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  1. Yes!!! Joanne has really stiffed us in that regard. Just shit pics—although her little dance breakdown and spin clip (which I can't find sadly) is gold!!! And this exactly. She's won over some moms and dads who think they're hip and edgy going to a Gaga shwo—and these same people weren't offended by her safe and boring "I love America" Superbowl performance. They're gone next tour. A lot of acts pull that shit. Still, she's making a lot more cash on this tour than Artgrave. Again I hate it. Hate it!!! The worst was her saying she's the first female ever to play Wrigley and Fenway since the dawn of time when both parks only started having concerts in the last 10 years or so. CUNT. We need gifs.
  2. Pains me to but the tour is doing very well for her—statesdie. Overseas are the pics I am longing to see next year.
  3. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    I tend to agree, and I know I've dropped some "she'll do what she wants" myself, but usually it's a reaction to fans acting like if they just followed their advice, XYZ would happen. RH would have sold 15 jillion copies if they just released my favorite song—that kind of shit. But she does what she wants We all know it. It's not a revelation to drop it in threads because you're not liking what you're reading.
  4. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    LULZ at Santa Buddy If they were afraid Buble would sound gay, epic fail. Santa Buddy sounds like College "bros" helping each other out.
  5. Totally. You can smell this cinematic turd percolating and we've got almost 6 months until it flops. The studio must find it completely cringeworthy.
  6. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    Enjoy your Xmas ham.
  7. She is picking her butt and she's holding her gutShe's not me She's got tits down to there and such horrible hairShe's not me Oh demoted for life, maybe a blind man's wifeShe's not me If you spend some more time, suicide you will findShe's not me Never let you forget! :)
  8. Watch a Preview of Lady Gaga & Director Brett Ratner's 'The Love Project' Is the project sexual assault? Bitch sure can pick 'em.
  9. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    She must have promised to motorboat every old Hollywood Foreign Press member—or will rent out Tanaka's ass for votes. :)
  10. A. Fuck that fat traitor, Artie. B. The family's ugly gene officially kicked in mid-1985, coming to fruition in March of 1986.
  11. God, you're not sexy. Just get your arms around it. You're not the sexy, attractive girl. You're a stalkeresque douchebag.
  12. So sad. You know everyone else was "Let's take a funny Xmas card photo" but Gaga was all "I want to be a sexy elf," so it took 8 hours as Gaga's team of makeup spraypainters went to work trying to turn that reindeer face into a Santa's Sex Shop worker. All in vain. So sad.
  13. God, every angle is just worse than the last. love how her chin disppears into her thick neck here.