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  1. I hope! Can it get lower than this?
  2. M shades Cherish

    Stupid bitch
  3. Her best is her Spanish records such as Mi Tierra, Alma Caribeña... Gloria! is a masterpiece.
  4. 1 - Intervention 2 - Dear Jessie 3 - Superstar 4 - Little Star
  5. Janet Jackson thread

    What? Cherish destroys everything Janet has ever done. Song and video.
  6. Kids react to Madonna

  7. It's not the same, even Taylor has one like the Madonna one you just posted, but it's not The Swift Life, which is a Little monsters social network kinda thing. https://mobileroadie.com/apps/taylorswift
  8. The first half, when she's a bitch it's great and fun to watch. The other half is kinda meh, let's say.
  9. I'm not dead was good too, but Try This! remains her best.
  10. Ines Arrimadas speech great? I'm out of this putrid country. I hope the become independent and move there. I've read it all with you today.
  11. It's been temporarily suspended in order to dialogue with the Spanish state, but their goal is the independence.
  12. "(Lady) Who pushed Lina Morgana?" Only on Netflix.
  13. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    Seem like most are tracks from ANTI.
  14. Again, in order to solve a problem you need to know not most but ALL about it. Also, the fact that ignorant people can cast a vote is one of the main reasons the world is at this state. You are free to express your opinion of course, just don't get mad when people keep pointing out your lack of knowledge on the subject while you keep bringing your uninformed point of view on a subject that requires, at least, having a base in order to understand what is going on. We are not the clever police, we happen to be Spanish so we kinda get what's going on. The subject is not only complex itself, but as current events unfold it keeps getting more and more complicated altogether.
  15. Once again, get informed. You keep giving your opinion on something you know little to nothing about. This is way more complicated and complex than that. It goes back in history as early as the 10th century, and it continues until today being the Nova planta decrees, war or the Spanish succession, the Second Spanish Republic, the Spanish Civil War, Franco's dictatorship and the Spanish transition to democracy relevant historic events. So as you can expect, it is not as simple as you seem to get it.
  16. Maybe it's better to get thoroughly informed on the matter before showing that mixture of ignorance and boldness.
  17. The Spanish government is the first one who contradicts the constitution. They only use it when it's convenient to them and then wipe their filthy asses with it when it is also convenient to them. Everybody's talking about the art. 155 but where's my right to a decent housing, a decent job and a decent salary? that's also in our constitution and they just don't give a shit. In fact, they rule against it. Seriously, fuck our government, our constitution and our country. It deserves to be destroyed.
  18. I am so ashamed of my country that I don't wanna be part of it anymore. I seriously want to leave. The percentage of ignorants and retareded scum in Spain is so high... Our president must go find Joanne. NOW.
  19. Miley Cyrus

    Why so hard on yourself sis
  20. Same. I am disgusted and ashamed of my country. No wonder people want to be independent from this fascist state.