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  1. She doesn't have the intelligence or the free spirit to pull off that look. I can't tell you how many times I have heard her apologists call her 'eclectic'. She is the cosplay girl who calls herself a geek but has zero knowledge of a series or the writers. She is the type who appropriates an image for her own benefit.
  2. I really hope she releases a new album in the summer or Fall. I will be interning next year and $$ will be short until I work again in January 2-19. I could get some cheap seats but I want to reward myself with some tickets up close.
  3. Collaborations that never happened

    In his autobiography, Gene Simmons said that he wanted M to sing 'I was made for loving you' on the tribute album KISS my Ass in 1994. He said that he contacted her people but nothing came of it. I think this is the origin as to why he trashes her to this day. Shame.
  4. Man, some of you are brutal. Did you forget that when women age, fat gets deposited onto the stomach? And even if she let herself go, so what? We all know that she will work hard when she tours and even if she keeps the weight on, big deal. I love seeing Madonna being silly.
  5. She could play a troll or something. I say Let it Happen and then we will get gold nuggets the way that Bowie's son did after the Grammys fiasco.
  6. I was thinking about this the other day. I am hoping that she does the film first and then the album. I will be student teaching this year and it will be difficult for me financially. I told myself that once I get my credentials, I will get hired and I am going to get some Golden Triangle tickets (as a reward). So yeah, the later, the better. You never know with her.
  7. What does the general public know about Madonna?

    From my experience, that she knows how to sell her brand but isn't seen as an artist with the usual barbed ageist comments thrown in. She isn't seen as an artist which makes me think 'If she is such a marketing genius, there has to be more to her than just selling a tune with catchy beats. Maybe she has something more to offer. Maybe it is because she can tap into what people are thinking and feeling'. At this day and age where viral and reaction videos get more shares, Madonna's image doesn't fit because she is too big for something like that. Sure, she can make a catchy video that doesn't have a deep message (Bitch I'm Madonna), but she is seen as desperate. Whatever. I think that when her time comes (which won't be for a very long time), people's attitudes about age and what people can and "can't" do will change. She will play a role in that conversation.
  8. Random Tweets about Madonna

    Not a celebrity but he is a creator and big in comic book fandom. Jimmy Palmiotti who is the current writer for DC's Harley Quinn comic has tweeted some very nice things about our Queen. On her birthday he wrote, 'Happy birthday to the woman I have been steady with for years only she doesnt know it.' The other day he tweeted a post that was about Erotica's 25th anniversary. He is well known in DC and Marvel. His series was influential in the Suicide Squad movie to an extent. Just let me figure out how to post an image. LOL!! On his facebook (before he deleted it), I posted that Harley's favorite Madonna tune was probably 'Hanky Panky'. I could totally see her do that. He liked it. LOL! He's such a fanboy.
  9. It's one of my favorites. It;s very upbeat and one of the tunes that gets me going when I am running.
  10. Why does JEZEBEL hate her so much?

    Jezebel is largely composed of pretentious hipster millennials who think that just because they have social media and a wrist tattoo of a Disney princess that they are edgy. I am 31 and I can't stand how many in my generation think that someone as vapid and boring like Gaga or Bey are transgressive. They aren't. They are 'rebellious' and 'transgressive' in socially approved parameters. Putting your middle finger up to middle America is not edgy. It's tacky like Kathy Griffen and her dumb stunt. Not original or 'edgy'. Personally, I think Jezebel writes content that says is feminist and all inclusive, but anyone with some critical thinking skills can say that it is bullshit. For one thing, their blatant ageism. I want to see what these sows behind the glowing screen look like. They talk about body positivity and they trash Madonna for taking care of herself. We live in a time when there are health blogs and various online fora but she gets thrown under the bus? I seriously think it is jealousy. I have no concrete evidence but it is so obvious that these bloggers are jealous of her. She is someone that women should aspire to be when it comes to work ethic and taking care of yourself. Okay, so she has a few bucks in the bank but she didn't get to that without hard work. This is why I think Jezebel/Millenial hipsters hate her: 1. She takes care of herself/They are out of shape. 2. She works hard/Um, my parents instilled in me a work ethic and when I was in school I remember getting annoyed with my self absorbed classmates. It wasn't just the typical conceitedness that you would see in middle or high school. I mean, they acted like the world revolved around them over mundane bullshit that they did. Talking bout themselves when no one asked. In short, she is a hard worker/they grew up the trophy generation. Thank fuck my parents weren't helicopter types. 3, She's living life on her terms. They live off of ramen noodles and cat food. And student loans. Finally, I want to make a point and say that Bey is not special. To say that she is anything but 'QUEEN' will get you labeled racist. I seriously cringed when I watched 'Dr. Strange' and they had the characters listening to her music. IIRC, the context was that a character had one name and someone said ('Like Beyoncé?'). It was a funny throwaway reference but I seriously think that she is upheld to such a ridiculous standard because she is the 'empowered black woman' fantasy that SJW finger their clits over. There are plenty of talented black female artists who get ignored because of this vacuous woman. Her 'Feminist' statement was laughable. She would not be where she was had it not been for her father and Jay Z. I really want to be nice (Nope, LOL) and say that she is playing the game but when I want to say that she knows how to play the card, she is ultimately a puppet. No soul, no personality. She is just a piece. It grosses me out how she labeled a smart business woman but Madonna gets labeled an opportunist. Is it because she is white?
  11. I have seen middle aged straight men defend this Queef because she associates herself with classic rock bands. It is creepy to see how they get defensive of her. 'She's one of us' is the logic. It's sad when they think that by mere association that she gives them credibility.
  12. Like a fresh breath of air. I was surprised that this was from Billboard as well!!
  13. The Lady Gaga Thread

    She is a representation of people's fantasies of being worshipped for doing nothing. God, I want her to be exposed so badly. I feel like I live in this weird Wonderland where everyone's brain cells have been killed off. I swear it's like God damn 'Brave New World' except people smell her queefs than take their 'feel good pills'.
  14. The Lady Gaga Thread

    Hey guys, so this happened the other day. I post at a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock forum and some butt hurt poster ranted about this radio talk show host 'Eddie Trunk' who said 'Gaga is not metal'. This was just after the Superbowl. For those who don't know, Eddie is a NY based host who was the host of 'That Metal Show' on Vh1 classic. He gave his two cents and he said 'that she wasn't metal' and that everyone acted like she was the cure to cancer. He still kissed her ass by calling her 'talented' but he made the mistake of saying that one negative thing. Well, posters (who are a bunch of middle aged "men") started calling him all sorts of names and were white knighting her. I couldn't resist commenting. I gave my reasons why I thought that Eddie was right on the money: 1. She says things for image purposes 2. She uses people/issues for publicity. 3. You cannot go from one image to another without some change/evolution that makes sense. She is like a twelve year old who tries new looks because it is trendy'. Everyone was licking her cunt about she is this 'talented' artist and that we (well, I), should not question for fandom and that she may have "eclectic taste". These aren't impressionable twenty year olds with identity issues, these are middle aged 'men' who act all macho and think 'Yeah, METAL!' and then are defending her because she is 'one of us'. It's gross. I got called all sorts of names and calmly but firmly explained why I thought she was full of shit. In my last comment on said thread, I practically called the poster who went after me 'pussywhipped'. I got dogpiled but I am not angry about it. I am more like....disturbed by how quick they were to defend someone just because she says she likes 'Iron maiden'. Don't get me wrong. I think gate keeping is stupid but if you ask me, I think she has a very superficial knowledge about heavy metal and she probably only had "Enter Sandman" on her playlist. Just because you read about how many moons Mars has on Wikipedia doesn't make you an astronomer. THAT is what I think Trunk was saying but they were not having. It was like he was 'attacking' their girlfriend. Gross. I don't mind Gaga as an entertainer. She does have catchy tunes. I like her in a trashy way but God Damn, people are all up her ass. There is something about her that turns people into little minions. The way I see it, I am not direct threat to her. Why do casual fans even feel the need to 'defend' this girl? Fandom wars exist and there are assholes in all fandoms but shit, she just turns people into a cult. They are like Scientologists. I get liking something, I get kitsch but holy shit, don't wrap your identity around some rich spoiled girl who doesn't even know you exist. She has more power and money than a lot of her detractors. I don't get why people get so defensive when someone says something less than gushy.
  15. I am currently in a teaching credential program but I am also taking art classes. I start my second one in two weeks. This presentation gave me confirmation that this is something I should pursue (even though it will be hard as Hell). I have come to a point in my life where I can't suppress what I really am: I love to draw.