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  1. Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks so much for pinning the Strike A Pose threads - it really helps people to notice them more and participate. I really appreciate it!

    Stephen (Mooncrown11)

  2. Pretty satisfied with the results for the most part except for LFM getting shut out of the top 10. Nice work @Curtains!
  3. I'm going with: 5. Crazy 4. Extreme Occident 3. Crave 2. I Don't Search I Find 1.God Control
  4. I'm upset that Looking For Mercy is not top 10 but otherwise am happy with the results so far
  5. Oh I think Faz Gostoso should be higher - that song has really grown on me!
  6. That's about right - the special edition bonus tracks are not up to par with the album tracks in my opinion and I can understand why they were left off
  7. Still loving this incredible, adventurous, and beautiful album!! It was a fantastic era for sure.
  8. Streaming this fantastic album today! #StreamMadameX
  9. YES!! My vote also. When I saw the World of Madame X on Amazon about the origin of the instruments used on the song, it made me love it even more.
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