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  1. Gaga: "Finally! The paps are here, see if they're pointing the cameras toward us." Christian: "Yep." —Ok now turn your head to me… this way, that’s it!—please stop twisting my neck.—Shut the fuck up and kiss me!! —But don’t touch my lips, let’s just pretend.
  2. I've been desperately looking for pictures of the stage settings of both WTG Tour and Girlie Show but have never found any. Anybody has some they'd like to share? It'd be really appreciated.
  3. Favorite Songs

    “Pretty Mess” Is a Filthy Song for Prostitutes
  4. Favorite Songs

    The only flop princesses I truly care about are Janet, Britney, Kylie and Moo. Here's my top ten from each Janet: 1. Love Will Never Do (Without You) 2. If 3. Nasty 4. I Get So Lonely 5. Trust A Try 6. All Nite (Don't Stop) 7. Feedback 8. Burn It Up 9. Throb 10. Someone to Call My Lover Kylie: 1. The entire Impossible Princess album 2. CGYOOMH 3. Confide in Me 4. All The Lovers 5. Finer Feelings 6. Slow 7. In Your Eyes 8. Come into my World 9.Tears on my Pillow 10. Better the Devil you Know Britney: 1. Break the Ice 2. BOMT 3. Oops I did it Again 4. Drive me Crazy 5. Breathe on Me 6. I Wanna Go 7. Do You Wanna Come Over (best thing she's done in years) 8. Get Naked 9. Lucky 10. Gimme More Mariah: 1. The entire Glitter album 2. Make it Happen 3. Breakdown 4. Touch my Body 5. Always Be My Baby 6. WBT 7. Vision of Love 8. The Roof 9. Crybaby 10. Someday Others I enjoy: Rih: What's my Name, Umbrella, We Found Love, Who's That Chick Katy: CTTR, Dark Horse, Teenage Dream, ET, Leaving Las Vegas Taylor: LWYMMD, Shake it Off, Out of the Woods, Gorgeous, Blank Space, Love Story Gag: Alejandro, Love Game, Gypsy, Artpop (the track)
  5. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Next tour should have a no catwalk stage TBH
  6. The reductive Trump of Pop

    More blind items!! This performer last night spent much of the remainder of the telecast shuffling between all of her entertainment and internet identities to talk up how great she was during the performance. She is a great talent, but the constant self promotion under a hundred different names gets old. Lady GaGa Which two female singers, both nominated for Grammys, flipped each other off when they were on the red carpet? Even after the recently released news about singer #1 knowing about singer #2's sexual assault, they still hate each other's guts. Lady Gaga/Kesha Singer #1 from the previous BI was seen with some suspicious white powder up her nose when she got out of her limo but it was gone by the time she got on the red carpet. Lady Gaga Has anyone discovered any disease this A- list singer/wannabe actress does not say she has? I think she comes up with them so she can keep making all those doctor visits. Lady GaGa The singing was great. The acting sucked. Apparently the acting really sucked and the editing is going to take forever to try and get something usable out of her acting. I did mention it sucked right? Not the only reason the movie is delayed, but a big part of it. I think our A- lister is going back to focusing on music. I also think the A+ list co-star of hers should be a little more kind to the foreign born model because she is about to start spilling about one of his most notorious ex-relationships. Lady GaGa/Star Is Born/Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk Unable to find any songs to buy and take sole credit forany longer, this former A+ list singer turned A- lister is going to do another collaboration record with a permanent A lister to try and stay relevant musically. Lady GaGa/Elton John/Tony Bennett When this former A+ list singer turned A- list singer/part-time actress does not pay her drug supplier it sets off a chain of events where her drug supplier has to give his expensive things away to pay her debt. She never pays. If she finds someone to front the drugs, she never pays. She thinks you are doing what you should be doing since she is famous. Lady GaGa This was all play-acting. The original plan was to find a tall, dark, handsome actor who could play the role of Sean to her Madonna. [The Actor] was a good physical choice, but he didn’t really fit the bad boy role she wanted. So she decided that what he could help her with was expanding beyond her current fan base. She had gotten a little bored with the whole weirdo image and fan base. She decided he could help her look more mainstream. She wanted to move to “90% classy/10% weird” (to hang on to those old fans). She would gradually look and dress and act more “normal” around him and put out more mainstream music and attract a more mainstream fan base. In return, she would help him raise his profile as an actor. It was a good gig for him. The engagement was part of that, but he was never going to marry her. NEVER. Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney The drug use from this former A+ list singer turned A- lister/wannabe actress is out of control. No one in her camp will ever suggest rehab to her. I have never seen a bigger group of enablers. All they want is to keep close to her and make money off her. Most know if she goes to rehab and gets sober, then they will be kicked to the curb. Lady Gaga
  7. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Her “evolution” y’all Seriously, watch that and tell me that 95% of those songs don’t sound the same. Going from songs like Lucky Star, Holiday, Like a Virgin and Material Girl to Live to Tell, Papa Don’t Preach, Oh Father and Like a Prayer (don’t even get me started on Erotica and ROL) is growing and evolving as an artist. This woman hasn’t and never will move on (let alone evolve) from her shitty, dated gay aimed EDM, no matter how many basic jazz covers or ballads she does. Read the comments if you want a good laugh/roll your eyes.
  8. I just can't picture her touring as a brunette
  9. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Question: How long does Fibromyalgia recovery take? It must be a severe one *cough* ...having a new face transplant *cough* cuz' I didn't hear shit from her since. Not that I care, but when she postponed Joan tour the first time due to pain, she was constantly on social media promoting five foot turd and taking selfies. Now she seems mad at the whole world for not having won a Grammy out of pity. Watch her make a full and miraculous recovery just in time to promote her new stinkfilm: A Wind is Broke.
  10. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    I’ve been looking forever for pics of the staging inside arenas. I have yet to find; but any, rare never before seen pictures are more than welcome :D
  11. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    So that means you have few rare Girlie pics?
  12. LMAO yeah right! We know the real reason! Ain't nobody else gonna suck that.
  13. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    OMG!! Where did you find this?! These are great!! Got more?