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  1. Her original comments were abhorrent and it appears she wasn't misquoted. UGHH Babs - so disappointing....
  2. I was thinking about this the other day - how streaming has changed so many things, so quickly. I used to buy so many CDs, DVDs, BluRays etc. I haven't bought any in nearly a year. I love the flexibility of streaming (I use Spotify premium for music) and the ability to try out music from new artists or watch new shows without paying a fortune and then realizing I don't actually like it that much. My CD and movie collections are littered with 'one play only' tragedies.... I still will purchase the odd CD of artists that I really love (M being at the top of a very short list). Will do the same for movies that I adore - Get Out being the last one I bought.
  3. I watched both parts of the documentary last night. It made my blood boil seeing how he used young boy after young boy for his sick pleasure, basically putting them under his spell with his attention and declarations of love, getting them to fall in love with him, then eventually dumping them for the next one when they got older and he grew tired of them. He did it to their parents too, getting them to love him so that they would be blinded to whatever else he may be doing. That kind of emotional abuse would fuck anyone up - to the point where you might start to think that a grown man sleeping alone with your child isn’t so weird; to the point where as a child you might do or say anything to get or keep his attention, such as allowing sexual activity to occur and not say anything or lying about it on the witness stand. As for James and Wade, i found them to both be very credible, especially James. When he listed all the different places and rooms in Neverland where they had sex, it is just mind boggling. Time after time, i wanted to reach through the screen and strangle Jackson - what a vile, calculating, insidious person. And for those that don’t believe any of the sexual abuse claims, how the FUCK was he allowed to get away with sleeping alone with young boys night after night after night for so many years? That alone is indefensible.
  4. and the family's response? "She's a liar and was paid to say that." Sound familiar???
  5. you can streaming both parts from Friday morning
  6. I've never been able to watch his music videos for this reason - totally non-believable
  7. Yes that was my post - I read through the FBI reports. There was no phone tapping either. The MJ supporters pushing this argument that the FBI was surveilling him for 10 years and found nothing which somehow proves he didn't abuse children is total BS
  8. Roger Friedman is a vile human being. It has been proven on multiple occasions that he takes money from person A to do hits jobs in print on person B.
  9. thanks for posting Jan - and just on the Cardinal Pell case, the people still defending him here in Australia use the same techniques we always see in these abuse situations - discredit and smear everyone and everything surrounding the accused in any way possible - the victims, the jury, the lawyers, etc. Pell was found guilty and that is still not enough for his defenders. They now point to a pending Appeal, suggesting it is not fair to condemn him until after the appeal process is complete. It will literally never end.....and the torture and torment of the victims goes on and on and is never resolved.
  10. The Arbitration Claim document is quite a read, with huge portions of it laughable mumbo-jumbo and juvenile name-calling and several significant actual events totally misrepresented as proving things they do not prove - the basic gist is that everyone involved in this documentary is a proven liar (Robson, Safechuck), a disreputable documentarian (Dan Reed) or a desperate corporation (HBO), all of whom are trying to make a buck of MJ. The only one being sued of course is HBO for the claim that they violated a 1992 agreement whereby they wouldn't ever disparage MJ regarding the Dangerous World Tour. Separately, I ran across something else this afternoon that I found curious. As proof Wade Robson is only after money, MJ fans are pointing to the tweet response from Auction House Julien's Auctions about an enquiry into MJ items Robson apparently burns at the end of the documentary but that were also reportedly sold by him on consignment to the Auction House in 2011. I find the last sentence in the tweet very curious - they weren't asked why he sold the items, just whether he sold them, but they added 'He needed the money' at the end of their tweet anyway. But perhaps when you understand that this is the Auction House that the MJ Estate uses to sell MJ memorabilia, it isn't so curious.......... @JuliensAuctions ‏ Replying to @MJ_fans_unite @TheWigSnatcher1 and 3 others "Wade consigned his collection to us directly. He was the person who we paid when we sold his collection. He needed the money."
  11. online - it is so easy to return stuff that you have purchased online if you don't like it or it doesn't fit
  12. Has anyone in here actually seen this documentary yet?
  13. It has been stated a few times in this thread that the FBI did surveillance on MJ for over a decade. I was surprised to hear this and was curious about what exactly the FBI was surveilling for a decade, so I researched it. At the time the FBI files were released, a number of media outlets reported on the content of the files, some with click-bait headlines like "FBI's 10-year bid to build Michael Jackson 'molesting' case" or "FBI tracked Michael Jackson for 10 years in possible child abuse case". Based on the information the FBI itself has released on the investigations it did on MJ and any other reporting I could find on the FBI investigations, I find these headlines to be very misleading - they are not a true reflection of what the FBI investigations actually involved. The FBI files themselves show the FBI only ever responding to requests for investigative assistance related to MJ from other agencies, not that the FBI was actively surveilling him. The two principal investigations the FBI was asked to get involved in occurred over a decade apart which is presumably where the click-bait headlines came from. One was in 1993/94 where the LAPD asked the FBI for investigative assistance in a child molestation investigation they themselves were doing on MJ and where the LAPD also asked if the FBI wanted to pursue a charge against MJ for transporting a minor across State lines for immoral purposes - the FBI declined the later. The other was in 2004/2005, where the FBI was asked to assist the Santa Barbara DA prepare for the child molestation trial. Being involved in two investigations over a decade apart is not the same thing as doing surveillance for a decade.....
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