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  1. Why is he called the human Ken doll? It's offensive to Ken! Ken looks nothing like this freak! My niece has a Ken doll and it's intellectually more engaging than this thing.
  2. Devil’s advocate: I don’t think she ever aspired or imagined or expected she’d be first lady. She probably thought she’d be the trophy wife of some old fart tycoon. She’s stuck in her first lady role as is he as president (I don’t care what y’all say, I firmly believe he never, in his wildest dreams, imagined he’d actually win. It was all a vanity project, a reality show if you willl. They’re both stuck)
  3. LMAO y'all went really to tumblr to search for porn gifs, like not even full videos. Lighten TF up there's still xtube, youporn, gayforit and pornhub
  4. LMAO yeah right! We know the real reason! Ain't nobody else gonna suck that.
  5. 1) American Life 2) Ray of Light 3) Erotica 4) Confessions on a Dance Floor 5) Like A Prayer 6) Music 7) Madonna 8) Rebel Heart 9) MDNA 10) Bedtime Stories 11) True Blue 12) Hard Candy 13) Like A Virgin
  6. Perhaps "I'm Addicted"?? MDMA, MDNA..??? LOL I was talking bout the ones that had, LAV, TB, LAP, Erotica, BS, RoL, Music, AL
  7. This reeks!! Rebel Heart (the track) is a great song! Some of the best lyrics on the album! It should definitely be released as the fourth official single! But judging by things (Not included in the standard edition basically a bonus track on the deluxe, it was one of the leaked tracks) I don't think we'll get RH as a single This would mark the 1st time she doesn't release an album's title-track as single.
  8. That demo was lead single material. Madonna was dumb to not include it on the album (and release it as lead single)
  9. I don't think Devil Pray will be released as a single. If anything it'll be the non-official, promotional single that's usually the second or third tour performance. See Impressive Instant, Nobody Knows Me, Future Lovers, Beat Goes On & Gang Bang. But back to topic, I do hope there's a 4th single and I hope it's the track Rebel Heart.
  10. Ghost town will make an interesting second single I don't think she's done a full on ballad as a single since "The Power Of Goodbye". "Nothing Fails" back in 03, was the closest we got to a ballad single.
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