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  1. That's the problem. All the flop princesses reference Madonna. Gaga is the only one dumb enough to take other pop stars most iconic looks -- not just Madonna -- and just does nothing with any of it. Her music isn't that good, she's not that good of a singer, etc.
  2. Didn't she try to make a version of Sex book that no one was interested in?
  3. I guess that is her appeal? An average girl who became a pop star because of her "talent"? A parody of a pop star.
  4. Does anyone know how much Netflix paid her for this? Does she include any concert footage, other than the Superbowl?
  5. I think Truth or Dare would have had a score over 90 if RT existed at the time of its release. It was very well reviewed, the sample there is probably quite small, maybe 20? Gags Five Foot Two will probably end up in the 70s, like her albums on metacritic
  6. I am a little surprised someone hasn't at least heard of her. I DO believe people probably rarely recognize her. She was so busy with the Halloween costumes that the average person probably cannot visualize her in their mind (unlike Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Britney, other superstars) That may be another reason behind this documentary and public appearances.
  7. I would really like a world music influenced album, something along the lines of Paul Simon's Graceland. Something still polished and professional. Hopefully she won't go TOO organic and record something with the Kalakan trio or anything like that.
  8. Monsters are saying it's OK to make fun of Katy Perry for rescheduling/cancelling dates because she's a FLOP, but Gaga is cancelling because of constant pain. Interesting how she was able to make it through the US dates which sold decently but now she can't perform.
  9. Madonna herself is saying she doesn't want to do this anymore. People are just speculating that she is talking about some distant point in the future. This may be what she wants to do NOW.
  10. Yes, and Gaga's the one who's told lies, that Madonna's not involved in making her music and doesn't write her songs. While Madonna told the TRUTH.
  11. I I used Tina as an example because her shows are much more energetic than someone like Cher's
  12. Maybe she could do this residency thing before or after a big tour. I think she genuinely enjoyed the tears of clown shows. Especially if she could stay in one place for an extended period of time instead of traveling so much. It does seem like she does have at least one more big tour left. I don't mean she couldn't handle Rebel Heart, but she did seem like she was doing much less demanding choreography than with MDNA. She will be in her 60s next go round. Even Tina Turner touring at that age said it took her a full day to recover after a tour date. It's just how it goes.
  13. It does make me sad that she won't have one more big budget farewell tour. But honestly, I don't think she can handle that type of show anymore. Besides, I thought the tears of a clown was the most interesting thing to come out of the Rebel Heart era. I don't like the idea of a residency. Would in work in a city such as NYC and not in Las Vegas? I wish she would take this show on the road, but I can't see her riding around in a tour bus .
  14. M14 producers wishlist

    Would you consider Bedtime Story deep house?
  15. I wonder if she had that reductive apartment specially made, like a movie set?