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  1. LHakaLH

    2019 Grammy Awards

    Why does Linda always looks like she’s in dire need of a bath?
  2. LHakaLH

    Donna + Nikki Rain cover

    They need to tour with M!!!
  3. LHakaLH

    Amy Winehouse (the artist)

    Probably one of the most overrated artists ever. Yeah she was a great lost talent, yeah she had a great future ahead of her, but c'mon! she was, by no means, 'groundbreaking' or a 'game changer' in any way. A 2-album wonder at the most. I think that after her death it became popular to praise her, I remember everyone and their mom was all of a sudden "inspired by her". And I also think the media had something to do; the same media who trashed her and kicked her nonstop while she was down on life, is the same media that put her in a pedestal after her death. Same thing they did with Whitney and MJ. I do prefer Amy to the (equally)overrated Adele tho.
  4. LHakaLH

    2018 MTV VMAs

    I'll go with door number two. (though why and how anyone would be "afraid" of the "beehive" (i cannot with that idiotic term) confuses me to no end) I always thought it was made up simply to ensure Gags wouldn't walk empty handed back in '11. Turns out it's an actual category 🤷‍♂️
  5. LHakaLH

    Your Top 10 Debut Albums....

    That wasn't a debut!! He had 4 studio albums released as a solo artist prior to Off The Wall
  6. I can name so many others that deserve to be on that vid. Christina, Britney, Janet, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson and the top two: Moomoo and Gags. Overall good video, but a better title would've been titled "Pop Stars Who Haven't Realized They're Not Relevant Anymore". They're still famous as in people still know who they are but they are not relevant anymore.
  7. LMAO yeah right! We know the real reason! Ain't nobody else gonna suck that.
  8. LHakaLH

    Blondie thread

    You don't like Gravity? To me it's one of the best songs on the album; completely single material and so damn catchy!! Is it love'????? Woah! Is it Love??? Is it gravity??? Fragments is also great, but they'd have to reduce its length. I'm not a big fan of Already Naked, I'd rather see - if not Gravity or Fragments - one for My Monster.
  9. LHakaLH

    Blondie thread

    Now if only they'd release Gravity...
  10. LHakaLH

    Sad Songs

    Garbage - You Look So Fine, Stroke of Luck, Tell Me Where it Hurts, Milk, Even Though our Love is Doomed
  11. LHakaLH

    Justin Timberlake thread

    LOL and people actually have the nerve to call this guy the next MJ?
  12. LHakaLH


    Reputation AOTY 2019 confirmed. Mark. My. Words.
  13. LHakaLH

    Garbage thread

    If only someone else did this too...
  14. LHakaLH

    Blondie thread

    Love love LOVE Blondie and Debbie!! New album is great!! Was a casual listener but then I saw them live last august and quickly became a hardcore fan. My favorites include Sunday Girl, Hanging on the Telephone, Atomic, Maria, Rapture, Mother in the Night. New album is fiyah!!
  15. LHakaLH


    Someone flush this turd please
  16. Where's the best selling female album of 2016-17, Joanne??
  17. LHakaLH

    Songs that you hate.

    This hot shitty mess says hi
  18. LHakaLH

    The Music Industry is a Joke.

    Not just music industry, but today's shitty ass generation.
  19. LHakaLH

    Justin Timberlake thread

    This guy??!?! The Next MJ?!?!?!
  20. LHakaLH


    How long till Gaga rips this off? LOL but for real, these pictures are beautiful!! Truly artistic