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  1. tumbleweedt I must certainly would like to contact you. Is there any way to make it possible? Thanks! 

  2. She's STILL looking for Madonna! #nopictogether4u
  3. Cheer up there, old boy! Just having a laugh. #eyesnotfromflash
  4. And they go wayyyyyy back.... #birthday #ivanka #junior
  5. He's at least done some good things before....
  6. I appreciated the following response on Twitter: #Castro was a fraud who didn’t respect the people enough to trust them with any power. Fifty wasted years for #Cuba.
  7. Stop knowingly spreading lies about me. The fact that you're worked up about politically sensitive issues is understandable, but it doesn't make it okay for you to smear me with false accusations. This is the third post in a third thread. Stop this FALSE SMEAR campaign.
  8. Who? If you're referring to James Mattis, then you're talking out of your ass.
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