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  1. I listened to the demos 2-3 times and when the album came out I never listened to them again. I'm very happy with how the album turned out and the only demo I prefer over the official version is Rebel Heart.
  2. Taylor was also mad bc Katy fucked Jon Mayer so it's not only because of the dancers. Taylor needs to grow the fuck up
  3. I think this is just leaked/unreleased songs. I recognise almost all of them
  4. Qt photo of her!
  5. She really loves those pants 😂
  6. What Madonna did for pop concerts with Blond Ambition, she did for the half time with her show.
  7. She's so transparent. Using her "longtime" friend for sympathy and promo. I mean why else would TMZ write about a celebs non famous friend?
  8. This ugly binsh wishes
  9. Someone rt'd a video snippet lmao
  10. Madonna and her golden globes 😍
  11. Well deserved. I need to rewatch Moonlight soon
  12. Who's the guy eating & watching the kids dancing?
  13. She's so fucking hot. The best body 😍🙏🏽🙌🏽🔥