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  1. Starts around 5:25 Again..love Pink the person. Fantastic. Just not the music! lol Why da fuq isn't/hasn't M licked Pinks muff all these years- real deal, no bullshit, genuine, SMART, cool and star w/ longevity instead of garbage like Toilet Shiate etc..lol.
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4997592/Woman-comes-head-head-rat-cleaning-clash.html EEWW!!
  3. Dont think she 'understands' much babe except after when they release her from her charger in the studio and her lithium batteries (brain) are charged for the day. Pink def does NOT need any charge, wiring etc.. in any studio. You try that shit and she'll slice you up lol. Shes clearly her own puppeteer.
  4. Happy B-day! While he's not one of my favorite producers he def brought the being '5-10+ years ahead' goods at the right time as always. Music the song is absolutely a timeless pop masterpiece. Could come out in any decade and still be fresh. Perfect mix of classic, modern and futuristic Madonna. While I def need breaks from it due after hearing it probably 1000s of times, I'll never 4get the euphoria I felt those first few months when I heard it and it was on the radio. Songs like Hollywood and others flopped or under-performed when they were new. But like most of her songs they age like fine wine and you end up hearing them many years later in the most random places from A listers, TV shows, movies etc..That said, after AL it was positively time to move on. His sounds were just too hard, dark and clubby for mainstream radio or the GP to even consider touching. He's similar to Shep. Kind of 1 dimensional.
  5. Taylor Swift thread

    lol Yep, would NOT at all be surprised if they rush release, surprise release or whatever something super safe pop/country-ish sooner than later to get her 'back on track'. The overall feedback and reception for these songs has NOT been good and everything seems off this era musically. Like her or not, SIO, BS and BB were instant, catchy hit worthy songs. Whether it's Taylor, Madonna or whoever, to the GP you're still always as good as your last song(s). My niece was a mega Taylor fan and now thinks she's awful. Done with her. Taylor ain't coming close to bringing the goods this era and her loons know that. We've seen this same old playbook endless x. . Massive momentum from the last era, big name/brand etc..simply riding off the coattails. Pumps out one shitty single after the next, each one front-loads/skyrockets to the top then they all crash or do so-so (only cause of the name). Eventually the brand is fully deflated. Unlike Madonna and a small select few Taylor ain't close to being special enough to get a pass if she keeps putting out garbage lol
  6. Taylor Swift thread

    While I still think Katys album was better, everything about Taylors new era reeks from potential flopping (for her standards) If the music was good and had non front loaded impact (like SIO and basically all her other lead singles) people buy the album in droves. Shitty to barely listenable songs, sales won't stay sustained. As I've said, unlike 1989 and the other eras the quality of the music and overall interest, hype is def lacking or dying down now. since LWYMMD. Fact they had to payola the shit out of that 1 song just to get it to #1 on pop AND discount it a few weeks after it came out, not good. Even Praying by Kesha hasn't been discounted yet after 3+ months lol
  7. Taylor Swift thread

    right around 51 seconds. The buildups, bridges etc... on all the songs have been meh/whatever but the main choruses have been instant train wrecks lol While nothing in this f'ked up time should shock me, after her huge first week, would still be VERY surprised if era has legs. This is reeking from a possible flop to under performer at the best. Since the pre buzz for the 1st single, basically NO or minimal momentum now. Only wortha shit thing so far has been the video for LWYMMD. Music has been career killing bad lol Watch me be wrong but in a normal pre 2016 world, I predict this to her BTW, follow up to Jagged Little Pill, Spellbound by Paula Abdul etc etc...#s (adjusted for inflation or whatever)
  8. And the thing with Pink is she's been consistent w/ her responses to why she's a big fan. Always have depth. Not contrived, vapid, insincere-ish w/ her answers (Taylor, X-Tina, etc etc..) When asked, has always (17 years now) looned for her but esp for her most ballsy, risky, non mainstream low points when the GP hated her (Erotica, Sex Book). Pink has always had the pipes, personality and potential to do just that- play it less safe and prob. get away with it. Really wish she would now esp since she has 0 to lose at this point and most of the world loves whatever she puts out basically.
  9. lol to think some here (even me to a degree) thought she shaded M or whatever by omitting her name as a 'gender bending icon' or whatever the fuck it was at the VMAs lol. This should def replenish ANY doubt...indefinitely!
  10. Oh shit we literally started the same thread within minutes of each other! lol. They can delete mine. All yours babe xo
  11. Why Pink has outlasted Christina and Britney ?

    You all basically nailed the 'why' she's still around and selling records more than ever. Not even like she tries hiding it. I def. give props to her as a person with actual substance and not being a TMZ/publicity whore or a Mariah/Gaga-esque soulless, vapid, silly, pretentious chart obsessed beast. Yes, the music is still brutally safe and rice cake bland lol. I couldn't ever be paid to listen to an album of hers or go to concert etc...lol Basically 0 connection to her music or her but for the reasons many of you mentioned, DEF better its Pink still killing it from that era- not C*ntina, Zitney, Jessica, Mandy etc etc...Closest I got to liking her songs was when she flopped or semi flopped (God Is A DJ etc..)
  12. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

  13. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

  14. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

  15. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This. Almost a YEAR later and it's basically as horrid to deal with every day. Not like if any other typical/normal Republican won (Romney, Bush, Rubio etc..) who I wouldn't agree with on most if not all issues but would be able to get through it like we did with George W. At least all those men are actually SANE, decent on some level and would know how to do the job. Been nothing but a 24/7 shit/ horror show. My feeling towards the orangutan are equally as raw as much as a year or 2 ago during the campaign to this very day. That face, voice, energy, persona etc...pushes every worst button imaginable. I don't and won't 'wish' any harm but if it happens, whatevas. 'God' did their thing lol.
  16. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

  17. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

  18. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    Um.. I actually think Me. I Am Eternally A Greasy Fried 12 year old Drumstick is possibly one of her best albums! Disaster botched promotion, delays, drama, broken wrists due to 20 remixes of #B, pain med addictions, Photoshop etc..but there were actually JAMS on there. *YDKWTD,* Meteorite (very Donna Summer-esque!). #B etc...If those songs were done by Ariana etc..they would all smash. SO unlike anything Mariah ever did. Closest she ever got and will prob ever get to stepping outside of her super safe, vapid, predictable box.
  19. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    Agree w/ many of you- something seems really off now. Unlike any other time. Shes really, really out of it..like zombie like. Her entire demeanor. Wouldn't at all be surprised if something is seriously on the verge of erupting and dont think the end result will be good. Yes, very Whitney and MJ 2008 and 2011-ish kind of vibes here. That 'manager' of her absolutely reeks from evil and greedy bloodsucker. Def seems like a modern day Colonial Parker to Elvis.
  20. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

  21. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    Jabbariah. Time to change this thread name ;) lolol
  22. Madonna's Hair 2017

    Yep. Def agree. Dying becomes a drag/tedious for many people, costly, and/or can have an adverse reaction for some. Simple as that.