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  1. It's actually the other way around! I use to say the same thing too, but people had the files mislabeled.

    Demo 1 03-2014 (3:29) (Acoustic)

    Demo 2 05-19-2014 (4:00) (Uptempo) [First Leaked Demo]

    Demo 3 07-2014 (3:27) (New Vox)

    Demo 4 (3:16) (End Cuts)

    Demo 5 (3:29)

    In bold is what leaked. Demo 5 is the one closest to the album version.

    Yes that's right! The labels were wrong.

    I wonder what 3&4 sound like

  2. The upbeat demo version is amazing and far superior to the horrible, tacky, dull boring snoozefest that is the album version. Even the other acoustic demo is better than the album version.

    Her voice on the upbeat demo is amazing, so

    formal, posh with upper class attitude. Shows

    how powerful and what a true, classy diva she really is. I just can't get enough of it, especially on the verses.


  3. What's the deal with "Queen"? I remember someone on here saying it wasn't actually recorded during the RH sessions? I find that hard to believe, since it doesn't sound like it fits with any other era, but sonically and lyrically it's right in line with what she did with RH. But it's also not listed on the Wikipedia page of Madonna's unreleased songs. All of the other demos are included in the list of leaks.

    Any clue?

    It was meant to be on Rebel Heart. Her website listed it as part of the super deluxe track listing for like 3 months until it was finally updated in June

  4. Joseph Kahn


    Has there ever been a song you’ve wanted to shoot a music video for but haven’t?

    You know it’s weird, because I started loving Madonna when I was a kid. That’s where it all started. On a weird level, a lot of these videos are like my version of Madonna videos.

    That’s awesome!
    Where it came from was specifically Madonna’s David Fincher era where they were doing ‘Express Yourself’ and ‘Oh Father’ and ‘Vogue.’ Especially when I heard her ‘Ray Of Light’ album, and I didn’t get to do any of those songs, like almost every one of those songs I had a vision in my head for. It’s still one of my favorite albums of all time. Whenever I hear any song from there, like ‘Music,’ I’ll see some alternate video in my head. I think it’s only because I wanted to pitch on those songs so bad back then and I never got the chance to, so I have all these remnants of video ideas that never got to be made with Madonna.

    What about contributing something for Rebel Heart?
    Actually I did write on it, but I think I wrote something incredibly… bad.

    What do you mean?
    I don’t know… maybe I offended her.

    It’s possible to offend Madonna?
    Writing the song… oh God I can’t even explain it. I might even use this concept… Again, if I talk about concepts that I haven’t done, I could possibly use it for other things and also other directors could hear it and then they would extract it and make their own video concepts from it, and this is a really good idea. I’ll tell you in a nutshell: Old Madonna and a young Madonna. And the young Madonna, I wanted Chloë Moretz to play her and I had this story between Madonna now and Madonna as a 17-year-old for ‘Devil Pray.’ It was a really complex story that had all this interweaving. I don’t think you ever go to an artist and say ‘hey, here’s you… and here’s a younger version of you.’ It’s just not a good fucking thing to do.

    Are you implying they could be old?
    That could be the message. That wasn’t the intent. It was just dumb.

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