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  1. Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks so much for pinning the Strike A Pose threads - it really helps people to notice them more and participate. I really appreciate it!

    Stephen (Mooncrown11)

  2. Pretty satisfied with the results for the most part except for LFM getting shut out of the top 10. Nice work @Curtains!
  3. I'm going with: 5. Crazy 4. Extreme Occident 3. Crave 2. I Don't Search I Find 1.God Control
  4. I'm upset that Looking For Mercy is not top 10 but otherwise am happy with the results so far
  5. Oh I think Faz Gostoso should be higher - that song has really grown on me!
  6. That's about right - the special edition bonus tracks are not up to par with the album tracks in my opinion and I can understand why they were left off
  7. Still loving this incredible, adventurous, and beautiful album!! It was a fantastic era for sure.
  8. Streaming this fantastic album today! #StreamMadameX
  9. YES!! My vote also. When I saw the World of Madame X on Amazon about the origin of the instruments used on the song, it made me love it even more.
  10. Thanks for putting these together! So refreshing to hear praise for her and for this adventurous and beautiful work of art.
  11. Ah remember the days when the VMA's were an event and when MTV actually showed the videos they were nominating? Those days are sadly gone and this awards show has become a huge joke.
  12. This video is amazing! I really wish that people who don't get this album or think she's out of touch would watch these videos and listen to the inspirations and the cultures and people's stories behind the music. This is not a flashy high budget video nor is it meant to be. It is a beautifully shot and captured story of these women and how they never forget their past but also continue to defy it and celebrate every moment of life and freedom they have now . That last shot where the slave ships are on the horizon and then disappear is an perfect illustration of this. I love this so much!!
  13. More beautiful visuals in store I'm sure! Can't wait!!
  14. Beautiful - I think I know what my new profile pic will be!
  15. Couldn't agree more @Jazzy Jan! My favorite from the album!!
  16. Yes!!! I freaking love how she says that!! It shook me when I first heard that. I need to post the bonus tracks too!
  17. There is one for the song too but this one was specifically for the album. let me see if I know how to link it here lol:
  18. I love the one posted today for the Erotica album where she says she feels it is an underrated album - Madame X speaks only the truth!!!!
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