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  1. "Go find Joanne" almost as tasteless as the TIHTY remix! Remember this wouldn't be a person Sonja had EVER met. Fucking Gaga never even met her!!
  2. "an hour before she took the stage" So this means she wasn't even there when this great friend of hers was dying?? Because with hair and make up and travel time, etc. it would be much more than an hour before she "took the stage"
  3. Maybe she really does have some soccer moms as fans!
  4. Did she sing Crazy for You live? It sounds different, I always assumed she just lyp synced.
  5. It was the only look she hadn't "borrowed" yet!
  6. Are then any songs were surprised that Madonna sang? I remember watching the movie At Close Range and remember being fascinated by the song Live to Tell. I didn't know Madonna sang it, I just thought it was some song made for the movie. It was only years later that I was going through her old albums in the early 90s I found out that Madonna sang it and was completely blown away! Another one was Angel. I must've heard it on the radio before a few times, I knew I had heard it before but never knew it was her.
  7. I feel the same way, I cannot stand listening to Mariah, either. I DO like "We Belong Together", probably because she's not doing all the wailing.
  8. That's how I feel, I almost always prefer more expressive singers to those with huge voices. Tina Turner is the only "big voiced" singer I like to listen to, if she even counts.
  9. It makes sense to me. Paris looks more like her, and it would be a big break for her. Miley probably wouldn't want to be associated as Madonna wanna be in a film, and this was a nicer way of saying so
  10. Damn, I kinda thought he'd say something good for some reason. Boy George?
  11. Madonna taught all these basics how to charge a fortune for concert tickets and get away with it. That's how they are catching her so quickly, and will likely surpass her eventually. Particularly Beyoncé and Taylor. Adele too, probably, if she wanted to tour a lot. Madonna during her peak years barely toured, and her grosses reflect this.
  12. I kind of see what they are saying here. IF the script was really well written, directed and acted like "he Social Network" it could help draw interest to Madonna's amazing career. There's not much to lose, sadly. Everyone largely thinks she's an untalented bitchy slut. But if people knew her backstory and how involved she was in her own success it COULD be a win. The odds of the script being well done are so small, though.
  13. It would have completely ended her career
  14. I love this tour, one of her very best. The documentary would have been so interesting, especially since her children were so involved with this one.