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  1. Wonder why they waited 20 yrs, certainly these things would have got more back in the 90s??
  2. I've always felt a little sorry for Camille. I read people here saying she was forcing Madonna to be Pat Benatar, but it was Madonna who starting out singing rock songs. She really helped Madonna when she was down and out, and gave her confidence and a start in the music industry. Of course, she was looking to make money as well. I like to think they could made amends somehow, but I assume Madonna is pissed at all these people who "sold her out" in all these unauthorized documentaries/biographies. Although I am fascinated by them!
  3. Whoa did Sharon try for Breathless Mahoney?
  4. You know things were bad when that woman took Paul McCartney for a huge amount of money and everyone hated her, but people were cheering for Guy and saying he deserved it for putting up with her. At first I was a little annoyed with her calling Whitney mediocre, but it's kind of true. Look at the lyrics to "I Have Nothing" -- one of my favorite songs of hers. Really it is mediocre as hell. It's all the vocal runs she does with each verse that sells the song, it really is nothing without them.
  5. On that one I think she steals more from Don't Turn Around/Ace of Base. Of course, she thought she could have a Spanish titled hit and be beloved in Latin America like Madonna is. Didn't Madonna pose on some hand during the Ray of Light era that she is copying above?
  6. I'm glad someone has finally defended Madonna in public. And she would have a right to say something rude, unlike a lot of these others. What a class act!
  7. She could at least release Blond Ambition and/or Truth or Dare.
  8. That's what so stupid about her. She wasn't actually ugly, but she's tries so fucking hard. She tried to make herself look weird to be edgy. Now she's got all that plastic surgery she truly looks bad and there's no going back.
  9. It's good she made a Pride theme song since that's the only place she will be performing soon
  10. And so true! Yet that took some balls to say when Mariah was selling tens of millions of albums and Madonna hadn't yet had her ROL comeback
  11. I've accepted the fact that this will be trashy as hell. Of course they will focus on the fact that she was fucking the two biggest DJs in NYC. At the same time. Even if people just think she is a big slut, that is still kind of impressive. But I hope these biopics focus on how self made and involved she was with every aspect of her career. This could be a good thing.
  12. I'm not really bothered by Taylor putting her music on Spotify on Katy's release date. Katy's been making a bit of an ass of herself lately, then had to go dig up that feud again on national TV. I think it's kind of funny,actually. I'm more appalled by how weak 1989 is for a blockbuster, AOTY winner. I like some of the singles so I gave it a listen. The non singles are pretty bad.
  13. I think it was the Rolling stone interview with Carrie Fisher
  14. "Go find Joanne" almost as tasteless as the TIHTY remix! Remember this wouldn't be a person Sonja had EVER met. Fucking Gaga never even met her!!