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  1. Those 'Property Managers' (& highly likely other skunks) were ALL aware every single day of the 3 yrs the horrific shape that building was in. They're possibly the last people/snakes on earth you'd wanna be right now. And u know every one of them are alive, safe, happy, healthy and (still) could give two shits abt the tenants. What they're likely trying to flee the country over is what's coming w/ (at least) lawsuits
  2. He's simply an EVIL, demented, sociopathic, grifting CLOWN! Very, very sick f-ker. Lots of underaged kids are tragically abused like he 'claims' he was (and likely was) but whether or not that was a factor in what made him so vile don't care & no excuse. He *condoned the abuse 4 yrs ago in the most cringe way. Read and listened to it once and will never read again was so off the rails and repugnant. His far right bat sh!t cra billionaire family funders (the Mercers etc..) cut him off abruptly & supposedly are why he vanished overnight. Gay, bi or...whatever the fuq he is. He was simply born sinister and hideous. Yup...basically exactly like every single one of the GQP. They're all defective and very dangerous.
  3. We ALL know what she is but only continues (and will get worse) long as the $ is there. More than just 'grassroots', small donors. Many far right bat shit cra dark/shadowy money 'Libertarian' gazillionares are puppeteering all this. (not conservative'). THEY are truly the 'radical' ones. Fascist playbook. All projection, lies (big and small) non stop, victimhood, loud & off the rails in exhausting loops etc..US def in 1920s Germany now. Biden seems/feels like a faux & temporary 'normal/calm'. Q gonna prob squash the remaining 'sane/moderate classic GOP (like Cheney & Kizinger) in '22. Qop will be the new US Nazi party and make the 'Tea Party' look moderate. Mercer family, DeVos, Peter Thiel, Murdoch, Bannon and his cohorts ALL enabling & totally FOR (insisting) on it + many names and well known corporations we'll likely never know green lighting it. Citizens United is the root cause of this. Can keep pumping sick amounts of money to these ghouls but stay low key, anonymous. But use these dumb af, dangerous. kook puppets like MTG etc..to say/do what these sinister donors want! Happening now too w/ local state legislators! Possibly more dangerous. They're tootally gearing up to STEAL an upcoming election (where the people do NOT decide). If the 130+ or whatever would've been 'instructed' to vote against her and against the shit show vote to NOT certify Biden as the winner wouldn't have happened (along w/ Jan 6). BIG dark money keeping these skkkunks breathing & trolling (Gym Jordan, Matt Geatz, Nunes etc..) or you deflate overnight.
  4. this BUT who will be the next fascist Q-kkkrazed coocoo who does the next dire, train wreck 'press conference' while their q demon blood sucking (platinum edition) brand hair dye drips and spritzes out their pores and bunghole(s).
  5. THIS! Horrid. And was all 'brewing' *pre T. If it wasn't wouldn't have gotten to this point & pre T (barely bubbling beneath surface). States like different planets now let alone countries. I mean...CO/CT/CA vs WY/WV/**FL lol. Um..ya sh!t is BAD.
  6. bunch of fascist rats/roaches swarming the Capitol. PELOSI'S office?!? FFS No lives lost...yet but more grotesque than 9/11.. sorry not sorry. FED. 'POLICE' acted like f'ng shopping mall patrol cops
  7. Stacy Abrams is Dem ROYALTY. Deserves EVERY highest medal, statues and...Pres or VP! Count on it all. Beyond thrilled and will TAKE 50/50 but Dems should be at 51/49. NO f'ng idea how Biden won MAINE (dark purple state) by NINE and Susan (concerned) Collins whose been loathed last 2 years WON by nine!
  8. Dire, diabolical and as bad if not WORSE than T! He *knows/fully gets the govt & the machinery!! No ONE person (esp a subhuman, skeezy, dinosaur greedy ghoul like this from KY! lol) should ever EVER have this much power ever again! He could've at least put bills to the floor (at the min) and made sure his caucus had veto proof votes. He needs to boil in a big scalding pot along w/ the ENTIRE kkkrew!
  9. Good! But...um why/HOW the fuq after 240 years (for the FIRST time) US is 'celebrating' fact that f'ng LEGIT super decisive WINS are simply getting.... certified. I mean...pre 2016 US was *cracking down, monitoring etc...on other 3rd world sh!tholes who did this kind of thing! Yup...only re-confirms that Biden or ANY non Rethug 'wins' from here on in is if its several million votes & 300+ EVs. Geezus what a dingy broken mess the US is now.
  10. Day 1-now was NEVER policy or 'economic uncertainty' lol. Economy, market, gas prices, peaceful etc (all KEY factors in any elections) were more than FINE in '16. Like Reagan, which is why Bush (more of Reagan won)! W Bush only won 'cause of post 9/11 buzz & natl. security most vital factor then anything else. Would've gotten crushed by O in '08! No...this was/is ALL cultural & 1 issue lunatics (abortions, guns, more colorful society, LGBT & loathing Hillary/Obama etc..) Oh..now the SQUAD! 'Gays' somehow became the least of it but the 'T' part def. another new boogeyman for them. Something the far and center right are crazed over now (bathrooms, *religious liberty etc..) like the 'gays' in the 70s-early 00s. Not about money, health, ethics, livelihood etc...If so (like Carter HW Bush, Hoover etc..) T would've gotten decimated in the Elec College! But he didn't! ALL primal & personality. I grew up w/ maany Ts (look, speak, think like him). HE is them (& visa versa!) Not not being 'PC' but having some of kind of refrain, moral compass which every previous Pres. was abt. (Rep. or Dem). No grey area. He's a broken, 'victimized'/shunned pig (like them). No ideology- simply ALL abt. pissing off decent, educated, sane, well spoken/kept people (now considered global, snooty 'elites'). Those who follow the rules, guidelines on civility and a way of life in a *democracy! Now, even Democracy is considered limp wristed, weak and lame to these ghouls (70+ million)! His followers are/were always just that. (fascists, pro theocracy or some kind of variation). They're unleashed unlike any time is US history. Keep saying...not if but when another T gets in who is smooth, glossy, semi likable young, *smart (KNOWS the govt.) etc...but does the same (if not worse damage) They know they NEED that 70+ mill base!
  11. wow...so the leading betting site (forget name) aware of PredictIt etc...that actually got BOTH Brexit, Trump 2016 and other races correct did indeed get this one wrong!? I mean, ya, shiate hasn't been 'certified' & the phat bastard will likely NOT go down or go away easily (though he has NOT been seen/spoken in public since...2 weeks!?) Classic textbook pussy bully- unless he rage tweets, safe zones (kkkampaign rallies, secret service, sycophants) he's very likely not in good shape and scared shit now & deflating tbh! lool
  12. FFS. Enough! Word is IC has a LOT of reeally bad (classified) shit on him! Andrew McCabe basically said that yesterday on CNN. That it was really, really serious etc...They need to do *something! 68 more days of...this is NOT sustainable!
  13. Oh...while he def. started off very rusty and concerned abt his own mental, neurological state or whatever lol, Biden most def. found his rhythm again and I love the guy. Think he'll be a potentially great Pres. *except Moscow Bitch is gonna likely pull an Obama 2nd term on him. Joe's gonna have to get Pitbull's in his admin. (DOJ etc..) who don't play by 1996 or even 2008 rules anymore. Gonna be pumping out Exec. Orders more than anyone in history IF the Dems don't get the Senate in Jan. 2021 or Nov. 2022. Only concern is his age. Just wish he was ~10 yrs younger! Sorry to go 'there' now re: 2024. If Joe doesn't run again or gets sick, I'm just not there yet w/ Kamala. Fully get *why she needed to be the one this year but (so far) what I'm seeing/hearing now, fully get why her Pres. run bombed. Plenty of time to get seasoned but still feel she was better for AG. Feel Duckworth or Whitmer would've been better VPs (long term). IF there ends up a Dem primary in '24 could be verry messy and I see the f'ng GOP coming back stronger/crazier than ever! Instant (potential front runners 2024) **Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Duckworth, Mayor Pete (small font lol), Kamala (if she really steps her game up over the years).
  14. He's a fkng rapidly deflating, DEFEATED, deranged, demented, pile of useless lame duck shit! lol Likely has dementia or had stroke(s) too. I'm not as insistent as others but there's def. major neurological shit that's been rapidly eroding the last yr. All since ~2019, waay more noticeable. Yes, it IS actually all happening now...he's going down (even w/ '16 PTSD, Mueller Time, Stormy bs + 'impeachment'). Just simply been a LUCKY af stellar con man. Prob. best of all time. Day 1-present (unlike many others) I insisted he wasn't 'stupid' at all. He followed the fascist playbook to a TEE. Can't be 'dumb' to achieve what he did (dire as it's been to US democracy and the world!) Just never had one in the US=why it got thisclose to happening. Will take years to flush (but likely doesn't= why Rethugs are embracing it). They NEED those 72 mill. angry, bonkers voters! They're the GOP now. Biggest concern for me is a more 'polished' book smart, younger version of T who knows the govt inside/out (Cotton, Cruz, Haley, Hawley etc). ALL in for Maga & maybe more dangerous than T someday! Far as T (esp after GA runoffs) GOP prob. does a full flush on him (for '20 election). Only need him but esp Maga to turn out. Simple as that. Post GA, highly likely T will be FULLY exposed (by AG James & maybe Vance), broke and if not in jail basically as bad!
  15. Bigger concern (for many) which is WHY basically ALL the GOP aren't flushing T' or giving props to Biden. Cotton, Cruz, Haley, Hawley are dire but actually very very smart (book & street) unlike T. They *need Maga base! More 'dangerous' imo is a smoother, glossier, less abrasive version of the same as T. TrumpISM IS the party now. 90-95% approve of all the hideousness.
  16. Agree... he's still a very good looking silver fox! Def tightened his face...a year or 2 ago but he's looking more 'natural' again. On super HD tv can see his beautiful angelic blue eyes. Movie star 'Presidential' face, voice demeanor. 78 yrs old! Still got it lol
  17. Yes, it's a gargantuan weight off the world's back having this ghoul LOSE. But.. polls (for several months unlike HRC) showed 50-54 to 42/43 (max) for T. Also, the final *Senate results (ALL on the Turtle Terror). He & his Russian bffs tampered w/ shit. That demon wanted to Tmp but hells no to 'losing' Senate. He was & still is more dire than Trump, sorry. If Dems can't get *blue Maine & NC (both had very good recruits & loathed incumbent Senators). they ain't getting GA lol. Biden gonna have to get ruthless like T & pump executive orders. Otherwise, be like powerless lame duck day 1 (Obama's last 2 years). Mcconnell NOT gonna budge..as usual.
  18. Sorry I just can't/won't quit the feeling that something sinister happened w/ T vote totals! Dems simply bamboozled the polls to overcome *endless fVckery! USPS, tampered voting machines=why Moscow Mitch refused to pass a SINGLE election security bill! from g-d knows HOW many sinister sources, bad actors etc..esp in swingy purple areas in Rethug state run houses. 55% day 1-pres *strongly disapproved yet...gets 47/48% of vote? . No. Look at PA! All senior govt. people are Dems but it's the *State legislature run by Rethug skunks. They have *lots of power...more then people think. THEY= only reason took *4 days! Vs that day or Wed latest. Only delayed to create 'doubt' to benefit T nut bag conspiracy horse .
  19. Ms Latisha James AG on NY ain't gonna have it. She's coming fast furious soon.
  20. Biden did not 'underperform' its just the Trump MOB came out in horrifyingly HIGH amounts! Fact there's that many of...them is what sickens everyone who isn't an outright or low key anti democratic fascist. Unlike 2016 there's NO grey area (economic hardship horseshit lol) No, day 1 to the present more than ever racism, greed and douches.
  21. **Stacy Abrams** savage sista. Democracy saving, map changing queen!! Superstar. Should flush Perez by the weekend and make her the HEAD of the party! Esp w/ those 2 Senate runoffs (that leaves a slim chance for Senate control!) fact she figured out how to WIN in f'ng in GEORGIA (2nd biggest game changer than Texas) um...BIG deal!
  22. Data (unlike 2016) is pretty off the rails consistent and on POINT. If anything, benefits T more (underestimating Biden)! lol Lots of pollsters likely over sampling Maga (white, toothless mamas who are also your sisters, GED, no college degree etc...) ANYone but T and we'd have a 1996/2008 (at worst) 'clean' landslide-esque result. T and his thugs/goons gonna go ALL out, legally, violence, intimidation etc.. What u all see are a minority but loud and CRAZED AF so...seems like they're this 'majority'. NO. Should be by more but around 55 percent truly loathe him. Maybe 5-10 perc. more just seriously dislike him. Election is ALL about HIM (not the economy etc...) If it was a Romney...even Cruz etc...and the pandemic response was slightly botched people would likely still give benefit due to economy vs this deep, primal animus. Polar opposite of the lunatics who worship him. Scary shit...the lack of ANY grey area that every other Pres. had in US history. That said, IF the Supreme Court etc..aren't in his pocket (def. a concern of mine) Biden def. gets it but I'm just not 100 perc ONLY cause the legal fvckery his ghouls may try! Still voted for Biden in this poll.
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