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  1. wow i figured it would end up higher given it was #1 on iTunes since release so she hit #4 on digital sales and not even top 50 on streaming in Australia - and that pattern has been repeated all over the world this week - it really does suggest that no-one except a few die-hard fans care about her music anymore
  2. It probably sold 100 copies - sales in Oz suck for CDs and DVDs these days
  3. discounted in the UK after 5 days - how fucking tragic DESPERADO
  4. i wouldn't say iTunes positions are completely irrelevant but iTunes sales aren't even half the picture in most countries in terms of chart placings so they aren't a great gauge of eventual chart placings by themselves. I agree with your assessment about chart placings this week - most places she'll likely be mid teens to mid 20s. Australia could be top 5
  5. the aussie charts do include streams and hers are small so far so she shouldn't get #1 here
  6. I know - I'm so embarrassed that this shit is #1 here in OZ iTunes charts are based on sales not streams
  7. very unlikely - may not even get top 20 she only has sales for 5 days instead of 7 since it was released after midnight on Saturday night (sales chart week starts Friday and ends Thursday). Also sales overall are extremely low for everyone at the moment which means radio play and streaming will have more impact on overall chart positions. However, she has no radio play and streaming is very low for a new release from a supposed 'pop superstar' so she will tumble down the chart rankings when radio play and streaming are taken into account.
  8. He is a first time director, doing a remake of a classic movie that has already been re-made multiple times, starring a singer that is an unproven (and many would say crappy) actress what could possibly go wrong????
  9. this it doesn't even sound like her singing the track except for a bit of wailing in the chorus - is she afraid people will turn off the radio if they realize it is her? LOL
  10. Nothing seems to have changed for Gags on the streaming front, even with this trend chaser 900k worldwide first day on spotify (#71), 200k in US (#116)
  11. zoinks! the way she dresses makes her look fatter than she probably is - stupid cow
  12. The Cure sounds like a Justin Beiber or Clean Bandit rip-off I thought Joanne was her 'true authentic musical self'. what does that make this???? Why doesn't she just admit that all she cares about is the charts?
  13. i hope that's fake for her sake - if it's real, how fucking desperate
  14. If it is a 'one and done' type thing then I think it is OK but I'm not here for a whole era of stupid Halloween costumes Focus on the music KP!
  15. i used to really like Sheryl Crow and her music - but after her relationship with Lance Armstrong (apparently she knew about his doping and never said shit about it), i couldn't give a fuck what she has to say on any topic and why tear Madonna down to defend your own path Sheryl? can't they both be equally valid? Madonna has always stayed true to herself and Sheryl is claiming she has done the same - so shouldn't that be celebrated rather than critized?
  16. well it's her Coachella performance this weekend and next so of course there is a discount...........desperado
  17. top of the world LMFAO - she's had a minor hit with Million Turds, a total flop lead single and an album no-one wants unless it is heavily discounted - if that is what being on top of the world looks like, god help the music business. These guys are deluded...
  18. how amazing would it be if they worked together again - i'll light a candle...
  19. i saw that and it is hilarious, especially given that Billbored has published hundreds of PR puff pieces on her this year like she is the second coming. The BB awards are based on chart positions and let's face it, hers have been shit this album cycle since the GP is just not here for her anymore, despite the efforts of BB to prop her up and make her still seem relevant. Speaking of chart positions, expect Million Turds to start plummeting from this week on since it looks like payola has finished. Pop radio is dumping it big time, and it is free falling on iTunes all of a sudden after holding steady for weeks.
  20. i love BIM - i find it very unique and incredibly infectious - i hear it once and immediately want to play it again LFL - it is a nice track but the production just seems so flat to me - i want to love it but i just 'like it' and it doesn't feel like a lead single compared to her incredible catalogue of lead singles. Ghosttown on the other hand is spectacular. I think Ghosttown would have done much better than LFL as a lead, especially given that LFL had been leaked months in advance and GT was about the only track from the era not to leak before it was released.
  21. Great articles HG - thanks for the links I love Livvie and love to play her albums on long road trips - i especially love blasting Depeer Than The Night - it's totally hot!
  22. 500 mm for 5 years - damn
  23. i keep being sent a suggested post on Facebook for ticketliquidator.com advertising tickets to Gag's Joanne tour. They have literally thousounds of tickets listed for sale for each show - the stadium shows each have 4000-5000 tickets listed on this website alone sold out huh????.
  24. Lady Discount is at it again - Joan is discounted to half price in UK, Australia, Germany and Japan (along with The Fame Monster). These are the four biggest music markets after the US. In the U.K. it isn't even charting despite the discount (Fame is at 106). In OZ, Joan is at 127 and Fame at 37. In Germany and Japan, Joan is doing a bit better at 56 and 70 respectively. Poor Gags can't even give her new shit away outside the US......
  25. She's sent tweet after tweet after tweet out to her Monsters to stream Million Turds over the last few weeks, but now she's back to her 'i don't care about the charts' schtick - God she is an insufferable CUNT