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  1. Yeah Ava's post is IT. Sums it up to a big bold tee! Beyond words to describe it any other way yet...there's still more than enough dumb stoopid, broken fuqs to not get it (even after possibly the best, most convincing speech from *Bernie himself last night!) Faar left as busted as Maga.
  2. Nah...US Karen's & Kens=WORST worldwide! Special (in)breed of extra absolute shiate. lol
  3. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-trump-glass-water-west-point-20200613-dkioabuiirhz7pelj465p2j6he-story.html
  4. It doesnt deserve to survive if he wins. Fact that the IF is still ~50% likely says it all (even w/ ALL this)! His #s are still flat~40% and *higher than his entire 1st year or so. Enough to cheat/win! A LOT of the US is absolutely loud/proud, hood-less racist in the daylight, full fascist bonkers mode.
  5. STILL around 40% 'approval' ffs !!! F'king *horrifying!! ~30%...still too high but...okay but FOUR out of 10....just DEF. enough to squeak it out again...watch!
  6. Actually do NOT find this sexy at all lol. Technically a better looking, more manly/rugged, beefy version of Beiber or Zac Efron. Self loathing, self obsessed yet feels it's never enough- still feels like Olive Oil or Fat Albert on the inside.
  7. Same. Of course he's a (slimy) fuckable meaty shell. But beneath all that pulsates a high maintenance, drama, shallow, smug af hollowness w/ ZERO substance etc...Not seeing/sensing any inner hot/ sexy in the least. Another dime/dozen pumped up circuit party douche you'd see huddled together w/ his ice queen muscle boy clique crew (all backs turned to everyone like their $hit don't stink) yapping about the most frivolous, asinine rubbish. lol Again, maybe a fun fuq for a night drunk, high or wherever but wake up next a.m. and you'd part ways asap lol. Totally non date-able, awful man.
  8. IF Biden could do 'what' he did Super Tues. (early March/only 2+ months ago!) seems like a year or barely remembered now but outta nowhere he CRUSHED it (unlike HRC) 'cause the Dems finally fell in LINE in ALL different kind of states, counties etc...not in love! W/ the right running mate (Harris, Duckworth or Latina Gov. or Senator just NOT Warren) could actually steamroll Trump. Would've NEVER believed it just 3 months ago! lol Dude is awful/cringe most x but eerily similar to T in '16- totally TEFLON! Crazy. *Any other year, Joe would've been crushed by Booker, Harris, Warren or even Pete!
  9. Yup saw this absolute sh!t live . every.f'king.day.every.second for 3 1/2 years loong nails/chalkboard, watching and inhaling the most rancid paint dry etc...5 1/2 months it needs to E N D. ENOUGH!! But do NOT underestimate his rapid cult base. More than '16 they are ALL coming out mob/Charlottesville style. EVERY.one. Even if its ~40% (which is horrifying HIGH) 'could' be enough if there's another Jill f'king Stein (Justin Amash! & other clowns) & other dirty, gutter, $hady 2016 garbage.
  10. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/05/trump-eyes-campaign-shake-up PLZZ let it be TRUE!!
  11. ^ In a way they were the first Nick Jonas, GaGa and others who were blaatantly not even hiding their pandering gay for pay pink card or whatever its called. VP at the time I think weren't really 'pandering' tho- that music/sound was the MAINSTREAM like what hip hop, rap and r&b are today! Though, the only member of VP who def was NOT gay was the *lead singer and I think 1 or 2 others but most actually were gay and out. Lead singer was actually married to the mother on the Cosby Show lol! Yeah...one may think it's odd Maga isn't not just getting $$weated by VP or their 'team' lol but thinki
  12. Lmao!! eeeww those musty, nasty, diner focus group folk ARE the 'faces and guts' of eXactly who/what are the 1st to stick their schlongs through random skeezy rest stop bathroom stall holes off an I-95 etc... freeways. More than ever for me- not just Trump...it's these walking/talking nasty unkempt piles of brain deal cells who are the MAIN problem who were always there in their troll holes waiting for someone/something like a Trump but will never go away post Trump!
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