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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Hanukkah Chickens! I love it!
  2. I will always cherish this era because it brought me my favorite Madonna song and video of all time:
  3. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    What song?? From Blond WHAT??
  4. I know, I was being slightly facetious. I don't think she would center any project around an age milestone. By that same token, I've learned to ditch some past preconceived notions/assumptions in regards to her these past few years! Anyway, we'll see what happens! Regardless, that little announcement she gave pushed me to get my ass in gear when it comes to saving money haha.
  5. So was moving to Portugal to become a soccer mom, but here we are!
  6. I love this glowing, gorgeous, happy queen!!!!
  7. She’s giving us the heads up, so start saving those coins, ya’ll!!!! (and can we assume the movie isn’t happening? Or...)
  8. Some PERSPECTIVE. Well said @VogueMusic
  9. She gives me so much life!!!!
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Madonna is quitting her music career and is going to start esthetics school at the beginning of ‘18.
  11. Madonna RARE

    He has always been my favorite.