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  1. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Lmao he said it again today "I am the least racist person..believe me"! The news has been playing that SAME line he's used like at least 10 different times over the last 2 years. Many are already saying this is his "I'm not a crook" from Nixon. That verbal tic "believe me"! WHENEVER he's bullshitting.
  2. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Yup. This all feels VERY 2004-07 ish when the markets and economy were on fire..at least appeared to be...then Sept. 2008. Plus, we have Trump now. When Bush looks like JFK that sums up what's coming. To think with the economy and massively inflated market he still struggles to get 40% on his best day. Imagine if he was semi competent, semi likable, semi less of a pos. Bitch got this ALL handed to him from Obama so if Jeb or any generic Repub. was in office they would easily be at 60%+ approval now.
  3. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Oh and as for this perception he's totally flipping out or flipped out then how was someone so unstable able to put on that spectacle earlier in the week for an hour playing the 'role' of a normal, bipartisan president who finally did the big grand 'pivot' everyone was waiting for lmao. To the point some of the usual imbeciles in the media (including CNN) actually went there again- basically saying he became president today He KNEW his shithole comments would leak to the media esp with a Dem being there! And KNEW there would be this uproar <achem distraction>! What is NO one talking about now? Russia/Mueller. How is anyone not seeing the tired, stale pattern already?!
  4. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This. Gut keeps telling me it's gonna be Tracy Flick from Election- Kristin Gillibrand/Booker (Hillary lite mixed in with Obama lite). Two super textbook career politicians from an 80s or 90s kit. Or somethin super close/ sedating!
  5. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    To think some still think if the supposed Apprentice N word tapes suddenly drops that'll 'do him in'. lol ONLY thing he's ever been truthful about was the shooting people on 5th Avenue comment. Tape could drop showing him raping that 13 year old girl and they still would NOT care! Refer to Roy Moore/Alabama. Shit is totally tribal. Who on the other side(s) is gonna undo this? He may be nuts but everything was basically surgically planned well in advance. Spout out the same divisive toxic shit, lie and lie, spin and spin...repeat to a country filled with redneck racists suckers (in just enough places). Most of America is desensitized to this horrific shit and will STILL reelect him. Watch! This will only make his 35% even more ROCK solid then he'll somehow get that additional 10% of 'shy Trump voters' who somewhere in themselves share his beliefs..all of them and are as ugly as him
  6. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Enough. At the point now he needs to just topple over slow, hard and painful or get smoked. Don't care who or how..just needs to happen like NOW! lol Shit... hole stain on humanity that contributes NOTHING but evil. Cannot wait 10 months for the f'king midterms or 'Mueller'. I still think he kind of knows what he's doing, must know he's gonna go down very hard w/ the probe and basically wants Civil War/ people on the street fighting. That's his and Bannons whole philosophy since day 1. Straight white man America is destroying the world.
  7. St!nk

    So..unless she gets a Grammy this era over already? lol. No buzz anymore and the aside from WAU everything is flopping or a non event. Think WAU only peaked at #10 on pop. Even though I heard it every 10 min. like all her past hits, those hits easily got to #1 on radio. Seems she's now been relegated (at least on radio and single performance) to the dinosaur treatment in/around 40 or older. She'll always be fine and won't lose the white soccer Moms and Australia lol. Duet with Em. was greeted with one big meh. Though his name/brand is also a pretty washed up non event now. He's pulling a Mariah and desperate/ selling out for a hit- doing duets with every younger red hot star. I get it if a female does it (esp older one) but Eminem ?! lol At least Pink for the most part is still keeping it solo..for now. :/
  8. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Holy fck hes in FULL manic desperate Gaga (Super Bowl-esque) mode now. lolol Pimping himself out ALL over TV now, the media, press etc...with a lame attempt to try to stop the bleeding from that red hot book exposing what an insane idiotic senile fool he is. Plus, heard that he and his team are keeping track of the 'praise' (who said it, what network, for how long etc...) after yesterdays rambling wannabe coherent circus hour long photo op. Hurry the F up Mueller or whoever to squash this troll already. That, or he just topples over. Anything soon PLZ. lol. Don't care if it's the lamest, Hillary-esque candidate in 2020...the Obama's dog gets my vote over this.
  9. Miss Diana Ross

    Shes almost 74 and looks fantastic!! Shes been promoting a new perfume and still looks and sounds super on point. Total mega super star. She hits those same spots w/ me musically as M. May not have Mariah or Celine over the top pipes but most of the songs, style, production, and the way they're sung etc...are perfection, soulful and iconic. Amazing diverse catalog for the most part that has playback value vs someone like Mariah, Celine and even Adele who would knock me out like 2 Ambians.
  10. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Thanks luv. And *obviously when I said 'Rust Belt folk' you were absolutely the furthest thing from my mind! Duh! ;P lol Prob. didn't need to clarify but still making sure lol. Trump obviously also won (or came too close) in WAY too many purple educated-ish states he shouldn't have! And it wasn't at all being 'condescending' (to the other poster). I know you're just reading words here and could interpret as you choose. But I meant everything I said. You're in Ireland. Not discounting that but you're not here in the US dealing with the constant toxic tension in many places. It's like a 24/7 never-ending stench on quality of life here. It's over a year now since the election. While the initial trauma is gone it's still an unacceptable, skeezy vibe and tone in the air that needs to end asap. Nothing but wasted time but that's only due to his greedy, equally insane minions w/in his own party! If the Dems had ANY power would be a somewhat better more bearable situation.
  11. Mariah Carey - Drinking Liquor for 11 Months Again

    She lost!! and sooooo wanted it (of course)!!
  12. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Nah..stick a fork into the fat orange senile cheeto brain. Even if the economy doesn't tank or war doesn't happen (which at LEAST one of those things are gonna happen) he's the worst and one of the worst humans ever (president or not). Leave it up to America esp them gullible white trash rust belt dolts falling for this shit that was sold to them from a sleazy game show host who knocks on doors and sells scammy sweepstakes door to door on the side
  13. Charlie Puth

    This to a tee.
  14. Charlie Puth

    He's as forgettable, bland, crap, no long term star power etc...as Ed, Sam, Justin and every one of the other 0s today. Only song that does anything for me at all is his new one How Long but even that is quickly becoming a sedative lol.