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  1. K-Ming: Stop me From Falling - lands with a *flop*

    singles may be flopping but is there any chance she'll come close to #1 in early April? when the album is released?
  2. K-Ming: Stop me From Falling - lands with a *flop*

    Look I'm not at all a fan of Kylie but do get why so many gays are. Like Pink and many of the other genuine M fans/loons I simply do not connect to them or their music in any way. There are other legendary divas who I can't recall ever saying a positive word or even semi shading M here/there yet love them and their music. Just dunno 'what' Kylie did that's been so awful or what about her personally one could dislike or worse. its almost like many people here are WANTING for Kylie to shade her in some way! gesh lol
  3. ^ Actually I'm with you. That he actually GOT 7 years! Would've been pissed but would not at all have been surprised if he got like 7 months probation!
  4. Um if it's 7 years doesn't this mean he could get out in/around 1/2 that time (good behavior etc..)?
  5. Ive never been SO disinterested in Billboard and the charts. No value anymore. Absolutely meaningless, bought/paid for and shady. Not gonna even waste my time looking but would think she's lingering in the lower top 40 now. Though, again, it is Billboard so wouldn't at all be surprised if she was still in the top 5 lol. I mean..this album/era was an epic stinker!! Daymn...truly didn't think she would flop THIS big. 0 buzz or interest now. Of course w/ the media ...just came and went and she's still as red hot as 2014/15 lol
  6. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Again (1000th time as we all know) the dead ratty eyed, crusty, pasty white angry Fox News viewer is eating ALL this shit up, believe their sleazy door to door sweepstakes salesman messiah, and will gag on it all until their last bigoted, hateful gasp.
  7. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Dow in free fall mode again. Down 1000!!! Trump tweet by days end "fake news/markets", "MSM showing fake #s to hurt my momentum" "Crooked Hillary /Obama inside rigging job" Fuq he's atrocious. He losing his shit yet since the market has clearly been of his fetishes lmao. Yet 40% (and going up) of Americans with their ADD are as stoopid as ever! WHO could still semi approve of this free flow of 24/7 shit even with the 'tax cut' scam lmao Wrong to waste time away but can it just be f'king November already so we could all get back to semi normalcy and start impeachment proceedings on this beast. Unless Russia and Trump already have the machines tampered with. I'm seriously concerned they're already on it!
  8. Justin Timberlake thread

    She's given horrible treatment even when/if she smashes!! lol
  9. Justin Timberlake thread

    Flop. Flush/plunge down the charts in weeks. Bye Mouseketeer rodent JT
  10. Justin Timberlake thread

    Wow very surprised! I def dont like football lol but this was a DAMN good game! Last years was great but more due to the comeback while this one was like a Hollywood movie. Neck and neck whole time, suspenseful and down to the LAST second. Perfect game and even more perfect that Brady and his Trump sucking tools got smacked down hard when they should've had it. lol. I'm surprised Pink hasn't gotten more praise or buzz. She showed up strong! Looked um..pretty slobby soccer mom lol (obviously her new look now) but whatever. She nailed the anthem!
  11. Justin Timberlake thread

    Kind of eerie yet sweet creepy karma that HE'S the one now (after a crap SB performance) who is getting floppage/meh treatment now and mainly bad feedback online/social media. While it was Janet who got the same kind of end result 14 years ago pre social media while JT went unscathed. Still cannot friggin believe that was FOURTEEN years ago! So feels like 4 years ago. Whatever. Karma is patient ;).
  12. Justin Timberlake thread

    No one..well very, very few seem to care! lol Daymn did he plummet quickly. Prob thought (MJ style) his shit didn't stink and could take his sweet usual time (every 5-10 years or whatever between albums). Wrong! lol The music, image, persona ain't flying anymore.