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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

  2. She’s luminous. She just radiates charisma and confidence
  3. 20 years later and he’s still pressed
  4. I really wish Fabien Baron would do more art direction for her.
  5. Omg I can’t breathe Those lyrics are so bad yikes Why is she clinging to La Vie Un Rose? She just ruins it with her overdone nasal vocals and her ugly French.
  6. He probably thought he would get good promo because Taylor is popular. Which is why I don’t get why anyone would want Gaga as the star in their movie. She can’t act, she’s somehow more hideous after all those surgeries and she’s not even that popular anymore. If this was 2010 or even 2011, sure, people still knew she existed back then. But now? Idgi
  7. Madonna RARE

    She’s been beautiful since birth. No awkward phase either, just pure beauty
  8. M14 producers wishlist

    I feel like Rocco probably has terrible taste, while Lola has good and diverse taste
  9. I love when she has a tan! I think she was a bit too skinny here though
  10. Speaking of twitter, I’d love to follow those of you who use it! my @ is CupidDelux ❤️