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  1. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

  2. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    Looks like she's performing on GMA 8/31 (13 days from now) If true, unlikely the single is coming out today but who the hell knows. 8/31 is a Thursday so appears in/around then is when she's dropping the single. Obviously deleting all her social media is a clear sign she's coming very soon but doubtful it's today. She usually pulls this shit (countdown, pre hype, guessing games etc...) when the single is a week or two away.
  3. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    So what happens to that firm 35-40% of the racist base who weren't budging? He lost the 'moderates' and sane people. I predict 25% by Sunday on Gallup lmao Doesn't make a BIT of f'king difference. And anyone who does is as retarded as Trumps base. Last Tues. press conference alone said it all! Plus Miller and Gorka (a Nazi) are still around. Glad he's out but yawn to this news. Cant wait for Bannon/Breitbart to troll Trump and his 'globalists' now 24/7 LOL
  4. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    the mother from the movie Carrie, Shirley Phelps Roper from the Westboro Church, Ann Coulter, blond bimbos on Fox News. Bat shitz crazy 'women' like that.
  5. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Wonder how many days she's been in raging pre melt down mode, tripping out distracted/consumed- depriving Roc and Roe of their KFC/ daily artery clogging diet over what may happen in the next week or two. Unless she instructed their nannies to pop them 3 Flintstones vitamins every day to shut em up (in between getting fanned and her fat toes licked) as she's getting sloshed up gearing up to chop down bushes and trees and smash plates Mommie Dearest style if Luis looks like he's gonna tie (at the min.)
  6. P!nk

  7. White nationalists marching in Charlottesville

    Nope ain't happening. They're already back in their bubble..the one Katy talked about in CTTR. Seems that march now was just a feel good moment, mega meltdown-fest over the election results, A list rock concert-ish fundraiser. There wasn't a specific cause those people were marching for. It was simply over Trump winning. Yes, we all knew it would be a 24/7 horror show but there wasn't the moment we have NOW. Where are all those pissed off 'millions' of people? lol There should be those kind of marches every weekend with the biggest one this upcoming weekend. Nope..those rebel women's day marchers have been glued back to their iPod stoned out while listening to Demi, Selena and Justin while tweeting how much they hate Trump since January 22. Ouch. lol
  8. White nationalists marching in Charlottesville

    okay its official ANYone who still approves of this shit/ Trump is absolutely a loud and proud racist. Very simple and no more lame 2016 excuses. Didnt see the latest polls but if he's not below 30% by Friday I'll be absolutely disgusted but not surprised! Its the US.
  9. P!nk

    This. I am not getting the hype and iTunes success/semi longevity. Yes, she released during a mega slow non competitive week but still doesn't mean I'd buy it lol. So many songs this year that had potential and the foundation to be way better (this included) but just play it WAY too safe, demo-ish, don't go to the next level etc...All they needed to do here was add some drums or whatever towards the end to mix it up and make it end with more of a bang. Meh zzz
  10. Lourdes Leon featuring MadeMe / X-girl, 2017

    How the fuq is she almost 21 already?! Like 21 months ago she was born and did that now iconic Vanity Fair cover w/ M a year or two later. Looks good and has a very similar expression and look in her eyes as M. Hope she has the same hunger! Too bad even if she does no matter what she does she'll be compared 24/7 to her mother obviously.
  11. P!nk

    Nice video. Wont watch it again lol but nice. Too bad shes gonna get pummeled this era by Taylor.
  12. White nationalists marching in Charlottesville

    Holy.Fucking.Shit. to that epic train wreck. He MUST be removed...like tonight
  13. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    Yet if wasnt for Luis, this cringe worthy, lazy, rambling, garbage Santana remake (that's ALL this really is lol) wouldve been #1 for 6 weeks and song of the summer! lol The only thing that makes it semi bearable is the guitar hook. Again, 100% Santana not DJ Khalid. Solely dependent on that one part. Adds nothing new or original. One of the lowest points ever now culturally and politically. Rihannas 'vocals' are getting more/more dumb down and grating yet sheeple eat it up. WHO would even wanna jam to this for free (streaming) lol. Interesting how reflective the two are of each other.
  14. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    What the hell isn't with the sinister calculated corporate robotic tool
  15. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    Taylor is gonna stop groping like Ivanka is gonna create world peace.
  16. P!nk

    This is starting to plummet in the US on iTunes. Shocked they're actually getting this right and the UK is in a daze for a rare change lol. 'What' are people in the UK seeing/hearing in this Valium, Ambien of a song. Wont debut at #1 there due to streaming but still lol. Looked promising at first in the US but think this may semi bomb. I mean its really falling now quickly. Next to NO streaming which is now what iTunes was 5 years ago. Radio and esp HOT AC will prob save it. Just getting WAY too competitive now for Pink to make any impact.
  17. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    I saw that article but most are saying Friday 8/25 though 10/6 may be the album release date. If your insider friend is saying Friday lmao that she'll be going head to head with Justin! Um...I'd actually root for Justin to beat her lol! Forget #1...Luis may actually drop to #3 or #4 next week. I think it may be next impossible to beat Mariah/OSD esp in this day and age. Focus needs to be on Rihanna or someone else getting the most #1s now.
  18. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    ?? Could you say some of that again lol. Whats edcheetos lol So, she's dropping THIS Thursday/Friday?
  19. Ke$ha

    Was just thinking don't be surprised if she actually over performs. The buzz and interest are there. Basically everywhere online I'm reading/seeing universal praise of people really loving this album. Hands down the most unexpected biggest diva comeback of the year and recent memory. Picture perfect execution with the roll out. Even with everything she went through, sorry, if the music wasn't good she'd still under perform. The GP tunes out the charts, stans, fanboys etc..lol They buy things they click/ connect with. Katy (for example) simply was disconnected w/ the GP this entire era from day 1. Compared to where Kesha was at just 4-6 months ago, I NEVER would've believed she'd even sell 7k let alone 100k+. lol
  20. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Hmm just remembered...didn't Justin get two#1 debuts just within the last 2 years? I agree that 'Friends' I think would need to have See You Again bonkers sales which it had (where it was in constant green the whole week) PLUS the video from that movie dropped the same day I believe. If I remember correctly it had minimal airplay when it exploded so it was all about the sales and streaming. Dunno how much has changed since early 2015 w/ the chart formula though. Like I said if this is just a random single and NOT a lead for a new album would maybe be better for Luis.
  21. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Hope you're right. Sure you're well aware of Justin and would've mentioned him already if you were concerned haha. Its just there's really only 2 singers who are instant surefire mega sales, streaming monsters now- Taylor and Bieber. Adele too but she ain't coming back anytime soon. Another 'possible' advantage (though it prob has minimal impact) is it's coming out at noon on Thurs (not Friday). Meaning if it ends up exploding out of the gate then for some reason peaks early, it loses almost a day of sales.
  22. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Forget about Taylor, Justin is coming! lol At this point since D prob wont get 16 weeks, let Justin and Taylor freaking duke it out so this isn't just handed to Justin effortlessly plus all the drama would be epic between those 2 fanbases lol. Plus D wouldn't get 3-4 more f'king weeks lingering at #2...weeks that would've been #1. Only slim hope for Luis at this point is if they discount the hell out of both versions and if this is just a random one off single w/out a video the same day (way its looking so far) versus lead for a new album. That, or it's a debut at #1 then falls to #2 giving Luis that 16th week.
  23. White nationalists marching in Charlottesville

    ^ This, yet there are some of these f'king 'pundits' not a lot but some...too many giving him some praise for this *canned, forced, robotic, pile of bull shit 'speech'. Then walks away like the bitch he is and doesn't take questions!? While he's getting bashed all over Twitter and most are in agreement that (regardless of how he really feels which we know) this HAD to be said Saturday or yesterday at the very latest. If anything makes it worse that it took 48 hours and 2 scripts later. Disaster. This is quite separate but Bush Katrina-esque.