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  1. That's great! I still can't transfer these songs over to a playlist, but now have them all in one place
  2. Medellin definitely was not a good choice I think crave crazy or come alive should have been a single
  3. It is time for all the bonus tracks to be on spotify
  4. On songs like Crazy where she isn't using vocal effects, she sounds very soulful
  5. I have come to realize that everything I like about Madonna can be found in this one album.
  6. I always forget about music, I always associate mirwais with American Life album. Music felt so fresh and exciting. AL always seemed stark. But I think that Madonna was aiming for?
  7. I think Mirwais's production on Madame X was so much more varied on Madame X vs American Life.
  8. I think it would have been either a good opener or closer. It would have to be one or the other
  9. Future Crave Come alive Ciao Bella Crazy Crazy has really grown on me., it has crept into my top 5 when I originally had a different song
  10. I hope not, since back that up is my one disappointment
  11. It's definitely an essential album for me. It's working itself up to top 5
  12. Am I the only one who prefers this song to Vogue?
  13. This song was so bad, im really pleased future turned out so much better
  14. I know someone who doesn't really like Madonna who sings along with a lot of the album, especially Crave, Crazy, and Come Alive!
  15. I am still amazed at how much I like all the duets, when usually I don't like the ones she has done in the past. Except for Take a Bow, since I consider it one.
  16. Yes, this is my favorite, I think it is better than Tracy Young's
  17. I love quavos part of the song, it really seems to stop and chill the whole song out for a minute, if that makes sense
  18. Future was my most played song of the year, followed closely by crave. Some years I didn't have any Madonna songs in the top 100!
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