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  1. "Hillary dedicated her life to public service".
  2. Only the other side is bad, or it's "reverse psychology"?
  3. What a relief to hear a SENSIBLE person talk about the real issues and how Hillary Clinton is on the wrong side of all of them.
  4. Agree. So much for Hillary the Destroyer.
  5. The possibility of the rise of a new Hitler should never be ruled out. We should always remain vigilant. Of course Hitler had already tried unsuccessfully to overthrow the government of Germany (Weimar Republic) ten years before ascending to the position of chancellor (1923/1933); was convicted and jailed, providing him with some "quiet time" to put in black and white his raging antisemitism and his maniacal view of the world in his book Mein Kampf. Then, there were of course the Hitler Jugend, various paramilitary organizations, etc. When Hitler took power, I don't believe there were widespread protests like now with Trump. People ARE vigilant now. Hitler used the burning of the Reichstag as a pretext for taking ABSOLUTE power. Trump should be and will be watched closely. Again, vigilance and holding him to account is important. But comparing him to Hitler... I've seen these side by side comparisons of Hitler and Trump. It states that both of them wanted to deport people. Well, Obama deported millions during his tenure. Trump can be called a populist. But comparing him to Hitler...... If people want to persist in identifying the rise of a new Hitler.....they would find a better fit in Mr. Erdogan, President and strongman of Turkey.
  6. Are these recent comments, or a compilation of his greatest hits?
  7. Picture taken by....................... (Fill in the blank space)
  8. Exactly. Education and ensuring children are protected from extremist brainwashers should always be a priority. Anyone know of Trumps ideas on education policy?
  9. The KKK is abhorrent. They should be monitored (are they?). Pure racists. I agree with what you write: hate is not the answer.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Wanna get that in before this thread closes! Seeing it's at 38 pages. I am genuinely concerned about the effects of immigration. And YES, my job is teaching Dutch to non-native speakers. I work with Muslims every day and their religion doesn't play a role for me. However, I am concerned about the rise in antisemitism and homophobia. Of course antisemites and homophobes can be found all over the demographic spectrum. But in large part, the *increase* comes from people who migrated from one/two/three generations ago. I worry about the position of women in our society. I worry about radical imams spewing hate speech in mosques. Muslim Brotherhood fanatics with a discourse completely incompatible with the values of our democratic constitutional state. I wonder about the sustainability of our welfare state. I wonder whether continuing to resettle migrants in the Netherlands is really better than supporting refugee camps closer to the countries of origin. Projections for population growth in Africa are off the charts. Currently European border guards on ships go right up to the coastal waters of Libya and act as a ferry service for migrants from countries that are very poor, but not at war. I feel guilty for my worries, because I have a comfortable life in a First World country and I might do the same as those migrants if I were in their position. The Netherlands is one of the richest countries in the world. I know. And I have lived in Africa. I've seen poverty. But I also believe that these poor countries of origin need the people who are draining away to Europe. Unlike you, I do not feel that migrants are underrepresented in Dutch media. My impression is that people who voice these concerns have been marginalized. And when they are shown, they are branded racist. I don't see serious engagement on these issues by most political parties. That's one of the reasons why I haven't joined the condemnation of Wilders or Marine le Pen on this forum. I don't agree with everything Wilders says. The ignoring of uncomfortable issues by other political parties, often by singing a politically correct tune of multiculturalism, scares me. I oppose further dilution of national sovereignty to an unaccountable elite bureaucracy in Brussels. There will be elections in March 2017. I promise myself I will not vote for parties that ignore these issues.
  11. The reason I haven't immediately answered the question is to try to draw out potential preconceived notions, such as "Wilders voters certainly would not help refugees". Judging from your posts, it is clear that justice and equality really matter to you. I don't know you, but I interpret your posts as motivated by a wish to make things better for all. As I wrote in an earlier post in this thread, I really dislike demonization in general and in political discussions in particular. It's a trap I also fall into myself, of course. But it's a tendency that shuts down debate. The discussion shifts away from the issue at hand. People tune out. I see it all around: raise some concerns about certain issues and people are immediately labeled Wilders-voters (PVV'er in Dutch based on the abbreviation of his political party). This way the exchange of ideas is shut down and the other side is branded a morally wrong person, who MUST be a racist, fascist, or "Islamophobe". This silencing of debate increases division. I don't have to be a supporter of Pegida to defend their right to peaceful demonstrations. When you start breaking the law to fight your opponents - or condoning others to do so - you risk becoming what you despise most. Your opponents may even gain from it. (just to be sure: I do NOT take your statements as a personal attack / you branding ME a morally wrong person. I understand you mean well. I haven't voted for him. Last time I voted for the animal rights party and before that I voted for the socialist party PvdA). So that's why I asked @Nikki why she asked me that question, to which she hasn't yet replied. Now, I could fall in the trap of speculating why she hasn't. But I won't.
  12. Be careful not to assume too much. But, please tell me, if you think you know.
  13. I'm in the Netherlands. There certainly is vandalism by right wing sympathizers, but the overwhelming majority of political violence comes from the left wing. It's been like this for decades. It doesn't help their cause and may even have the opposite effect.
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