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  1. Can't stop playing it. I feel like I alone should have streamed the single onto the charts!!!
  2. Hahaa!! I always sing the chorus and I haven't even bothered to google the lyrics so I sound like an idiot. Sounds like I am singing "jamabalaya.. sumthin sumthin.
  3. I just want to reiterate how much I love this song. In my head 24/7. Thank you!
  4. You are my favorite person ever!! I'm also waiting until Friday—and I am going to get baked outof my gourd to welcome new M.
  5. Yeah, same issue. Album or bonus track or... I dunno. I am going to sink my teeth into it this weekend for sure but it's giving me Ghosttown feels (I know I am one of the only M. fans alive to be meh on GT, but... )
  6. I want to love it but so far I am not. Please don't stab me like I'm the Night King. For me It just feels... expected? I dunno. I'm still stuck in Medellin anyway.
  7. Yeah, let go and enjoy the awesomeness of everything Medellin. The charts are a shit hole of taste-free trash for the most part anyway.
  8. if you're saying I am a Gaga stan, I will find you and at the very least—shit in your bushes! And yaaaaay!!! And... holy shiz, he is like arson-hot! Fuuuck!
  9. I enjoyed RH, MDNA, and HC very much. Do not get me wrong. The weaker tracks on those albums are better than half the pop charts, but... Medellin? Really? This is Deeper and Deeper, Secret, Hung Up, Sanctuary, Rescue Me territory. I wasn't expecting to have my heart broken in a most beautiful way with this single.
  10. A. It's not Iconic. It cannot be on the very first day it's released. Let's not become jackholes and use "iconic" and "diva" lazily. B. OMG!!!! I love it!!! LOOOVE. She looks amazing and I need to see Maluma... more. Classy Mozo says "more." LOVE IT!
  11. How dare you laugh at my Madonna-misery!!! Do you work under me? You is so fired is!! I kid of course. I can't wait to at least read the comments here while slogging through a 90-minute meeting with a client who probably thinks Medellin is in Maryland.
  12. I know God hates me because I was all set to watch, then an hour meeting popped up!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!
  13. One day away!!!!!! Yes, that's all I have. So excited.
  14. This song deserves all its praise and more.
  15. I just had a M. fangasm in my pantaloons. I can't wait!!! Yaaay!!!
  16. Amen to that. And this era and its inspirations are obviously close to her heart and it shows. I would be thrilled if Madame X were reviewed and revered like ROL and LAP were and are.
  17. Right? So excited for the album.
  18. I am not going to get worked up like I did over RH and its singles performing. I don't expect boring American radio to embrace Medellin and they're ageist as fuck. Madonna is beyond the sales game. She's got nothing to prove in that arena—she owns it. I hope Madame X is a smash, but I so far thrilled with the one song I've heard. Enough for me. I am streaming on Amazon though and it wil be cooking all weekend, surely.
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