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  1. Mooncrown11

    Florence & The Machine

    YESSS!! There's two new songs - Moderation and Haunted House and they are both fantastic!! I just wish Haunted House was a bit longer
  2. Mooncrown11

    Sade working with longtime collaborator on new album

    So excited for this! Sade takes her time but she always delivers quality so I can wait patiently although I honestly can't wait at the same time
  3. Mooncrown11

    Florence & The Machine

    @Musicinferno. Agreed!! I can't get enough of this album!!
  4. Mooncrown11

    Florence & The Machine

    After a few listens, I am officially in love and obsessed with this album! I don't know if it surpasses HB, HB, HB for me but it's certainly beautiful and brilliant. Yes the songs are not as immediate as some of her past work, but they slowly seep in and they all strike an emotional chord in some way. This album deserves to be listened to in a dark room with just you and your headphones to truly appreciate the intricacies of the lyrics and melodies. They have done it again!
  5. Mooncrown11

    Florence & The Machine

    Great to hear! I'm away on vacation and planning a private listening party when I get back Tuesday.
  6. Mooncrown11

    Florence & The Machine

    Good to hear- can't wait to hear it in full tomorrow!
  7. Mooncrown11

    Florence & The Machine

    @Shane Mine too! Every track is perfection. They really all are amazing though - she never disappoints.
  8. Mooncrown11

    Florence & The Machine

    Yes I understand- they are a little quieter and not as dynamic but they really grow on you and seep in. Her lyrics and delivery really make you feel something. They definitely need quiet listening with headphones to truly appreciate. Here's a great interview where she explains some of the inspirations for creating the album.
  9. Mooncrown11

    Florence & The Machine

    Anyone else excited for the new album next week? Florence Welch is such a force of nature- I can't wait!!
  10. Mooncrown11

    FIRST AID KIT - love this band so much

    Thanks Shane! I think I'll try Stay Gold next!
  11. Mooncrown11

    FIRST AID KIT - love this band so much

    I just discovered this band and they are indeed fantastic!! I love the Ruins album. My favorites are It's a Shame, Fireworks, and My Wild Sweet Love. I need to check out their back catalogue now. Any suggestions where to start?
  12. When the Pawn with Extraordinary Machine a very close second. She is a musical and lyrical genius. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next. A new album soon please!!
  13. Mooncrown11

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    When Doves Cry Pop Life Let's Go Crazy Diamonds and Pearls Little Red Corvette I Would Die 4 U Purple Rain Take Me With U The Beautiful Ones Mountains
  14. Mooncrown11

    Prince Dead at 57

    0Love Mountains! Beautiful song.
  15. Mooncrown11

    Prince Dead at 57

    The world has lost another musical legend. RIP Prince. Your genius will be missed but not forgotten.