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  1. I hate this orange fat fuck. When will he d*e
  2. Leslie van Houten is also still alive. I assume she’ll die in prison as well. Anyway, I’m glad this psycho is finally dead
  3. Thanks for sharing! I love what he had to say about working with Madonna! Btw, isn't it interesting that ppl say she's known as being a bitch, meanwhile those who have ACTUALLY worked with her say the opposite ️
  4. This era has been on point; from the music, to the promo, the imagery to the tour. The best thing has been that she seems so happy!
  5. I still love it so much. I expected it to become a hit, but I guess radio disagreed! It's uplifting and empowering and instantly lifts the mood.
  6. Drake gets passes for everything. One of his best friends was in prison for human trafficking, and Drake was celebrating like there was no tomorrow. http://soletstalkabout.com/post/115951716460/drakes-human-trafficking-buddy-is-out-of-jail
  7. Yeah, on Meek Mill's song Rico he calls her a "ting"
  8. I used to think that he gave off a douche vibe, but he has shown a different side. He speaks the truth and it's good to have him in Madonna's corner.
  9. I want her pink Discount Universe jacket so bad
  10. Lol I saw some delusional Swiftie tweeting about it a few days ago, saying "When you weren't invited to the Bad Blood video" Puta pls
  11. This video is the truth!!!!! I am slayed! It was perfect for the song and everyone looked amazing in it. I also love David's solo dance. I am literally shaking and crying!
  12. These guys are basic to ugly, and I say this as someone who lives in Sweden.
  13. That's not true. Spotify keeps 30% and 70% goes to the rightsholders.
  14. The source is Hollywood life a.k.a. this is fanfiction
  15. Lmao this thread To me, Drake never looked disgusted. His body language showed that he was into it. Especially that hand movement in the end. His face was "OMFG I JUST KISSED MADONNA!!! " and not disgust. Just bc some people have a problem with an older woman kissing a young guy, doesn't mean the guy in question has a problem with it. It also bugs me when ppl say "Oh but if an older man did this, there would be outrage" Um, no. Older men dating younger women is accepted in society. And ppl ARE outraged now, because how DARES a woman her age still being sexual? Society can only sexualize young women, so therefore Madonna is worthless. Anyway, I hope Madonna is fucking Drake. Those meltdowns would give me life for eternity.
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