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  1. I see your point. And I agree with you: violence only begets violence. Maybe in other countries the far left does not vote / have no viable candidates or parties to vote for. In my country however, these socalled anti-fascists of the international socialists most certainly show their political allegiance, even while resorting to violence. These groups are even accompanied and cheered on by elected officials. The mainstream media does not cover this at all. They even make it seem as if the right wing is responsible. "X number of arrests at Pegida demonstration". Turns out most of them are of left wing protesters trying to physically deny other people from exercising their democratic right to participate in peaceful, officially sanctioned demonstrations.
  2. I understand what you are saying. But do politicians on the other side of the political spectrum denounce their unsavory supporters? For example, in my country political violence overwhelmingly comes from the extreme left, who for instance use violence against peaceful Pegida demonstrations. Not only do left wing parties FAIL to denounce these actions, but these violent mobs are even LED by local level politicians of far left parties.
  3. Well, it's certainly not Hillary's fault. She blamed her loss on the FBI at her first opportunity: a call with those who bankrolled her campaign.
  4. Can you elaborate on that a bit? What kind of Mussolini/Franco-like vocabulary or imagery does Marine Le Pen / her party use?
  5. But if no utterances of Nazi sympathizing can be attributed to presidential candidate Marine Le Pen (or her niece who is a member of parliament), then it may be - at the very least - counterproductive for those those who oppose her to give her that label: I suspect it feeds sympathy for le Pen by people who see these accusations as a form of demonization. In the BBC interview above she clearly states her position on Islam. She's not against people of Muslim faith. She defends the socalled laΓ―citΓ© that is enshrined in the French constitution, which is the strict separation of church and state, i.e. the absence of religious involvement in government affairs.
  6. Where did Marine Le Pen sympathize with Nazis? You seem to be talking about her father, who she kicked out of the party once she took over.
  7. Nah, he won't forego the chance to occupy the White House.
  8. Thinking about that possibility of Republicans supporting a potential impeachment trial! (post on previous page by @pjcowley ) Normally such a threat could act as a restraint, but for someone as inexperienced in American politics as Trump it will be much harder to avoid major strategic mistakes in Washington. Also, his recruitment will play a major part in his political vulnerability.
  9. Marine seems like quite an experienced debater. She held up surprisingly well in two interviews by very critical journalists (BBC and CNN) earlier this year. Her father is a racist, anti-semite and Holocaust denier who got convicted multiple times on charges of assault. Marine Le Pen thrashed him and threw him out of the party after taking power. Of course we all know about the Madonna tour-video backdrop involving Marine Le Pen and the Nazi swastika, but can Marine Le Pen be pinned down on racist or antisemitic utterances? I haven't read up on her, so I don't know enough, maybe a French M-Nation member can help out? In short, my point is that such a debate would by no means be a cakewalk for the big M.
  10. ...then it would thwart prospects of an isolationist / less interventionist USA. And "draining the swamp".......with banksters. I'll await the nominations before unloading...
  11. Agree. Putin's Russia is a dangerous and influential place that played it's part. But denying Americans their share in the outcome is a dangerous proposition.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to do this and thank you for your genuine apology. I deeply appreciate this. Now I'm off to work, which is: teaching immigrants to learn my mother tongue! Wishing everyone a great (working) day.
  13. Going to bed now. If no action is undertaken on the gas chamber accusation, I will take that as a sign to delete my account.
  14. If it is allowed on this Forum to falsely insinuate that other posters support sending Jews to the gas chamber, then I'm done here.
  15. "if you run around and continue to tell people Clinton did something illegal" QUOTE ME. The only one opening themselves to a defamation lawsuit is you, with your gas chambers remarks. Despicable.
  16. You were just equating what I said with sending Jews to the gas chamber..... What exactly did I say that was offensive? I do not accept this. I demand an apology.
  17. Apparently the FBI thought both the emails and the Clinton Foundation worthy of investigation. DOES RESTATING THAT FACT MAKE ME MCCARTHY? I ask you once more to reconsider your words.
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