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  1. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Everyone commenting thinks its Mimicokehead
  2. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Endlessly tragic 'that's' the majority of Ameriduh! Soo many of them simple stinky folk lurking around. There is a 'face' of a Trump voter. I can instantly tell. They all have an inner or outer nasty stench.
  3. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    omfg seriously looks like her!
  4. Taylor Swift thread

    Exactly. The paid off media, her $limy machine and her crazed squad could spin it all they want but there has NOT been any legit, memorable hit single so far! lol. Sorry... but Kesha's 4 month old Praying (even with its #22 peak) is 10x more of a hit w/ longevity, all over the radio and still gaining and impactful than LWYMMD and all the other turds she's pooped out/buzz singles/see what sticks etc.. lol. Streaming is what's barricading actual hit worthy songs now from charting where they deserve. Pre streaming, Praying would absolutely be around top 10 now and LWYMMD would've debuted at #1 then prob fallen out of the top 40 3 weeks later lol. This era is all over the place like any textbook flop/botched era. One minute 'Ready For It' is the 2nd single, next minute it's not lol. Yet, it's out there getting radio play and floating around on iTunes. Mess. Already bracing myself for the 1 million-ish to end up 'exceeding initial expectations' etc..and end up selling 2.7 million LOL.
  5. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Omg I actually never heard of this guy yet see hes done TONS of shit :/ lol. Very cute and sweet! :D
  6. New Celebrities that love Madonna thread

    Hmm..the LAST thing I thought of w/ that statement was 'shade' lol. Ro and Debbie are where it's at having Ms back/ real no bullshit deal. Always were and will always be.
  7. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Flop surgery. Such a huge flop not even charting bubbling under. She looks and sounds deformed and demented. Firing ANYone ain't gonna change or make things better dahling. She's erratic and an unmanageable mess Miss Piggy Trump
  8. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

  9. Australia's postal vote on marriage equality

    The %s are interesting. Almost to a tee what Trumps approval/disapproval are in the States lol. Just shows there may always unfortunately be around 35-40% of the population who are bigots, homophobes etc..but it ain't a majority! Gotta say I was kind of nervous for a hot minute. While I still think this would've passed a year ago , don't think it would've been my as much. Its beyond crystal clear the hateful Bannon/Trump far right 'nationalist' shit trend may be cracking in every way worldwide.
  10. Australia's postal vote on marriage equality

    Soo happy not only that it passed but as big as it did!! One big F U to those scum bags witch face Margaret Court and brutally self loathing closet case Tony Abbott. He must be hissing fitting lmao
  11. Australia's postal vote on marriage equality

    Out of nowhere earlier I was wondering when you'd finally find out. Had a feeling it was real soon! So it's just hours away?! Soo rooting for you!! Still CanNOT believe it's Australia dealing with such US centric garbage. Just 5 years ago I DEF would've thought the scenerios would be reversed and for your country this would be beyond old silly news. Best of luck!! And eager to see the results. Even w/ some of the other tedious political BS you were talking about, a win is a WIN even if it's a squeaker. A win esp something this big is ALL about momentum!! sending good luck smooches to you along with all the MANY M loving Aussies who are here!!
  12. Do College Kids Know 80s Music...

    Actually pleasantly surprised that many even knew the song LAV! lol Hands down songs like LAP, Vogue, ITG, MG etc are waay more played 24/7-ish on AC, recurrent, 80s oldies stations etc...Its also nice to see younger people not instantly get repelled and talk shit about M or any of her music which seemed to happen post 1993-what seemed forever. Seems since maybe post Music/2000 and gradually over time she's now beloved or at least gets positive reactions from people under 20 or whatever. I mean..to say you liked anything about Madonna in the States basically any year after 1993 you instantly got shade or shit.
  13. Taylor Swift thread

    Dont care what they (everyone payoled, threatened etc..) say this era is a stinker, next to NO legit buzz, no legit hit single in the top 10, 1st single came/went then flushed down the toilet like a missile, hot mess with what the 2nd single even is lol. Yeah she'll get the #1s but w.out all the bullshit, media and her machine, this is seperate/equal to what happened to Katy (who still had waay hotter jams than this dumpster of an album by Taylor lol). F week 1. Cant wait to see what week 2 and 3 look like. Beyond duh! the first week #s are gonna be massively front loaded, exaggerated, fabricated etc..Watch, she'll initially end up 'only' selling 1 million-ish then (like Gagas Super Bowl performance...the least watched to #1 or #2 lol) Taylor will somehow crack 2 million lol. Fake news, scam world we live in now. Only her retarded sheep squad and the media care now. The GP does not.
  14. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    All I Want For Christmas is for her recent 'gut surgery' to flop like her last 10 singles. Bubbling under #25 sized flop and have her be 30 pounds fatter along with another lip sync massacre by News Years Day.
  15. Whitney 'Can I Be Me'

    Yeah more and more it def. seems that Bobby Brown was possibly the least of her problems. Yes, he's a dirt bag but that 'marriage' reeks from arranged shit (a front to hide her true love Robin). You think? Her mother is a raging homophobe ice queen (verry similar vibes and demeanor to MJs evil father) and Davis looks as slimy, cold and greedy and Weinstein. I feel in my gut the family situation and 'management', enablers etc...who destroyed her. The fact that Davis wanted his Grammy party or whatever it was to continue even after knowing she died in that same hotel sums it all up. At the minimum the mother and Clive Davis were def 2 of her upper tier demons who took her down. Far as absolute STAR power even at her most cracked out Whitney always had the pipes and presence 100x more than Mariahs best f'king day. Whitney didn't need to dance, moronic hand gestures, stupid gimmicks, rent a dopey gay backup dancer(s) etc etc...Non of the bullshit circus. Whitney at her prime could just 'stand there' and get away with it unlike Mimi, Gaga, X-Tina and all the other American Idol garbage Whitney wannabes.