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    Kanye West

    This was done to get media attention and sure enough it succeeded - i think it is in absolutely appalling taste, as with most things that this narcissistic man says and does
  2. swimtoshore

    New Album Means New Tour

    yeah tour next year!
  3. a friend of mine had a spare ticket to Robbie’s concert in Melbourne in March and invited me to go. i’m not a huge fan and only knew half the songs he performed, but he is a good entertainer and i enjoyed the concert. He did a tribute to George Michael during the show, singing Freedom, and he said if God had given him just one cock to suck in his life he would have picked George’s cock LOL
  4. swimtoshore

    Kanye West

    OMG!!!! Too fucking funny
  5. swimtoshore

    Grace Jones thread

    i was lucky enough to be able to watch this the other day on a flight from Australia the the US I love Grace even more having watched it - she just seems so genuine and true to herself The documentary itself could have done with some tighter editing and a clearer story arc, but the glimpses into her family history are fascinating and the live performances are terrific
  6. swimtoshore

    Eurovision thread

    i LOVE this song - it was released in Australia this morning and is doing very well on digital charts already (#3 on itunes and rising rapidly) I stil don’t understand what the fuck Australia is doing in this competition but anyhoo - GO AUSSIES!
  7. swimtoshore


    it does my head in......and yet millions of people are streaming these songs 24/7 apparently
  8. swimtoshore


    because they all sound basically the same and blend into each other....his basic recipe is autotuned monotone rapping on a handful of topics that he comes back to again and again, played over 16 bars of tinny cheap casio beats that are played on an endless loop. He is prolific and releases 10-20 new songs a year. Each new release dominates streaming for a few weeks (and therefore the charts) then people get bored with it and it disappears into obscurity never to be heard again, by which time he is on to the next release, repeating the cycle over and over..... How long can he stay on top doing this? It is so boring UGHHH
  9. swimtoshore

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I'm yet to read a positive review of this performance (and I thought it sucked too btw). Last year Gags was pretty universally praised despite doing many of the things JT is being criticized for such as doing a greatest hits catalogue. Why such a difference in reviews?
  10. swimtoshore

    Justin Timberlake thread

    What bullshit is this? Does list of 10 even cover 4 HT shows? LOL what fucking wankers
  11. swimtoshore

    Justin Timberlake thread

    i can’t hear him over the music, or he actually can’t sing, or both this sucks big time
  12. swimtoshore


    JayZ gets 8 noms including Album of The Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year - really????
  13. swimtoshore

    Grace Jones thread

    I LOVE Grace - she is so fierce. Nightclubbing is one of my favorite ever albums. Pull up to my bumper babyIn your long black limousinePull up to my bumper babyAnd drive it in between Grrrrrrrr
  14. swimtoshore

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

  15. swimtoshore

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Received the Bluray of the show and the double CD last night from Amazon! Don't Tell Me and Borderline sound so amazing from Tears of a Clown - I wish there were more songs of course but glad to have those two - her voice sounds so haunting. Brings back great memories....
  16. swimtoshore

    MTV VMAs....

    what a mess - this is unwatchable WTF did Lorde just do??? and i hate to say it but Katy sucks big time as host - what was that dated shite with the voicemails about Fyre festival from 4 months ago???? i'd like to see Pink so will just record the rest and skip through for her
  17. Despacito has already re-overtaken Friends in sales on Itunes (when you combine remix and original versions). Combined streaming for both versions of D is ahead also, plus it has all the video views that Friends won't have. Radio gains were Ok but not huge on the second day for Friends. Friends doesn't have a shot at #1 this coming week. Despacito should get that 16th week unless something happens with Wild Thoughts to push it up. If Tay Tay releases on the 25th that might stop D after week 16.......
  18. 15 weeks is in the bag 16 weeks is looking pretty likely as Friends is not achieiving massive sales 17 weeks could easily happen too unless there is a surprise release next Friday from someone like Tay Tay
  19. i don't think Friends has a real chance of knocking Despacito off #1 in the US - the iTunes sales are not that extraordinary and appear to be peaking already within the first day and the song itself is flat and doesn't really have a strong melody
  20. damn that is bland Since it is being released on Thursday and will have big sales that day, I don't see it selling enough from Friday-Thursday to topple Despacito in the US especially if the Despacito remix is going to be discounted. I hope it doesn't as I would like Despacito (or any song frankly) to at least match or break MooMoo's chart record.....
  21. i like No More Tears On the Dancefloor and the lead single Happy, Firefly, Space Between Us and Glitter & Gild sound ok too, but why did they cover I Will Love Again?
  22. the chorus of this song is KILLER but that choreography.... i know it is their schtick but it hasn't gotten any better with time
  23. it is wonderful and she looks amazing! i also love The Girlie Show performance
  24. swimtoshore

    George Michael thread

    OMG - this year has been devasting on so many levels and now this..... George Michael - what an amazing song writer and his voice just gives me chills - rest in peace now dear man