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  1. The performance is a highlight! So simple and awesome!
  2. So happy to see the love for Crave! My top at this moment: God Control Crave Future Crazy Killers
  3. We're so blessed to have this woman between us.
  4. Love Crazy! It's so cute! One of my favorites from Madame X
  5. God Control Killers Crave Crazy Looking For Mercy
  6. My favorite one! The chorus is perfect and so emotional
  7. Yes for ROL! Love the performance from St Tropez Gala (from @ 5:56)
  8. Can't wait to hear all the Mirwais tracks
  9. ooh the X videos in that playlist!! Come join the party MADAME X!
  10. Love the video and the vibe of it! Can't wait!!!
  11. The guy in the crowd asking for Rescue Me haha Hope she heard him and include it in the next tour.
  12. The voice is awesome! The end of Can't Help Falling in Love
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