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  1. Im not saying that she invented the wind machine, I was just saying that when I was 12 and I was watching the Brits on ABC TV in the US, I was impressed by her performance and the wind machine I completely forgot that she used it during performances of Frozen back in 1998 I tried to Google it with no definitive answer before I started this topic on here The snark and bitchiness in this forum is hilarious sometimes
  2. What happened to the Madonna career retrospective coffee table book that she was working on with Fabien Baron? I heard that she started working on it in early 2008, and that it was suplosed to be released simultaneously with the Celebration projects in the fall of 2009 Supposedly Guy O decided to release the hardcover S&S tour coffee,table book instead So they put the other book on hold, as they didnt want to official Madonna coffee table books competing with each for sales during the Christmas 2009 shopping season.
  3. Was Madonna the first female pop star to use a wind machine during her performance? I know the wind machine has now become synonomous with Beyonce Its also funny how she used the wind machine for that ONE performance, but then ditched it for all of her other TV performances since then Not to mention never using it on her subsequent 5 world tours.
  4. Madonnas last album sold more than Kanyes, not to mention her tours If anything, Madonbas RECENT stuff is more succeasful than,Kanyes So how the fuck is he puttibg her back on the,very top Where shes always been by the way
  5. I know its hated by her core fanbase, but 4 M is pretty iconic to a lot of the general public as well At my work, most of the guys I work with are young, early 20 something, straight guys and a lot of them love that song or have it on their Ipad
  6. I make the mistake of acxidently reading the comments to this story on the ABC News website and it always surprises me how bitter and jealous people are over Madonna and her continued success Not to mention the blatent SEXISM thats is a lot of the comments One MAN went as far as to say that Madonna probably,bought the items herself to make her look like shes still big. Shes fucking Madonna, always has been big and always will be!
  7. ^ true Big fashion mags like Vogue, use to rarely, if ever put a non model celebrity on the cover Madonna was one of the first in 1989 Unfortunately now any B list celrbrity is put on the cover I mean that Blake girl from Gossip Girl, a show that at its peak only had about 2 million viewers, has multiple US Vogue covers WTF? Dont even get me started on the multiple covers of Rihanna and Taylor Swift
  8. ^ her last American Vogue cover way back in 2005, was the top selling issue that year You would think Anna Wintour would be doing everything in her power to put her on the cover again
  9. Some asshole in the comment sectipn on Toweleroad, under this adorable video, is claiming that Madonna was responsible for the spread of the AIDS virus The username is Cheek2Cheek
  10. Both Britney and,Gags have only won 1 AMA apiece Again, the AMAs favor acts like Whinet, Mariah, Taylor Acts who ciuld conpete in othet fields aside from pop Like R&B and AC for Whitney and Mariah And AC for Taylor Acts like Madonna, Brit and Gags are dance/pop and since,the AMAs got rid of their dance categories in the early 90s, they can only compete in pop Hence fewer nominations and wins, ,despite the shitload of album and single sales from Madonna and Britney in the US I mean Madonna was the 6th top selling artist the US during,the 90s, outselling both Whitney and Michael, yet
  11. ^ Madonna won 3 VMAs since 1990, including the top category Artist of the Year twice Madonna would have something like 15 AMAs, if they would have kept the dance,categories, qhich they got rid of in 1992. Also the Billboard Awards, which are based solely on US sales, have awarded Madonna 39 times, more THAN ANYONE ELSE A whopping 26 of those 39 wins were from 1995 on So I dont get your logic
  12. Dollhouse, madonna has 5 AMA wins 1985 Favorite Pop/rock female artist 1987 Favorite pop/rock female video artist 1991 Favorite Dance Single for Vogue 2003 International Artist of the year 2003 International Artist of the year There were 2 ceremonies in 2003, one in the beginning of the year and one at the end There are pics of her at the 85 and 87 awards with her trophy
  13. Im sure one of the obsessed Madonna haters over at the Datalounge will start a thread on Madonna at this event The thread will have people commenting on how old and ugly she looks and that she looks like the cryptkeeper Even though she looks gorgeous
  14. Im Cher is WAY OLDER than Madonna and is also competing,with those,same pop girls She doesnt get 1/4 of the hate that Madonna does over plastic surgery
  15. Which,makes NO,SENSE Nick, because Madonna actually DID A LOT for gay rights and especially AIDS research, while those others did jack shit! Even Cher said she was upset when Chastity came out,as gay, and Cher has never really gotten invokved or been political for gay rights like Madonna always has Its amazing how people love to rewrite history I think the reasons that a lot of,gay men dislike Madonna is simple, shes the biggest selling female artist and most famous of all time and THEIR favirite female artist is not, so out of jealousy and bitterness, they all go after and attack Madonna,
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