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  1. Taylor Swift thread

    Oh..it's official I def. think out of ALL the mega A or even B and C list pop diva releases in 2017 LWYMMD is hands down the worst. Of course the media and Trump country won't sweat her at all though. It's cringe worthy in so many ways but where the shit splatters all over the fan is the chorus (I think that's the universal opinion). One of the worst in pop history for an A list superstar first/lead single. The opening and buildups are just whatever and listenable but once the main chorus drops it's just absurd and lazy beyond anything I could remember. That and the line of her being dead of course. Like it's purposely looking to become a bad parody on SNL. CTTR and ALL of Katys songs including BA lol are masterpieces compared to it. All came down to the marketing and hype machines here. Taylor had it full blast. Katy didn't.
  2. Taylor Swift thread

    Exactly. Would be absolutely jaw dropping if her new album comes in/around the opening week sales and maintains them like all her previous albums. Very little love and hype for her news songs. Kind of sorta the video but the MUSIC ain't showing up. Almost everyone I talk to (including younger tween relatives who previously were loons) think she's horrible and laughable now due to simply not doing/being who she really is. System is so f'king corrupt now (similar to politics) wouldn't shock me in the least if her #s actually DO get fabricated to the point of laughable. Look at how overnight Gaga went from one of the lowest rated Super Bowls to the highest and it became fact to many people. We've seen this shit over/over with ALL of them. Each one (Paula, Alanis, Shania etc etc...) has that mega album, eras or whatever and insists they're the 'new Madonna, Beatles, MJ etc..' and will forever get the hits/sales but then they have that one stinker album and sales plummet after the first few weeks as well as long term interest. Fact Taylor (biggest star in the world now? lol) had to *discount her song already says it all. Plus, it's rapidly losing steam on pop radio already! You're right but those other songs you mentioned are least melodic 'songs' lol that made total sense they were hits. 'Generic'/super safe has never been more red hot on the radio now. Maroon 5 is a prime example of the ultimate sell out utter crap 'band' now. They were on point from around 2003-2008 and a few other hits here/there were good. But now every single song is basically garbage, painfully boring/bland and sucking up to radio. It's more what the music biz and machine wants and forces to people to hear and buy versus taking the time and resources ($$) to actually make quality, soulful, or even semi game changing music.
  3. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    TOTAL classic legenadary 1991donna again. LOVE. Now..just show up with the same f'king quality MUSIC and attitude very soon!! lol
  4. Australia's postal vote on marriage equality

    Absolutely. New Zealand (which has it since 2013) is another place I would have def added to the top 5 10 years ago. Spain too. Like I said yesterday, beyond perplexed..still that the f'king US (even though they barely squeaked it through) has marriage quality (for now lol) and NOT Australia! Aside from third world countries, Middle East etc..in the modern western world the anti gay right wing mafia machine in the US is the worst and will NOT attempt to end their mission until legal gay marriage is overturned. Of course they'll continue to be a few groups everywhere w.w. else who are against it or are not 'pro' gay marriage but (like Merkel in Germany) majority move on and/or truly don't give a shit. They most def still do in the US
  5. I instantly knew they were from a white trash state in the South lol! Be it Florida, LA, AL, MS, etc etc....Seriously was hard to even look at them lol. Yet was exactly what I pictured. Yet, this is MOST of America. My gawd she's only 33?! Easily could've been at least ten years older.
  6. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Its like she's in a frozen, obese dear/mz. piggy in the headlights from all the trauma this summer of Luis and Rihanna being threats to her record and she's 'eternally' and internally having a 'breakdown' in her mental 'roof'.
  7. Australia's postal vote on marriage equality

    This is beyond ridiculous, tired, yet unfortunately quite similar and very possibly an effective pattern of what we've seen before. Very similar vibes here of Prop 8 in CA. :/ Trends ain't looking good. Everyone basically assumed it's CA so 'how' could that garbage pass? Yes, it ALL came down to last minute momentum, right wing groups obsessing 24/7 on it, organization, propaganda to sway/change the GP (people who are indifferent, soft yes voters, or basically supportive but still easily swayed based on a f'king commercial lol) For things like this and other social related elections, candidates, votes etc...these far right self loathing shit bags almost always get their bigots out mob style. While the other side is complacent, lazy etc...Just like Brexit, Trump, Prop 8 and now maybe Australia. Sorry, but the worldwide far right 'trend' that started around 2014/15 after serious momentum of progress hasn't come close to dying its well overdue death yet. Beyond obvious there's still some serious backlash to the social changes that happened w.w in 2010-14 or so. Angry, hateful, bigoted white man last stand here. They're going balls out. Beyond flabbergasted in 2017 this shit is happening in Australia of all places! 10 years ago easily would've believed Australia would've had marriage equality before the US! To think if one liberal Supreme Court justice croaks (RBG) very good chance it gets overturned in the US! Couldn't be more clear Aus is like the US to what NZ is to Canada.
  8. AL did AMAZING in France. Almost did better there than the US! lol. Forever in the US will never forget it was stuck at like 666k lol.
  9. Absolutely f'king did. Both sales AND chart positions. Obviously sales effect chart positions but the album both debuted and sold w/ dismal opening week #s. Basically *every* one of her albums has decent- solid/great first week #s esp. in every country in Europe. I mean..to debut at #10 in Sweden and barely #3 in France (2 huge M markets). Look at what happened in the UK! Even w/ that Mothers Day bullshit, the fact that a 1-2 year old Sam Smith album beat her in those closing days confirms if not for the leaks and virtually deflated momentum due to the leaks, she EASILY would've gotten #1 in the UK and other markets (very possibly the US too even w/ that shit Empire streaming scam) or at least debuted way higher. Again..to debut/peak #10 in Sweden lol
  10. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    She aint ever, ever beatin' dem pesky Beatles. No.f'king.way. lol Cmon Rih Rih show up semi strong to just put Arethariah away already!!!
  11. Cardi B

    I needed to deal with a personal situation the last week so was unable to be all over the charts, who's rising, flopping etc..From what I 'think' I saw looks like Cardi may topple Taylor! Lol. Cardi is def an M loon so for that alone hopefully her shiate song topples an even bigger shiate song!! :D