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  1. While she never ever had 'sex appeal' like JLo oozes from, yes, Mariah WAS technically attractive at times esp in/around the mid 90s was her peak. She was somewhat refrained, semi humble at times and wasn't letting it all 'hang out' yet. Obviously the real viper within her finally showed its true colors in late '95 w/ her notorious shade at M. But once her pimp Motolla lost control of the leash right around Rainbow is when she lost it/ went totally low end, trashy, slutty. fake tits, awful nose job, and just...everything became plastic and fake. Appearance wise, personality, quality of the music etc etc...all became unleashed. All went to total shit save (technically) for the fluke TEOM. Basically everything she's done since has been garbage. Hmm..almost endless parallels to Gagas current trajectory.
  2. Yup JLo has never been more stunning or on fire! Perfect face, body and off course a$$. Things are gonna getting bigger but in the RIGHT places ;P lol. It's amazing and inspiring (her ass too lol) If she had shit's worked/working! lol Um..besides M, she's basically very upper tier imo of the most gorgeous (almost 50 year old women or celebs in general)! For real she looks waay better today than in the mid- late 90s when she first became a huge star. Mariah and Gaga have always been and will only gonna get oinkier.
  3. To a tee! So disturbing how low culture has sunk into the sewer completely (politically and pop culture) just in like 1 year! :( Fake news, fake 'success', fake presidents, fake mega pop stars, fake chart positions, epic lying left and right yet can look at you dead in the eye and truly believe a blatant flop/failure was not. 0 talent and both so so unbelievable ugly outside and in.
  4. Of course she's not and will NEVER GTF away lol. With all the consecutive mega bombs she's had, look at Mariah. Still gets shit loads of publicity even if it's bad and desperate. Like Gaga, there is no 'art' or any quality projects anymore. Hasn't been in many, many years. It's all cheap farts so people will look and laugh with disgust. They don't care though..they're still getting attention..period. Gaga and her mafia-ish crazed team at least are keeping her around whether anyone like it or not. So...yes, there will still be continued interest and super manufactured media paid/bought hype for any 'new' songs, first singles etc...indefinitely it seems :# With Madonna and even JLo (talking women over 40, 50 etc..) there is LEGIT interest and buzz/hype the GP will always have. Even when they bomb, they're still both organic mega stars (obviously Madonna 100x more than JLo lol) but at least JLo still has her shit/image and marbles together unlike Mimiphant and Gaga.
  5. It really is insane how much she, her team and esp the media/ the system are force feeding her and all her shitty music, projects etc...(unlike ANYone I think I've ever seen) Yes, even worse than Mariah in/around her peak. From 2008-11-ish the music WAS very good for the most part. Sorry...but I did like her when she first came out. Was like a totally different persona.Yes, she was pretentious, try hard and annoying at x but not at all like now. While it's all super dated and overrated now at that time her *music was at least decent and hit worthy from an objective stand point. It's since kinda sorta BTW but esp Art Poop and the last few years that she's gone bat shit bonkers and below sea level desperate/$5 prostitute pathetic and grating in every way for ANY kind of exposure or publicity.
  6. LMFAO 'so much winning you're gonna get SICK of it' Well...big fat orange snake oil can salesman has been doing nuttin' but LOSING (*Healthcare, immigration bans etc etc..) Basically his KEY 'promises'/cons to his imbecile toothless BO ridden base. Now onto the *confirmation of Russian collusion and that'll be the final harpoon for this beast and his bigot racist minions.
  7. Her label and Gaga herself have the check ready to piss away and clear for the next payola power rotation spins? lol Crazy stalker beast ain't stopping with this shit song until she goes at least top 10 on pop.
  8. Big f'king YAWN! lmao Garbage shadiest payola infested system ever! Aretha, Madonna and all the rest records will EASILY be broken very very soon. Only one I'm eagerly awaiting for (and it will happen) is Mimiphant. Mariah/Motolla ushered in the beginning of all the bought/paid for shit and questionable things we're seeing today. Unfortunately, yes, many Millennials and very young people or just clueless people will actually believe these new records and be impressed and think they truly earned it. :/ Only way to know the real deal is when Billboard periodically posts their new Top 100 hits of the rock and roll era (which incorporates the 'old' system) into the new. That cuts through all the bullshit. You'll still see songs many of those huge #1s from the '60s-'early 80s or so still in the top 10 or close to it while songs post Soundscan era not as much.
  9. Yeah she's always been fantastic and a class act. Never really cared for her music but she's the REAL f'king deal, absolutely can SING her guts and soul out as good as Barbra, Whitney and Aretha. Real true star even if she doesn't have another hit. No gimmicks or garbage. She's everything Mariah, Gaga and X-Tina and the like are not. Shit..I think her voice still slays Adele and Beyonce zzzz!
  10. Christ...why is radio STILL actually giving this decent to good updates?! The puss pimple that you think you finally squeezed all the puss and nasty shit out then it just starts oozing again! It's just soo f'king boring, irritating, melody-less, un-listenable and UN pop radio friendly.
  11. Its before she got the *blatant face work. Nose, chin, etc etc...Such a shocker the media doesnt spend a single f'king second making any mention of that. :/ lol When it's M there's entire segments, critiques, goofing etc..on every single procedure and possible procedure she got done! Oh...but with Gaga she's this gifted goddess triple threat who looks and sounds fantastic, is sublime, innovative and other worldly lmao zzzz