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  1. 'Honorable' WTF What is the deal with her (full Trump MAGA con-artist on a grifting spree) and her husband (full anti-Trump con-artist on a grifting spree) and the daughter who went on American Idol but before the election accused the mother of child abuse? I don't trust either of the parents. Good riddance to her btw and hope her book is a FLOP whenever it comes out....
  2. LOL - how does this even make any fucking sense????? Are there people out there that believe the shit this vile woman says?
  3. yeah it is crazy. About 10 years ago my partner and I were looking at buying a house or condo in Miami as a second home so my partner could be closer to his family (Miami/Havana), but the ridiculously high condo fees put us off buying a condo and the threat of hurricanes put us off buying a house (they had a terrible hurricane season around that time and the cost of insurance went through the roof). Since then of course, there have been hardly any hurricanes that have even come close to Miami and property prices have more than doubled..... But I couldn't live in FL these days with Ron DeSantis as Governor - YIKES
  4. Very expensive and the worst thing is the maintenance fees are outrageously high for condos in Miami in general but especially in Miami Beach. You could be looking at anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 a year in condo fees depending on the building and the size of the condo....and that would not cover creating a reserve account for future repairs, which is what leads to big special assessments. Apparently the condo owners in this building had already been assessed $8-10k each for roof repairs and were likely looking at an over $100k special assessment for building repairs that had already been identified as necessary. Properties on the ocean front, built on reclaimed land surely should have to have structural reviews and recertifications done sooner than 40years after construction, which is the current requirement. Will FL change that now???
  5. Naples is really nice too. I've heard of Sanibel Island, but never been.
  6. What part? I visit Siesta Key quite often when i am based in NY. The water temperature is like warm bath water....love it
  7. This is true - it would have been worse under TA, who is next level awful.
  8. I detest him. I still can't get over our PM being a member of a religious cult. It boggles the mind. And as for what he and his party does for Australia - nothing unless it helps him/them politically. He only ever does anything if is makes him look good personally.
  9. Not enough. She has to be removed from Congress She is a danger to everyone
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