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  1. Ugggghh I hate yung lean, he’s honestly trash and I never thought he’d be popular, especially outside of Sweden. I’d rather she worked with one of his producers instead, (yung) gud.
  2. Lmao the meltdowns on Instagram are something else. I hope those people seethe! I’m just happy we got some music while we wait for the album
  3. I just want some news from her (or her “team”) we’ve basically speculating all year and the only thing we know is #soon
  4. I’m hoping for great reviews for this album. Getting a hit would be fun but feels unsure because of the current climate, but a critically acclaimed album would honestly be even better.
  5. I wish everyone would just do the world a favour and stop sharing his “art”. Are there actually people who like his trash? Hideous I thought Madonna fans were supposed to have good taste, but seeing fan “art” like that makes me question things
  6. What she posted was a preview of a Hassan Hajjaj photoshoot. This is his style.
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