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  1. is that for real? lol. I thought it was a joke. If not, she looks fab.!
  2. Never been a fan but he's always seemed really sweet, down to earth and humble. He clearly and authentically admires M and likes her a lot in many ways versus the usual contrived, bullshit Taylor Swift kind of way lol. He's def never looked better now that's he's a bit older, filled out and less twinky. When he first became popular he truly did nothing for me. Only just in the last few years does he look tasty-ish.
  3. I totally believe Katy's version. Not saying off camera she's as sweet and humble as comes across on camera but there's usually a middle ground. I don't care because she seems as close to the real deal as they come in that world. With some people you just tell. Taylor has this instant cold , bitchy aura, face and eyes. Reeks from calculated, petty and phony. I'm not a 'hater' of Taylor (rather she her smash ANY day than Gags lol) but just think she's insanely overrated, manufactured and have never and will never ever get the appeal. Anyway, I'm glad Swish Swish is def looking like it's connecting waay more w/ the GP than BA. It's holding up pretty well on iTunes w. minimal airplay. I love the production. The lyrics and melody could of used more work but it def has hit potential. Some are saying it's a promo single and her team is maybe using a similar tactic to when DH and WOA were out to see which one clicks more. I think they should've done this way sooner (before BA came out) while CTTR was first doing okay.
  4. Finally heard her shit bland song on the radio today. Actually didnt even listen to it since it premiered. lol . Painfully try hard, sell out and an ugly little sister of Justin Bieber's Sorry. Like some said, it barely even sounds like her! lol Absolutely reeks from a last ditch attempt to put of the most cookie cutter, safe, radio friendly song that they assumed they just couldn't resist. Whatever..looks like it's def starting to sink on iTunes and radio is thisclose to flushing it. Again, wouldn't shock me in the least though if it get a $udden 'power add' to Z100 lol.
  5. Horrific! :(. These poor kids/people must of been terrified!
  6. Some mentioned You'll See. I def agree its waay more of a Celine Dion song. The vocals and overall sound/feel of the song. But that AC, big ballad David Foster and Babyface sound was on fire at that time. I know it's a tired discussion but we all know 'why' she prob did those songs. She had to after the brutal battering she took from Erotica era. Yes, M owns all those mid 90s songs now and made them her own but they clearly were clearly better fits for Celine, Toni and Mariah. Um..its almost easier to name songs she *should've had or songs you actually thought she sang! lol. Songs like 2 Of Hearts, Cross My Broken Heart, many Expose and Lisa Lisa songs and esp Baby Love by Regina most def are 'total '80s pulsating Madonna songs' lol.
  7. love her but she and everything is soo OFF and botched this era :/
  8. TBH I think Rosie prob has NO idea or even has the ability to focus and care about what she said about M. Rosie is in full rage, take down Trump gangsta mode. Literally 24/7. She absolutely despises the point it's stalker like. I know a lot of people are kind of in a similar state but she's at a different level. She's positively Trumps #1 nemesis and visa versa. They're actually more similar than different lol. I'm actually concerned about Rosie's own mental and physical well being :/ She's all over the place now- even with her profile pic.
  10. I don't care if the music sucks lol just want ONE more album (first preference) or his major contribution to even just a few songs.
  11. With LA Reid out now...only when she's trashed and medicated off her ass seeing glittery butterflies and rainbows on a subway in NYC everywhere will she have beaten those pesky Beatles lmao. If anyone could've came close to making it happen...would've been slugs like LA Reid, Motolla, Benny Medina (who is killing it again managing JLo) etc...At this point any of those characters would just stick a fork into her before wasting a single second lol
  12. Dunno if that's official 3rd single or what it is but at least she's bringing some serious 1995 house beats!! :D At least it's different and throwback to a (so far) super overlooked era. Dunno how I feel yet about it but it DEF hits more instantly than BA. Def feeling the production and overall consistent flow which BA positively lacked.
  13. That ugly demented face on Mount Rushmore yet? It's gonna happen. Not alternative facts.
  14. Phatriah. The phat is in agony inside those jeans dying to ooze and spritz out everywhere.