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  1. Like. . .Imagine Ray of Light with MNDA vocals
  2. Just thinking, I liked U2s albums in the 2000s better than their earlier ones. Fifty seems to be the age for me where I lose interest in artists. Even from artists I really liked, like U2, Tom Petty, Garbage, etc. With Madonna even, I don't feel Hard Candy, Rebel Heart, or MDNA are essential to her catalogue.
  3. I saw that right after I posted!
  4. But can you think of any musician who made their best album when they were 50 something, as opposed to 20s or 30s? I'm not confusing them, I'm just saying it is difficult to do your best work if your voice is in decline.
  5. Really, can you think of any musicians/pop stars who got better with age? I'm talking 40s and up. It's especially hard for singers, because most of their voices decline with age as well, even if they were singing great songs.
  6. rocknrolla

    New Album Means New Tour

    I think she would probably be Ok with never touring again, but now that she has the record, I think she wants to keep it
  7. rocknrolla

    New Album Means New Tour

    I can't see her handing her touring crown over just yet, since Tina and Cher toured til they were 70 or so, but maybe I am wrong
  8. rocknrolla

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Rebel Heart is too close to what I imagine her Vegas retrospective to be like
  9. rocknrolla

    Has 2018 Killed the Pop Star?

    I do like Imagine Dragons. And I just heard a song on the radio by Drake that I like after all (Nice For What)
  10. rocknrolla

    Has 2018 Killed the Pop Star?

    NIce to see Madonna get a big acknowledgement here I can only name one Drake song, he never is played on the radio, I guess it doesn't seem to hurt his career.
  11. rocknrolla

    New Album Means New Tour

    I DO like how she started varying the setlist on the RH tour
  12. rocknrolla

    New Album Means New Tour

    That makes sense, but Madonna has so many hits that she could tour indefinitely and rarely repeat herself
  13. rocknrolla

    New Album Means New Tour

    If she plays it too safe then we would never get anything amazing such as Music Inferno, Erotic Candy Shop, LAV Confessions, etc. I felt like the reinventions for RHT were subpar compared to those on MDNA, even with the same music director. So maybe a few dramatic reinventions, but others close to the original. The weird thing is, the newer albums are so divisive, yet no one agrees on the what the best/worst songs are! I want the newer songs included, but maybe no more than 3-4 perhaps. I just think how irritated I would be if I went to a U2 concert or something and they played mostly new material.
  14. rocknrolla

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    I think musically MDNA tour was decent. I appreciated that she had the balls to perform celebration and revolver, even though in person I might have been annoyed. She picked a lot of my favorites off MDNA, and I liked the new slowed down version of Love Spent. The Justify my Love and Erotic Candy shop remixes were excellent. I liked the Born this way mash up as well. So nearly everything worked for me.
  15. rocknrolla

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    It's definitely one of the best