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  1. Well at least that's her REAL original nose.
  2. Poor Lionel! :( He's fantastic and a TRUE legend. Cant believe he lowered himself to dealing/touring with...her. :# You soo know the skeezy selfish greedy biatch is prob tripping out ONLY for herself- not Lionel! Would be the same exact thing if Gaga was touring w/ Tony and he also had a similar health issues. Those 2 belong in the same blender togetheeer...baaaby! ;P.
  3. Not at ALL surprised are you? lol Watch this easily troll back into the top least. However desperate, ruthless, endless payola, even longer and steeper discounts etc...her team AIN'T letting this go. Bombed everywhere else and is 10 feet under worldwide/every other market where it belongs. She's officially the Mariah/Janet (way more Mariah) for this decade in the US
  4. LOL. Is she like in super manic crazed OCD mode now just to vomit out a charting hit? WT holy F
  5. Def with you on the first part but I consistently never felt Clinton 'had it'- not even after the Access Hollywood disaster faded down. That was a good month before the election. In a semi 'normal' year that would've destroyed him or any other candidate. Problem is she was just THAT f'king bad and the news cycle always benefited by default who was NOT in the news. The polls and news cycle were out of control fluid and like a ping pong ball. Perhaps..small perhaps if the Access Hollywood tape came out around the last 10 days (like the Comey letter came out) she maybe would've squeaked it out..barely. Those last 10 days of the news cycle or so were absolutely brutal for Clinton w. that letter. I remember she def had some momentum but it was clearly the last straw for people on the fence. How many we'll never know. He beat her in the right states. Not by a lot by it wasn't razor thin. She knew that which is the only reason why she/ her team didn't fight. HIS people/mob were positively coming out to vote. Everyone know that. Hers...not so much. Even w/out the FBI letter still not that confident she'd win because they were the two most atrocious candidates in separate but ultimately equal ways.
  6. Oh Lady 69 cheap blowjobs surely must be coming close now to having a discount for the *longest time in the history of iTunes? Going on what now..THREE weeks?! lmao
  7. She's seriously making Mariah look low key and not desperate even at her lowest. Holy shit. lol She's a ratGA infestation.
  8. All because of ignorant and clueless Rust Belt white trash!!
  9. Even w/ the discount why and WHO is actually still buying this shit? lol. I iTunes getting Billboard-ed/payola-ed by her Trump like corrupt slimy team. I actually don't think I've even seen it get a single red update since the 'discount'. It's just lingering around w/ no green or red updates unlike every other song. Super shady.
  10. Yes, yes!
  11. She's on fire on the UK iTunes! Come on US catch up! Thank god looks its def stabilizing and even kinda sorta climbing at times. Even w/ my few criticisms of the song LOVE hearing this on radio. :D Shes truly one of the very 'artists' today I rarely change the channel asap when she's on lol
  12. Watch...Lady 69 cents is gonna go down to Lady 33 cents by tomorrow lmao GO Katy!!
  13. No one said it's not a 'hit' but some of us are saying if it had hotter production 'may' be even bigger. Interesting the album isn't coming out anytime soon from what I read. I'm optimistic her team knows exactly what they're doing as usual!
  14. Could you please BANnon Spazz