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  1. I remember reading an interview with Ingrid, she said Madonna changed one line. I always thought it was the "poor is the man whose pleasures depend upon permission of another" I don't know why, maybe it stands out from the rest of the lines somehow. I'm glad Prince convinced her to take credit, I hadn't heard that before. She received 25 percent of the royalties, which she was satisfied with. Considering she never meant for it be a commercially released song and that had to have been in the millions between single sales, IC sales, and sales of the video single, I can understand why!
  2. Just think how these two have completely fucked up their faces so much they are barely recognizable
  3. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    Really! And think how well she could have done in Australia if she would have went there on earlier tours. By Rebel Heart it was too late.
  4. She makes money but her album sucks and she is a terrible performer/live singer.
  5. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Really, why can't she do her own thing. Most male artists that tour don't have to learn dance routines. Neither does Celine, Adele, Barbara, Whitney, etc (I don't think any of them did, anyway)
  6. I DO think even Britney is given way to much credit for "making Vegas residencies" cool for "younger" artists. Like she hasn't had her flops. She's had tours that didn't do well, she didn't bring an audience to the X Factor, etc.
  7. Imagine if she had done something similar to that Bowie tribute at the Superbowl! I think that performance was so reviled she finally put forth some effort and that's why the Superbowl was halfway decent.
  8. And now they've upped it to 200 million!!
  9. It sounds so ridiculous but it almost makes sense. Why else would radio not touch her for being such a huge superstar?
  10. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    And her whining about older women not being played on the radio was borderline Gaga territory for me. I hope it is a self fulfilling prophecy.
  11. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    She's the female version of Maroon 5/Adam Levine. Overplayed to death, all of their songs sound the same, nothing so bad or good to be memorable.
  12. I was hoping Adele would signal a shift away from all these pop tarts, like what happened in the 90s, but it seemed the opposite happened. I think Katy deserved to flop, of course Gaga. I do think Lemonade was actually very good, though a bit overrated. I heard somewhere she and Jay Z don't want her played on radio, to build up sales/streaming numbers? I'd like to see how well Rhianna would do on her own, seems half her hits are features on someone else's tracks. Seems though they are all "flopping", they still make a fortune. I'm trying to decide what disgusts me more, that Britney or Gaga will probably end up with a bigger fortune than Madonna. Gaga probably will top top Madonna's tour grosses eventually if she stays in Vegas for 30 more years.
  13. I recently watched this just because I always see all the gifs everywhere. I want to laugh, but I always feel guilty knowing how fucked up she must be. I love another one where she is asked what she thinks of Mariah Carey, and she responds, I don't think of her.
  14. I think I like this. They chose some of my very favorite images, Lucky star is perfect! Has anyone seen these outside of Vegas? I go to a casino in Kansas and it has all the most modern machines. I think I've seen Britney's, I've definitely seen one for Big Band theory. "slut machine"