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  1. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    I read somewhere it was supposed to be released as ROL’s sixth and final single on mid 99 after NRM; and even have a video, but then Austin Powers and Beautiful Stranger came and there was no time.
  2. Katy Perry thread

    Jancel fans are upset at Katy covering WHYDFML on her tour 🙄
  3. I'm convinced she only surrounds herself with yes-people and sycophants; so it's not surprising she's (in) such a mess.
  4. That poor writer's gonna be receiving death threats very soon.
  5. American Life 2.0?? hate that twinky fag but it was the only decent gif i could fin
  6. The only lena you need to know is the one that plays Cersei in GoT
  7. Gaga: "I'm gonna perform the fucking hell for my little monsters to fucking love and attend my shows!" Live Nation: "Ok, but know that SB won't help you when Europe leg comes around." Haus Team: "Don't worry, we got that covered. We put aside a secret documentary IN CASE of another pop emergency." Gaga: (puckering her pretentious lips) "I've got a million reasons why I will leave the show!" TWO MONTHS LATER: Gaga: "Damn rain, I just caught a cold. Should I bother to call my personal doctor for the shot?" Haus Team: "What difference does it make? We're not selling enough tickets and by the looks of it, Europe sales are worsening. Time to push the documentary promo." Live Nation: (to Gaga) "Don't look at me." Gaga: "UGH, I REFUSED TO BE HUMILIATED! I can't cancel anymore shows!!" Haus Team: "Well, you can postpone the shows. They'll forgive and justify you." Gaga: "Good Idea!! But what shall I say to my little monsters? I already named every possible disease in the book! It's like, I don't want to sound dramatic... well, I am, but I don't want to be an attention whore either" Live Nation: "Fibromyalgia. Now there's a unique illness term that will make people believe. Your fans are all sheep and so dumb, they'll think it's something serious and will be willing to wait until you recover." Gaga: (raises her Joker eyebrows) "Fibromyalgia? Damn, you're a genius!!" Live Nation: "I know! I'll go ahead and make the announcement." ABOUT A WEEK LATER.... Gaga: "So excited about the release of the documentary! I hope I get nominated for an Oscar!!!!!!" Haus Team: "Okay, don't get too over-excited and jumpy now. You're sick, remember?" Gaga: "Oh yeah. Sorry!" Haus Team: "I think you should stay away from social media as well." Gaga: "But, but... they'll forget me." *sobs* Haus Team: "No they won't. Your fans can enjoy watching your documentary film while you're away. The key is: Gain more views!" Gaga: "OMG, that's right. Should I get my boob job now?" Haus Team: *roll eyes*
  8. Maybe she'll Jancel cause of the Mexico earthquake?
  9. A huge drop for someone who used to sell 1.5M in a week, IMO
  10. And you know she's going to. Difference is that unlike Bey, she'll never be able to upstage the main act