show 'King of the Hill'. I had a couple sit next to me and the guy looked like Hank Hill except he was balding. Anywho, he 'looked' like someone who you wouldn't think would be into M. I think he was dragged there by his wife. They were waiting for the show to start and It was their first show. Once, she started the dude was so into it. I even heard him say 'Bitch get off my pole!' LOL! I just love that Madonna brings out straight men's inner queens.
  11. Damn, i made a mistake. I think i mean to say 'Secret' instead of Take A Bow. Whoops. I got home until 3:30 AM because of car problems (busted radiator) and some dutchie affected my brain. I wanted to write it down i was still fresh. :-) She also performed 'Love don't live here anymore' after Heartbreak City.
  12. Hey, for MDNA she started at 11. It was a Wednesday night. No chinges!
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