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    2018 MTV VMAs

    I'll go with door number two. (though why and how anyone would be "afraid" of the "beehive" (i cannot with that idiotic term) confuses me to no end) I always thought it was made up simply to ensure Gags wouldn't walk empty handed back in '11. Turns out it's an actual category 🤷‍♂️
  2. LHakaLH

    Your Top 10 Debut Albums....

    That wasn't a debut!! He had 4 studio albums released as a solo artist prior to Off The Wall
  3. LHakaLH

    rate the tours

  4. LOL out of those, Cherish is the only one that would've fitted TB's ukelele acoustic theme
  5. Needs to be revived, along with Gambler.
  6. DWT's latin segment should be here as well. Love the S&S gipsy dress tho. Actually, the S&S La Isla was a pretty good reinvention; no longer the latino-tropical island and more of a romani gipsy folk song. It was different and cool. MDNA's basque act was cute (tho I wished she would've kept the sleeveless dress with the fur neck for the entire tour) but it did fell flat on some parts and the entire acoustic vibe just didn't work well on big open stadiums. RHT's Mexico-Frida Kahlo theme felt tiring and repetitive (It gave us back WTG tho so it gets some slack cut for that alone). but overall, she does need to quit it with the Latino-Gipsy-Spanish segments.
  7. Just for this tour, she can always bring them back for the farewell tour/ Tour 12
  8. I guess that unlike Holiday, which can be remixed and adapted into any theme, LAP needs a religious-themed setting/performance, otherwise it wouldn't work. Kind of like JML or Bedtime Story, I just can't picture her giving those songs proper modern tour performances.
  9. Themes: No more Church/Catholic/Religious or Latino/Spanish/Mexican/Gipsy segments. Please. (I also wouldn't mind if she decides not to do anymore Pimp/Dominatrix/Violent segments) My personal wishlist would be: Futuristic-Robotic, Biblical-Apocalyptical, Fakir, Woodstock-Hippie, Encore As for the songs: Holiday, LAP, La Isla, Music, Candy Shop, EY, Human Nature, Hung Up, Vogue and LAV need to sit this one out entirely (that means no sampling, no being part of mashups/medleys, no impromptu performances, no nothing!!) For the oldies: Everybody, Angel, Gambler, Papa Don't Preach, Causing a Commotion, Cherish. I wouldn't mind her repeating Borderline, Burning Up (as long as they're not on guitar!!), Lucky Star, Into The Groove, DYU, Material Girl, WTG, True Blue, Open Your Heart, D&D or Secret. For the ballads: Live to Tell, Crazy For You, The Look of Love, Oh Father (would go particularly well inside an apocalyptic or biblical segment), Bad Girl, Rain, You'll See, Take a Bow, DCFMA, Frozen, The Power of Goodbye, Drowned World, WIFLFAG, Nothing Fails, Ghosttown. For other hits: Erotica, Nothing Really Matters, Ray of Light (not on guitar) Beautiful Stranger, Nothing Fails, Hollywood, Don't Tell Me, Sorry, Get Together, Jump, 4 Minutes, GI2M, Miles Away, GMAYL, GGW, Living For Love. Well Known non-singles: Physical Attraction, Skin, Sky Fits Heaven, Impressive Instant, Paradise, Nobody Knows Me. Covers: Fever or Like an Angel Passing Through My Room!!
  10. I came across this fan-made creation of what should've been the Sticky & Sweet tour performance of "She's Not Me", featuring elements of the should've been Erotica single "Thief of Hearts". What do you think? I for once, love it and think it's pretty great. I love how they mixed the "stop bitch-now sit yo ass down" part at the end of SNT, It would've totally worked on S&S!! She's Not Me / Thief of Hearts
  11. LHakaLH

    Add one song: VT setlist

  12. LHakaLH

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Hell No
  13. LHakaLH

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    Got pics?
  14. LHakaLH

    Blond Ambition Tour 28 years ago!

    I love the curls too. The ponytail's iconic, but the curls look and work better for certain performances (and are underrated)
  15. I can name so many others that deserve to be on that vid. Christina, Britney, Janet, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson and the top two: Moomoo and Gags. Overall good video, but a better title would've been titled "Pop Stars Who Haven't Realized They're Not Relevant Anymore". They're still famous as in people still know who they are but they are not relevant anymore.
  16. LHakaLH

    Performance vs Performance

    Deeper & Deeper RIT VS Sooner or Later BAT
  17. I've been desperately looking for pictures of the stage settings of both WTG Tour and Girlie Show but have never found any. Anybody has some they'd like to share? It'd be really appreciated.
  18. LHakaLH

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Next tour should have a no catwalk stage TBH
  19. I just can't picture her touring as a brunette
  20. LHakaLH

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    I’ve been looking forever for pics of the staging inside arenas. I have yet to find; but any, rare never before seen pictures are more than welcome :D
  21. LHakaLH

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    So that means you have few rare Girlie pics?