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  1. OMG - the delusion of her fans..... swish swish bish
  2. it does look to have peaked on pop radio - i'd expect to see declines starting in the next couple of days there are just too many other new songs out there from hotter artists for this generic shit to get more spins - Selena Gomez, Liam Payne, Miley, Niall Horan, Katy&Nicki, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes and of course Justine
  3. on this week's BB100 The Plague falls 49 to 53 .....meanwhile.... Malibu surges 64 to 10 take that bish
  4. wow I can't blame her - she must be traumatized what a monstrous thing to do my prayers to all those impacted
  5. Sooner and Later is such a knock out performance! and her voice is just soooo amazing in these clips - full of rich texture and sultriness
  6. Gaga selling Joanne merchandise through Urban Outfitters - how apropos Two frauds come together
  7. i really love this new song - it's stuck in my head
  8. it's up to #4 now in the rolling 7 day charts - i guess UK radio likes it - do the listeners??
  9. Katy has been officially announced as the first judge for the reboot of American Idol i don't think it is a good move - but good luck anyway KP
  10. so The Plague was discounted in the US for a whole chart week and it took the song from 55 on the BB100 all the way to..... .... ...49 what a
  11. yup - one of the extra tracks in the deluxe edition of Joan
  12. This morning Katy announced her new album Witness (to be released June 9) and Witness: The Tour - tickets for NA leg on sale May 22 with copy of album included in each ticket purchase
  13. This Blind Item was posted yesterday - i wouldn't put it past Swifty.... She isn’t just hiding her newly enlarged breasts, this still A+ list singer has been working behind the scenes to sabotage the new release of her arch enemy. A team of people is trashing the enemy in YouTube comments and fake radio listener calls. Taylor Swift/Katy Perry
  14. It's almost doing as well as KP's Bon Appetit
  15. I was just sent an article from Variety saying KP is in talks to be a judge on the reboot of American Idol coming in 2018. Don't do it honey - the show was just cancelled a year ago because the GP lost interest - a year later they want to bring it back on another network???
  16. damn she looks fantastic!!
  17. i like the video a lot - the visuals are excellent I see Gaga's minions are all over internet trashing it though - fuckers
  18. umm - you might want to check your facts. Evita the stage musical originated on the West End in 1978 with Elaine Paige in the lead. It opened on Broadway a year after with Patti LuPone taking the role Elaine had originated. It was already a smash hit in London (and from a concept album in 1976) before ever coming to Broadway. Just saying.....
  19. Patti LuPone is a Broadway legend - both as a singer/actress and as a First Class C**T - she's earned both titles through years of sustained effort and bitchiness. She has never had any real success in movies - just bit parts and minor supporting roles. I just watched Driving Miss Daisy yesterday and had completely forgotten she was even in it as she has such a small role and is hardly memorable. In fact, I can't think of a single memorable film role she has ever had - something that cannot be said of Madonna. Funnily enough, despite her long career, she has appeared in fewer movies than Madonna. I am sure she regards herself as the 'definitive' Eva Peron, so it is hardly surprising, being the nasty bitter bitch that she is, that she would come for Madonna's performance in the movie - especially with Andy Cohen's encouragement. This is classic sour grapes syndrome.
  20. yes it would seem that way but sadly for Gags there was no pay-off - it hasn't boosted radio play or streaming and sales increases were minimal It's time to flush this turd to the sewer where it belongs with her other recent crappy output
  21. I don't know why they bothered - it only increased sales by an estimated 14k over the prior week That wont even get The Plague into the Top 40
  22. good God - body stockings are NOT a good look for her - not that much is, but this is amongst the all-time worst. This is a performance costume for ASIB? what a mess that looks like being
  23. hmm i really like this actually - love the production which is a nice change from what is all over the radio at the moment sweet song
  24. damn what a hot mess i guess there is a melody in there somewhere but you'd never know what with all her gasping for breathe from the get go because she is so unfit and hence can't sing and do a few dance steps at the same time
  25. His whole MO is to set women up to be bitchy and catty to each other whether it be Housewives or his talk show He comes across as a desperate fame whore to me...