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  1. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Justin Timberlake thread

    like Trump WHAT took people so f'king long to see what a painfully overrated, over-hyped turd douche he was/is. His little MJ shtick of thinking his star power was worthy of doing the 5-10 yr break or whatever between albums...um. no. lool. I'm just really curious what specific factor(s) made the GP do SUCH an abrupt flush/meh towards him. Just 2 years ago he was smashing hard w/ CSTF! which was more of the same. Maybe this time the music and everything this era was just seriously that bad that his people couldn't even payola their way out the disaster. lol
  2. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This. It's basically ALL a 24/7 really, really bad late night cable Russian Mafia Movie (one the critics loathe but the masses of simple sheeple eat up (and can't get enough of) starring all these slimy, sinister characters. There's a leader of it all who tweets rambles insane. asinine shit on Twitter. Turn on your TV in the morning and throughout the day and night you almost instantly wonder 'what' the next shocking ('breaking news') is in this epic train wreck you can't turn away from no matter where u turn. Yet, they rarely harp on...um..far right bat shit cra cra super young circuit court judges being on the bench for life! who wanna take away rights basically for everyone who isn't old white, greedy, evil and super rich, the specifics of his disastrous policies and what harm they're causing and are gonna cause.
  3. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Um..this shitbag is actually in/around near record high poll #s (for him) which was enough to WIN (even with day after day after day of dire 'news' coverage). Record ratings for the news networks, can't turn away etc etc..so...WHY would they want someone like f'king Kristen Gillibrand to cover 24/7. WHO would care? They'd lose serious bank. They claim they loathe him but behind the scenes are all laughing at us...hard and absolutely having multiple orgasms with the daily disaster $hit 'show' again.. SHOW. Yes, these fools created this swamp monster and are now desensitizing people to the most unthinkable hideous shit in history. EASILY will get 4 more years if things simply stay in/around the way things are (even w/ sky rocketing gas prices and Mueller 'closing' in lol). Things weren't as bad as year ago (same economy, rocketing stock market, way lower gas prices etc...) yet he was 5-10 points lower in the polls! Kasich and some other duds tries to challenge him (either for the Republican nomination, Indepedent or whatever), Dems nominate Hillary light Tracy Flick 2.0 Kristen Gillbrand, Harris or Obama light (Booker) simply for the p*ssy and/or minority factor..again vs a truly strong, quality, different kind of candidate. Trump easily keeps his 40-45% zombie schmucks who haven't and will NOT bolt=he easily wins. Simple math, transparent scenario and path to victory coming. He knows what he's doing ('dementia' this lol) and we all know it.
  4. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    She was absolutely fanf'kingtastic!! Lol harder every time I watch it now. Picture perfect lines and delivery!! Seems the 'backlash' more and more is pooping right back into the far right conservatives (and even some 'liberal') HYPOCRITICAL jackass faces. I think some of the liberal fools who are giving her shit (like Mika from Morning Joe) is because Michelle seriously slayed with her calling out the slime bag greedy opportunists who are a HUGE part why this hideous beast is running the country. The Mikas and Joes and others (CNN!) had him on and televised his dreadful rallies almost 24/f'king 7 for over a year!! Michelle skinned them and exposed their faux 'disgust' bullshit for Trump when because of him they are killing it now with rating$$$! A recent pic 'leaked' of some dinner showing Don Lemon, Michael Avenatti (who I def. heart), Gayle King posing with *Sean Hannity (who took a selfie of all of them) 😒. They all had massive smiles on their faces looking they were all equally eating up how much they're all suckering the public as they bankroll! Again. Michelle called them (exposed) ALL out and that's why many are salty.
  5. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Time traveling on YouTube

    😲 at the girl at 5:00 lol Like a little Madonna!! Totally how she prob. would've showed off, moved and danced at that age lol.
  6. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Time traveling on YouTube

    Another creepy one!! The kinds of people, characters etc..you'd see in a nightmare. lol
  7. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Time traveling on YouTube

    Love this one! The music etc.. soo 1982 NYC!! lol And M was prob. nearby in one of those crowds lol! and THISclose to owning the world!
  8. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Time traveling on YouTube

    Here's a great one. I find myself watching it over and over for some reason lol. Around 5:28 is kind of creepy! They all look like a bunch of ghosts who look and act exactly the same!! lol
  9. Ciccone's Cheeks

    ABBA thread

    Love this title (and the other)! Reeking from classic Abba. :D Most had simple titles with brutally infectious melodies and production. Cannot WAIT! Music and the charts never been more in the gutter than now so even if these songs suck they'll still piss all over 99% of what's popular currently.
  10. Ciccone's Cheeks

    ABBA thread

    Just watch their new releases go against each other (esp if M does a holiday season release). Unfortunately, Abba would get this by 10 miles lol. Hopefully it'll be more like Abba vs, Gaga and/or Mariah since they'll prob be releasing new music too!
  11. Ciccone's Cheeks

    ABBA thread

    I soo thought this was fake news for several minutes but it's not !! Truly had to fact check this before believing this. Tragic in this day in age ANYthing can spread like a virus (if it's 'presented' well enough) as fact when it's not. An Abba reunion of any kind is a super easy target. Even if the songs are garbage which they may be lol, sorry, they're still smashing. Watch this end up another Hung Up- #1 in every country for 20 weeks but the US lol. This will end up at the same astronomical level of interest as if all the original Beatles reunited for new music (which almost certainly would've happened by the '90s at the latest).
  12. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Air Strikes on Syria

    Exactly what distraction Don dingbat wanted...a total 4th of July like SIDESHOW (distraction) from Comey, Cohen and the treasure trove of disastrous domestic issues. All the media is talking about now. Yet, he knows they know they have to. He gets to say 'Mission Accomplished' for his 30% low info, beady eyed Fox News dolts yet what the fuq is this really accomplishing other than...diverting attention from the horrid week he had last week! lol
  13. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    new Time cover. Time and the Daily News are the best!! I know I know the whole world has had this thought/ wish like 1000x "oh..this or that is what'll finally take him down" . I'm gonna go all out here and say (out of everything) this moment really feels different. Stormy Daniels and esp. her hunky, brilliant rock star lawyer Michael Avenatti I think are NOT f'king around. Whatever all that rumored horrific opp research that was supposed to (and should of!) came out a week or two before the election..I think we're gonna finally see it very, very soon (and more)! I'm an impatient fucker like most who want this shit to just be over already. But feel it's all about the timing. Everything may come in at once. Superstormy style to ensure he's 10 feet under and that there's nothing the GOP parasites can do about it.
  14. Ciccone's Cheeks

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This +2! lol For real..if I was a Trump brain dead zombie loon I'd look at the current news cycle and zzz, get a migraine or loon for him more. What's exhausting and/or making people numb (hence the slight uptick in his #s) is the buildup to..every f'king thing, scandal etc.. finally being the 'thing' that topples him yet ..NOTHING significant or that has legs. If there's anything 'catastrophic' or unthinkable out there just DUMP It already! All these buildups end up duds (since 2015/16) They do feed into the Trump fake news ramblings. Long as the economy is solid and no wars or anything significant that hurts his base and the soft Trump voters economically, why would they give 1/2 a shit about which porno star he banged or even something worse! Stormy's lawyer is basically turning into another Trump (media whore who spins, generates publicity, creates hype etc..) then all turns out hollow. The shit he pulled prior to the 60 minutes (hinting/showing that DVD disc or whatever) was absurd. Interview was crap! All ends up the same old same old (sleazy, frivolous tabloid shit)= ratings! When the media focuses on his horrid policies and actions (non sensational shit) that's when he usually takes a true hit.