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  1. She's the least shitty in a generation full of shit.
  2. Artpop (the song), Venus and Gypsy are jams. #Sorrynotsorry.
  3. It's as much a travetsy to include asshole Taylor Swift as it is to include BeyondOverrated. They have NO place among real music legends (and neither do those asswipes Kanye and JayZ)
  4. LMAO No it doesn't!! Take away all the pyrotechnics and the huge screen and you got yourself another basic Unbreakable Tour. Same old leotards, same old hair flips+angry stare choreographies from 8+ years ago set to the same remixes from 8+ years ago, with no narrative, no nothing. I'll never understand the constant Beyonce asskissing. There is absolutely NOTHING groundbreaking or revolutionary about that overrated bitch and her overrated basic tour.
  5. It was going along great till Taylor Swift and Beyonce (I'm guessing Gaga couldn't buy herself a spot?) came up. Janet's Velvet Rope or Rhythm Nation Tour should be in there instead of those two.
  6. It didn't even last that long. It's PI all over again only this time there's no Superbowl to hide behind and since most of her budget probably went into making MR happen well.. I wonder why Arthritic Queen keeps believing that faking a Number 1 on iTunes via 100k buyback and endless discounts will make her song a hit? Trust and believe she will discount that shit song and sing it on Coachella night #2 for another boost. There's gonna be ads everywhere from Billboard to Grindr, and perhaps even a new video set to launch. All for the sake of charting. Desperately seeking that fourth(LOL) number one, even if it's a mediocre, basic, totally forgettable POS that will be forgotten in 6 months. In another note: Lust for Love - 4.3 million views in 22 hours The Cure - 2.4 million views in 2 days
  7. That's one thing all her payola hasn't been able to buy for her: to be seen as sexually appealing by the public. You never see her on any sexiest or most beautiful lists. Even taylor swift makes those lists, but not Slob.
  8. Other artists started dressing "weird" when Gaga was at her peak. Katy was doing pinup, Rihanna was dressing modestly, and Nicki was dressing like all other female rappers until Gaga stepped out onto the scene. Then Katy had whipped cream cans on her tatas, Rihanna had crazy fashion for Rated R, and Nicki had weird hair colors and dresses made of balloons. Artists started pushing boundaries again visually because Gaga was on the top of the music world and they wanted to follow in her footsteps. It was a pretty obvious shift at the time. Plus, music became a lot more EDM-tinged after Gaga released The Fame/The Fame Monster. I despise the woman, but will give credit where it's due.
  9. Watch her go the Mariah route and release "buzz single" after "buzz single", hoping one sticks.
  10. Maybe it's one of them test tube babies Jacksons seem to love so much.
  11. It's actually not a bad song. But is it worthy of any kind of praise? No. It sounds like if Second Time Around was cowritten by Sia and produced by The Chainsmokers. There's nothing uniquely "Gaga" about this, but TBH that's what is going to help it chart high since it blends in with the pop atmosphere seamlessly. Gaga for majority of her career "set" trends, but The Cure is bland, uninspired and lifeless. It sounds like every single future bass/trop pop song we've heard in the last 3 years. She probably released this purely for charting reasons since she hasn't had a (legit) hit single since The Edge of Glory.
  12. Joanne made Artpop sound good, Artpop made BTW sound good and so on.