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  1. Go! NOTE: I'm not counting "American Pie". Previous rounds 1. Madonna: The 1st Album 2. Like A Virgin 3. True Blue 4. Like A Prayer 5. I'm Breathless 6. Erotica 7. Bedtime Stories 8. Ray Of Light Easy. Impresisve Instant; could have been a huge hit in the club scene!! Paradise could've also worked.
  2. "Gaga, may I tell you something? I would like to thank you on behalf of the gay community, for what you do for our community, for how much you love us." Lady Gaga: "I appreciate you saying that because I'm not a gay woman. It's a touchy subject, where can you stand up for people when you're not part of that community? I've always been surrounded by incredibly intelligent, powerful gay men, lifting me up through lots of changes in my life. I've been through a lot of changes in my life and it's the gay men who helped me become a woman."
  3. Very disappointed she was on a show I enjoy. And they fawned over her as if she materialized from another planet. Every time she opened her mouth she was name dropping or being a pompous ass. Why the fuck are we still treating someone who peaked 6 years ago, only has 3 number one songs as if she were a goddess who re-wrote the book on pop culture!? She had 2 decent albums, 2 sub par albums and now her latest (which I guess the jury is still out on) and how many of her singles topped the charts, are still loved and remembered by the public and have stood the test of time? One or two at the most? I know it exists and have seen close up the genuine feeling of "this woman saved my life". I don't begrudge her that. And I try my hardest not to judge those who fawn over her. if she helped a lot of kids, that's cool; she deserves those people as fans (tee hee). But why does anyone else find her interesting? Only time she was interesting was when she had an A+ team around her. Bitch wishes she could go back in time to 2009-10 when everyone and their mom talked about the rumors of her being hermaphrodite. In 2017 nobody gives a rat's ass.
  4. But on Mariah's case, she also was attractive and could look quite good back in the day.
  5. Plus she's smoking hot, and thus can be appealing to straight guys. Can't say the same about the other two.
  6. 1. American Life 2.Erotica 3. Ray of Light 4. Confessions 5. Like a Prayer 6. Music 7. Rebel Heart 8. Bedtime Stories 9. True Blue 10. Madonna 11. Like a Virgin 12. Hard Candy 13. MDNA
  7. The best 1. I'm Addicted 2. Gang Bang 3. Love Spent 4. Masterpiece 5. Beautiful Killer 6. Best Friend 7. Falling Free 8. I Don't Give A.. The mediocre passable 1. Turn Up The Radio 2. Girl Gone Wild 3. I'm A Sinner 4. Superstar 5. I Fucked Up The downright bad 1. Give Me All Your Luvin 2. B'Day Song 3. Some Girls
  8. Do I know you from somewhere? Why do you leave me wanting more? Why do all the things l say, sound like the stupid things l've said before? Sky Fits Heaven is good but for promotional purposes only. Skin on the other hand is the real deal!! It was rumored to be the final single from ROL album but got scrapped due to little time in-between NRM and Beautiful Stranger (Skin should've been released instead of NRM). Great lyrics, hypnotic beat. I can only imagine what the video (or the remixes!!!) would've been like; I like to think the video would've been a Rain meets Bedtime Story meets Ray of Light. SFH kinda loses it after the second chorus TBH. Although a medley of the two on DWT (instead of Mer Girl) would've been life!!!!
  9. Not just music industry, but today's shitty ass generation.
  10. Let's rank this silly goose's albums 1. Impossible Princess 2. Fever 3. Aphrodite 4. Body Language 5. X 6. Light Years 7. Kylie Minogue 94 8. Kiss Me Once 9. Rhythm Of Love 10. Let's Get To It 11. Kylie 12. Enjoy Yourself
  11. Bad Girl could've fitted beautifully right after Why's it So Hard
  12. Envy, jealousy, anger, pettyness, fear....
  13. Strongest: LaP, Erotica, Ray of Light, Music, AL, RH (with some exceptions) Weakest: Madonna, Hard Candy, MDNA