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  1. Of course! Thanks for remembering it
  2. FIRST AID KIT - love this band so much

    Thanks Shane! I think I'll try Stay Gold next!
  3. Yes it was from a question that I wrote into Icon Magazine that she answered! I can't find right now where I stashed my old Icons but I found a link to the Q&A on AllAbout Madonna: https://allaboutmadonna.com/madonna-interviews/madonna-q-and-a-icon-magazine-issue-22-1996 Here's the exact question and answer: What is the most unusual person, place, or thing that has inspired you to write a song? – Stephen Decker #18197 Madonna: A stripper in a topless bar inspired me to write “Love Tried to Welcome Me.” I felt sorry for her and made up her interior dialogue.
  4. FIRST AID KIT - love this band so much

    I just discovered this band and they are indeed fantastic!! I love the Ruins album. My favorites are It's a Shame, Fireworks, and My Wild Sweet Love. I need to check out their back catalogue now. Any suggestions where to start?
  5. @JazzyJan That's amazing you remembered that Janelle-thank you! Yes I asked about her most unusual inspiration for a song and she answered that it was actually an exotic dancer who inspired this song and she imagined this as her inner dialogue. I really need to find that issue and read it over again but that was the general idea. This song will always have a special place for me since she answered my question. Beautiful song for sure!! Pure melancholy.
  6. I think this has happened so many time in her career. She paves the way for others and then people praise the ones who come after and forget where the inspiration and the movement started in the first place. Madonna certainly has had influences and she always acknowledges that but she also pushes boundaries and art forward and no one gives her credit for that it seems for longer than 5 minutes. Her Superbowl performance was highly praised at the time by even non-fans and critics and now it's as if some people have forgotten it even happened. This is a travesty!
  7. Great Article On Patti Lupone and Madonna

    You're welcome Jan! I also liked how he pointed out that LuPone had absolutely no connection to the song she was singing. She sounded angry and bitter which is not the point at all. It's not only important to hit the right notes but to connect emotionally to what you are singing- that's what makes the song believable and memorable and that's what Madonna was able and is still able to do so well .
  8. I don't know if this was posted but I read it just now and it made me proud of her for Evita all over again. There are a few backhanded compliments and remarks but overall he makes some good points. Sorry, Patti LuPone: Madonna Is Also Evita [Opinion] https://www.inquisitr.com/opinion/4769381/madonna-patti-lupone-evita-sorry/
  9. Madonna Ultimate Megarate: PREPARATION

    I have been lurking but haven't posted in awhile but I love a good game - count me in!
  10. This was worth the wait! Thanks so much for doing this Whoop! I'm sad that Nothing Fails didn't make the Top 40 but glad my write-up was included ! Can't wait to see the rest
  11. That was fantastic! I avoided all spoilers so had no idea what she was singing. Borderline! What a pleasant and unexpected surprise! Best version of that song ever! She looked and sounded amazing - just loved it. I love that she is giving us all of these performances and surprises this era- may it go on forever!!!
  12. When the Pawn with Extraordinary Machine a very close second. She is a musical and lyrical genius. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next. A new album soon please!!
  13. So many wonderful,intelligent, and thoughtful posts in this thread. Reading these just made my day and made all the haters go away. Thank you!!