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  1. So disgusting. They didn't know he was gay but called hi fag anyway = hate crime, no matter how it's parsed. You think we've come so far in this world, and then suddenly you're reminded that we haven't. Not far enough and not by a long-shot. Love to Samuel's family and friends.
  2. The poison of Fox News has infected America for almost 25 years. Talk about your pandemics.
  3. Madame X is my summer album 2 summers in a row. Nothing has or will supplant it.
  4. Every second of God Control is perfection. That is all. On edit: Actually, no. I don't understand song-craft so I don't know if it happens on the bridge or what, but when the strings start spiraling with the repetition of Wake Up, Wake Up, i am dragged straight into a 1978 disco and shot straight out into the endless infinity of the universe. Okay, now that's all.
  5. Almost 9 months after its release and I still find new things to love about this song—or it speaks to me in different ways depending on my mood. Something! I dunno. It's a revelation.
  6. Awesome article on Tracy and M. re: her I Rise nomination. Of course, anyone who undercuts Madonna is ignorant of history. The Advocate ranked the "Vogue" singer as the greatest gay icon in a 2012 cover story, which chronicled her many contributions: her liberation of sexuality in pop music, her activism during the AIDS crisis when most celebrities were silent, the impact of gay visibility in her Truth or Dare tour documentary, and her ongoing fight against stigma. She won a GLAAD award for her lifelong allyship last year. https://www.advocate.com/music/2020/1/07/tracy-young-madonnas-fave-dj-breaking-grammy-glass-ceiling
  7. Awesome! I was looking for 2019 Best Albums list but decade? Yes, for sure.
  8. Yes, Yes, and yes!!! I'm also glad they're pushing it/promoting it for nominations. I want to start tweeting the academy, but I am such a cunters, I could hurt her chances.
  9. Crazy Killers who are partying Medellin I Don't Search... Faz Gostoso I took a long stroll for errands yesterday and replayed Crazy about 10x in a row.
  10. Cool, and totally transports me, too. I get that "Not since Confessions..." is tiring to hear for some fans, but I haven't been transported by an M. album the same way. Not that there hasn't been a shit-ton to love since, but... And Madame X is in my top three or four, but it's hard to even decide but the other 2 or three are!!! So many great choices!! We're lucky fans.
  11. Totally. I mean, if you dislike 'effects' on their face and/or in any artist's songs, that's one thing, but M. uses them with purpose and to my mind and memory, she's never tried to get one over on using them.
  12. I've had a busy week and not a lot of time to listen to anything—plus allergy headaches have prevented me from putting headphones in, too, but... I hit the train to Medellin this morning and it alone put me in a fantastic mood. I got all the way to Come Alive before I was at my stop and was in my own world by then. This album is a masterpiece, plain & simple.
  13. Fucking awesome. I hope we get many more articles like this to enjoy as we close in on end-of-year best-of lists, and as the tour continues. My only beef is "Never before have Madonna's vocals been quite as processed, and at times it jars against some of the natural instrumentation." She is well aware of what she's doing with her "processed voice" and its juxtaposition against "natural instrumentation." She and Mirwais aren't altering her voice to cloak or masque it. They're creating sonic landscapes that tell a story or add to the songwriting/storytelling. But awesome article again!
  14. I'm still loving every second of this amazing album. I still get excited when I put it on shuffle, like "What's next?" And other times, I have to do start to finish and experience the journey.
  15. Beautiful. Or... Incredible! A song I only love judging by all of my close Madonna-head friends. Not here on MNation - the best Madonna-heads, btw!!
  16. "After the events of this past weekend, Madonna once again demonstrates that she continues to have her ear firmly planted to the ground and is able to tap into a message that the public at large (and our elected leaders) need to hear, even if it is one that is extremely difficult to both watch and listen to." Amen.
  17. Just checking in to say how much I love this album. I think it's like top 3 for me!! This is so hard!
  18. Yes, I just played it for the first time in 300 years, it seems! Allowed myself to be naive—and totally enjoyed it, but will probably sit there again for 300 years! So fun. Haaa! You know it. I also played that for the first time in years - but I didn't finish, although I loooved that song back in the day. Myself, I adore the often maligned Spanish Lessons and although I am not sure how it's received here, I've a good friend for despises Mother and Father while I think it's beyond brilliant and makes me cry. Now, will the Hey You fan(s) stand up and be counted?
  19. We should do a thread of unpopular favorite Madonna songs. You just know someone here jams Jimmy Jimmy every fucking day!
  20. Yes!! Funny, I was getting pissy reading some responses (neither? really?) but it's only because I love this album so much. Silly to get butthurt over opinions. Think I'm just having a day. Thanks for reminding me of the positive power of M. And still FG for me.
  21. Ha, it crept up on me, too. That opening accordion just kept coming back into my brain.
  22. Although I think of Maluma and touch my no-no zones, FG is the winner—and I had no clue it was a cover. Madonnanation teaches!
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