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  1. Sit by the phone and wait for that call honey. i wouldn’t want you to miss it..... MC has said so many vile homophobic things over the years, i would have NO problem with the Australian Open NOT honoring this 50 year anniversary.
  2. i think it is absolutely necessary to conduct this impeachment inquiry now. There really is no choice, as Trump is going completely off the rails, having eliminated everyone in his inner circle of power that pushed back in any way on his base instincts. Without some kind of congressional push back that can hold him in some way accountable, he will steal the next election anyway through whatever illegal means he can find.
  3. i love him too - i am a huge huge fan. I always try to see him play at the Aussie Open and the US Open each year. i saw him twice this year in NY but didn’t go to the final. What a rollercoaster of a match, but Rafa held on in the end! Vamos!!
  4. Bolsonaro is just like Trump, but possibly even dumber. Terrifying
  5. I think this is what sunk Hilary in the end. As soon as I saw the announcement of the reopened email investigation I knew it was over.....and given that we now know there was an investigation going on related to Trump and Russia at the same time by the FBI, it is OUTRAGEOUS that Comey choose to disclose this non-event 11 days before the election and withheld the Russia investigation news.....
  6. It is so disheartening. It is a combination of greed, laziness, and selfishness all wrapped up in a package of willful ignorance. For the people that make stupid statements like 'how can it be soooo cold if there really is global warming?' wake the fuck up. Weather is not the same as climate. Your willful ignorance is killing ALL OF US
  7. how fucking ridiculous exactly what damages could this person possibly have incurred that would amount to $100 let alone $74,000. UGHHHH
  8. This is one of the most disturbing things I have EVER seen. Treating these people that are searching for a better life like they are garbage. You wouldn't put 400 dogs in a cage like this, yet here the US is treating other human beings like this. Then the vile Pence has the nerve to congratulate the personnel that are overseeing this atrocity and blame democrats for the problem while referring to these people as criminals and showing not a single shred of empathy for them at all. I FUCKING HATE THIS ADMINISTRATION
  9. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/07/08/us/jeffrey-epstein-monday-court-appearance/index.html I wonder how many powerful men Epstein will bring down with him, when he finally goes to the bighouse for his crimes???? Trump? Clinton? Prince Andrew? Take them all down!!!
  10. wow - who put her makeup on? You could see her over-rouged face from the other end of the fucking Mall. And she always looks so 'empty'. She is almost as nasty as her husband - BeBest indeed
  11. Arbitration failed today - so this is headed to Federal Court now. I guess that was inevitable based on what Folau is saying and demanding.... We'll have to hear speculation about this for months to come. UGGHHH
  12. this is exactly right - thanks for posting @Jazzy Jan this whole situation is so upsetting, and i hope to hell he loses in court.
  13. it is really maddening the same thing is happening in the US - and it is such a slippery slope. Where do you draw the line? it is impossible. “it is against my beliefs” will be able to be use as an excuse to discriminate in so many ways
  14. so glad gofundme shut this asshole down, and with rainbow flags to boot!!!
  15. Thank God Abbott is gone - he would have to be about the most toxic politician in the history of Australian politics.
  16. i wouldn’t trust Scott Morrison as far as i could throw him. He abstained from voting in Parliament to approve the Same Sex Marriage Bill in 2017 while demanding the Bill include language about exceptions for ‘religious freedom’, after the public vote overwhelming supported SSM without any limitations. He was also one of the guys that consistently resisted a Royal Commission into the Banking industry and now look at all the corruption that has been disclosed from that when it did finally happen. @jazzyjan I too am in total shock. I voted at the Australian Consulate in NY, feeling quite confident that Australia was about to get back on track after a disastrous and completely ineffective Government that has fallen over itself at every turn, but yet here we are with climate denying, anti-immigrant, religious wingnuts returned to power all for a coal mine in Queensland, a very modest tax cut for the middle class that won’t really happen for years and so that wealthy retirees will continue to not have to pay any tax AT ALL.
  17. online - it is so easy to return stuff that you have purchased online if you don't like it or it doesn't fit
  18. Trump - "we've reached a deal to reopen Government for three weeks" What deal was that mate? You got no funding so there was NO deal - you just gave in. You shut down 25% of the Government for 35 days - in the end for nothing. The Art of the Deal - NOT. Fuckwit
  19. pathetic - it just goes to show how dumb he thinks his followers are that he would even think of trying to get them to believe this horseshit
  20. He says the EU is a foe, Russia is a foe 'in some ways' and China is an economic foe but good in other ways. So according to him, the EU is now the US' biggest foe. WTF???????
  21. Trump and his cabal of criminal cronies in his Cabinet have been banking on all of the economically irresponsible things they are doing not coming home to roost until after the next election cycle (2020). However the combination of massive corporate tax cuts (reduced tax revenue), elimination of limits on spending (higher spending on military parades, border walls and internment camps etc) and a now rapidly accelerating tariff war with the rest of the world (will spike domestic inflation and hurt exports thus reduce economic activity) are ballooning out the Federal Budget way faster than even the most dire predictions last year and are increasing the likelihood of a severe stock market correction and an economic recession before November 2020 (the Treasury yield curve is already almost nearly flat). Sadly, as painful as that would be, it might be the only way to end the abomination that is this Administration. Also, it just boggles my mind how there are apparently no consequences for the lies Trump and his WH Advisors make. As an example, Larry Kudlow was on Fox Business today claiming that the Budget Deficit is rapidly declining because of Trump policies - when in fact June data released from non-partisan government agencies show it has GROWN by nearly 25% YoY 2018 versus 2017. It is being estimated the annual Federal Budget deficit will hit 1 Trillion USD by 2020. How are there no consequences for these asshats telling the American public bald-faced lies. UGHHHH VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE
  22. I hope he brings this dreadful Administration crashing down
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