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  1. I can't watch it right now... I can't breath...Omg, Take a Bow guys!!!!!
  2. danMfan

    The Greatest Moment of RH ERA!

    Love Living For Love so much!! A real classic M sound!
  3. danMfan

    Manchester Arena UK 14th December

    MG finale video!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/_SrdosiQs0/
  4. danMfan

    PARIS - 9 December thread #1

    Joan Of Arc!!!
  5. Almost full video for Drowned World! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1248178161875563
  6. danMfan

    London - December 1

    Mert is gonna be the unapologetic bitch tonight!
  7. danMfan

    Barcelona Date and Tickets

    Guys, I'm trying to buy a ticket for Nov 24th concert but the only ticket available in Live Nation site is "Hot Ticket Package". This one is a seat not the general floor, right? http://www.ticktackticket.com/entradas/goto.do?claves=madonna&origin=LIVE&codIdioma=CAS I'd like to buy a ticket for floor and upgrade it with an "Early entry" ticket. Is Seatwave website reliable? Pleae help me
  8. danMfan

    Section of LIFE: Appreciate the second set

    It's my favorite section!
  9. The Periscope thing last night was great!
  10. Guys what about her voice in TB, WTG e La Vie En Rose? So fucking good!!!