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  1. i saw this on another forum - sounds like another new turd is on it's way...... Songs Heard at Rehearsal or otherwise confirmedJudas The Cure Applause Perfect Illusion Paparazzi Dancin' In Circles Bloody Mary New Track This sounds like the set list from Coachella doesn't it? she probably just copied that - no wonder there were just a few days rehearsal LOL
  2. i LOVE this pic She looks incredible, the song list is great, she sounds great and seems so happy Love it! I hope we get some longer footage of the complete set
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    i nearly peed my pants when i saw the rehearsal post on Insta!
  4. The Plague wasn't a radio smash - it peaked at #52 in overall radio play in the US - no-one in their right mind would claim that as a 'huge radio hit' which would explain why a little monster would say it - talk about cray cray
  5. I think Madonna's acting was the best of her career in this movie (she has had some other good ones like Evita and A League Of Their Own in the mix, and even in Dick Tracy she isn't bad), but man did I find this movie painful and tedious to watch
  6. Elvis Duran suxs RIP Chester
  7. exactly! there should be no statue of limitations on cunty behavior
  8. that's a lot of available seats for a first night show just a few weeks away..... and what's with selling seats behind the stage? Is it just her and her dive bar band singing a few 'hits' from Joan? No wonder she is only rehearsing for a few days......
  9. Supposed Singles ?

    good grief - who exactly was 'long awaiting' that EP??? ooh la la
  10. Cankel turned up at Tony Bennett's Hollywood Bowl concert tonight as a surprise guest performer - a friend of mine is there and just posted about it. Doesnt she have a concert tour she is supposed to be to rehearsing for????
  11. The Turd is done at pop radio. Maybe stations are dumping it expecting a new song to drop - the rodent did promise new music on a Billboard podcast recently Is another shitfest on the way.....
  12. she's gonna burn her hideous flap jacks on the hot plate she seems as clueless in the kitchen as she does on stage