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  1. Biden will do nothing but kiss saudi ass like the ones before him, and the ones after him.
  2. WTF? He was always part of the system. He tried to start wars too and global ones (with Iran for instance). He never cared about anybody but himself and his family(?). Yes, Biden is continuing the status quo that never changed, but that doesn't make Trump any less vile. Hitler's evilness didn't make Stalin less evil.
  3. Police everywhere is full of bad apples, and the good apples are rotten in the inside. FUK DE POLICE!
  4. Europe is racist and its police sucks balls too. Just because in the US is really bad, it doesn't make Europe good.
  5. Yeah, these things and similar happen also in UK, France and for sure Spain knowing how our police acts during peaceful demonstrations. And the Guardia Civil is basically a fascist organization from the Falange.
  6. The only good option would be Warren or Sanders. Trump vs Biden? The US is doomed. Román collapse 2.0
  7. That we are ruled by pedophiles is not a conspiracy theory, it's a conspiracy fact. The earth is still not flat though.
  8. In no particular order: Crave Faz Gostoso Come Alive Bitch I'm Loca I Don't Search I Find
  9. Can't stop listening to this masterpiece together with Faz Gostoso! Nothing like she has ever done and she just can do it right. No everyone can do that
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