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  1. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    lol OMG - 8 minutes to showtime, but same difference
  2. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Blind Item today featuring this bish This A list singer who is hoping for an Oscar next year and won't get it is still on tour. The promoters have been given huge incentives to fudge all the box office numbers and have been giving away several thousand free tickets to each show just to make it look close to filled. Lady Gaga ("A Star Is Born")
  3. Kilo Mango

    i actually quite like Dancing based off a few listens - it’s better than anything off KMO and Timebomb is one of my most played songs on Spotify - love it to bits
  4. Mariah Carey - Drinking Liquor for 11 Months Again

    holy FUCK that looks bad
  5. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    she’s such a trouper - able to make it to the beach in a tiny bikini and high heeled sandals for a photo opp on a rocky outcrop when we all know how much pain she is in...... poor poor FibromyalgiaCUNT Take your stinky hole and FUCK OFF please
  6. she’s had the hottest bops of 2017 along with Selena G that’s for sure #RITAFUX4TRAX
  7. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    God her tits and tats are ugly
  8. oh god - i'd forgotten that!
  9. it is doing ok business in the US but not really that great - most shows are at 75-90% capacity whereas i think the last tour was mostly sellouts or very close to sellouts But unlike other pop bitches we don’t need to mention, she isn’t trying to pretend all her shows are sold out and she isn’t cancelling shows either. She is,p just doing her thing and seems to be enjoying the tour.
  10. OMG she can sell her range of Hello Clitty sex toys on HSN for Valentine’s day to extend her seasonal sales beyond christmas!
  11. yikes - she has to sing it in a key so much lower now than she originally did. i guess she’s lost quite a bit of her upper register. She struggles on the really low notes and she sounds croaky on the high notes - very unpleasant. btw - my dog started barking uncontrollably when i played this - as soon as i turned it off, he stopped. She truly is a dog whistler LMAO
  12. Poor Lorde is miserable

    that was one of the biggest WTF moments of the year......
  13. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    Absolutely as long as the US keeps GaGoon
  14. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    Not sure if she is or not, but she is massively massively popular here.
  15. That one has been floating around for awhile They both look so dirty, in desperate need of a bath UGH
  16. the moment she thanked Whitney Houston for inspiring Born This Way while dressed as Blonde Ambition Madonna was the moment i wanted to punch this bitch in the face, HARD. Things haven’t gotten any better since....
  17. Panty Party is the only one of the three with any kind of sonic interest - but it has the typical GaGaRaRaOhLaLa lyrical content from that era. The other two are just plain boring in every respect. Poor GooGoo doesn’t even have interesting outtakes to secretly leak......her cupboard is bare
  18. Madonna Instagram Thread

    holy fuck - look at that painting! Go M
  19. it will something along the lines of "the final version of the film is not the movie I made - the movie and my performance have been destroyed in the editing process".....
  20. one fool dancing for attention, two people mouthing some of the words, and fifty others just standing there in silence, some watching, some not...... This is the ‘gay anthem of the century’ from ‘the artist of the millennium’??? You see more crowd energy for a street performer in Times Square than with this lot watching GooGoo - perhaps they are too busy thinking ‘i paid $20 on stubhub for this crap????’
  21. Blind Item today The singing was great. The acting sucked. Apparently the acting really sucked and the editing is going to take forever to try and get something usable out of her acting. I did mention it sucked right? Not the only reason the movie is delayed, but a big part of it. I think our A- lister is going back to focusing on music. Lady Gaga
  22. I agree - she has unusually good connections - with her moderate level of chart success in the last five years (and i am being generous), there is no way she should be getting so many prime gigs like singing the Sound of Music medley at the Oscars, the Super Bowl halftime show, the 15-20 prime time appearances to perform Million Repetitions, etc, etc. She also is a bully to anyone that dares to criticize anything she does - just ask The Chainsmokers who criticized the perfectly crappy Perfect Illiusion (which was just about universally panned anyway), Joe Carmanica at the New York Times who dared say Joanne lacked coherence, and she even bashes Billboard whenever they haven’t fully towed the line and offered her only glowing praise.