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  1. Hot? Yes. Good musician? HELL NO! I'm not gonna just start kissing his mediocre ass simply because Madonna worked with him.
  2. I feel uncomfortable just by looking at these pics
  3. Major side eye at getting Harry Styles to induct Stevie Nicks; couldn't they get, IDK, an actual singer/songwriter?
  4. Michael Jackson was ‘hot stuff’ and ‘amazing’ in bed, ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley told pals
  5. He had an unhealthy obsession with girls too. Who brags about being boyfriend to an underage Tatum O'Neal? Who gets obsessed with an underage girl like Brooke Shields (if his family is to be believed)? No one questioned if he messed with girls because for them "that proves that Michael's not gay". It wasn't about pedophilia, it was about his sexuality. That's what they defend, they were more worried about him possibly being gay then him being into little boys; heck they don't even deny he got awfully close to these children, just "oh he's not gay, leave him alone." <_< Michael's obsession with children has nothing to do with his sexuality at all but that's what the ignoramuses in his life would like to claim.
  6. At least she didn't say "they were just his sexual needs"
  7. Even if you believe or don't believe the allegations, this statement is downright disgusting; didn't think it was possible for someone to go lower than the loony Wacko defenders but she actually did it.
  8. Some Wacko loons on Twitter were trashing Paris Jackson for not "defending [her father] more actively" from "the lies of this documentary"
  9. While I think trying to erase MJ’s legacy is certainly foolish and impossible, I kinda see why they would at least remove him from a *Children’s* museum.
  10. LMAO y'all went really to tumblr to search for porn gifs, like not even full videos. Lighten TF up there's still xtube, youporn, gayforit and pornhub
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