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  1. The Manhattan DA can indict Trump for his financial crimes even if he is sitting President at the time, whether it be before or after the next Presidential election. Now Cy Vance (Manhattan DA) is the same guy that was DA in 2012 when Trump Jr and Ivanka were NOT indicted wrt fraudulent advertising when selling TrumpSoho condos. The Manhattan DA's office had what seemed to be an airtight case against both Trump kids at the time and Cy Vance overruled his team and dropped the investigation citing insufficient evidence of a crime (this happened within months of Trump's lawyer donating the maximum allowable amount to Vance's re-election campaign). Vance subsequently returned the donations (multiple were made before and after his re-election) but it makes me question whether he is really trustworthy when it comes to objectively prosecuting Trump. Maybe things have changed since 2012.......
  2. This would be hilarious if it wasn't so horrifying that these two are POTUS and FLOTUS. #Vote
  3. It was so bad here in Melbourne yesterday. I know Sydney has had it worse than us.......
  4. It really is horrific. The loss of our beautiful animals just breaks my heart. It has been raining steadily here in Melbourne overnight (which is great of course), but it is the most bizarre thing. The rain is washing the smoke out of the atmosphere and dumping it on the ground as miniscule particles of ash. The smell of burnt ash is so overpowering this morning and we live 200kms from where the closest large fires are in Victoria.
  5. it truly is heartbreaking to see our beautiful country burning to ruin and Scott Morrison doing NOTHING. He has spoken more about the volcanic eruption in NZ than about the bushfires in this country. It is so very depressing...
  6. Typical litigious BS from someone in the US. How has this person suffered $5mn in damages? PISS OFF
  7. Sit by the phone and wait for that call honey. i wouldn’t want you to miss it..... MC has said so many vile homophobic things over the years, i would have NO problem with the Australian Open NOT honoring this 50 year anniversary.
  8. i think it is absolutely necessary to conduct this impeachment inquiry now. There really is no choice, as Trump is going completely off the rails, having eliminated everyone in his inner circle of power that pushed back in any way on his base instincts. Without some kind of congressional push back that can hold him in some way accountable, he will steal the next election anyway through whatever illegal means he can find.
  9. i love him too - i am a huge huge fan. I always try to see him play at the Aussie Open and the US Open each year. i saw him twice this year in NY but didn’t go to the final. What a rollercoaster of a match, but Rafa held on in the end! Vamos!!
  10. Bolsonaro is just like Trump, but possibly even dumber. Terrifying
  11. I think this is what sunk Hilary in the end. As soon as I saw the announcement of the reopened email investigation I knew it was over.....and given that we now know there was an investigation going on related to Trump and Russia at the same time by the FBI, it is OUTRAGEOUS that Comey choose to disclose this non-event 11 days before the election and withheld the Russia investigation news.....
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