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  1. Time for your medication. Other than that, Trump seems to bring out the worst in YOU. Breathe and re-read what you just wrote. And APOLOGIZE. @Raider of the lost Ark
  2. THE MCCARTHYISM IS PRACTICED BY YOU. You twist words. I said worthy of investigation. You better take back those words.
  3. Talking about Europe, personally, I don't see other options than those two (BAU versus "populists"). Miracles won't happen, but "populist" agenda items may get more serious policy attention and resources, such as de-Islamization and halting the dilution of national sovereignty.
  4. Trump looked a bit shaky. Or maybe it was me. I found myself tensing up when he spoke. "High flying assets"? Thought he almost spilled some classified stuff. Surreal.
  5. Most of these subjects are legitimate issues worthy of investigation. You may not like the intensity and spin (I don't either) of the scrutiny and attacks, but ignoring the existence of HRC's actions on which they are focused and HRC root issues of deceit, fraud, pay for play, is simply not credible. Just as cartoonish as the Trump camp spin that you decry. By the way, both sides fought dirty. The Clinton scandals go back decades, to Arkansas and beyond. In the end even your analysis leads back to the same conclusion: the Democratic Party machine rolled out the red carpet for THE WRONG CANDIDATE.
  6. Agree, except for the last sentence: I believe many people deep down suspect / anticipate that the socalled populists will have a difficult time bringing about the changes these voters want. QUESTION: what OTHER option is there besides voting for those demonized "populists", except voting for the business as usual bullshit of established political parties? In other words: in what scenario would "it" NOT continue unabated?
  7. Very good analysis. Worth the read, so I'm quoting in full.
  8. Yes, I agree, religious fanatics - of any brand - with and without power is a huge issue. Old human habits die hard.
  9. I think that letter by Albert Pike predicting three World Wars might be a hoax: http://wideshut.co.uk/albert-pikes-3-world-wars-letter-hoax-wideshut-webcast/ The war between Islam and the rest of the world seems less of a hoax, however.
  10. It's a part/possibility of the current system that I don't appreciate: most popular votes versus not the most electoral votes. To me it feels wrong, but there may be a rational for it. No energy left to look it up on the interwebs...
  11. Alright, but just the pinky toe. (Ref. Harlem Nights, Eddie Murphy)
  12. Nobody should be shot. It has taken a lot of shooting in the history of mankind to get that far (the not shooting thing). Let's cherish and defend that accomplishment wherever it has been achieved.
  13. I take issue with YOUR LEADERS AND THEIR CORPORATE SPONSORS and those of other EU member states for creating these problems. I don't blame German citizens. I know many citizens get shafted because of those policies. I think we agree on a lot of things, actually. But on the matter of the Euro crisis in Greece the German hardliners and hardliners FROM MY OWN COUNTRY dictated terms that will only make financial problems bigger and more unsustainable. My country's taxpayers have accumulated the biggest pile of pension funds in relative terms, of the whole Eurozone, which is now being put into the Eurozone balance to hold of the economic collapse of the Euro project. When - not if - this unsustainable Euro scheme breaks down, my countrymen will suffer at least at much as yours. On immigration Germany unilaterally broke with the Dublin agreement by 'magnanimously' inviting all Syrian refugees to Germany.....except, then it decided that other member states should take them in as well. Any countries opposing such dictates are being threatened with punitive measures. We're all tired of bullshit. No special alibi for a so called model Germany that "leads by example" as you describe it, on these issues.
  14. OK, thank you, sorry about that. I also want to apologize for discussing several topics peripheral to the main topic of the thread. I can understand if that would irritate people (although, so far, nobody has said anything about it). I just get a bit dismayed by what I consider 'cartoonish/crude' representations and statements in posts decrying Trump for the same. PS And I do not have many hopes/expectations regarding the blessings of Trump for (international) politics.
  15. You failed to address the part where Germany BREACHES European agreements and doesn't ask but threatens other EU members that UPHOLD them to take in untold numbers of migrants. Also you forgot to address the part where Berlin dictates the Eurozone and its economic performance has benefited hugely from its membership and uneven competition with weaker EU member economies. You billions and billions of subsidies.....flow right back to Germany by propping up markets to sell your goods to. Just economic sense from Germany's perspective. I love Germany as a country. Your fairy tales of Germany as a moral example ON THESE ISSUES, not so much. @Raider of the lost Ark
  16. "...if you violate more or less other agreements constantly too...." Care to elaborate?
  17. NO, you don't get to breach European agreements and then threaten other EU member states THAT ACTUALLY UPHOLD THOSE BORDER AGREEMENTS to boot. BTW This behavior by big EU countries is not restricted to migration issues. Germany's membership of the EU and the Euro has greatly benefited their economy, because they could unevenly outcompete much weaker economies like Greece. It's not like Germany is such an altruistic benefactor that only pays. They're BULLYING and threatening. #Germany #GREECE @beta_test
  18. I don't know about genetics (I assume you mean that as a figure of speech), but I think that one of the legacies of World War 2 has been the rise of the "Gutmensch" that you mentioned earlier and the accompanying ideology of multiculturalism and political correctness. It's healthy to keep scrutinizing politicians and their motives. But the doctrine of political correctness makes me think of the statement attributed (erroneously I believe) to Churchill that the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists. Needless to say, I think political correctness is dangerous, because it tends to stifle free thought and free expression. To me tolerance is NOT going out of your way not to insult someone, BUT allowing people to say things that one completely disagrees with. Pointing out the negative consequences of disregarding European border agreements to take in millions of migrants is regarded as heresy from a "Gutmensch" point of view. Suppressing debate about these issues and bullying European neighbors - as done by German authorities - into accepting these migrants is NOT an example to follow. @Raider of the lost Ark
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