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  1. Mmm...K so WHY won't his f'king *approval #s plunge back into the 30s like his entire FIRST year when he actually wasn't as 24/7 off the rails bonkers, slurring, out in the OPEN lawless /anti democracy, had SOME semi competent people, and an equally rocking economy?!? I seriously believe there's more than enough stupid sheeple who are just desensitized and USED to it so just 'turn the other way', accept/agree w/ it enough etc...But it's all about in the *right places. Their internals must be showing they don't give a shit (or even know or care to know what an autocracy is). Whatever it is he (and ALL of it) is just getting worse yet the #s do.not.budge. I know he hasn't reached 50% but does.NOT need them (in those same right counties/states) & knows that. Only thing is guaranteed- every.ONE of the Cult 45 are coming out in Nov. every bit mob like/ fired up as 2016...maybe even more so! Dems are a fluid disaster now. Like '16, watch those white soccer suburban moms (who are the 1st to say the hate him) but whose husbands LOVE his faux alpha macho bull$hit and intimidate them (primarily middle/upper class) white women in their Brady Bunch-esque gated communities and lifestyles saying that they'd lose it ALL to 'undesirables', market would tank etc etc...if a 'Socialist' gets in!
  2. Um...I'm very tempted to think so too (she's getting MAJOR praise/buzz from the Howard Stern interview even from haters). Hands down her.best.interview.*ever. Like a completely different person the GP has ever seen. BUT w/ Michael Bloomberg in less sure now. He is NOT f'king around esp. w/ ads. Every 5 min. on every station (from major prime-time to old syndicated reruns I'm seeing his ads)! Plus, she's already missed several deadlines. Unless (like Bloomberg's team) they're seeing internal #s that show a brokered convention. More/more I'm feeling thats a REAL possibility and a possible disaster brewing here ESP. w/ Bernie likely pulling the same shit as 2016 yet 10x worse As of now could go Pete (IA) Bernie (NH, CA where he's leading now!), Biden (SC, NV then sweeps the south), So...yeah not feeling good about 'where' this could be heading.
  3. His irresistible looks, package and brains. Nothing else comes close.
  4. Yeah WHY (aside from Bezos?) the fuq aren't these dopey lefty loons like Tom Steyer not spending a *fraction of his gabillions on media empires, newspapers etc...Instead, he's literally burning and pissing $ on these parody vanity campaigns! Bloomberg too! Could buy Fox f'king news and Sinclair (to start). Would be chump change to him. W/ these faar right gazillionares it is NOT about money- all about POWER. And they're getting it very effectively via OWNING most of the media and dismantling or intimidating the few media empires they don't 'own'. Murdoch is a monster who will not topple over until he's 110 but then his son is equally as dire. Mercer's own Breitbert and fund/greatly contribute to endless other 'secretive' far right bat shit cra cra sites. Now, Mark Zuckerberg (who after 2016 was gonna maybe run as a Dem in 2020 lmao) is now doing 'secret dinners' w/ Trump and demented, insane gay billionare Pete Thiel! Horrifying. I'm not a Liz Warren fan at all but if the messenger was maybe different I'd be ALL in for her at least trying to dismantle some of this craven $hit.
  5. Good! a REAL self made billionaire, whip smart, not too far cra cra grating left (Liz and Bernie) and hopefully squashes baked brain Biden for that 'center left moderate' lane. Bloomberg/Abrams could be lethal for Trump! Bloomberg (like him or not) HAD to get in while there was still time. He and his team are prob. seeing shaky/troubling internal GE #s (esp w/ Biden was the most 'electable') for him to even consider this. No doubt if Biden was able to complete full sentences and not swirling all over the road he wouldn't have entered. This field is a fluid muddy mess more than ever. I'm honestly not feeling/hearing anyone...so far wortha shit
  6. This. Has to be more...way more than just kissing or getting a massage from a pool boy lol. Russia (at the min.) prob. has 100gbs of videos, pics, e-mails, cookies deleted etc...Yet he is not at ALL a sympathetic, likable figure. Never was. Let him keep turning red until he strokes over. We ALL know he's a self loathing, evil, angry/bitter closet case. One of those bastards who if he was Epstein-ed or whatever very few would shed a tear. Susan Rice nailed it short/sweet 'piece of shit'.
  7. I was expecting to open this up and instantly see couple from Florida LOL If not FL the front runners are MS, AL, LA, NC, KY and the like (yet its almost *always FL)! lol
  8. ^ because u have the most dreadful backwash of society totally empowered thx to 'their swamp monster messiah' FULLY empowering them in the sunlight (no hoods) style. HE is the last gasp...the face/raging voice of the bigoted, bitter musty, angry white man and woman seeing things have been a little too colorful. Were always 'there' lurking/circling the sewer but stayed put just beneath the surface in their isolated holes, log cabins, trailer parks etc....Old news now his floor is at around 30%. Will NOT lose them and EVERY single one WILL come out for him in 2020. Whether a major depression, market crash, nuclear war, plague, underage orgy fests with Ivanka, Tiffany, etc on multiple videos....they do.not.care. And yes, the ranting, raging to 'lock her up', 'send them back' (and prob WAY worse next year)..all the tired/lame greatest (s)hits will be louder than ever at every f'king one of his 1933-esque kkkampaign rallies. MY bigger concern is the Dem candidates are dreadful. I am NOT seeing/hearing/feeling anyone w/ any charisma. Getting late...really late and the fact its still fluid (with the top 3 all being over 70) w/ 2 out of the 3 being faar left/polarizing and 1 one who can barely complete a sentence now is very much not good. 0 chance a 70 yr old white librarian with a 'plan' will have ANY crossover appeal to middle-older aged white men (and women) in the midwest/purple states. Lmao far as the south being receptive to her 'plans'. Not so much the message but messenger. May make HRC look like a rock star. 55 people ran and yet the GP is gravitating to possibly the least electable. least likable and least coherent in a general election. Faar left f'ked up the party like the far bonkers right took over the GOP (all in 2016). Indefinitely damaged now. The angrier, louder and most extreme= have the power now. Minority rule. Problem is neither side will budge or give an inch and just keep getting worse.
  9. So...he's totally winning again, right? lol. Even if the economy plummets, major war, videos of him dropping the N word while molesting puppies and children. He ain't losing that 35-40% crusty crazed CULT. I mean WHO the F do the Dems have? Biden has been dreadful and barely coherent. 120 people running...still!! WHY don't they get the fuq out already esp. the ones who could be running for *Senate in their swings states and likely win! Beto is over. Like..forever. Biggest rise/fall and letdown maybe ever. Should've chilled for a year and run for Senate again and prob. would've easily won! Every other week one gets a media induced sugar high then plummets etc...Trump barely needs to say a word. Harris and Warren would get decimated (way worse than Hillary). So...at this point hoping there's someone we haven't seen/heard much from yet that emerges then surges late in the year (like Clinton in '91)?
  10. Won't even matter what the Mueller report says. Could be multiple videos of him and his family and thug pals gang banging underage kids while burying their faces in coke and videos of Ivanka, Malania and all his mistresses having late term abortions. At least 35% of the US is hypnotized/ gone. Solidified horrifying cult. Worse it gets 24/7 better it gets for him w/ at least 1/3 of the US. So far Beto has been waay underwhelming. If Warren or the like gets the nomination Trump easily wins with a more decisive win than '16. Only one I think is wortha shit is Mayor Pete. But...yup, the gay thing. Minimal to no issue in the dark blue states. But the purple and esp. southern ruby reckneck states..forget it. Biden/Abrams or Biden/Harris is the only hope now.
  11. Beto, Biden about to run. FINALLY! Two people I could DEF see demolishing Trump. I like Pete too but think it may be too soon. All the others=meh and kind of garbage. Really want a woman for President but am just NOT feeling any of the ones running at all (maybe Harris for VP or AG at the min.). If it wasn't for the new credible info about how dreadful she is/was behind the scenes I think Amy also had somewhat of shot. No more. If Biden gets the nom. I do NOT want the AOC and other far far left Bernie-esque moaning/groaning and f'king everything up like they did in '16! Biden may not be ideal and is old af but unlike Hillary he is beloved by many and def. knows how to connect w/ people. Long as he doesn't royally fuq up he absolutely is the one who'd win back the Rust Belt and even other random new states. Beyond clear now (esp. after the '18 midterms) the rust bust simply rolled the dice w/ this putz and loathed HRC. ALL the signs were there for many months.I think it was a fluke perfect storm against the Dem that one year. Since the midterms they're easily dark purple/blue w/ the right candidate- long as they somehow stay center left.
  12. and again! https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/fla-mom-allegedly-stabs-11-145434478.html
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