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  1. Mooncrown11

    FIRST AID KIT - love this band so much

    Thanks Shane! I think I'll try Stay Gold next!
  2. Mooncrown11

    FIRST AID KIT - love this band so much

    I just discovered this band and they are indeed fantastic!! I love the Ruins album. My favorites are It's a Shame, Fireworks, and My Wild Sweet Love. I need to check out their back catalogue now. Any suggestions where to start?
  3. When the Pawn with Extraordinary Machine a very close second. She is a musical and lyrical genius. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next. A new album soon please!!
  4. Mooncrown11

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    When Doves Cry Pop Life Let's Go Crazy Diamonds and Pearls Little Red Corvette I Would Die 4 U Purple Rain Take Me With U The Beautiful Ones Mountains
  5. Mooncrown11

    Prince Dead at 57

    0Love Mountains! Beautiful song.
  6. Mooncrown11

    Prince Dead at 57

    The world has lost another musical legend. RIP Prince. Your genius will be missed but not forgotten.
  7. Take A Bow!!!! This is the best Madonna tour ever!!
  8. That's awesome Chelle! What a great moment for you as a fan - you were so brave and adorable- I would have been scared to even talk!
  9. Mooncrown11

    Let's play GHOSTTOWN #Pray4Paris

    So saddened by this. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of France affected by this tragedy.
  10. Mooncrown11

    Vancouver - Oct 14 - Rogers Arena

    Can't believe she did Secret! Love that song and she sounded great. I am loving all these different songs she is performing during the acoustic sets. What's next...
  11. Mooncrown11

    Liz Smith Review of MSG Show

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but I so enjoyed reading this and couldn't agree more! I love Liz!! http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/guest-diary/2015/liz-smith-madonnas-rebel-heart-is-still-beating
  12. Mooncrown11

    NYC Sept. 19

    I was at the show last night and I can't say enough how AMAZING it was!! I have purposely kept myself in the dark before the tour by staying away from this forum and Instagram and other sites for the past few months so that everything would be a complete surprise. I think it's the first tour in a long time (probably before internet!) that I didn't have any spoilers in advance. I am so glad I did that - it made it even more special for me. I also had floor seats for the first time since Blond Ambition near the end of the heart and the energy was just incredible. So many special moments and memories: Impromptu performance of Ghosttown, her tears afterwards, the setlist with such rarely performed songs : TB, DAD, WTG, and Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Did not see any of those coming! So happy right now - catching up on all the news now and so happy to see the glowing reviews for the show, her positive energy , and her voice (finally!) Nobody can touch what she does at 20 years old let alone 57! "Are you With Me?" Hell Yeah!!!!
  13. Ok with 13 reviews and/or scores so far (through Isaac Harris) Rebel Heart's MNationCritic's score is : 91!!!! This is a great start! Please feel free to continue adding reviews/scores and I will update the score as we go. Love reading everyone's thoughts and opinions.
  14. Does anyone else want to add their reviews and or score before we tally the final rating?
  15. WOW!! I didn't read any spoilers before the show and was not expecting BIM at all! I was expecting her to change and come out and sing Ghosttown! She really nailed it with the dancing, the fun, the ENERGY!! She has really been highlighting the "heart" side so far with the live performances so it was great to see the "rebel" side as well. So great and loved Holiday with Jimmy and The Roots as well - so glad she agreed to do that. Too much fun!!! What's next??? Letterman???