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  1. The same way soccer moms love her. LOL watch the monsters will create fake "straight" twitter profiles flooded with comments about how hot she is and how much they wanna bang her
  2. Sshe already wasted so much constant discounts and payola on MR as well as the SB, so of course she has nothing left to CPR that song
  3. Mary Carey looks better, smarter, classier, healthier and in is better shape than this cow has been in the past 7 years.
  4. What if I use textless True Blue and upturned (international) cover for BS?
  5. She's gonna hafta start doing girl-girl porn with Mary Carey to stay relevant.
  6. They thought they were dealing with a popular, superstar "A-lister" who got fans her age living with steady incomes to be able to afford these luxuries. But what they don't know is that her popularity faded more than 5 years ago and the majority of her fans are broke-ass kids who could barely fill their piggy banks for Floppane Tour tickets.
  7. Stay pressed. Janet is and will always be more relevant, legendary and iconic than that mexican nobody bitch you stan for.
  8. Am i the only one that prefers Damita Jo to All For You? I think as an album it works better and it's very underrated; and yes, I do believe titty-gate was the cause of its floppage and I do believe that had it not happened, the singles (All Nite & Love Me Just a Little While) could've done better chart-wise and could've been big hits for Jan. 20YO it's probably the worst thing she's ever done so it deserved to flop (though I do love So Excited ). While Discipline is not bad, I do believe it's one of her weakest albums; sure she had a career boost with Feedback and the album does have its fair share of jams (Luv, Rock Witchu, Greatest X) but I think that her lack of input makes it a forgettable, though somewhat enjoyable, album. Unbreakable it's a great album! That you can't deny! What a missed opportunity that album was! The best thing she's done in years!! No more sex filled tracks or quivering cooch interludes, instead we saw a more mature Janet doing what she does best, doing great R&B (No Sleep), kick ass dance jams (BURNITUP! The best dance song she's done in a decade) as well as socially conscious songs (Should've Know Better). I'll always stand by my theory: Because the R&R Hall of Fame turned her down (again), she said fuck it and just gave up. The tour was a good treat for the hardcore fans, from what I've seen she can still move. Other than that, agree with everything this post said.
  9. The sex-appeal of a drowned rat. I swear, even Taylor (in her own walking stick, sexless way) is more sexually appealing and eye-catching than her.
  10. Happy Birthday Naomi Campbell, look everybody, I'm cooking while topless, I'm so cool and edgy! Look at me! Look at my tattoos!
  11. She has some great jams and when she wants, she can put on a good show! I saw her for the Number 1s Tour in NYC back in 2011 and it was pretty great! She totally killed it and looked great! Had a blast!! I think the fact that it was an auditorium (Radio City Music Hall) rather than an arena helped her. She shouldn't do big arenas anymore. She just diesn't have the pull or star power anymore (this is not hating or criticizing, it's a fact!) Tourwise I think Velvet Rope — and in my case and Number 1s —(and maybe even Rhythm Nation) are the only JJ tours worth watching.
  12. What will she sell? That crusty pink hat?
  13. How long till the Germ's fans come after Miley for doing country this time. They'll be like, "She totally copied Joanne!!!" LMAO
  14. I think we have reached an era of pop culture where extreme gimmicks and attention-whoring is all but exhausted and doesn't work anymore on the general public. This is why the Arthritis Queen (and so many other female pop stars who used to be extremely wild with the outfits and the attention whoring; Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, to name a few) has toned down her obnoxious outfits. I'm surprised though that Katy Perry hasn't seem to have gotten the memo. She still pushin' the weird with this new era of hers. But it's all come up short, even among her fans (myself included). I mean, the Chained To The Rhythm video was weird as fuck and went nowhere. Then she cut her hair really short... another attention ploy... worked for a second, but then people were like, "Yeah, so you cut your hair... Moving on..." Then she dropped the underwhelming Bon Appetit with the weird cover art. And people mostly passed on it. It's like the females are having a hard time getting it together this year. Meanwhile the boys are having hit after hit after hit...
  15. Let's take a time to appreciate this gem. One of kylie's best.