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  1. Yes, this is the original version from 1937. A Star Is Born has been remade three times, in 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason, in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, and in 2018 with this monstrosity and Bradley Cooper.
  2. Swish Bish deserves a video. Also, Miss You More is infinitely better than SAD, yeah, even the initials of that damn shit song tell how bad of a choice for single this crap is.
  3. He didn't reveal names of people, organizations, etc... which he states that was the pact he made and, after all, in this interview he maintains this pact. Plus, he doesn't get killed (yet) because not only that would make it all even more true, but also as you stated, he doesn't reveal many things that hadn't been spread around already and things haven't changed at all in this world, so he's no more threat than all the other people who told their experience and everybody regard as false or fake. With all the things we truly know that went and are going on in the world, I think it isn't hard to believe that some people with a lot of power can commit these atrocities just because he/she (but mostly he) can. I guess the best kept secret is the secret that everybody knows, but nobody believes. Either way, If you just have seen the first part, I recommend you to watch the second part. In the first part he mentions the rituals involving children as a part of the story, and not the main topic. This specific part is told in the story as the moment when everything changed for him and it all cracked. This is just another atrocity along the many these people create around the Earth. it is not the less important of course, but it is a small part of a way bigger and more complex web. The second part is more technical and detailed of how this operates. It's true most of what he says isn't new, but I think this is one of the best explained documents about this issue, which I think it's THE ISSUE.
  4. The videos I posted are not the original videos. They are real but I chose those two because they are dubbed using the original english subtitles, which they also include. I think the Youtube channel that has uploaded those videos has made the mistake of naming the "Illuminati" in their title when in fact, this man never mentions the "Illuminati". I think using this word takes away the attention and the seriousness of this matter. The original title is Real Big Power: Revelations from an Insider. I recommend watching both videos and think about what you have heard. It is a very convincing, logical, reasonable, genuine and detailed two-part interview which personally left me the impression of hearing the truth. There is also a video that analyses his body language at the end of the post. Real Big Power: Revelations from an Insider In this time of sudden disclosures and unexpected blatant truths, where ‘news’ is barely distinguishable from ‘fake news’, it takes the utmost courage for an ‘insider’ to come out with the truth based on real facts. Ronald Bernard is one of these courageous people who dared to tell his story in front of (DVM-TV), De Vrije Media’s camera. He unfolds a life story in which he got progressively deeper into the world of the big money, in which he – as he stated himself – had been warned up front that he had to be able to put his conscience in the proverbial freezer, and keep it there at all times. Eventually this ended in his personal complete breakdown. Ronald does his story candidly and is forthright with his emotions to explain all that had preceded this breaking point. He clarifies the distorted way the world works, in which a small group of elites, numbering between 8000 to 8500 people, who rule the entire world and discloses their ‘religious incentives’ for doing so. “If only people really knew the ins and outs of the matter and realized what is really going on”. When you have seen this interview, you will know. Then automatically the question arises: ‘how are we going to fix this, when we no longer look away, but bundle our powers?’ In part 2 Ronald Bernard explains the Pyramid of Power and how this affects our daily lives. Ronald shows us that rich is getting richer and more powerful day by day. And why the mass often lives from scarcity.
  5. Save As Crap the next single? The worst song along with Into Me You Pee. Katy, stop.
  6. Take a fucking seat.
  7. I don't think anybody is saying Witness is as perfect and marvelous as Erotica. That would be A CRIME. It's just for the fact that her last album is more risky compared to her previous ones.
  8. These people should be castrated so they don't breed.
  9. Isn't Swish Swish Bish better than Toilet and Gags' entire discography, life, family and value as human beings? The correct answer is YAS.
  10. OMG The reductive of 2010. Thanks!
  11. ok! i'm going to do some research on that. thanks
  12. That Madonna stated the sentence "is that the video she thinks it me?". NO WAY. I do feel like a flop fan now. When was that? And how? She wrote it on instagram or any other social network? She said to somebody else and got reported? I seriously don't know that D:
  13. Please, could you develop this. I'm curious.
  14. Bitch, don't make me delete your album. It's the only one I allow to be in my iPod. DO NOT APOLOGIZE TO TOILET OR THE CULTURAL APPROPRIATION SJW RETARDS!