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  1. There's no video. It would have been out the week she did SNL if so. People need to surrender the fantasy.
  2. Aw, Mariah's gay lambs made a giant float of her for the parade yester... Wait, what? That's actually her?
  3. Reductive will hang around her reductive head for her reductive life.
  4. I have one near me that delivers! Mariah would be so jealous!
  5. ^ She done finally ate Arianna Grande.
  6. ^ They always do. The folks who cry the loudest about making fun of her care way more than anybody else. We're just bagging on the troll.
  7. Buy another copy, Monsters. Cheaper than a can of Coke!
  8. Billboard has always been bollocks, but at least much of it was math based in the past. Now it's just magical thinking. It doesn't matter anymore. People only need look at Moo Moo's 18 #1s nobody remembers for proof.
  9. I just it. So obvious and hilarious. I don't remember that incident, but I do remember a shot of her acting like the paparazzi were hounding her but you can see in the reflection of a shiny car that nobody is taking he pic but one person. She constantly beclowns her herself.
  10. ^ Seriously, bitch dressed like that for a country stroll with her boyfriend and a photographer just happened to show? Sure, Jan.
  11. Really? The Turd is in the 60s on BB. No Superbowl can save it now.
  12. Thinking of this one yesterday, but with Madonna's Swept Away body at like 43?