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  1. Tripp became a close confidante of Monica Lewinsky, another former White House employee, while they both worked in the Pentagon's public affairs office.[1] According to Tripp, who was about 24 years older than Lewinsky, they knew one another for a year and a half before the scandal began to reach its critical stage. After Lewinsky revealed to Tripp that she had been in a physical relationship with President Clinton, Tripp, acting on the advice of literary agent Lucianne Goldberg, began to secretly record phone conversations with Lewinsky while encouraging Lewinsky to document details of her re
  2. "all the girls swarmed around Justice Ginsburg, like she was Madonna" @ 1:35
  3. It's on YouTube now. And yes, it is chilling. United States of Conspiracy (full film) | FRONTLINE
  4. Nicholas Sandmann announces settlement with Washington Post in defamation lawsuit Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student whose interaction last year with Omaha Tribe elder Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial went viral, announced Friday that he had reached a settlement in his defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post. The settlement amount in the $250 million lawsuit was not made public by Sandmann’s attorneys or the Post. Sandmann is being represented by L. Lin Wood and Todd McMurtry, a Kentucky attorney who unsuccessfully challenged Rep. Thomas M
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