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  1. LOL. Yeah, I thought similar when she was announced for the Bowie tribute. "Thank God David Bowie didn't live to see this!"
  2. I've dreamed about being blind since I was 8 years old!
  3. Let's make gyros!!!! Happy Anniversary, Mariah. Thank you for all the wonderful, classic jams you never gave us.
  4. Bitch also babbled on Drag Race about how drag gave her identity in high school and let her be herself. Was she in spray tan/Prom/A&F drag because that's all we've ever seen of her in high school.
  5. No, amazingly not. This was probably shot over the summer but thought they'd try to shoe horn in something, too.
  6. OMG!!! Bwaaahaaaaaaaaa!!!!
  7. Seriously. Song probably hurt more than it helped.
  8. It's aged as well as Elton John's balls.
  9. If she ends up penniless, her kids will always have cash because of it. Smart move, Moo Moo.
  10. That's it exactly. If they would have laid off pushing the song at every Academy event and pushing it on everyone as so important, they might have had a chance. But they blew it β€”and it's inarguably awful. That helped Sam, too.
  11. :) :) Madonna: Like a Prayer Gags: Like, 69Β’
  12. Speaking of that dried up Queen... from early last year It wouldn’t be an Elton John interview if the Rocket Man didn’t say something indelicate about a fellow performer. The icon counts Lady Gaga among his closest friends and recently wrote music for her next album. However, in a sit-down with Apple Music Beats 1, he said her last solo effort was a mistake. β€œShe made some bad career decisions,” he admits. β€œARTPOP was not a good idea. It was not a good album. I think she will admit that.”
  13. Ha, don't tell her team that. She'll be wearing a panda fur coat for attention.
  14. If we smell a tacky, bacon/Boone's Farm breeze, we'll know she is near. Seriously? Did she make little people dress as leprechauns? I can't get over it. The fuck is her problem?