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  1. I've read deeper Hallmark cards. Honey, you proved with Artpop you're puddle-deep. Stop it now.
  2. Go find Joanne, Sonj... at Urban Outfitters and on iTunes!!!
  3. OMG, I've never seen the one in the top right corner before. Looks like the dancer hurt his back putting her down and he's hobbling off stage for a medic. Stella has to start easing her in to the concept of a 2-piece meal instead of a 3-piece. Take it slow.
  4. Haaaa! I just googled them and apparently they're Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken. Mimi ain't having a bird unless it's covered in batter. If her career keeps sliding, she's going to buy a home deep-fat fryer and start raising pigeons. You watch. The You know it. Bitch pretends Xmas is her holiday, but she dreams about that thanksgiving turkey gravy all year. You know it.
  5. I don't have any affinity for Ms. Minaj but the rest? I can picture making out with a boy or two to this on the town this summer. Love it.
  6. Right? Is it too much to ask that the obviously purchased content be remotely believable? Just try, billboard.
  7. 😂😂😂. She is eating at Nobu with a body from KFC. Poor thing.
  8. God, I don't even know where to begin with that shirt. The fuck is wearing that? Anyway, Monsters are mad that Chris Cornell songs are pushing The Cunt down iTunes. I hate these people. I mean, they may be the biggest assholes in the universe.
  9. She's selling a 10-piece basic line inspired by Joanne. I'll take the t-shirt with the tire tracks on it inspired by Million Reasons. She dragged that single/skid mark around the country for months forcing it on us. Pretty sure we were each made to endure it in its entirety at least once.
  10. I loves them, too. ^^^ Those chicks are listening to Everybody. :)
  11. Yeah, famously bad. No one is walking around in a pink cowboy hat with ill-fitting pants. Anyay, how is The Cunt doing today? Is it back on discount yet?
  12. She and Mariah should tour. Monsters of Flop!
  13. Seriously. They hoped this shit would float her thru August for the tour? She won't even be playing it now with a #39 peak.
  14. Me, too. I find it refreshing. And Bon Appetit has 10.6 million views in less than 24hrs - as to the above posts, monsters can't handle it Anyway, I love this video. Beautifully done. That shot(s) of her getting covered with the different ingredients is amazing.
  15. My God they're functionally retarded. Maybe not functionally. .