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  1. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Um..wouldnt at ALL be surprised if the 'appropriate' things haven't already been taken care of for Nov. '18 , 2020 etc...which is why things are 100x off the rails now and accelerating by the minute. Was bonkers before but shit is full nuclear now. Truly scary shit right now. Fck the strong 'economy'. Almost ANY semi normal sane Repub, Dem or whoever would be leading this SAME economy. I am (even in a country like America) still 24/7 completely dropping my jaw over HOW THE F are 40% of Americans this f'king dense...I mean out of their skulls to find any of this acceptable.
  2. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    They ALL know they're gonna boil in the seediest scorching pot in hell. Not if but when. At this point it's FULL hardcore Jonestown Kool-aid suicide mode.
  3. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Aw shucks...he's just shakin things up snowflakes. He LOVES America while you libtards don't Watch his numbers actually f'king go UP!!His base 30% of the country AIN'T leaving the cult. IN'fking'SANE!
  4. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    which is most likely why he didnt run in 2012. As much as he despised Obama then and now, prob. knew he'd win. And also knew that Hillary would run in 2016 and would be the absolute perfect (or imperfect/horrid candidate) to run against at the right/perfect time. Hearing more and more he decided to run well before 2015. 'Everything' she represented was exactly why he knew 2016 would be perfect. Even though I think he's seriously mad and major personality disorders (at the minimum) he's not dumb in the least. Hillary had the Ivy League smarts. Trump has the street thug, instinctive, media smarts. Even if he's insane in other ways he's brilliant w/ 'those smarts' (very similar to Hitler and other evil dictators). He has the EXACT same wiring as they do. He's not 'showing signs' of those evil people, he absolutely is rapidly trying to become a Dictator. These midterms are crucial. MUST be some check on him. If not, I think easily by 2020 he not only wins but democracy in the US will officially end. And Trump won't be the first. They'll be someone on the far left who'll emerge who is every bit as polarizing and dangerous (Maxine Waters type). Love her but wouldn't want her or someone like her president. I think center left/right is forever over.
  5. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Will Nov 6th just get the fuq here already!! If Dems don't demolish/steamroll this shit, its OVER for the US . US will officially be giving the stamp of approval as a 3rd....4th world autocracy being run by a Z list game-show host reject shitbag with racist, hillbilly Nazis running the entire government. I absolutely would not be surprised if the Dems either under-perform or actually LOSE seats in Congress! lol. Fact he still rambles the same tired incoherent shit 2 to 3 years later at a rally to the same brain dead musty mob of minions who give the same exact loud excited reactions is beyond horrifying. And every one of them will come out to the polls this Nov. for their mango maniacal messiah this year and 2020!
  6. Ciccone's Cheeks


    I sooo do NOT get 'it'/ him. lmao. Dont think I've ever listened to a full song by him or have any desire to lol. What's infesting the charts now makes the early 00s look like the 60s-90s. Nothing but an eye sore of shitty songs (most which are all streamed and not even on the radio or semi pop friendly).
  7. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    If only SOME just some of these garbage potential 2020 candidates had an 1/8 of her balls and spoke this pitch f'king perfect w/ the passion and ruthlessness (even after endless death threats and getting battered by a lot of the media) the Dems would have a serious shot to win an election again! No more going high, Dems need someone just like this who would wrestle Trump and the thug GOP to the ground. OMG at 3:35-3:55 lmaoo
  8. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Mueller time this. Save the f'king popcorn or just gag on it 'cause it's pointless lol. Unless 'something' happens to him physically natural or not, he wins in 2020.
  9. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Yup...here we go...now the ECONOMY is starting to most def show signs of cracking. Stock market is in nowhere land at best etc...Things are def NOT at good as a year ago yet his ratings were waay lower last year. Just shows its ALL and has always been tribal, primitive, cult of personality bullshit insanity. Even if the economy takes all his dolts down hard, a war, major nuclear war threats or even an f'kng nuclear war! all he needs to do is blame Crooked Hillary/Obama and these toothless mental midgets would gladly topple over for him in a split second.
  10. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Thats the thing...if Hillary won NO doubt we'd still be dealing w/ a 24/7 Trump TV bonkers conspiracy world. Before election night the brainwashing/conditioning already occurred. Wasn't at all hard to do. He knew exactly who to target by repeating the same things over and over and sucker 65 million very stupid gullible people. That was most def his/their backup plan. They were already putting it or something like it together before the damn election. He would've created a main competitor to Fox or Fox would've just continued doing what they're doing now with a Hillary presidency w/ Trump being a major contributor and/ or senior person within the company. I say the latter. I still say he did NOT wanna win. Back then and today is only it in for the attention, adulation from his zombies and self serving off the rails narcissism. He truly doesn't give a shit about any issues or cares to. If he lost
  11. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    The stock market has been turbulent (more negative) ALL year. I'm def. sensing a possible crack in the economic momentum from his own useless idiotic tariffs, trade wars and other completely f'ked up actions and statements. That's the only way he plummets back into the low 30s (he gets the extra 10-15 from Independents). Still scary as fuq that no matter WHAT happens (even if it effects the economy) there's around 30% of the entire country who are cult members until the end.
  12. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Most don't have any teeth or very few at the most.
  13. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I would not at ALL be surprised (as I've said before) if Kennedy is as corrupt, compromised as the rest of the far right side of the court and esp MOST of the minions in the GOP who hijacked Congress. 'Something' clearly and abruptly changed in his entire demeanor, conduct, and rulings (in almost the exact same way as those who were 'Never trump' in a very short suspicious time) His response to the Muslim ban was VERY flimsy and almost hostage style like vs what it would've been pre Trump. Almost no doubt he would've not only voting against gay marriage today but would've been the main writer in the dissent. Gut is telling me, his *timing to leave most def has to do at the min. with Trump and his families super shady cozy relationship but maybe something bigger (Russia at the minimum)
  14. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Theres also been many rumors and buzz Thomas has wanted off the court for a while and may be next to go! No doubt he'd do it only with Trump/Pence in office. He's dreadful. Possibly the worst one (and it's really, really bad and gonna get worse). But in a way since he is 70 in a way he hopefully stays on IF another Democratic even wins again. (only because of his age). If he retires now he'll only be replaced by someone as repulsive but 20-25 years younger! So..there's a VERY good chance Trump/Pence could end up being f'king responsible for replacing at least FOUR justices (if RBG passes away) when all is said and done.