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  1. Shes as bad if not worse than Gaga but much smarter, sinister, conniving, and has possibly the best greasy machine in the music biz now. Nuttin like a squinty spoiled snotty eyed 0 becoming a corporate $100000000 spoiled manufactured 'raw talented star/new Joni Mitchell' lmao
  2. lmfao so.....'now' this swamp monster is Cher 1988/89? Dead eyes, dead aura/ energy, dead star power, dead face and body, dead...f'king everything lol yet 'somehow' clinging to life. So shady mafia mobster style.
  3. Reeks from that- simple as that. None of us (or maybe very few of us) really knows what kind of shit is going on behind the scenes. It's all a machine and very political. Almost like if you piss off the wrong people the plug could be pulled overnight regardless of red hot you are/were. Look at Monique! lol Best we can do is look at WHO is still beloved/worshiped by the media which greatly influences the GP (Beyawnce, Swifter, Rihanna, Caca, Beiber, Justin Timbersnake) Most of those I named are total shit or painfully overrated. It's all Trump style. You spout out the same shit, lies and fabrications the sheep (mainly US) masses will end up getting conditioned.
  4. Geezus this has been one of the most botched eras and abrupt/ biggest falls from A+ list grace I can remember. Damn. I mean it's making Rihanna's last era look like it smashed and there were super quality songs lol. As garbage as 'Work' was, it was still somehow a #1 smash and one the biggest hits of 2016. Just shows even with mediocre or shitty singles the GP still gives Rihanna and a few others a pass. It's ALL about marketing, image and persona. For more than a few reasons NOTHING worked or connected w/ Katy and the GP this era. :/ The music maybe didn't connect or could've used some tweaking but I think it was more her image/persona and roll out of this whole thing. *Bad management. CTTR def was single worthy but should've been single #2 or #3 at the latest. It's a total summer song. That with better less bland production it def had more potential. I think BA was kind of like Mariah's Bye Bye, Janet's Love Me a Little While, Lady Uglys Judas. To a smaller degree Ms Amer. Life. All major momentum killers (in the US for Madonna). Everywhere I look esp on You Tube most people are liking or loving the song Witness and baffled why it wasn't single #1. It's dark, different, instant and catchy yet classic Katy. Witness or even Swish Swish= soooo much better than BA. Those two or even at least 2 other songs. Again, shitty judgement here with her team- simple as that.
  5. Agree that (once again) the media and Hollywood are def a factor to why he under performed here (or prob. why she over performed at the last minute). 'They' were the ones who turned this into a 2016-esque circus. Yes Hillary lost by one 1-2% but It's a VERY Repub district. A place where f'king Gingrich and Price are from lol and haven't had a Dem represent since 1979. A 'college educated' deep southern place is different than in a coastal or deep purple state. Haven't learned a thing in 7 months! If they 'maybe' would've just let it play out and not Hollywood it up like all the other special elections, Osoff or whoever would've done better. Not saying he would've won but my god..the dude in *South Carolina* came closer and had an overall better showing lol! Look at how it HURT Hillary when you 'recruit' the Chelsea Handlers, Alyssa Milano, Rosie, Jane Fonda etc etc.. lol. Works in CA and most coastal states where the Dems will win anyway. Not in GA and all it's sister and brother white trash states.
  6. Laugh all you want but the Dems better come up with a f'king message asap and quality, non bland, robotic, elite pretty boy dud candidates like Osoff. Just another Hillary/Obama light. Osoff looks/ acts like he's from Seattle, LA or NYC not rural redneck America. Another awful, disconnected candidate. I know it's GA but that Handal bitch was dreadful and easily beatable. Lost many x before and a vocal bigot. Dems need candidates who don't hold back and effectively go ballistic on Trump but more importantly the GOPs *policies. The Dem. running for governor in VA (Northam) was one of the few candidates since Trump won who was very vocal and bashed the hell out at him in his ads unlike Osoff and all the others. Dude is eager to get in boxing ring with Trump lol. He crushed not only his primary competitor (a Bernie guy) but almost doubled both GOP candidates combined.
  7. Wow this happened in Canada- not Florida or just about every southern or Midwestern state in the US? :/
  8. H U H? lol
  9. Oh my god since you even posted that the comments got (and are getting) even 10x more brutal. Daaymn! lolol
  10. . So f'king true though. No doubt all the Russian-esque Gagabot machines are all geared up and ready to infest Twitter etc etc w/ endless # tags about this garbage movie... Gonna start any minute now Eeeww
  11. Alternative Gagafacts. 'Most watched' as much as MR was a 'legit hit' lmao. Least viewers of the decade. Reality.
  12. Go Katy!!!
  13. Thrilled to see those #s!! Not 'surprised' but was concerned there was a slightly better chance she'd bomb or come close to it. Very solid first week #s and *number 1*! Sticks two f'king forks into Taylor Shitbag and her Gaga like minions. Obviously, can't see how this album will have legs since there's no stand out hit single. Really hope her team are on it re-working a song on the album w/ another red hot artist (Bad Blood style). Prefer she didn't go that route and did it on her own but she really needs a hit..soon to keep the album afloat! Whatever..for now and for a full long grueling week it'll short circuit the cunty little Taylor squad. Just shows the GP is still feeling her and (like Rihanna) she's still just 1 smash hit away with the *right song.
  14. Go Katy!! Wanted her to get #1 but REALLY want it now to stick a fork into Toilet Snake. Beyond blatant and slimy mean girl what she did. When will the forecast come out for Katys first week?
  15. when is the big fat orange stick of dynamite gonna explode with his of Mommie Dearest night raid Tweets lmao