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  1. Avicii has passed away

  2. Avicii has died!

    Oh no. Only 28! :( No idea he was that young. Horrible. Just hoping it was natural causes and NOT drugs, suicide etc...He didn't look well in the pics I've seen of him lately. Out of all the modern 'crossover' producers he was my one my favorites. Minimal to sell out factor (unlike Guetta etc.). Old news but LOVED his work with M (the demos). So wish he could've lived through those versions getting released and the smashing they would've done :/
  3. I don't! Yup..and don't care if I'm the only one. Better than Babyface, Timbaland,. Timbersnake ANY rapper and a few others but Mirwais...no. lol Tired as Orbit. Sorry. Only Patrick for me (if she went backwards) and slim maybe Nile Rodgers. Everyone would lose it here if she went back to Pat and u all know it. Anyway, why not someone new? Like there's no one better, , fresh and up and coming than Mirwais? Whatevas at this point- just want NEW f'king 'music' (and if they somehow create just that..a new worldwide anthem like 'Music) and something that's all 100% non US sounding, Euro dance, classic M, I'll take back my doubts.
  4. Air Strikes on Syria

    Exactly what distraction Don dingbat wanted...a total 4th of July like SIDESHOW (distraction) from Comey, Cohen and the treasure trove of disastrous domestic issues. All the media is talking about now. Yet, he knows they know they have to. He gets to say 'Mission Accomplished' for his 30% low info, beady eyed Fox News dolts yet what the fuq is this really accomplishing other than...diverting attention from the horrid week he had last week! lol
  5. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    new Time cover. Time and the Daily News are the best!! I know I know the whole world has had this thought/ wish like 1000x "oh..this or that is what'll finally take him down" . I'm gonna go all out here and say (out of everything) this moment really feels different. Stormy Daniels and esp. her hunky, brilliant rock star lawyer Michael Avenatti I think are NOT f'king around. Whatever all that rumored horrific opp research that was supposed to (and should of!) came out a week or two before the election..I think we're gonna finally see it very, very soon (and more)! I'm an impatient fucker like most who want this shit to just be over already. But feel it's all about the timing. Everything may come in at once. Superstormy style to ensure he's 10 feet under and that there's nothing the GOP parasites can do about it.
  6. PERFECT pic. Sums it all up. fking S T A R . Effortless unlike bobble heads Gaga,Taylor, Mariah, Kylie etc etc etc...
  7. Sorry bishes but '90s Madonna was the best

    very little lol
  8. Cardi B vid inspired by Erotica

    Um..not seeing it at all and daymn what an awful song! lol
  9. Sorry bishes but '90s Madonna was the best

    same here
  10. Sorry bishes but '90s Madonna was the best

    THAT was/is the face and energy, vibe, attitude, confidence etc.. that EVERY pop tart, female reality star, most of Hollywood, gay bi trans guys and gals, fag hags, etc etc...today are still trying to be! 27 years old clip yet couldn't be more contemporary. While I def agree 90s M has aged like super fine wine and I really, really like in not all but many cases (and wish heard more on the radio and was more appreciated) I'm still all about 80s M. as cliche as it may be. I obviously love it ALL but ultimately always go back to her 82-90- days esp the Leonard/Bray golden era.
  11. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    of course she was duh! MJ was only worth a shit musically up until 1984-ish. Bad was the beginning of the downfall. Post 1987 was ALL about his image, hype, scandals and past impact. M just kept getting better and better and better in every single possible way. Never stopped evolving unlike MJ. Honestly, after Thriller I truly think the quality of the music was consistently bland and crap most of the time. Videos were still good but he kept recycling the same tired shit well into the 90s and early 00s.
  12. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This +2! lol For real..if I was a Trump brain dead zombie loon I'd look at the current news cycle and zzz, get a migraine or loon for him more. What's exhausting and/or making people numb (hence the slight uptick in his #s) is the buildup to..every f'king thing, scandal etc.. finally being the 'thing' that topples him yet ..NOTHING significant or that has legs. If there's anything 'catastrophic' or unthinkable out there just DUMP It already! All these buildups end up duds (since 2015/16) They do feed into the Trump fake news ramblings. Long as the economy is solid and no wars or anything significant that hurts his base and the soft Trump voters economically, why would they give 1/2 a shit about which porno star he banged or even something worse! Stormy's lawyer is basically turning into another Trump (media whore who spins, generates publicity, creates hype etc..) then all turns out hollow. The shit he pulled prior to the 60 minutes (hinting/showing that DVD disc or whatever) was absurd. Interview was crap! All ends up the same old same old (sleazy, frivolous tabloid shit)= ratings! When the media focuses on his horrid policies and actions (non sensational shit) that's when he usually takes a true hit.
  13. I was like what the fuq? Lol What a botched trippy episode. Started off with a new opening and strongly hinted it was a NEW appearance then when she came out was when she was on last! My head was dizzy for a few seconds lol I seriously thought the show or whatever messed things up! In a way I'm kind of glad cause she was JUST on months ago. Would look cheap and Mariah like to be on again soon.
  14. Shes beyond D list early 00s shiate now lol. Who cares!?! Bratty, icey, phony, unlikable witch face lol...really. Can't see how she'll ever come back in any meaningful way. 37/38 (not old at all but def. not worth the time and energy in the pop world). Plus. theres NO demand or interest for her anymore lol. What she said was 'fine'. Nothing more nothing less.
  15. Did Madonna Ever Indulge...

  16. ^ Actually I'm with you. That he actually GOT 7 years! Would've been pissed but would not at all have been surprised if he got like 7 months probation!
  17. Um if it's 7 years doesn't this mean he could get out in/around 1/2 that time (good behavior etc..)?
  18. Looks fab!! LOVE the hair, face and body!! DEF lost some of that 'soccer mom fat' lol, toned up, firm and bringing the heat. Like some said it's kind of LTT hair (modernized and mixed in with the LAP Pepsi commercial). Something about her demeanor vibe and look reeks from her ready to bring some musical fire sooner than we think!!
  19. Patrick Leonard thread

    I actually think even the Billboards, Rolling Stones etc...and the media would be ALL over it saying M reconnects with "iconic LAP" hit maker for the 1st time in 30 years etc...Would DEF get the casual fans, fans she lost after Erotica etc...all hyped and buzzed up. No doubt it would generate the most buzz she had in many many years, If she goes the r&b/rap or vapid, C list random Euro producers etc...only the remaining loons will care and she'll get the same lukewarm reaction/ hype like she did for HC, MDNA and RH where it will be ALL about the first single as usual (prob get a duet with Dua, Cardi or the like). Wouldnt be surprised if she actually hooks up with Nicki again! :# PLZ do something with Pat!! Not many chances left at all, F the US charts. Europe, Australia, Asia etc... will make them #1 again with the right song!!
  20. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Again (1000th time as we all know) the dead ratty eyed, crusty, pasty white angry Fox News viewer is eating ALL this shit up, believe their sleazy door to door sweepstakes salesman messiah, and will gag on it all until their last bigoted, hateful gasp.
  21. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Dow in free fall mode again. Down 1000!!! Trump tweet by days end "fake news/markets", "MSM showing fake #s to hurt my momentum" "Crooked Hillary /Obama inside rigging job" Fuq he's atrocious. He losing his shit yet since the market has clearly been of his fetishes lmao. Yet 40% (and going up) of Americans with their ADD are as stoopid as ever! WHO could still semi approve of this free flow of 24/7 shit even with the 'tax cut' scam lmao Wrong to waste time away but can it just be f'king November already so we could all get back to semi normalcy and start impeachment proceedings on this beast. Unless Russia and Trump already have the machines tampered with. I'm seriously concerned they're already on it!
  22. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Even with the market tanking, he ain't losing 25-30% of the country no matter what which is beyond tragic. Old news now. We all know why and exactly who/what they are. They'll go down with him in flames, civil war etc.. Think he's upper 30s now/lower 40s now which will always be as good as it gets. ONLY way he loses that 10-15% is if the economy tanks, war etc...That's the ONLY reason why he's stayed even as high as he has (#s are still piss poor for a 1st year president). Mainly the economy/ market. But gas is skyrocketing now too. I predict another poll plummet in the next week. Insane there's still 3 to 4 out 10 who approve of this shit as garbage as he is. The 10% or so which keeps him in the upper 30s/ lower 40% are these idiotic Independents. 25%-ish (still a whole quarter of the country are outta their skulls) lol.