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  1. Mozo1

    Justin Timberlake thread

    She was on Howard Stern a few years back now and was talking about how having T.I. on her show. I never saw the episode, but T.I. called Justin and he (Justin) wouldn't let the call air. Kathy said Justin talked so 'black' on the phone, you'd think he was from the Congo.
  2. Mozo1

    Morrissey - early onset dementia?

    I just listen to the Smiths and pretend I've never heard him speak. Worked for years. :)
  3. She was unequivocally one of the most beautiful women to walk the earth.
  4. What do you mean by get it? I love it, but love inerpretations of meaning.
  5. As the year-end Best of 2015 lists and articles continue to come out, the Grammys look more and more out of touch. Good.
  6. Ugh, I can't say I had my hopes up, but was holding out in vain for a surprise the grammy committee holds for only white males of M.'s age or older, it seems.
  7. Yes, I knew that sounded wrong. Thank you. God, this show looks amazing.
  8. I'll take Friday, too! I just can't wait. Also, I'd pour something down Jon Kortajarena's throat, but it wouldn't be no drink. :)
  9. So close. Tomorrow should do it! Congrats to all M. fans here. I probably won't be here to celebrate yet another career milestone for M. Celebrate in my place — Bitch, we're Madonna!!!
  10. Mozo1

    Grace Jones thread

    So jealous but glad you got to see her. I wish she'd come to my town. She'd sell out in minutes.
  11. 95, 072 and change on youtube. By Wednesday, we'll be celebrating 100 million. Can't wait.
  12. Yes, there were far too many Monsters joining to defend Gargamel from our brutal, vicious and all too true attacks on Gaga to allow any ole poster access to that forum. You'll get there in no time, though. It'll be worth the wait. Too funny.