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  1. Unfortunately I've already grown tired of the 6 new tracks I'm currently listening to Ray Of Light and dear Lord what a massive difference between the two albums Bitch I'm Madonna and Illuminatti are simply horrible Ghosttown is a beautiful and mature track I love it I would have loved a darker more mature album a la Gosttown/Rebel Heart/Messiah/Joan of Arc/HeartBreakCity Sorry to say that I'm feeling kind of disappointed ATM
  2. Hold tight, in the demo stage, is a filler in my book :-) but hopefully it will get better in its final form The demo version of Messiah, Joan of arc, HeartBreakCity and Rebel Heart are so good that I don't even want them to get changed
  3. People attacking other people because they voice a different opinion to theirs are simply dumb, sorry, allow people to talk freely! I'm very happy with the tracklist The only song I don't like and I wish it wasn't on the album is Bitch I'm Madonna, first of all because of the collaboration with Minaj and also because the song sucks and so does the message of the song Can't wait to see how the demos evolved, there's A LOT OF POTENTIAL in there
  4. Army of me is the only song i know and like from Bjork but its nothing like inside out, nothing
  5. Ghosttown advertised as the second single in Germany!!!!
  6. Ghosttown advertised as the second single in Germany!!!!
  7. I'm surprised this isn't smashing the charts I honestly thought this will become a hit even without receiving the single treatment It's such a tune!
  8. I opened a new thread because of the poll, quit winning don't u have anything better to do? I'm talking about Kim, I wish there was a way I didn't see your posts, u are blocked but still
  9. Oh my God Mmmmm we posted the same thing almost at the same time You can call M tonight lol
  10. I was reading that one of those Oasis brothers said he refuses to live in a world in which Ed Sheerkan (lol) sells out Wembley Lol I think the music industry is fun ATM Madonna Beyonce Rihanna Katy JLo Adole Sam Smith Ed Sheerkan Come on - it's quite good
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