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  1. The 126 ratfucker Republicans in Congress that join this seditious bullshit lawsuit should not be seated when the new Congress convenes in January. Traitors to democracy all of them.
  2. The Million MAGA March is about 990,000 short of a million..... And Trump did a drive-by on his way to playing golf Pathetica....
  3. jesus - how embarrassing OMG i saw them marking up ballots in the parking lot, but I didn't say anything at the time.......... Which one of Laura's flunkies played the poll watcher in this video???
  4. Laura Ingraham Her own brother HATES her and is very public about how awful she is.
  5. If you take Pennsylvannia for example, they received over 2.5 million mail ballots. There is a State law in PA on the books that mail-in ballots cannot start to be processed until election day. The Democratic Governor and election officials in PA tried to have that law changed this year because of the anticipated high number of mail-in ballots due to Covid, but the Republican controlled legislature in PA blocked it. The Republicans did this for a very specific reason. Republican voters were mostly planning to vote in person on or before election day (Trump has been complaining about mail-in ba
  6. Australia is rejoicing! It is early Sunday morning but what a joy to wake up to this news!
  7. He is a sadistic asshole who treats everyone like shit. Why should he get any consideration now. He can go fuck himself. I really hope Biden brings in a tough (but of course fair) AG and they uncover all the illegal crap that has been going on and prosecute all the criminals, including any of Trump's family and Trump himself if warranted.
  8. Biden will get GA, PA and NV. AZ is gonna be close but Biden will probably hold. NC who knows and AK still 50% outstanding that are all mail ballots so that is unknown - Trump probably still wins those two. Biden will likely end up over 300 electoral votes. Trump is toast - it is just a matter of time..... Trump will lose too many States to think that the Courts will be able to 'save' him. Notwithstanding the fact that there is ZERO evidence of any fraud actually happening in any of the vote counting anyway. Let's just hope after a couple of days of denial he bolts and that will be t
  9. fuck off. Bitch is scared stiff the gravy train is about to run off the rails
  10. But Nadal doesn't reside in Monte Carlo and has never claimed to. He lives in Mallorca. Doesn't he pay Spanish taxes? I thought he was one of the few players who actually hasn't changed his residence to a tax haven to avoid paying taxes in his home country. Do I have it wrong?
  11. I want to go to Rogers Cup one year - when the men play in Montreal. Looks like a great tournament
  12. Oh wow - you've met them all? Lucky you. 13 French Opens is indeed INSANE. What an incredible achievement!
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