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  1. https://www.masterclass.com/classes/christina-aguilera-teaches-singing This irrelevant bitch is DONE!!
  2. GMAYL too
  3. Now she's trying to do her own rendition of Body Shop
  4. Impossible Princess should be there as well
  5. Here we go again. What does she do when she's going on tour but is unable to gather interest or sell tickets? She pulls a wedding out of her ass! She truly does think that projecting an image of desirability will help her sell tickets as we've previously said. She is so profoundly insecure and the fact that she's single, is not (conventionally) beautiful nor sexually appealing, is not taken seriously by either the music and acting industry and doesn't feel she fits in anywhere/doesn't have a purpose in this life really adds to her depression and insecurity. Desperately wants to be very mainstream now with this tour. The dude is 48 years old and he looks like a slime ball (at least Taylor Kinney was nice to look at) and there is no way her parents would approve of him marrying their 31 year old daughter. No way! Also, is this guy supposed to be her Warren Beatty or her Carlos Leon? Another total lie. The link is below and, for those of you who are staunch #NoClicksforGaga peeps, here are some hilarious passages from the story. Same old "wedding of the year" BS they said about her wedding with Taylor which several people actually believed would really happen. Yeah, right. CUT AND PASTE FROM THE ARTICLE "Just six months after Lady Gaga and talent agent Christian Carino went public with their relationship, In Touch exclusively learned that the pair is heading down the aisle! Over Fourth of July weekend, the couple spent time with Gaga's family and "everyone got along like a house on fire," [HAHAHA CALL TAYLOR. HOUSE ON FIRE. SO STUPID] a source told In Touch . It was then that Christian asked Joe — Gaga's father — for her hand in marriage. Family means a lot to Gaga, and Christian knew that asking for permission before popping the question was the right thing to do. Joe was ecstatic and he and Cynthia [Gaga's mother] happily gave their seal of approval, the source said. Gaga’s parents are thrilled their daughter has finally found love with a mature, successful man who clearly adores her," the source added." ["MATURE , SUCCESSFUL MAN." HAHAHA OUCH TAYLOR. MATURE! 17 YEARS OLD THAN HER . COULD BE HER PAPA. LOL] "Of course, the nuptials won't be some backyard affair — or at least not just any backyard affair. In fact, the couple wants not one, but two weddings. "At the moment, they’re planning on getting married in Italy and Malibu," said the source. "Both Christian and Lady Gaga are proud of their Italian heritage, so they’d love to go back to their roots and are talking about eloping in an intimate ceremony in Italy." While Gaga "wants a traditional Catholic wedding for the actual vows and ceremony," [JUST WHEN YOU THINK THEY CAN'T POSSIBLY ADD MORE ABSURD LIES INTO THIS STORY, THEY CONTINUE WITH THESE DETAILS. I AM SQUEALING ] "On the guest list will be A-listers like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Bradley Cooper, and Justin Bieber — to name a few. "It'll be the celebrity wedding of the year!" The source said. Plus, her dress is going to be incredible. "Donatella Versace has offered to make Gaga a custom Versace gown [I THOUGHT SHE DUMPED DONATELLA AFTER SHE OPENLY PRAISED KATY PERRY], which they'll design together. Gaga has already put together a vision board of ideas: The dress will be long, white, and fitted with a dramatic veil," said the source, but it won't be too revealing." [YES, SHE'S SO CONSERVATIVE. NICE ITALIAN GIRL. AWWWWWW] "As for the reception? "Champagne will be flowing throughout the day, and appetizers will be served before guests sit down for a five course Italian feast," explained the source. "She’s thinking about a costume-themed party and wants to have a dressing room on hand with an array of jeweled masks, capes, feathered boas, hats, and headdresses for the guests to choose from. And don’t be surprised if there are horses and peacocks roaming around the grounds, too," [PEACOCKS??? ] http://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/lady-gaga-wedding-137142
  6. Maybe she had a sudden urge to poop and slow moves were the way to keep an accident from happening? LOL It's actually really sad to see the huge (emphasis on HUGE) irrelevant joke she has become! At her start, I liked her: an attractive serious singer with a great voice who could write nice catchy songs (not really groundbreaking stuff, but nice and catchy). Now, she's just this pathetic Norma Desmond-like creature who has admitted, several times, to be "eternally 12" and is forever mentally stuck in 1997. And I don't think she's talentless since she suffered from vocal problems in the past and, like Whitney, has damaged her voice with all the booze. But she hasn't actually tried since her cover of I Wanna Know What Love is. It's not like she suffered like Whitney, and at least Whitney cared till the end. Even when her voice was extremely fucked up she showed up on her last tour and gave what she could. Moo looks like she has given up on life. Appearance, vocals, "dancing", she has given up and is just doing it for that fat vegas check. You couldn't pay me to watch such laziness. And the excuse her fans use, "She's not a dancer." If she's a singer and not a dancer, then maybe she should just stick to singing and stop trying to dance. And that's really just a bullshit ass excuse anyway. Look at some of her earlier videos from the 90s (Honey, Breakdown, Dream Lover). No, she's not a (good) dancer. But at least she actually MOVED back then. She's not even moving here. Also, she really needs to stop wearing those damn leotards.
  7. Seven facts about pregnancy after weight-loss surgery
  8. Forget love, money makes the world (and the awards) go round!! Rumor has it, winning "special class program" would credit Stefani with an Emmy-win as the performer. How can a 15 minute show compete with a live musical over 2 hours?
  9. I Will Always Love You SAMLFY Greatest Love of All I Learned From The Best My Love is your Love My Name is not Susan HWIK I'm Every Woman HeartBreakHotel When You Believe
  10. I also read the entire thread. I seriously wanna punch that idiot Craig Barnes in the face, troll or not, I don't care. "My 15 yo cousin who's an aspiring singer/actress knows who Gaga is but not Madonna, therefore she's irrelevant/never been leading in a movie/only known in America" GTFOH ya fag!!! Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of Gaga loons who're being (surprisingly) factual, defending Madonna and her legacy and even admitting Gaga's been in decline for the past years and not as big as she once was. Could it be the little morons are finally growing brains?
  11. She's jancelling on us y'all! There will be no further comments. When there's an official release date you will hear it from her lips. Doctor's orders so pray for her.