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  1. Ciccone's Cheeks

    New Gillette ad targets "toxic masculinity"

    I def. can see both sides of this. Def. a divisive commercial. I personally think its great but didn't need to see it because I already carried myself like that. I fully agree w/ its message yet also see how others can see it as preachy, cheesy (like an 80s PSA) and then there's the far right narcissistic douche bag types who worship Trump that 'this' only pisses off. Only fires them up more against anything PC. Feeds right into the Fox News pit (kind of commercial their prime time dolts would spend a whole week harping on vs the shutdown and REAL news). They'll obsess on that fact they're being told to act like 'pussies' vs how 'real' men should act lol. While the intention was good, if you're a sh*tbag guy to the core (esp. middle aged-older guys), how is this gonna change or influence you. Overall point is if you're decent and treat women and everyone w/ respect to begin with you DON'T need a commercial like this. If you're a stone cold pr*ck, you esp. don't want to see commercial like this! lol
  2. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Yup fact it just gets worse and worse and worse I'm at a point now w/ all this dire 24/7 shit that even a nuclear war or economic crash won't matter! He is NOT losing a third of the country. Hitler basically had the same ratings- enough said. You can have a minority (since day 1 he's never come close to 50%!!) but depending on how crazed and powerful they are- many, many people are f*cked. This ain't Bush, Reagan etc...who would be the 20s now esp. w/ the shutdown which is hurting exactly the kinds of people who voted or tended to vote for him! They DON'T care and would starve and die for him. What this is is very, very different and horrifying.
  3. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    FOUR out of 10 (at least!) on his worst day still very much approve of this horrific 24/7 shit.
  4. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Markets tank *another 400 points*! 8% down for the WEEK! All the winning!!! All I Want For Christmas is...Trump, Pence, Miller, Conway and Sanders stuffed into the SAME dog cage (smaller than the ones they've been putting little kids into) and have Rosie O'Donnell and Kathy Griffin 'monitoring' them 24/7
  5. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Sucks...really must truly suck about now to be a greedy, nasty, crusty, bigoted old American white Trumpanzee man now. Markets are COLLAPSING . Down *2-3k points* in a week! Word is Trump blocked Ann Coulter on Twitter lmaoo Hes gotta be losing his SHIT. Is IT really starting to end?
  6. Ciccone's Cheeks

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Oh my I'm Iate with the program- JANET got in! lol I mean..Im def not a Janet hater like some of you here but...wow. lol Still think Whitney was absolutely more of a game changer than Janet. How is Janet more rock and roll/impactful than Whitney? Guess that's my only question. Yes for Stevie and Def Leppard!!...finally. Chaka really needs to get in next! LONG overdue.
  7. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    MUELLER. hurry. the. FUQ. UP
  8. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    so why oh WHY do these f'king states (hello white woman!) KEEP voting for these garbage, pure stone cold evil candidates!! I'm talking STATE wide races that aren't gerrymandered (OH/FL*Governor midterm 2018)!. I honestly am very skeptical right now there will even be a 2020 for Beto to win! Maybe not even a Jan. 2019 for Dems to get any power! Shiate is very, very real and at all time horrifying boiling point w. Trump. He needs to be smoked, explode from 'natural causes' or dragged hard and fast from office asap. I couldnt even be acquaintances now w/ anyone who 'likes' him. Yup..same exact stench as Hitler and the few others imo.
  9. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    yup. Look I and many, many others reeally needed/wanted that 'blowout'..everywhere AND overnight sensation rock star but we're STILL f'king talking about TX, FL and GA lol. Plus, some of the most backwards, redneck, nasty Trump states up for the Senate. Dire map yet they'll only pick up 2 seats max. Should been like 5-10 seat pick up! I mean did ANYone think MO and esp IN and ND go blue lmao. You don't get better quality Beto/Gilum/Stacey but ESP Beto. Dems really, really loathe Trump and wanted to gobble up every single prize by 100 miles. All boils down to this- would the Dems rather have Beto win (and maybe Gillum or Abrams win) but have the Dems lose or barely squeak out the friggin house? Dems and some in the MSM don't seem to realize how off the chart red alert vital it was for the Dems to get the House/ SOME kind of check on this beast! MSNBC was a 2016-esque major dramatic depressant last Tues. James Carville and some of the others were absolutely exhausting watch.
  10. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Kanye West

    I loathed Kanye in 2005 and 2008 every bit as much as 2018. not at ALL surprised. garbage basket case
  11. Ciccone's Cheeks

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Year after she f'king died!
  12. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Hillary speaking jive

    Um..anyone ever see this? Kind of remember this maybe being out there forgot about it and just re-discovered it now. Just go to 36 seconds. lmaoo.
  13. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    As much as the Dems have momentum now watch em STILL 'somehow' cave/get lazy last minute and fck it all up lol. The PTSD from 2016 is a done deal when it comes to polls..at least for me. Nice to see them ahead but '16 whip-lashed everything. The Dem. nominee for governor of Florida was barely in the top 4 up until election day! That's just 1 recent example. Polls have been jacked up for a while now. One horrifying fact though is EVERY f''king Trumpbot is coming out kkk mob style in November. As minimal at that # is, it's 100% certain they will come out. Dems...never anything close 100% :#
  14. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    THIS. Worst sub human waste of malfunctioned flesh since Hitler and the like! Yup..that bad/evil. 'However' and whatever it takes just want him GONE from this world.