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  1. Dont think there were issues between Katy and Dr Luke. I think Dr Luke has basically been blacklisted from making music to a degree or at the min. I believe Sony or whatever major record company he was with booted him, didn't renew his contract or 'something' to that effect due to the all the issues with Kesha. Think about it..where has he been and when is the last time he produced a hit song or anyone? He was hands down THE most successful producer like forever. But clearly was a crazed, controlling, abusive slime ball. lol. I absolutely believe Kesha. And I wouldn't at all be surprised if Katy (and many many others) were banging him for beats lol.
  2. I added another point about Dr Luke (whether it's a factor or not) Prob. not. It's all gossip like most of the shit in that industry. But there seems to be some truth to it more so than not. Some were saying he was still banging Katy just as Kesha was going down :( lol. Like I said I 'think' he was the guru who gave her the biggest hits. Dunno how much she worked with Max Martin. Max and Dr Luke were basically joined at the hip for years. Though... hate to say it..Dr Luke (as god awful slimy as he is) had *serious skills as a producer! :/ He should prob. be in jail lol but I miss his beats. Way better than Max.
  3. Assume you're referring to the sabotage theory. I did not say that or even believe it. I said I've READ people saying that online on You Tube, Pulse etc..They're obviously fans who are frustrated, pissed or whatever that she's doing so lackluster/ under performing after an almost 10 year flawless streak. The record biz is super slimy, political and shady so who knows! I believe she was still buds or didn't say a word about Dr. Luke during the whole Kesha drama (wasn't even low key about it) and some were giving her shit for that. You just dunno with this industry. I think he delivered Katy's biggest songs and beats. Whatever, look at HER catalog of hits and overall success rate versus Gaga. Yet the media, and record company/mafia are still treating the boar like it's Madonna 1990! :#
  4. Finally had a chance to check iTunes. Um... :( But not surprised. She'll be fine. Like Rihanna.. w/ the right song, she'll effortlessly have another smash/ #1. Beyond comprehension how Gag* can STILL skyrocket to #1 and/or stay in the top 10 for months with utter garbage totally hookless songs that are 10x worse than anything Katy OR Rihanna have put out in the last year. :/ lol
  5. Just seems to be a lack of focus with these last 2 songs. They both def. have the foundation, potential or whatever to be much better. Both songs have catchy parts/ hooks but the flaws, blanks etc... have been in the production and overall flow of the songs. CTTR lyrically was smoother but lacked something in the production. With BA when she says that one line/chorus or whatever it's good and infectious enough but there's not enough emphasis on that. The rappers abruptly hijack and troll the song lol. No idea why every record exec thinks it's a necessity to have the filler, shitty rap in every pop song. It should of been 100% Katy and more of a build up before the main chorus kicks in. Some online are saying these various conspiracy theories she's being sabotaged :/ lol
  6. No vote on healthcare yet again! lmao. Possibly the biggest floppage first 100 days ever. These GOP turds control *everything and yet cant get shit done. Oh...but give the guy a chance...not a typical politician...says it like it is! lool. I seriously wanna smack all the dead eyed white trash who after 100 days of promising utopia for them are STILL in epic denial when I see them interviewed. Anyone w/ an 1/8 of a brain knows he's a scam disaster who has NO idea what he's doing. Even if there's a nuclear war he'll still retain at least 30-40% of the country which is pretty horrific but yet not totally surprising lol. Just confirms that many people ARE racists, bigots and classless. Simple as that. It's all a personal connection thing. Their love for Trump, his personality and 'what' he stands for. Not their paychecks, healthcare or being decent. :/
  7. haha exactly! It's like CTTRs uglier little sister. 'Something' about it sticks in your head but geezus WHY is she putting out such dreadful, lazy gunk after being a powerhouse hit machine for almost 10 years. I mean...if they would've focused more on HER (less rambling rappers) and it had a semi inspired/ focused buildup then the chorus kicked in (which actually isn't that bad) this had a shot. Really, really hope there's a radio edit neutered version without any rappers. She's officially in her Rihanna BBHM shit phase now. Hope I'm wrong but this reeks from major flop. Sorry for her and all of us who love and were rooting for her:( Hillary curse? LOL
  8. Oh my friggin god...not feeling it at all :(. Is this for real? lol Horrible :/ Clunky and all over the place. How was this approved lol?! Are there people within her record company trying to 'phase her out' now or something. The clip and parts where the beats pick up are the only highlight/ bearable parts. But then it just abruptly stops with all the useless rapping shit. Shes BARELY in her own song! Yikes :(
  9. Think this will be out at midnight EST. Soon! Cmon Katy smash with this and got back on your slaying track!!
  10. Yikes this is all sounds EXACTLY like Clinton/Trump. Difference is it's almost SIX months now. How the hasn't the world learned the lesson that this little experiment ain't working and only makes things worse and more divided. After Brexit but ESP Trump this shouldn't even be close. That's what is perplexing beyond comprehension. Watch her f'king win the same exact way Trump did- her people WILL come out in herds while his (the male version of Clinton) voters won't, so by a squeaker she pulls it out. Then the next day and months we see the same shit- people protesting left and right, pissed off, resistant etc...:#
  11. Wow I know it's only a few seconds but BA sounds instant, infectious and very promising and potentially great for the summer! Production wise it has that extra fire, beats per minute and textures CTTR lacked. Possible it was a good call to save that song just in time to hype up the album as it gets closer to release.
  12. TrumpGa is equally as pathetic and desperate as she is. He's in FULL frantic discount, cheap stunt mode now. To avoid that 100th day of getting jack shit done, today his garbage team announced doing 'the biggest tax reform in history', new mega flop attempt at replacing Obamacare (even more dreadful than the other attempt) and Ivanka oh princess Ivanka in Germany showing his flawless record for 'woman's rights' etc...lmao I just can't anymore with this sack of orange shit lol. Oh..but he's the best and best team since Reagan :# lol. That said, think I loathe his repulsive sucker rust belt fans/voters possibly more than him lol. They're the only reason the world prob. won't be around by the next election. He'll take the whole world down before he even considers the thought of 'losing' in 2020.
  13. For me before M, it was ALL about Olivia, Donna and Diana! Pity that radio couldn't 'somehow' keep them all in the mix, on radio etc...but M was a Category 5 hurricane who just wiped everyone of them from that era away like overnight (1984/85)! lol
  14. Im actually hearing it more and more all over the radio now more than ever. And on different formats. She'll be fine. Like Rihanna, Beyonce, Adele she's easily still got 8 out of 9 lives left. Something will smash at some point again soon.
  15. Um..I was thinking the same thing ://. What is she doing and what's happening? lol She pumped out effortless hooks like a freakin machine for so long! Even the mediocre songs from every era sounded like smashes compared to this 'era' far. C'mon Katy focus!! While CTTR is 'fine' if it's as good as it gets (esp as a 2nd or 3rd summer single)..not good. Reeks from shit possibly going on in her life and even after 3.5 years she still may NOT have been ready. Unfortunately, if her record company was sweating her for new material, I actually think they're in the right 'cause that amount of time (ESP nowadays) is an eternity and 1/2. Polar opposite of the '80s 3-5 year waits for new MJ, Madonna etc..albums.
  16. She thanked Whitney f'king Houston!! LOL. You could feel the earth shake for several seconds. Triple loved Whitney so not at all dissing/shading her at all. This was around a year before Whitney died and remember after SpamfaceGa said that, there was dead silence (aka NO reaction from Whitney or her camp) even after I think the media tried to get her to comment lol. Even Whitney had to be like WHAT/who the hell is THIS thing?! Class act unlike if it was Mariah. Mariah would've gone on every interview show, press tours w/ Gaga, endless photo ops on her social media accounts, praising Gaga 24/7.
  17. One of the most memorable disses of EY/BTW was actually by Adam Levine of all people who always seemed indifferent towards M, He said something like BTW is stuffing EY into blender and putting it on the fastest speed for 5 minutes straight lol! Something like that but it was one of the best shades at that time. So,,not if but when is some Gaga lunatic who has 'power' in the government gonna put BTW into the National Archives for preservation for 'changing the way we all look at one another'
  18. Stacy Qs 2 songs/jams (Two Of Hearts and We Connect lol) were like LAP and Vogue x 10 compared to every single shit-fest Gaga has put of since 2011. lol. I really, really wish it was Kesha who was still getting her muff munched on now by the media 1/2 as much as Gaga. Miss Kesha =(.
  19. Heavily inspired by I Wanna Dance With Somebody lmao
  20. Yeah that was basically was the turning point. Was absolutely absurd, disrespectful and laughable beyond words when she thanked 'Whitney Houston' for being a major inspiration for BTW or whatever she babbled/ rambled about during that Grammy acceptance speech. Instead of just f'king saying MADONNA was indeed the major inspiration for that song and basically everything she does. But at least give her props in some way for that one song. Something like 70% of the GP thought it was EY ripped off lol! They actually did polls everywhere online lol. Yet..she not only denied it and looked 'annoyed', that's when the passive/aggressive shade shit started left and right. That's also around when she brought SmElton into it and he started in again w/ Madonna nastier than ever. Clearly, Gaga infested his already bitter soul.
  21. still too high!
  22. Fully agree with you about Warren and esp Booker now. Initially I thought it would be all about Warren in 2020 but not anymore. Booker started off very promising but he's turning out to be the same old same old talking points and shtick that we've seen before. Again...Obama lite. Dems need a non divisive person which Warren absolutely is. Plus, she is NOT well liked by a lot of people even within her own party. The GOP despises her so...yeah, even though I do think she's got the fire like a dragon and as of now wants to positively run, do not think she's the one esp for those crucial parts of the country. With you on a Marc Cuban, or a Howard Schultz. There's many people but needs to be someone 200% non Clinton and as clean and non stale as possible.
  23. Um..and like all the bullshit artists another one WILL come along (once those deplorable idiots who voted for Trump see how much he scammed them 10x more than Obama!). Next one will simply be a new face and voice, more glossed up and 'connect' in the same way w/ the same people as Dump, Obama, Bill and Reagan did! Thats always been and will always be the key to winning an election. Trump was the biggest con of em all but was STILL better a better candidate far as connecting or at least friggin trying lol. While she was resting all summer in the Hamptons as all her e-mails were getting dumped daily. Dems have no choice but to go full on Bernie-esque and drop all the Hillarys and Hillary/Obama lights (Booker, Gillebrand, etc etc..zzz) Or also pick a total outsider. Thats what the entire world is wanting now in their leaders. Dems and the GOP loathe the idea but they have no choice.