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  1. Miss Diana Ross

    She looked gorgeous last night! Basically hasn't aged. She's 73 almost 74 f'king years old. That body!! Adore her too! She's very much upper tier (easily top 5) of my favs. Love her entire catalog. True definition of hard working legend. Even if she's a demon diva in real life, she CLEARLY earned it lol. She's similar to Madonna. Maybe technically not the 'best voice' but it's genuine, soulful and very special. Take her songs in a second over Aretha and all the other over the top big voice divas. We all know Billboard is in the payola spam gutter now. Woudnt be surprised if its outsourced to bots now lol. So sad how (up until the last 10 years or so) was a highly respected quality magazine and charts. Ain't no way history will looks back at Drake, Taylor, Nicki etc etc...and think of them as more successful in ANY way than Diana, Madonna, Aretha etc... While her daughter who I normally like, was a very clunky, rather bad host last night lol She and her other siblings all seem really cool, smart and grounded so obviously she was a great mother. Only WTH is her son Evan being married to Ashley Simpson! lol
  2. Christina Aguilera thread 🍊

    Same old ratty shit face and over singing. Such a pretentious, vapid, American Idol ish performance. Awful zzz lol Stay flushed X-Tina. You werent missed.
  3. Do you miss Madonna's bitchiness?

    I know from a very reliable specific source she s a supa c*nty bitch lol (would say the same thing if it was a male pr*ck) Diana..stellar music... but awful c*nty human. lol Tracy is cool but a super elite privileged.
  4. Do you miss Madonna's bitchiness?

    While I think 'something' absolutely changed w/ her entire demeanor...permanently post ROL and ESP 2003-ish (imo the worst 'persona' lol) she was never a 'bitch'. She had/has balls, brains, confidence, charisma, campy, direct, sarcasm, over the top, etc etc..but never a blatant common 'bitch'. Instantly when I think of 'bitch'= JLo, *X-Tina, Mariah, Diana Ross etc..Could go on and on. I happen to still like JLo and love Dianas music but they just reek super bitchy in very transparent, cold, textbook annoying, excessive, pain in the ass ways. There's nothing 'textbook' this or that about M.
  5. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Manson.. I mean Trump 'family'
  6. Yes. Obviously, in '2015' we all didn't think '2017' would feel more like 1957 or even 1987 for that matter. Disaster/ cancer of a time in every way now socially, politically etc...Like Biden said on Ellen last week, hopefully this is just a temporary blip (zit) that gets pops hard and permanently in 3 years. This (Trump Inc.) is clearly the final loud gasp of the angry older 'straight' white man who know they and everything they stood and stand for are rapidly disintegrating. There's numerous GOP congressman (current and former) I just look at and the gaydar goes haywire (Adam Kinzinger, Aaron Shtock, many from Texas and the deep south lol).
  7. This! LOL. They almost ALL have that repulsive 80s shitty sitcom zombie faces and expression. Look like 2 raging uppity up snotty white assholes. I bet Growing Pains was one of their fav shows. Kirk Cameron next...PLZ! lol Hope someones virals ALL his sneaky down low shit.
  8. Taylor Swift thread

    1989 was straight up pop. Now shes doing straight up shiate lol
  9. Do you miss Madonna's bitchiness?

    Very much. Bitchybigballsackdonna
  10. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Everyone commenting thinks its Mimicokehead
  11. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Endlessly tragic 'that's' the majority of Ameriduh! Soo many of them simple stinky folk lurking around. There is a 'face' of a Trump voter. I can instantly tell. They all have an inner or outer nasty stench.
  12. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    omfg seriously looks like her!
  13. Taylor Swift thread

    Exactly. The paid off media, her $limy machine and her crazed squad could spin it all they want but there has NOT been any legit, memorable hit single so far! lol. Sorry... but Kesha's 4 month old Praying (even with its #22 peak) is 10x more of a hit w/ longevity, all over the radio and still gaining and impactful than LWYMMD and all the other turds she's pooped out/buzz singles/see what sticks etc.. lol. Streaming is what's barricading actual hit worthy songs now from charting where they deserve. Pre streaming, Praying would absolutely be around top 10 now and LWYMMD would've debuted at #1 then prob fallen out of the top 40 3 weeks later lol. This era is all over the place like any textbook flop/botched era. One minute 'Ready For It' is the 2nd single, next minute it's not lol. Yet, it's out there getting radio play and floating around on iTunes. Mess. Already bracing myself for the 1 million-ish to end up 'exceeding initial expectations' etc..and end up selling 2.7 million LOL.
  14. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Omg I actually never heard of this guy yet see hes done TONS of shit :/ lol. Very cute and sweet! :D