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  1. He was a writer (and he produced) M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" (2007). HUGE hit, if you all remember! :)
  2. Our country is fucking ridiculous. I have no idea why anyone who lives here is even remotely shocked that this is happening. We have a great habit of forgetting/denying our history and until we own our shit this crap is going to continue to occur.
  3. Madonna Dolls

    These give me the creeps, ngl. i mean, I can appreciate the effort, attention to detail, etc. but still... *shudder*
  4. Madonna RARE

    1990 - Sometime during BAT
  5. Madonna RARE

    1997 - M & Lola
  6. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    Jesus fucking Christ...
  7. Yes. She basically puts her clients on a starvation diet. Her exercise program is crap, as well. So glad she's gone.
  8. Get those fuckers, M!!!!!!
  9. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    I want this in a one piece!!
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes!!! I love their workout clothes! :D