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  1. it might prove to be a grower because it is pretty catchy, but it is definitely not going to be an instant smash as initial reactions seem to be mixed to negative if radio gets behind it, it could take off, if not, it will probably bomb
  2. i was rolling my eyes at some of the lyrics like 'got me spread like a buffet' ewwww but the beat is very cool and the 'bon appetit baby' vocal line is a total earworm
  3. loving that beat....
  4. New single Bon Appetit drops Friday - just in time for my birthday Bring It Katy!!
  5. no - it is done - it has been in free fall for the last week - maybe the radio programmers know when her new song is coming.....
  6. her song was out for 5 out of the 7 days in the chart week
  7. The Plague debuts at #39 on BB100 .....even worse than i thought..... it will drop next week as sales are plummeting
  8. it's discounted to 59p on iTunes though (after only 5 days of release) and yet can only manage #25 - that's pretty abysmal
  9. she's fucking OBSESSED - WTF!!!
  10. said no-one
  11. wow i figured it would end up higher given it was #1 on iTunes since release so she hit #4 on digital sales and not even top 50 on streaming in Australia - and that pattern has been repeated all over the world this week - it really does suggest that no-one except a few die-hard fans care about her music anymore
  12. It probably sold 100 copies - sales in Oz suck for CDs and DVDs these days
  13. discounted in the UK after 5 days - how fucking tragic DESPERADO
  14. i wouldn't say iTunes positions are completely irrelevant but iTunes sales aren't even half the picture in most countries in terms of chart placings so they aren't a great gauge of eventual chart placings by themselves. I agree with your assessment about chart placings this week - most places she'll likely be mid teens to mid 20s. Australia could be top 5
  15. the aussie charts do include streams and hers are small so far so she shouldn't get #1 here