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  1. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    True. How you think Mimi is gonna deal when Rihanna gets 19. 18 gonna matter then? She gonna be able to cope? How she gonna spin it? Fake news (chart style)? Rihanna is 29. Look at her. Mimi is 47/48 and look and listen to her. Between the 2 who ya think one would rather give their hot jams and beats to and expect better dividends?
  2. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    ++1. shes barely Anna Nicole Smith! Again...barely
  3. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump is a tumor on society but the real cancer are all these 'crowds' of all those pasty white ass holes laughing and cheering and not feeling a single thing he says is wrong or disturbing . Not once during any of these Hitler like rallies does anyone boo or not do anything but cheer wildly , chew on their gum with the dead eyes/expressions on their faces. Just feeds the monster. Again, Trump is the reflection/Frankenstein or whatever of all these human piles of shit who are simply empowered now. The ugly was always there just beneath the surface dying to come out. Even if or when Trump goes down, these scumbags will still be lurking and trolling all over the country.
  4. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    lmao like its gonna make ANY f'king difference 'who' is chief of staff or chief dong hole sucker! Its ALL about the turd at the top! C'mon Mueller accelerate this endless 24/7 shit inferno down the toilet already. I want them ALL out!
  5. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    Still not fully getting the point lol. If anyone gets 17 weeks (consecutive or not) its STILL 17 weeks. Very simple lol. No one except maybe die hard lambs will rant that it wasn't 'consecutive' but...who gives a shit.
  6. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    How? lol Consecutive or non consecutive doesnt matter. Yes, WBT actually got 14 NON consecutive weeks. Thank Carrie Underwood for preventing Mariah for not having the #1 single for any solo artist. If not for Carrie Underwood WBT would've gotten 15 weeks. OSD is still a duet even though we all know Mariah, her lambs and haters takes full ownership of it. Back to original point..however you get #1 and for how long is all the GP looks at. Rihanna actually did NOT deserve to hit #1 in the UK last week lol. It didn't sell or stream the most.
  7. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    To be honest since I'm not a gambling person I actually hope Rihanna just gets that damn #1 even for a week. Despacito is slowly/surely starting to fall and STILL needs 4-5 weeks. One thing if it was still gaining, picking up additional formats, new remixes etc...but it's almost in the same exact spot as Uptown Funk. Its getting vulnerable for a hot new release by a megastar. Hanging on by default and not gaining. Almost no doubt Taylor, Pink and others are well aware of that. If D is slipping then they must discount WT and/or put out a hot new remix (Britney S&M style) in the next week so Rihanna inches closer to Mariah. The record for longest #1 is a biggie but 'most #1s' I still say will put Mariah into the nut house for good.
  8. Yet..almost no doubt (even with this massive defeat, shading Sessions which is actually BIGGER deal to his insane sheep) his MAGA kkk imbeciles will still not budge! This week alone should put this skunk into the lower 30s to be generous. Absolutely still disturbingly amazed (yet not that shocked anymore) almost FOUR in 10 Americans still approve of this endless stream of shit of an administration. ALL comes down to a personal primitive connection, personality, celeb etc...Even when (not if) he sucks all those idiots dry on his way down.
  9. Spot on. Ruthless beautiful karma at its best. A moment McCain probably strategically, patiently and brilliantly planned all along! Cock teased Trump earlier in the week to vote to 'proceed' only to to stick a huge blade (karma) at the perfect and worst time into all that orange useless shit! This was a BAD f'king defeat lmao
  10. Ke$ha

    Gotta say I officially love Praying now! Song is def starting to smash. 10x more amazing hearing it on radio. The other teaser/buzz songs and videos are getting almost universal praise too. Instant, catchy and hit worthy. Woman MUST be a single (dramatically edited obviously). She's showing up with the goods and her team has been super on point. They're doing everything Katy and her team didn't. Out of ALL of them, who would've thought Kesha would possibly the biggest/ most successful diva comeback of 2017. Reading grammy buzz for Praying! It's clearly a grammy by the numbers kind of song.
  11. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    It's coming. The trans ban is just a sampling of what's to come. Again WHO is actually surprised by this lol! And don't look for Ivanka/Jared to be the LGBT saviors lmao. Where have they been lately..right? His team are WAY smarter and scarier than him and ain't playing. They totally get his erratic mental instability better than anyone else and are gonna milk the remaining fried orange brain cells until we're back in the 1850s. Bannon prob has HQ versions of the pee videos (at the min.) and are using it to make sure he's a good obedient nut bag puppy. Unless he gets a massive stroke, heart attack, poisoned, shot or escorted out by Meulllers team he winning again in 2020. People/ Dems are so sure but what IF Mueller doesn't find shit. Will just fire up the base 10x worse, gets all the independents back and be stronger than ever to make the case the 'witch hunt' was bullshit and it was ALL a fake news swamp. Who is gonna beat him as of now? Another corporate, slimy, robotic hack like Cory Booker or the grating as fuck Elizabeth Warren. Gillabrand is Hillary light (actually took over her seat and is very meh/scripted). Booker and Warren were def. worth a shit 2 years ago. I seriously would've voted for both...then. Their stock has plummeted beyond belief but watch at least one of them get the nom then somehow still lose to this chimpanzee lmao. Hate to say but we need another outsider non polished politician. But one who is SANE, super smart and brutal when it comes to fighting Trump. The 'they go low we go high' worked in the 90s and 2008 but is a washed up dud in this new political world.
  12. Leo doesnt just like her he's another loon! lol Has been for many years.
  13. Biggest fucking female living legend and star in the world!! Madonna and McCartney. That's it. Gorgeous, ageless, fabulous 58, 68, 78. 88. Wont matter. looks SO happy, genuinely having fun and confident. As always brought dripping sexiness, confidence, hotness etc etc..and with all those stars STILL the one who outshines every single damn person in that room x 100x lol NEED an album in 2018 at the f'king latest. I still say she's has worldwide smash hits left in her. Looks like she can't wait to bring it hard!!
  14. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Yup. WHO on fking earth except his brain dead or borderline brain dead IQ of f'king 7 supporters/sheep not know that. lmao Again not if but *when!
  15. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    lmao is ANYone even semi shocked. Doesnt remember what he said 20 minutes ago (or cares to) let alone a year ago! Oh.but the 'moderating voices Ivanka/Jared' and their pro LGBT tinny tweet last months lol. I still personally dont think he gives two shits or even KNOWS what LGBT means. Its probably Bannon or some other bigot homophobe on that hideous team (and there are many) who said 'time to distract' so go after Trans people now. It's not if but when he goes after the gays next esp during one of his really bad dementia and bad news days. Ticking time bomb. Lunatic eventually goes after EVERYone to benefit himself. America absolutely deserves what they're getting. Just hope all the white trash in the south and midwest suffers the most and quickest.