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  1. Taylor Swift thread

    Now this dumb bitch is buying her album in stores, too?
  2. Patrick Leonard thread

    I feel exactly the same about Jump. But then again, I dislike Love makes the world go round so much I don't think I have ever finished it, so no one's perfect.
  3. Patrick Leonard thread

    He definitely would NOT post if he was there. She won't have a repeat of last time.
  4. Taylor Swift thread

    Yeah, but they sold 10+million
  5. Taylor Swift thread

    But looking at overall sales, 6 million isn't a huge, impressive number for a major superstar. Lemonade even less so. So we have blockbuster first week sales, but not much overall totals. I don't see reputation hanging around radio for three years like 1989 did.
  6. Taylor Swift thread

    She doesn't put her music on streaming sites so I don't think they would be any higher.
  7. Taylor Swift thread

    That's the same for me. I might listen to a song of hers on the radio, but to say she has great songs? No way. Some of them are decent and catchy. Isn't she like Beyoncé who also has massive first week sales but the overall numbers are not so impressive?
  8. Taylor Swift thread

    Once people start getting plastic surgery, they never regain their popularity
  9. Taylor Swift thread

    Well, it could be massively front loaded in the US and drop 90% the second week. And flop worldwide. Or the projections could be off quite a bit. It will still have no more hits. The next era will be her artpop.
  10. Taylor Swift thread

    Diplo's not really so much better that he should be commenting. (right or wrong) Taylor will still be around long after Diplo has been forgotten. This era will be a flop for her, definitely.
  11. YES, he is just as important as Pat. Even more so, since without him, none of this would have been possible. And people always say Madonna has never worked with a complete unknown producer, that's false. She plucked Steve from complete obscurity.
  12. I've always got a very bad vibe off her, seriously. I think that thing about pushing that girl off the building may not be so far fetched.
  13. Or I thought that because of the candy striper thing. But re watching it, I think maybe it just means Madonna doesn't date other musicians -- because that is what Courtney said right before?
  14. I always thought the dip into the population was referring to Madonna being bisexual