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  1. I guess they have realized it isn't Oscar worthy and figured they may as well release it sooner rather than later.........
  2. So this is the twat that was supposedly going to 'teach old hags how to do EDM'? Loser.....
  3. Gay Times Poll Queen of Pop

    what a bullshit poll - but even so M rules - you can't keep the Queen down! Gunt no.2 - WTF? Kyles top 5 - YASS!
  4. i know! that comment really excited me too!! great little interview actually - i'm very surprised given how shitty EW has become over the last few years
  5. Gunt - I DONT BELIEVE YOU you walk around in 12" high ridiculous platform shoes and go on hikes with your 'boyfriend' in high heels yet you expect people to believe you have been living with chronic pain??? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK i love how you only ever happen to contract diseases that have no visible symptoms - how VERY convenient
  6. For those watching the Emmys tonight - you don't have to worry about hearing about GooGoo - her six categories have all already been decided and the SuperBowel Half Time show went 1 for 6 - winning for Best Lighting (Gunt not nominated herself of course) and losing all the other categories......
  7. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Received the Bluray of the show and the double CD last night from Amazon! Don't Tell Me and Borderline sound so amazing from Tears of a Clown - I wish there were more songs of course but glad to have those two - her voice sounds so haunting. Brings back great memories....
  8. she is such an insufferable cunt always a parasite - leeching onto everyone else for some attention
  9. Cuntga has been TRUMPED by Selena! Show us your hip injury scar bitch
  10. FUCK - this is a turd of epic proportions - I never needed to know this song existed
  11. She'll definitely have the tightest slots on the Strip - M loves her coins.....
  12. The song selections are actually quite interesting and non-obvious so that is a nice surprise - but the write-up is so damn bitchy. WTF?
  13. it helps to have dumb fans that never question anything.......
  14. P!nk

    i love her voice and i really like What About Us you go P!nk