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  1. After hawking mdna skin on late night talk shows we can't really say anything is too tacky or beneath her at this point
  2. Did they? I didn't know anything about fan forums back then
  3. That is really true about lyrics. How on paper some songs can seem very simple or basic -- not just talking Madonna here. It takes lyrics + vocals + production to bring a song to life. If she wants to sing about games (again), that's fine, I just don't want a lead single called Beautiful Game.
  4. Cringe worthy lyrics are fine. . . but not for the lead single! I've found plenty to like in the last three albums, but the lead single choices have been such an embarrassment! Everybody liked Rebel Heart and Wash all over me when they were first leaked, right?
  5. I do like Paradise, actually the whole Music album is one of my top three favorites. I never said the word boring. Could you name an example of a kabbalah reference on Confessions?
  6. I would rather have a "basic" pop song than one with Kabbalah references no one will get. Maybe I am the problem I hear her working these current producers I just want a good pop song at least on par with other artists they have worked with, not an angry album full of religious references, or talking about fame.
  7. but 4 lines is a whole verse! It all has to work! It could be an album track if she hadn't already talked about playing this game all over MDNA.
  8. Lyrically it's not good enough even for an album track. We need the new album to be flawless. Why pay the biggest songwriters around and then come up with something that sounds like something she used to reject?
  9. rocknrolla

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    So Trump has got Kim Jung Un talking denuclearation, and China is talking about reducing tariffs?
  10. rocknrolla

    Justin Timberlake thread

    OK I just heard Say Something on the radio and I like it And I like Filthy I'm still enjoying this downfall. Or more like just being knocked down a peg or two, which is much deserved.
  11. rocknrolla

    Justin Timberlake thread

    If no additional dates are added, though, does it mean that most of the first batch went to secondary sites and are really selling slowly?
  12. rocknrolla

    Justin Timberlake thread

    And he is doing a duet with a country singer, and pandering to their fans, who are all Trump voters. That definitely isn't helping matters for him.
  13. rocknrolla

    Justin Timberlake thread

    So true that this backlash is so overdue. The next "era" should be interesting now that radio is ignoring him, he's not much of a performer, his music is not any good, his back catalog does not really hold up. Wow, he does have a lot in common with Gags!!