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  1. Kanye is a pos but I love the tracks he & his producers (Charlie Heat & Mike Dean) worked on
  2. Honestly I can't make this choice. That album is pretty much pop perfection and has imo no fillers.
  3. I hope Netflix Scandinavia will get it as well. I've been dying to see this since the first time I heard about it
  4. Ummm did she use them as her accessories? Wtf i'm surprised there hasn't been any outrage over this
  5. @XXL lol yes he blocked me back when he was being passive aggressive on instagram, and I commented that he should grow up and stop being childish 😂
  6. Imagine if a video like this came out with Madonna.....omg she would've been torn to shreds
  7. Does Madonna own her masters?
  8. One of her best looks <3 that camera man isn't very slick 👀
  9. Oh so he likes her again i wouldn't know because I'm still blocked by him
  10. I found it by searching for something else tbh! He's a songwriter/producer and was a member of Jodeci
  11. your signature :inlove:

    1. MerGirl


      Thank you 💖💖💖

  12. Madonna with DeVante Swing
  13. It's Carine Roitfeld's daughter, Julia Restoin Roitfeld
  14. Diplo wasn't the only producer working on BIM. SOPHIE co-produced, which is pretty obvious when you listen to the song and I wouldn't exactly call SOPHIE mainstream.