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  1. Did I stay too long? 

  2. As the year-end Best of 2015 lists and articles continue to come out, the Grammys look more and more out of touch. Good.
  3. Ugh, I can't say I had my hopes up, but was holding out in vain for a surprise the grammy committee holds for only white males of M.'s age or older, it seems.
  4. I'll take Friday, too! I just can't wait. Also, I'd pour something down Jon Kortajarena's throat, but it wouldn't be no drink. :)
  5. So close. Tomorrow should do it! Congrats to all M. fans here. I probably won't be here to celebrate yet another career milestone for M. Celebrate in my place — Bitch, we're Madonna!!!
  6. 95, 072 and change on youtube. By Wednesday, we'll be celebrating 100 million. Can't wait.
  7. Yes, there were far too many Monsters joining to defend Gargamel from our brutal, vicious and all too true attacks on Gaga to allow any ole poster access to that forum. You'll get there in no time, though. It'll be worth the wait. Too funny.
  8. Yeah, I could never choose between them. Candy Shop is my favorite track from HC and Body Shop is one of my favorites from a far better album in its entirety, RH. They are both perfect when you're DTF, regardless.
  9. Yes, I am thrilled to have new music from her at anytime. She has nothing else left to prove to anyone but herself, maybe. Ha. Seriously, Tylenol PM needs ot use it for their next campaign. Yes, bitch! You are and we all are! Smart, sexy and badasses all around!
  10. Almost there! 100 million by end of the week? So, excuse me while I bitch for a moment, and I know the following releases did get airplay on differing radio formats, but... Janet's Let's Snooze - 6.3 million views and peaks at 63. Moo's Infinity AKA Career Oblivion- 4.6 million views and peaks at 82. RiRi's Bitch Better Have My Money - 38 million views and peaks at 15. And BIM peaks at 84 with over 90 million views. Billboard and the radio industry can go fuck themselves. That is all.
  11. Oh, I would die if she did BIM at the show. Jeans will be jizzed and pooped at the same time. And her doing it makes more sense than the whole "the stage isn't ready" answer.
  12. It is. Of all of RH, it's the one I go back to to proclaim the genius of RH. It's just amazing.
  13. It's been my pride them since December. I can't get enough of it and it is perfect for Pride and beyond. I actually welled-up listening to it after yesterday's SC ruling. Who knew I had a heart!?!
  14. I feel the same way. For whatever reason, BIM has resonated the most with pop fans and i hope its proper release propels RH up, up, up. If it doesn't though, I don't care. This era of her career is epic.
  15. I'm thinking that, too. A walk-on, a kiss & a cuss.
  16. Of course. Unlike fans of other third-rate wannabes, you know M. fans know how to fuck!
  17. Damn, gurl — you are easy! That's why I like you so much.
  18. I want to go swimming in that pool after Madonna is in it, sing Wash Over Me and then never bathe again — or have sex with a few of her dancers. In my dreams, Cloud Campos is still one of them. Ahhhh...
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