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  1. This is news to some fans, apparently.
  2. I'm still not exactly sure when the "exact moment" happened that made me a fan, but I'm pretty confident that it was in late '84 (I was 6 years old). I know I remember being aware of Borderline, Holiday, and Lucky Star, but when Like a Virgin came out, it really got my attention. I remember seeing the cover of the LAV album and being completely mesmerized, finally able to put an image to a voice. And the "Healthy" shoot, I remember seeing it as a young girl and just thinking how beautiful she was.
  3. Well said. People are just going to give her shit no matter what. :/
  4. aww, I love it :)
  5. That part was especially adorable. So very LVER RHT.
  6. I wish I looked that lovely when I'm sick!! With that, I'm thinking she may have recorded it after she got home from the fashion show on Monday (looks to be same hair and makeup).
  7. She is just adorable.
  8. It does seem to be a private photo. But oh man, how cute are they??? I love their little coats!!!
  9. I love the grills!!! And her giant coat that is like a huge fancy sleeping bag with a hood! And she's showing off her super cute legs, aww. And her side part wavy hair look is really pretty. And finally, yes, MAD PROPS to Aaron.
  10. Of course!!! <3 But I hear what you are saying, sometimes you just never know.