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  1. you've just resumed it perfectly...almost precisely what was thinking to say here about this gorgeous woman...including even her "miss"marple...such a surprise...;-)...I would only add that she was still gorgeous during strictly...
  2. SpaceX announces planned private trip around moon in 2018 ....But declined to reveal the clients' identities😉 https://gma.yahoo.com/spacex-announces-planned-private-trip-around-moon-2018-035632897--abc-news-topstories.html
  3. It has been one of the most magic ...intensive moment, i've ever experienced in my life...and around Madonna while witnessing in "full package", the Venice premiere of her movie...the red carpet in her vionnet wonderful gown, crossing her on the stairs...being seated 2 rows in front of her...and that movie was a "lot" longer then what eventually became the "final" cut...and a "lot" better...even if without "masterpiece"...and she had prolonged standing ovation...she looked to me...happy...simply an amazing moment...which broke at breakfast table while I was reading the reviews...I was in shock. All to say I loved this movie...the one... I've seen there.
  4. got: “Evita”-era Madonna When you walk in a room, you OWN it. You’re poised, collected, and always the HBIC.
  5. Oscars producers David Hill and Reginald Hudlin announced today the first slate of presenters for the 88th Oscars telecast. The Oscars, hosted by Chris Rock, will air live Oscar® Sunday, February 28, on ABC. First Slate of Presenters and Performers Benicio Del Toro Tina Fey Whoopi Goldberg Ryan Gosling Kevin Hart Lady Gaga (with an introduction by Vice President Joe Biden) Sam Smith Charlize Theron Jacob Tremblay The Weeknd Pharrell Williams Each of these artists brings a wonderfully distinctive element to the Oscars stage, said Hill and Hudlin. Together they represent the many thrilling ways stories can be shared about the human experience, and were honored they will be part of the celebration. http://awardswatch.com/news/2016-oscars-88th-academy-awards-details-and-presenters-lady-gaga-the-weeknd-sam-smith/ ....wonderful...distinctive....?!?!?!?! - but afterrall she is the only one there In need for an "introduction"...to clarify her "element"...-
  6. https://nyppagesix.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/ffn_image_52059129_ffn_set_70006979.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&strip=all
  7. Nothing really matters
  8. 1. Confessions 2. Blond Ambition 3. Reinvention
  9. Antwerp Nov 28th Paris Dec 1st
  10. I love her new song...repetititive...catchy....like the waves at the beach
  11. Cherish I want you You'll see The power of goodbye Human nature
  12. Justin Bieber Makes HUGE Life-Changing Announcement Stop what you’re doing, we have some BIG news. Yes, so big that we used caps AND a bold font! Justin Bieber has made an announcement that will change the world as we know it for good. http://news.yahoo.com/justin-bieber-makes-huge-life-changing-184057049.html