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  1. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    yup. Look I and many, many others reeally needed/wanted that 'blowout'..everywhere AND overnight sensation rock star but we're STILL f'king talking about TX, FL and GA lol. Plus, some of the most backwards, redneck, nasty Trump states up for the Senate. Dire map yet they'll only pick up 2 seats max. Should been like 5-10 seat pick up! I mean did ANYone think MO and esp IN and ND go blue lmao. You don't get better quality Beto/Gilum/Stacey but ESP Beto. Dems really, really loathe Trump and wanted to gobble up every single prize by 100 miles. All boils down to this- would the Dems rather have Beto win (and maybe Gillum or Abrams win) but have the Dems lose or barely squeak out the friggin house? Dems and some in the MSM don't seem to realize how off the chart red alert vital it was for the Dems to get the House/ SOME kind of check on this beast! MSNBC was a 2016-esque major dramatic depressant last Tues. James Carville and some of the others were absolutely exhausting watch.
  2. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Kanye West

    I loathed Kanye in 2005 and 2008 every bit as much as 2018. not at ALL surprised. garbage basket case
  3. Ciccone's Cheeks

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    Year after she f'king died!
  4. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Hillary speaking jive

    Um..anyone ever see this? Kind of remember this maybe being out there forgot about it and just re-discovered it now. Just go to 36 seconds. lmaoo.
  5. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    As much as the Dems have momentum now watch em STILL 'somehow' cave/get lazy last minute and fck it all up lol. The PTSD from 2016 is a done deal when it comes to polls..at least for me. Nice to see them ahead but '16 whip-lashed everything. The Dem. nominee for governor of Florida was barely in the top 4 up until election day! That's just 1 recent example. Polls have been jacked up for a while now. One horrifying fact though is EVERY f''king Trumpbot is coming out kkk mob style in November. As minimal at that # is, it's 100% certain they will come out. Dems...never anything close 100% :#
  6. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    THIS. Worst sub human waste of malfunctioned flesh since Hitler and the like! Yup..that bad/evil. 'However' and whatever it takes just want him GONE from this world.
  7. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Happened again! around 22 seconds- 25 seconds. followed by 'he' 'she' then 'he' ...W T F. Speech sounded like a drifter climbed out of a pile of crystal meth, slipped and fell into a mountain of quaaludes, and then landed on stage by accident.
  8. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    https://www.yahoo.com/gma/trouble-trump-disapproval-high-63-back-mueller-half-112416277--abc-news-topstories.html Nice to see but we've been here too many x. Dont at all be surprised if it goes up to 45-50% approval next week lol.
  9. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Yet..his grotesque sociopath gutter conduct is being shown 24/7 to the whole world are becoming normalized to too many. It's being given a platform to habitually lie 24/7, NEVER come close to apologizing or doing the right thing (unless it's bullshit hostage video style), be petty, nasty, vile etc...Bad and toxic enough for adults but children are seeing this beast and his behavior and no doubt many are being horribly effected and influenced by it. Esp. ones whose parents are Trumpbots, are weak minded or don't have a support system of sane parents, siblings, friends, teachers etc...who are constant telling them his behavior is abhorrent and wrong. Fck the stock market and record ratings for the networks I just want this shiate OVER already. Mueller's (and the SDNYs etc...) Is and Ts better be worth this grating never-ending wait because if (after 18 months) the reports come back a dud, watch Trump win in a landslide (if there even IS an election in 2020)! If the Dems blow it in Nov. (don't be surprised!) Sessions and Rosenstein are gone the next day, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne and Fox News types become AG etc...Mueller is fired and the US is officially becomes a 3rd world dictatorship
  10. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    How in the holy fuck is he at 46% approval in a new NBC/WSJ Poll. America...hot f'king mess.
  11. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Omg 😞 😞RIP to what wouldve been a REAL President then and now! May not have agreed w/ him on many things but absolutely would've been more than fine as President (or ANYone like him today). An actual DECENT, non piece of sub human shit being like we have this very second! T***p tweeted the most lame, disgraceful RIP 'wishes' :#. Dreadful and vile doesn't come close to it. He's absolutely loving this, the evil shitbag! He's getting slaughtered and steamrolled left and right (understandably) in his comments. I mean...like really bad!
  12. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Australia's political shambles

    The whole f'king WORLD! This is NOT how most people feel or want yet these small (yet very, very well funded and sneaky )faar right bat shit crazy super dangerous groups and forces are taking over..everywhere. It's a cancer that must be stopped asap. Murdoch, Mercers, Bannon, Koch brothers etc etc...are the financial core of this shit. The US midterms in 2 1/2 months are absolutely the most important in US history. If the Dems show up super strong this horrid trend the last 3-4 years may finally start to get fumigated worldwide.