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  1. Yup but everything is based on right now. If it was 12 or esp.13 weeks I 'd say it's almost a done deal. It's that extra 3 weeks I wish we weren't dealing with lol. We've been in this same damn place way too many x lol. But it's the middle of the summer. Tends to not be time when major releases come out. This song is clearly the song of the summer. But as I've said many x, doesn't feel like it's close to peaking yet. Not talking on radio, sales or whatever but the overall hype and popularity of the song. Hopefully if Taylor or another major pop star drops something it'll September-ish. Pink and I think Eminem have things coming soon but they're not guaranteed to smash like Taylor will (even if it's shitty or underwhelming). They're past their prime. Only Taylor and Adele will smash out of the gate now (and debut or come super close to a #1 debut no matter what). But you'd think Taylor would wait until Sept. since it's that's the beginning of the fourth quarter (holidays coming up etc..) I 'think' Shake It Off came out around the same time in 2014.
  2. Well the clock is rapidly ticking. Midterms are now just 15 months away. The Dems are basically still acting like Hillary/2016. NO concrete economical message, buzz for anyone, or any stand out people/stars who are truly connecting with the people they lost and/or need to come out next time. Trump is the gift that keeps giving but the Dems aren't countering with a *message. It's the same Hillary shit (all anti Trump). His people ain't budging. Dumbfuckville USA lol= mainly rural America and swing counties who are absolutely are a cult, brainwashed and desensitized now to what was once unthinkable shit (25-40% of the entire country). Most of those sheeple dont even know who Putin is or where Russia is on the map! Lol These dolts love what they hear about him though and want a dictator. Trump is their guy. Only the media is tripping out over Russia- not his main base. They'd love it if he or one of his thugs actually shot or jailed an 'elite journalist' or whatever. Fox shithole News is officially state/ Trump TV now. We all knew they'd come out mob style in 2016. While people in the big cities and blue leaning swing counties along the blue wall etc...weren't energized. If the midterms or even presidential election were today, yes, he'd still f'king win.
  3. Please just let this biggest pile of floppy wet shit show of ALL time/US history continue to flow until Nov. 2018!! Trump has, never had and never will have ANY idea what's in almost 100% of the garbage bills he's DYING to sign and could NOT care less who dies or suffers. All he severe OCDs on are photo ops of 'winning'. Hate to say it but I'm on the fence now about even giving 2 shits about all the idiotic sheep people (most blue collar barely making ends meet...if they even do) who will suffer tremendously in the next 3.5 years. Hillary was a dreadful candidate and campaigner and fully get why she lost but would've been 1000x better as president than this 24/7 worldwide atrocity. lol Think most agreed even before 11/8/16 'whoever' won in all likelihood would only be a 1 term president. Long as Dems find a non Hillary, non Cory Booker etc etc...decent, fresh faced candidate with a solid progressive yet sell-able *message* for the rust belt, 2020 is sooo there's to lose.
  4. W T F is this shit? This is not 'fictional' at all lol! It's Glitter all over again to a tee lmao. Recycleriah. What a severe narcissistic, self obsessed, off the chart insecure, demented, little girl woman. WHY do people keep pissing away their time and energy doing any kind of projects anymore with such a horrid, pain in the cottage cheese ass. floppy, c*nty moose.
  5. Praying is actually starting to make huge gains on radio and slowly/surely climbing iTunes again. 'Woman' with zero airplay is actually doing better on iTunes than Praying! It would need serious editing but I def can see Woman becoming a single. Either way her team is doing everything right. All organic and nothing front loaded. With the right promotion and marketing if the album comes out during a slow release week I think she def has a shot to get the #1 album.
  6. Nope. Desperhhaco has a HUGE lead in points. 'Perhaps' if they discount it during its peak week in airplay. Looks like she's gonna go #1 in the UK (basically only due to a new god awful 'formula' the UK just enacted). Despereaaizo will sell more AND have more streams yet may lose #1 by a few thousand. It's an epic mess the new formula so someone else will have to explain it lol. Far as the US I'd love for Rihanna to sneak in even just a week AND have Desperjrjazo get 17 weeks. It's in/around if not in even stronger shape than Uptown Funk at 10 weeks. Lambs and I'm sure Mimi are seriously tripping now that either the record for OSD or total #1s/ Rihanna are in serious jeopardy. Their only hope now is Taylor or a See You Again coming in out of nowhere. Glitter Mariah would look super sane if OSD goes down or Rihanna gets another #1 soon!
  7. For friggin real Yet not at all surprised. Think we all know exactly what we're gonna get before it even comes out. So What, Raise Your Glass or F'king Perfect 3.0 lol. Sorry, but even with her 'bad ass' attitude lol she's just another sellout, manufactured, corporate rebel rock star etc. I mean...she's basically Mariah with JD Dupri and Janet with Jam/Lewis. Refuses to move on let them go and plays it super, super safe.
  8. Her music is so meh/bland. Don't get it. I get why people forget about her between projects lol. Not 'bad' but always plays it super safe. Almost every song sounds the same. She can sing and has a star persona but I don't connect with any of her music. That said, it's kind of fascinating the longevity and interest radio has the moment she drops something. They're all over it. And why does Australia worship her so much lol. 'What' did she ever do there to be so massive. I remember the I'm Not Dead album/era was like a Beatles sized level of popularity there. The songs were fine and hit worthy but not anything beyond that. Be interesting to see after *5 years (wonder why she waited so long) what the reception is, Plus she's almost 38. Not old but not fresh teen meat US radio is obsessed with more than ever. Song is gonna have to be stellar.
  9. More and more I think his 'fake news, alternative facts' etc...horseshit is ALL being said because he knows the tidal waves are only first starting to come in to wash away him and his thug mobster family and administration. He's trying to cast doubt when more of the truth comes out esp to the toothless bigoted hillbillies he's already brainwashed (25%-35% ish of the country) who would die for him or kill for him. Scary shit theres that STILL that many who ain't budging even though those are the creatures who are hurting the most economically. At this point anyone who still supports him is absolutely a one issue voter, David Duke loving, racist, far right nutbag.
  10. But...not at ALL surprised. Surprised she dodged the Aretha blubber bullet as long as she did. No more youth or interest esp by the Motollas,Medinas, Reids etc... to fund all her lipo, plastic and endless other surgeries to make her look 'like fiya/bangin' lmao. Fork is permanently stuck into the fat cow now
  11. That I agree with lol. I've said a few x it's sounds kind of X-Tina or even P!nk when they worked with Linda. Linda is kind of like the new Diane Warren :# lol. Cliche, super safe, grammy baiting, big 'corporate' ballads. Agree that I don't see how Praying will get much of a chance on radio. It's def giving her buzz and generating positive attention so she's doing everything she needs to. Read on a few different sites that there's way hotter more radio friendly songs on the album. Next, she needs a safer pop/dance song or whatever for radio. Word is now that Woman is def not a single. At least not single #2. It's just out there. Kind of like what Katy did during the Prism era (putting songs 'out there') without a supposed intention to be a single. But look at what happened with Dark Horse. I still say that's what most of them are doing now. Play the role they're random album cuts w/ the hope one catches on. Women is actually holding up more than Praying so far.
  12. I never ever said I thought CTTR was a 'bad' song! lol. Like some are saying or hinting here. My only criticism was the production. Always said the song had waay more potential due to the lyrics and vocals. That said I still thought and still think it's better than 90% better than the wet poop all over the radio now.
  13. Good.
  14. This. At least Kesha is TRYING to dodge the trend of an overwhelming amount of shit music right now. She's attempting to be soulful and use live instruments (60s and 70s style). Actual 'music' w/ effort. From 2010-2013 people like Adele and other acts looked like they were shaking things up but the US *always ends up regressing back to that dumb down 2001-2007 era of shitty mid tempo rap, hip hop, country, latin songs I mean Despecato has a very good chance of being the longest #1 now. A 'song' like that doesn't deserve top 5 let alone 10 weeks at #1 lol. Almost EVERY song now has that same draggy, soulless, super safe slow/mid tempo beat, Daft Punk I Feel It Coming/Katy CTTR/ Taylor Swift Style etc etc...sound. So many others but just named those 3. While most of us here liked CTTR, think it was more just rooting for Katy. Months later I have 0 desire to hear it again. It's already dated and forgotten even though still thought it was better 90% of the charts then. We're in a Trump world where the bar is tragically low with everything now.