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  1. MerGirl

    Blond Ambition Tour 28 years ago!

    No one will ever top this.
  2. We all know she tends to be late, so I don’t understand the need to exaggerate and make shit up. IF she had ever entered the stage for a show (that wasn’t free entrance) at 1 am, we would never hear the end of it. We know how media & social media acts when they get their pitchforks out when it comes to Madonna.
  3. MerGirl

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I hate this orange fat fuck. When will he d*e
  4. MerGirl

    Charles Manson finally DEAD

    Leslie van Houten is also still alive. I assume she’ll die in prison as well. Anyway, I’m glad this psycho is finally dead
  5. She’s luminous. She just radiates charisma and confidence
  6. your signature :inlove:

    1. MerGirl


      Thank you 💖💖💖

  7. MerGirl

    RH Tour Pictures!

    This tour was everything
  8. MerGirl

    Corey Feldman (who?)

    Are those blinds from CDAN/Enty?
  9. MerGirl

    Corey Feldman (who?)

    I've never heard that about the HP kids
  10. MerGirl

    Corey Feldman (who?)

    Damn he wasn't even trying to hide it. Also: he should've stopped messing with his nose after that, it became over done. Maybe that was an MJ tribute as well 👀 Anyway, I feel bad for him and everything he went through
  11. Thanks for sharing! I love what he had to say about working with Madonna! Btw, isn't it interesting that ppl say she's known as being a bitch, meanwhile those who have ACTUALLY worked with her say the opposite ☕️
  12. This era has been on point; from the music, to the promo, the imagery to the tour. The best thing has been that she seems so happy!
  13. I still love it so much. I expected it to become a hit, but I guess radio disagreed! It's uplifting and empowering and instantly lifts the mood.
  14. I think Gaultier preferred her hair down and in curls? I think I read that somewhere.