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  1. Hi I’m sorry I won’t be participating this year, but thank you for doing all this work for the poll! 

    1. Mooncrown11


      No problem-thanks for letting me know!

  2. So saddened by this. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of France affected by this tragedy.
  3. Ok with 13 reviews and/or scores so far (through Isaac Harris) Rebel Heart's MNationCritic's score is : 91!!!! This is a great start! Please feel free to continue adding reviews/scores and I will update the score as we go. Love reading everyone's thoughts and opinions.
  4. Does anyone else want to add their reviews and or score before we tally the final rating?
  5. WOW!! I didn't read any spoilers before the show and was not expecting BIM at all! I was expecting her to change and come out and sing Ghosttown! She really nailed it with the dancing, the fun, the ENERGY!! She has really been highlighting the "heart" side so far with the live performances so it was great to see the "rebel" side as well. So great and loved Holiday with Jimmy and The Roots as well - so glad she agreed to do that. Too much fun!!! What's next??? Letterman???
  6. She is showing once again why she is the premier visual artist-just perfection!
  7. Another master class in music video! So stunning visually and she looks fantastic ! She is really bringing it with the videos and visuals this era. Can't wait to see what she does for the tour!
  8. Great review Jan-thanks! Do you want to give an overall score or should I just add up your song scores and average them?
  9. Inside Out for me followed closely by Beautiful Scars.
  10. More promo!!! Stunning pics!!! This is one of her most promoted albums since the 90s!
  11. I won't let that happen SOS! Your score will be counted!!
  12. I was so interested reading your review that I forgot to ask you to score the album! Would you mind adding your overall score? Thanks!
  13. Yay! Love her chemistry with Jimmy and he's a huge fan too! More promo!!!
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