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  1. danMfan

    The Greatest Moment of RH ERA!

    Love Living For Love so much!! A real classic M sound!
  2. Living For Love Wash All Over Me Heartbreak City Rebel Heart Inside Out
  3. This song gives me life. My favorite song from RH!
  4. i want the same hair and make up from Jimmy Fallon!!!! Can't wait to see the Moschino look
  5. Dou you guys know what the background voice in 1:07 says? I can't understand it.
  6. She looks so beautiful! Love her smart answers and the sense of humor!!! The general public (even some fans...) don't understand it...
  7. i'm in love with the video!! She looks amazing!
  8. Love Ellen and love the vogueing in LFL coreography. Can't wait for this.
  9. Why MTribe posted this pic in Instagram?
  10. I understand that is just 2 performances in Ellen.
  11. There are no songs credits in the booklet?
  12. We're blessed for this amazing era! Love you M!
  13. What about the vocals guys? I'm in heaven!!