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  1. So...he's totally winning again, right? lol. Even if the economy plummets, major war, videos of him dropping the N word while molesting puppies and children. He ain't losing that 35-40% crusty crazed CULT. I mean WHO the F do the Dems have? Biden has been dreadful and barely coherent. 120 people running...still!! WHY don't they get the fuq out already esp. the ones who could be running for *Senate in their swings states and likely win! Beto is over. Like..forever. Biggest rise/fall and letdown maybe ever. Should've chilled for a year and run for Senate again and prob. would've easily won! Every other week one gets a media induced sugar high then plummets etc...Trump barely needs to say a word. Harris and Warren would get decimated (way worse than Hillary). So...at this point hoping there's someone we haven't seen/heard much from yet that emerges then surges late in the year (like Clinton in '91)?
  2. Won't even matter what the Mueller report says. Could be multiple videos of him and his family and thug pals gang banging underage kids while burying their faces in coke and videos of Ivanka, Malania and all his mistresses having late term abortions. At least 35% of the US is hypnotized/ gone. Solidified horrifying cult. Worse it gets 24/7 better it gets for him w/ at least 1/3 of the US. So far Beto has been waay underwhelming. If Warren or the like gets the nomination Trump easily wins with a more decisive win than '16. Only one I think is wortha shit is Mayor Pete. But...yup, the gay thing. Minimal to no issue in the dark blue states. But the purple and esp. southern ruby reckneck states..forget it. Biden/Abrams or Biden/Harris is the only hope now.
  3. Beto, Biden about to run. FINALLY! Two people I could DEF see demolishing Trump. I like Pete too but think it may be too soon. All the others=meh and kind of garbage. Really want a woman for President but am just NOT feeling any of the ones running at all (maybe Harris for VP or AG at the min.). If it wasn't for the new credible info about how dreadful she is/was behind the scenes I think Amy also had somewhat of shot. No more. If Biden gets the nom. I do NOT want the AOC and other far far left Bernie-esque moaning/groaning and f'king everything up like they did in '16! Biden may not be ideal and is old af but unlike Hillary he is beloved by many and def. knows how to connect w/ people. Long as he doesn't royally fuq up he absolutely is the one who'd win back the Rust Belt and even other random new states. Beyond clear now (esp. after the '18 midterms) the rust bust simply rolled the dice w/ this putz and loathed HRC. ALL the signs were there for many months.I think it was a fluke perfect storm against the Dem that one year. Since the midterms they're easily dark purple/blue w/ the right candidate- long as they somehow stay center left.
  4. and again! https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/fla-mom-allegedly-stabs-11-145434478.html
  5. I honestly can't remember the last time I've gone to a 'regular mall' (outlet malls...different story) or had any desire to when I used to LOVE malls. Yes, w/ Amazon, eBay etc etc..there's simply no point. Granted there are certain things I MUST try on in the store but majority of clothes (esp. sneakers, socks and many other things) I know will fit, the deals I find on Amazon or eBay (to start) are simply unbeatable and get the item w/in a few days. Plus no driving to mall and dealing w/ crowds. Far as Gap and Banana Republic (same company) I love their clothes (esp. Banana Rep.). No doubt they're hurting because the last few years I get endless e-mails (coupons, major sales, credits etc..)w/ them practically paying me to go into their stores lol. 10-15 yrs ago would get maybe only a few a week. Maybe a 25% off coupon here/there or whatever. Today, unbelievable what I get several x a day!
  6. Agree about Kamala. Not at all getting the hype. She's just fine. That's it at least so far. I'm actually more impressed with Amy Klobachar and feel she'd be a waay better general election candidate. She's super smart, poised and has the it factor more than Warren and Gillabrand. Yes, there are rumors that she's god awful to work for. No doubt that could be what her HRC emails were in '16. But long as that's it, I dont care as long as she decimates Trump lol. Almost no doubt if Amy or Kamala arent on top of the ticket they're a lock for VP. I'd absolutely vote for her or even Bernie over Trump. But I'd really like to vote for someone who I actually connect with, rooting for (vs against someone) and most importantly electable.
  7. Um..NO idea where ur from (if the US...seriously need to become a less low info. voter... like asap lol). You're seriously not aware there's currently at least 5-10 others running and at least another 10 about to run? At least 1/2 of those people (while not perfect) are younger, fresh, less baggage, less wackadoodle left, and *electable! I hate Bernie now. Many of his supporters are as grating as Trump zombies. He's as much of a trouble maker Russian-esque plant as Jill Stein and Tulsi Gubbard (his likely 'running mate') lmao I seriously did not care for Clinton but 0 doubt now Bernie did more to HURT Clinton and help Trump. Fact.
  8. ^ these 'people' are beyond bat shit cra cra repair! Scary and dangerous. This woman is only 36. WHAT is she gonna look like at 41!?!
  9. and yet 37% (STILL basically 40% of Americans continue to be Fuckwits lol) MANY who voted for him and were dramatically affected from all this. They still worship this erratic circus maniacal mango monkey. Even when unable to pay rent, help sick family members, credit ratings plummeting etc etc..Still support him. True bat shit cra cra believers. ANY other 'President' would barely be at 20%! 2 years ago even a year ago I strongly felt if there was a nuclear war, major economic crash etc...that would do it. Nope. 30-35% of the US are off the rails w/ stupidity lol
  10. I def. can see both sides of this. Def. a divisive commercial. I personally think its great but didn't need to see it because I already carried myself like that. I fully agree w/ its message yet also see how others can see it as preachy, cheesy (like an 80s PSA) and then there's the far right narcissistic douche bag types who worship Trump that 'this' only pisses off. Only fires them up more against anything PC. Feeds right into the Fox News pit (kind of commercial their prime time dolts would spend a whole week harping on vs the shutdown and REAL news). They'll obsess on that fact they're being told to act like 'pussies' vs how 'real' men should act lol. While the intention was good, if you're a sh*tbag guy to the core (esp. middle aged-older guys), how is this gonna change or influence you. Overall point is if you're decent and treat women and everyone w/ respect to begin with you DON'T need a commercial like this. If you're a stone cold pr*ck, you esp. don't want to see commercial like this! lol
  11. Yup fact it just gets worse and worse and worse I'm at a point now w/ all this dire 24/7 shit that even a nuclear war or economic crash won't matter! He is NOT losing a third of the country. Hitler basically had the same ratings- enough said. You can have a minority (since day 1 he's never come close to 50%!!) but depending on how crazed and powerful they are- many, many people are f*cked. This ain't Bush, Reagan etc...who would be the 20s now esp. w/ the shutdown which is hurting exactly the kinds of people who voted or tended to vote for him! They DON'T care and would starve and die for him. What this is is very, very different and horrifying.
  12. FOUR out of 10 (at least!) on his worst day still very much approve of this horrific 24/7 shit.
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