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  1. Orange County Democrats want John Wayne Airport to be renamed in protest over actor's 'racist and bigoted statements' June 28, 2020, 6:05 PM GMT+2 https://us.yahoo.com/entertainment/john-wayne-airport-demand-renamed-racist-statements-160549402.html
  2. I was wandering who is Stfan97 , who granted very low scores to far too many songs, I mean I was just curious what kind of posts are behind this alias, what kind of “fan” from madonnanation must be someone who dislikes so much from Madonna (recent) work. So, I couldn’t find this member. Well, so you must be right, something did not go well....afterall I was quite sure that looking for mercy had some more love here. But well, @courtains will lighten us soon
  3. Well I’m glad, 4 out my favourites are landing in top 5. I would have not imagined looking for mercy not in top 10...but I rise in.
  4. Me too...lowest was 5...and Madame x is not among my favourites album of hers
  5. Rertofuture...Futurenostalgia...well...me I’m really looking for something in music...like he was once able to surprise me so much with (their) music...and not only... i really enjoyed this and entire album
  6. https://www.google.be/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/music/11046499/endor-includes-his-remix-of-madonna-in-an-exclusive-chart-of-his-favourite-club-tracks/amp/
  7. Love it! Congratulations for the mix and the video
  8. Love everything about this song ....is the one that makes for me the strongest connection with what I love about Madonna in the deepest. The gorgeous melody, her unique emotional beautiful vocals, being “in”....but still very special....Madonna POP signature
  9. Well, I rise and future and come alive are the songs I haven’t managed to get into ...yet...Anyhow, I have the rest of the album to make my own choices....for the singles and I’m also getting used since mdna. Otherwise said, I would have loved to get crazy and/or looking for mercy and/or i don’t search, i find and/or even killers who are partying....
  10. You’ll see ....is a stunning ballad by all accounts...but the fact it was covered by singers known for their “amazing”, high range, voices, Susan Boyle and Shirley Bassey it simply showed (not that was needed) how wonderful vocalist is Madonna....her sensibility has been yet unmatched in this particular song as it was on her all gorgeous ballads. Something to remember is a masterpiece collection of songs....coming from someone often known as queen of the dance floor.
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