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  1. 'Honorable' WTF What is the deal with her (full Trump MAGA con-artist on a grifting spree) and her husband (full anti-Trump con-artist on a grifting spree) and the daughter who went on American Idol but before the election accused the mother of child abuse? I don't trust either of the parents. Good riddance to her btw and hope her book is a FLOP whenever it comes out....
  2. LOL - how does this even make any fucking sense????? Are there people out there that believe the shit this vile woman says?
  3. yeah it is crazy. About 10 years ago my partner and I were looking at buying a house or condo in Miami as a second home so my partner could be closer to his family (Miami/Havana), but the ridiculously high condo fees put us off buying a condo and the threat of hurricanes put us off buying a house (they had a terrible hurricane season around that time and the cost of insurance went through the roof). Since then of course, there have been hardly any hurricanes that have even come close to Miami and property prices have more than doubled..... But I couldn't live in FL these days with Ron DeSantis as Governor - YIKES
  4. Very expensive and the worst thing is the maintenance fees are outrageously high for condos in Miami in general but especially in Miami Beach. You could be looking at anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 a year in condo fees depending on the building and the size of the condo....and that would not cover creating a reserve account for future repairs, which is what leads to big special assessments. Apparently the condo owners in this building had already been assessed $8-10k each for roof repairs and were likely looking at an over $100k special assessment for building repairs that had already been identified as necessary. Properties on the ocean front, built on reclaimed land surely should have to have structural reviews and recertifications done sooner than 40years after construction, which is the current requirement. Will FL change that now???
  5. Naples is really nice too. I've heard of Sanibel Island, but never been.
  6. What part? I visit Siesta Key quite often when i am based in NY. The water temperature is like warm bath water....love it
  7. This is true - it would have been worse under TA, who is next level awful.
  8. I detest him. I still can't get over our PM being a member of a religious cult. It boggles the mind. And as for what he and his party does for Australia - nothing unless it helps him/them politically. He only ever does anything if is makes him look good personally.
  9. Not enough. She has to be removed from Congress She is a danger to everyone
  10. The 126 ratfucker Republicans in Congress that join this seditious bullshit lawsuit should not be seated when the new Congress convenes in January. Traitors to democracy all of them.
  11. The Million MAGA March is about 990,000 short of a million..... And Trump did a drive-by on his way to playing golf Pathetica....
  12. jesus - how embarrassing OMG i saw them marking up ballots in the parking lot, but I didn't say anything at the time.......... Which one of Laura's flunkies played the poll watcher in this video???
  13. Laura Ingraham Her own brother HATES her and is very public about how awful she is.
  14. If you take Pennsylvannia for example, they received over 2.5 million mail ballots. There is a State law in PA on the books that mail-in ballots cannot start to be processed until election day. The Democratic Governor and election officials in PA tried to have that law changed this year because of the anticipated high number of mail-in ballots due to Covid, but the Republican controlled legislature in PA blocked it. The Republicans did this for a very specific reason. Republican voters were mostly planning to vote in person on or before election day (Trump has been complaining about mail-in ballots all year and encouraged republicans to vote in person), while many Democrats had decided to vote by mail due to covid. Any in-person voting either done early or on election day is tabulated on voting machines and is reported out on election night. The voter verification for each person is done at the voting facility at the time the vote is made and that work is spread out over lots of voting locations. So on election night, all those votes were already tabulated. It was probably around 4-4.5 million votes, and Trump was way ahead (700K ahead in fact). The processing of the 2.5 million mail-in ballots did not start in some places in PA until Election day and in other places in the State, the day after. It takes a lot of time to process them because each ballot has to be verified (signature verification, checking against voting registry to ensure a valid voter, and then they have to check that the person did not also vote in person already). Therefore most of the 2.5 million were not counted on election night (they had 2 million left to do Wednesday morning I think) and it has taken them days to get through the volume. I think they still have Provisional votes left - which have to go last because they are votes when people have requested a mail-in ballot but then turn up at the polling location on election day and ask to vote in person. 100K people in PA did that this year because the mail has been so fucked up (thanks DeJoy). If people were worried that their returned ballot wouldn't arrive in time to the electoral office, they might have gone to the voting booth and asked to do a provisional vote. It is counted last, so that if the mail-in ballot has already been received, the provisional vote is discarded. A lot of the remaining 100k votes will end up being discarded probably. The red mirage of Trump being the winner on election night was entirely intentional from the Republicans. This was Trump's plan, so that he could subsequently claim fraud and bogus ballots because most of the mail-in votes are 'mysteriously' going to Biden. There is of course no mystery to it, but when did that ever stop Trump from lying? I think PA has been particularly slow as well due to the fact that this is the first major election where mail-in ballots have been such a big part of the voting percentage for them - so it has been a learning experience. States like Colorado, Utah and Oregon are already 100% mail-in ballots but have been for a long time so they have the experience now about how to deal with the volumes efficiently. The same issue with not being able to start counting mail-in ballots until election day was also true in Wisconsin and Michigan (again allowing for starting processing earlier was blocked by Republican legislatures in each of those States). The same pattern of big lead for Trump on election night with Biden eventually catching up and winning, happened in both those places. They finished quicker because they had fewer mail-in ballots I think. Other states like Florida were basically done on election night despite mail-in ballots, because they can start processing those ballots when they are received. In Florida it was Biden that had the early lead on election night due to mail-in ballots being counted first and then Trump overtook with day-of in person votes. Sorry for the super long post. I hope that helps a bit...
  15. Australia is rejoicing! It is early Sunday morning but what a joy to wake up to this news!
  16. He is a sadistic asshole who treats everyone like shit. Why should he get any consideration now. He can go fuck himself. I really hope Biden brings in a tough (but of course fair) AG and they uncover all the illegal crap that has been going on and prosecute all the criminals, including any of Trump's family and Trump himself if warranted.
  17. Biden will get GA, PA and NV. AZ is gonna be close but Biden will probably hold. NC who knows and AK still 50% outstanding that are all mail ballots so that is unknown - Trump probably still wins those two. Biden will likely end up over 300 electoral votes. Trump is toast - it is just a matter of time..... Trump will lose too many States to think that the Courts will be able to 'save' him. Notwithstanding the fact that there is ZERO evidence of any fraud actually happening in any of the vote counting anyway. Let's just hope after a couple of days of denial he bolts and that will be that.
  18. fuck off. Bitch is scared stiff the gravy train is about to run off the rails
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