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  1. She thanked Whitney f'king Houston!! LOL. You could feel the earth shake for several seconds. Triple loved Whitney so not at all dissing/shading her at all. This was around a year before Whitney died and remember after SpamfaceGa said that, there was dead silence (aka NO reaction from Whitney or her camp) even after I think the media tried to get her to comment lol. Even Whitney had to be like WHAT/who the hell is THIS thing?! Class act unlike if it was Mariah. Mariah would've gone on every interview show, press tours w/ Gaga, endless photo ops on her social media accounts, praising Gaga 24/7.
  2. One of the most memorable disses of EY/BTW was actually by Adam Levine of all people who always seemed indifferent towards M, He said something like BTW is stuffing EY into blender and putting it on the fastest speed for 5 minutes straight lol! Something like that but it was one of the best shades at that time. So,,not if but when is some Gaga lunatic who has 'power' in the government gonna put BTW into the National Archives for preservation for 'changing the way we all look at one another'
  3. Stacy Qs 2 songs/jams (Two Of Hearts and We Connect lol) were like LAP and Vogue x 10 compared to every single shit-fest Gaga has put of since 2011. lol. I really, really wish it was Kesha who was still getting her muff munched on now by the media 1/2 as much as Gaga. Miss Kesha =(.
  4. Heavily inspired by I Wanna Dance With Somebody lmao
  5. Yeah that was basically was the turning point. Was absolutely absurd, disrespectful and laughable beyond words when she thanked 'Whitney Houston' for being a major inspiration for BTW or whatever she babbled/ rambled about during that Grammy acceptance speech. Instead of just f'king saying MADONNA was indeed the major inspiration for that song and basically everything she does. But at least give her props in some way for that one song. Something like 70% of the GP thought it was EY ripped off lol! They actually did polls everywhere online lol. Yet..she not only denied it and looked 'annoyed', that's when the passive/aggressive shade shit started left and right. That's also around when she brought SmElton into it and he started in again w/ Madonna nastier than ever. Clearly, Gaga infested his already bitter soul.
  6. still too high!
  7. Fully agree with you about Warren and esp Booker now. Initially I thought it would be all about Warren in 2020 but not anymore. Booker started off very promising but he's turning out to be the same old same old talking points and shtick that we've seen before. Again...Obama lite. Dems need a non divisive person which Warren absolutely is. Plus, she is NOT well liked by a lot of people even within her own party. The GOP despises her so...yeah, even though I do think she's got the fire like a dragon and as of now wants to positively run, do not think she's the one esp for those crucial parts of the country. With you on a Marc Cuban, or a Howard Schultz. There's many people but needs to be someone 200% non Clinton and as clean and non stale as possible.
  8. Um..and like all the bullshit artists another one WILL come along (once those deplorable idiots who voted for Trump see how much he scammed them 10x more than Obama!). Next one will simply be a new face and voice, more glossed up and 'connect' in the same way w/ the same people as Dump, Obama, Bill and Reagan did! Thats always been and will always be the key to winning an election. Trump was the biggest con of em all but was STILL better a better candidate far as connecting or at least friggin trying lol. While she was resting all summer in the Hamptons as all her e-mails were getting dumped daily. Dems have no choice but to go full on Bernie-esque and drop all the Hillarys and Hillary/Obama lights (Booker, Gillebrand, etc etc..zzz) Or also pick a total outsider. Thats what the entire world is wanting now in their leaders. Dems and the GOP loathe the idea but they have no choice.
  9. It soo coming. Then a day later the 'discount' (like it already is in the UK) but it will ALL go to cancer research.
  10. ALL about HER, 'I', how hard for it is for her, me, her, me. Christ she's a severe passive/aggressive exploitative fungus. Even that pretentious 'pose'. Horrid. And 'since she's 23 years old' lol! Um..that's only 8 years. Not like a childhood friend or even 'friend' she's known at least 10-15 years.
  11. Who truly gives a shit lol. Honestly don't think the comment anything super provocative. Pretty lame tbh. Was just zzz. Debbie honestly doesn't seem too bright or deep whenever I see her interviewed lol. She made fantastic music for the time but she and her music are very dated now. I truly believe Debbie is still salty to this day that Madonna stole all her thunder...the thunder Debbie feels she should've had. But pissed all over herself by abruptly ending all the momentum she had from Blondie in 1982. She didn't really resurface until the mid 80s when she had basically 0 shot against the 13 year old younger and WAY more popular and talented Madonna.
  12. Yup. Not just defeated but defeated decisively. This cannot be another Brexit and esp another 2016 US election sqeaker kind of bullshit. We really need a major shift in this awful trend. All just feels so wrong. As bad as things are for some people, no idea what on earth people are finding appealing and acceptable about electing these horrible people as a remedy. If she loses will hopefully change the jet streams in a major way back to some 'normalcy' and Germany will follow just for extra icing on the cake.
  13. Since 2013!? That long this horrid witch has been seriously in the mix? Wow.
  14. 'surveys', polls or whatever from any country really mean shit (sorry lol) anymore. We're in a very f'ked up, Twilight Zone almost sci-fi-ish post 2016 world where nothing ends up the way it appears or 'normally' is/was and not in a good way :/ One thing if it was just the US but also Brexit. But I'll still 65% considered an absolute home run done deal or is it a 'Hillary will win in a landslide' lol even though she was always neck and neck w/ Trump basically the whole damn time. Also, please tell me there's no Clinton-esque baggage or dirt with this guy for the Russians and Trump to troll the hell out of French social media the next 2 weeks :/
  15. lmao yeah what is this shit?? Even the Pulse message board mental midgets (where there are mainly Monsters and Lambs) aren't stanning for those songs or barely know what they are! lol