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  1. So Trump has got Kim Jung Un talking denuclearation, and China is talking about reducing tariffs?
  2. 1.3 trillion isn't all that much, some people believe China owns all of it
  3. I blame Orbit for getting into her head and telling everyone MDNA was rushed. She felt she had to keep working on Rebel Heart, when I wish sometimes she hadn't.
  4. My favorite, and I actually like BOTH versions. I might even prefer the album version. Should have been a single, and definitely should have been on all versions of album
  5. Yeah, I think she played things a little too safe working with Kanye and Diplo primarily. The lesser knowns might've made things more interesting.
  6. Silly and fun are one thing. But this is more a case of a killer beat with cringe worthy lyrics. Not unlike "American Life" I strongly prefer Unapologetic Bitch
  7. I like the sounds it needs better lyrics. It could be something silly and off the wall, just "Bitch I'm Madonna" doesn't cut if for me. PC music isn't cutting edge once it has made it's way to a McDonald's commercial (Lemonade)
  8. Avicii. I personally feel she got fucked by Diplo (and not in a good way) His work with Sia, Biebs, and others is great. On RH, I feel nowhere near as good.
  9. I understand MDNA shouldn't scare off a long term fan. But what about younger fans she picked up from 4 minutes? I cringe thinking some people may only know her from 4 minutes or GMAYL.
  10. I tried to find other sources for this and keep seeing Drake as the most illegally downloaded. I find it hard to believe Adele had that many illegal downloads, I feel everyone who wanted that mother fucker went ahead and bought it.
  11. I still liked several songs off MDNA, but not quite sure why it didn't really work for me. I thought the MDNA tour was brilliant, one of her very best. So the overall era was OK for me.
  12. I wonder how this affected streaming. Like if people who downloaded Rebel Hear illegally preferred the demos/unreleased tracks, so they didn't bother to purchase it or at least stream it legitimately? Could it have been one of the top streamed albums on Spotify for example, at least, if the leaks did not happen? All the download links I found had the full album plus all the unreleased tracks/demos.
  13. It was only her best song since Love Spent
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