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  1. Spot ON!! Just all of it. LOL LOATHE the US now. Un friggin believable its *attached to the entire northern part of the country (thousands of miles where u could have 1 foot in 1 country 1 foot in another) yet SO 200% different now. Pre 2016 was generally basically joined at the hip in most if not all ways. Post 2016 day by day and Canada became more like 3016 while the US regressed back to 1816!! Besides everything u said perfectly Canada (for some reason) is NOT Murdoch (and the sinister like) infested. Hmm....
  2. Best friends 79 yold father has it! For days was feeling meh/ like a cold...'maybe' MILD fever but not horrible at all. Laid low, took Tylenol around 4 days, seemed to be over it then..abruptly 'couldn't move' but somehow managed to get to cell & call for ambulance. Gets to hospital waited for a bit then admitted to room. THAT night spoke to my friend and she said he sounded totally coherent, alert, 'stabilized' etc...then Oxygen levels abruptly crashed, put on a Ventilator and heavily sedated. ICU nurse told her 'not 1 person' in his state survived. Going on 2 days later she's unable to even get through, get an update etc!! (FYI he's in the NJ/NYC area) Anyone here know anyone in similar situation where they DID survive? Due to sadistic bonkers US govt. keeping this shit 'down low' for THREE months still only getting schooled w/ in last few days on how bad..horrific this is. Any chance someone in that state can pull through?
  3. And I honestly feel AMY is the best most *deserving and qualified VP pick. Already has amazing, organic chemistry w/ Biden, massive high popularity in MN and the Midwest and could totally see and LOVE to see her as President someday (NOT Warren). If she was only 1/4 AA etc...0 doubt Biden would have Jill AND Amy standing w/ him now. Harris is fine but way better as AG and only been a Senator from CA (state he'll *massively win anyway) for 3.5 years. . I like Abrams but she LOST a Governors race 2 years ago (even as shady as the loss was) and has only been minority leader in GA. People want *competence and sanity now! Not rising unqualified stars. Stacey is waaay smarter and more talented than Palin but NOT ready to be VP lol. Bet u anything Biden wants Amy but caves to pressure from pundits, special interest/ far left groups and picks Harris or Abrams.
  4. Sums it up perfectly! NOT the year not just for another 'revolution/shake up' but even young, new, shiny, risky. Year of the Coffee Mate candidate (plain/regular flavored). Bland but good enough and KNOW what the hell you're getting. Know that's 100% where MY head and many, many others are at. If we were dealing w/ Jeb! Booker, Harris, Warren or Pete etc would've had it.
  5. Oh FFS *enough w/ the 'establishment' bullshiate. Blacks decisively giving Joe the win South friggin Carolina are 'establishment' lmFao. Trump didn't run as 'establishment' and he's McCarthy, Hitler, Stalin, TMZ, Gotti and Bob Barker redux The LOWEST, seediest and worst we SHOULD ever see the likes of again. Who ever truly thought W Bush would be seen as NOT being the worst in modern history and one of the worst of ALL time and now considered semi moderate, decent. Yup...it happened by 100 miles. It's not ALL Trump though. There's way smarter more sinister people behind the dark $ scenes who've been waiting for a 'Trump' to be the loud horrid distraction- someone they'd absolutely flush in a second when THEY feel he's useless and/or they got what they wanted.
  6. Stock market in a 2008-ish BLOODBATH, worldwide panic, yet watch the Dims STILL rant and OCD over free green shit, M4A and these wretched billionaires (ones who are TRUE billionaires and mainly do good with it)! LOL Yup..this crew even X-mas 24/7 365 days of treasure trove of shit (Trump ) will STILL blow it w/ lunatic freaks like Warren stalking and wanting to boil Michael f'king Bloombergs rabbit ffs!
  7. ^Basically with you. LEAST of it seems to be his sexuality which is amazing (tho STILL think come GE middle US and esp the south would still get nutty crazed abt it even today). Less than 10 yrs ago would've been the MOST of it and disqualifying. His biggest 'issues' (and they're huge) are NO AA support. Second, kind of sorta is his age but the former waay bigger issue than the latter. He's getting overwhelming white educated esp. soccer suburban swingy voting Moms etc...and some overall crossover (but ur toast w/out or min. AA/ Hispanic support)! He and Amy are possibly the BEST most sane, non divisive, 'fresh' candidates who'd likely unify the party. Gotta say tho much as Bernie is kind of a horrifying nominee, I loathe Warren. Worst. Esp. her last few debates. Raging, grating entitled c**t. She's like the Ted Cruz of 2016. Bernie at least day 1 (40 yrs ago to the present day) is the SAME grumpy old man. I find him waay more authentic but 0 doubt internal #s the DNC is seeing (ESP for state/local and down ballots) must be dire w/ Bernie on top of the ticket I HATE what Trump did to the GOP and much as what the f'king squad to the Dems. Both exhausting, extreme, circus sh!t shows!
  8. Spot on. Thing w/ Pete (main 'issue') is there's just this overall disconnect w/ his demeanor, style etc...(more than 'the harm' lol he did to blacks in South Bend) not totally untrue but blown out of proportion. Not 'fake news' but basically as bad. It's seriously FABRICATED news. Pete has a dorky silicone valley Starbucks latte loving CEO demeanor. I 'get' why Biden STILL has that connection as much as he's plummeting. It's not just being Obamas VP. It's tone, style verbal and non verbal. What Bloomberg did was waay worse in NYC (only JUST apologized a year ago! lol) and yet he's rapidly stacking up major black endorsements and gaining major ground w/ them! Again, it's his machinery (A+ list team, operation, data, ground game, outreach etc..) Pete and the rest CANNOT compete and that's okay because Trump needs to get crushed and you need a ruthle$$ Rottweiler. This isn't about ideology or 'revolutions' it's getting the Trump syndicate FLUSHED fast and hard.
  9. Pete is separate yet = to Bernie awful GE election candidate. Not at all hearing/seeing/feeling a winner. Again..even almost a YEAR later almost N/A AA support= you.do.not.win! lol. Soccer suburban Moms ain't enough. AAs are the core of who votes. White suburban Moms and a few college educated white men are just the extra needed icing. LUCKILY 8 months away so in a way (much as I want Trump fumigated 5 years ago) he wins BIG if election was today or next week. Yes, will be likely be 8 months of day after day hell and shit storms but Dems NEED to speed up Bloombergs purchase..like Amazon Prime style lol. Only one who has the army, machinery $$$. This is a war NOT an 'election'. All about money..as in massive war chests to at least try to combat the bonkers disinformation campaign coming. NOT the year for rainbow colored flying unicorns whose platform is all about gender neutral bathrooms= hard NO to Bernie, Liz and the Squad! If it was Jeb! we were dealing with, slim I'd get it.
  10. WHY is the GP still stanning raging awful assholes since 2016 and stronger and scarier than ever 4 years later! When the fuq when this END? Eerie but prob. NO coincidence EXACT same day separate but equal shiate happens in the US w/ the Senate today! Worst day since he 'won' then the entire day of 11/9/16. 'That' same feeling of loss, evil winning & despair. These sinister fckers all know 'what' they're doing worldwide.
  11. Mmm...K so WHY won't his f'king *approval #s plunge back into the 30s like his entire FIRST year when he actually wasn't as 24/7 off the rails bonkers, slurring, out in the OPEN lawless /anti democracy, had SOME semi competent people, and an equally rocking economy?!? I seriously believe there's more than enough stupid sheeple who are just desensitized and USED to it so just 'turn the other way', accept/agree w/ it enough etc...But it's all about in the *right places. Their internals must be showing they don't give a shit (or even know or care to know what an autocracy is). Whatever it is he (and ALL of it) is just getting worse yet the #s do.not.budge. I know he hasn't reached 50% but does.NOT need them (in those same right counties/states) & knows that. Only thing is guaranteed- every.ONE of the Cult 45 are coming out in Nov. every bit mob like/ fired up as 2016...maybe even more so! Dems are a fluid disaster now. Like '16, watch those white soccer suburban moms (who are the 1st to say the hate him) but whose husbands LOVE his faux alpha macho bull$hit and intimidate them (primarily middle/upper class) white women in their Brady Bunch-esque gated communities and lifestyles saying that they'd lose it ALL to 'undesirables', market would tank etc etc...if a 'Socialist' gets in!
  12. Um...I'm very tempted to think so too (she's getting MAJOR praise/buzz from the Howard Stern interview even from haters). Hands down her.best.interview.*ever. Like a completely different person the GP has ever seen. BUT w/ Michael Bloomberg in less sure now. He is NOT f'king around esp. w/ ads. Every 5 min. on every station (from major prime-time to old syndicated reruns I'm seeing his ads)! Plus, she's already missed several deadlines. Unless (like Bloomberg's team) they're seeing internal #s that show a brokered convention. More/more I'm feeling thats a REAL possibility and a possible disaster brewing here ESP. w/ Bernie likely pulling the same shit as 2016 yet 10x worse As of now could go Pete (IA) Bernie (NH, CA where he's leading now!), Biden (SC, NV then sweeps the south), So...yeah not feeling good about 'where' this could be heading.
  13. His irresistible looks, package and brains. Nothing else comes close.
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