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  1. Grace Jones thread

    i was lucky enough to be able to watch this the other day on a flight from Australia the the US I love Grace even more having watched it - she just seems so genuine and true to herself The documentary itself could have done with some tighter editing and a clearer story arc, but the glimpses into her family history are fascinating and the live performances are terrific
  2. sounds like a very interesting story
  3. Eurovision thread

    i LOVE this song - it was released in Australia this morning and is doing very well on digital charts already (#3 on itunes and rising rapidly) I stil don’t understand what the fuck Australia is doing in this competition but anyhoo - GO AUSSIES!
  4. Madonna’s Oscar Party

    she looks amazing
  5. An Open Letter To Guy Oseary (Part 1)

    excellent suggestions!
  6. this! C’mon M - retake charge of your music and tell Guy O to FUCK OFF
  7. it does my head in......and yet millions of people are streaming these songs 24/7 apparently
  8. because they all sound basically the same and blend into each other....his basic recipe is autotuned monotone rapping on a handful of topics that he comes back to again and again, played over 16 bars of tinny cheap casio beats that are played on an endless loop. He is prolific and releases 10-20 new songs a year. Each new release dominates streaming for a few weeks (and therefore the charts) then people get bored with it and it disappears into obscurity never to be heard again, by which time he is on to the next release, repeating the cycle over and over..... How long can he stay on top doing this? It is so boring UGHHH
  9. I watched Swept Away once, found it terribly tedious and boring and have no plans to ever watch it again. Madonna’s acting is dreadful, especially when she is trying to act as a total bitch at the start - is was cringe-inducing. At least the soundtrack to The Next Best Thing is good. The movie is really pretty crappy and again Madonna’s acting sucks big time. These two films, one after the other, killed her acting career.
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    holy fuck - look at that painting! Go M
  11. What a great, fun interview. She seems really happy and it just radiates out of her. I love that Kelly is such a huge fan and when she put her head in M’s boobs I just about DIED! I can’t wait to see and hear what she is delivering next - she’s been stirring that creativity pot for awhile now. Something fresh and tasty is coming!!!!
  12. Your top 5 favorite Madonna movies?

    Desperately Seeking Susan A League of Their Own Evita Who’s That Girl Dick Tracy i can’t watch any of the others.....
  13. Grammys

    JayZ gets 8 noms including Album of The Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year - really????
  14. They must hate M?

    How fucking random, but......I LOVE this rock version If only the lead singer could enunciate - he sounds like mumbles from Dick Tracy
  15. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    1- BAT - incomparable 2- S&S - I LOVE this remix - off the chain 3- Rebel Heart - it was awesome when I saw it in Melbourne - simple yet euphoric 4- MDNA - love the choir but otherwise unmemorable 5- RIT - not so magical
  16. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    RIP Liz - a sad day
  17. Grace Jones thread

    I LOVE Grace - she is so fierce. Nightclubbing is one of my favorite ever albums. Pull up to my bumper babyIn your long black limousinePull up to my bumper babyAnd drive it in between Grrrrrrrr
  18. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    Glorious!! How fun
  19. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    sooo cute
  20. I love both songs so enjoyed the musical aspect of this interlude 'mash-up' and the dancing is cool but the background video visual is awful
  21. Who's that Girl has really grown on me over the years - I think M is quite good in it actually. And I love Evita, Desperately Seeking Susan and A League of their Own. The rest, other than Dick Tracy, are just ughhh......