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  1. Is the first album on the list or not? LAP, E and ROL are Madonna's mastepieces, they deserve to be on the list. The first album is good, but it is not one of the greatest albums of all time or even one of the best Madonna albums. Female artists are always underrated. On these charts The Beatles can have 10 albums, but almost every female singer just one.
  2. Whiny faggot? Perhaps you are talking about yourself. A true fan wouldn't tell someone just to fuck off, when someone tells something about her. If you are defending her with insults instead of explanations, then you are just a stupid fan who hasn't got anything smart to say.
  3. @Pud Whacker @whoastephen You both are fanatics. If you can discuss about here music, then discuss. Nobody comes here to insulted. This is a forum, people have different opinions, obvioulsy you two can't handle that.
  4. You are 43 years old and you are acting like a baby. BTW I didn't say anything bad about Madonna so I don't understand the hate.
  5. You are such a fucking idiot. If you like everything she does then that is your problem. There is no difference between you as Madonna fan and Gaga fans.
  6. Madonna's music evolved from charming and fun pop (Madonna, LAV), across first more serious stuff (ING,CFY, TB) to mature and artistic works like LAP, E, BS and ROL. It is unexpected from her to make a song like Superstar when she has done so many great works and written strong lyrics, you all should admit that?
  7. Well, she made a lot of songs in the 80s that can't be described as mature, but thanks to 80s production, they have charm and emotion. She was at the beginning of her career, it made sense then. ITG is great song, it really has great lyrics where sex and dance is mixed, it is a very smart song just like Music, which also has great message.
  8. Well there is a lot of mature music which is boring like Elton's, but it also depends on your taste. I like Kate Bush, whose music is mature, but it isn't boring to me, because there is passion and real emotions. When I am listening to some ballads like Elton's or Celine Dion's, I don't feel the emotions in their voice and music... I am going to say again, it depends on your taste. Also, Madonna has already used piano, jazz and acoustic guitar in her pop music, the result was good and mature and fun. Madonna released Something To Remember because she wanted to show that she isn't just a dance music artist. Maybe you don't like ballads at all. I like very much her ballads of 80s and 90s, they are very melancholic and they have beutiful orchestration. Just compare Superstar to I'm Addicted, then you will see which song is mature and which is childish. If you think that pop music can't be mature, then it seems songs like Vogue or Like A Prayer are childish, just ordinary pop tunes. It is like there is no difference between Madonna's Vogue or Gaga's Just Dance.
  9. Every music genre can be mature. Music and AL also were mature, the passion was evident. The thing I like about Madonna is mature and artistic pop music. She didn't just make pop songs that were big hits, it really was something great.
  10. More mature sound doesn't mean AC music or ballads. Serious music doesn't have to be something avant-garde, mature sound can be fun too. LAP, E, ROL - they all are mature and artsitic. Fans want that kind of stuff. Music that make you think, feel and dance. I don't understand why do you always think of AC music when someone mentions mature music.
  11. I think that too. The album will be released in the end of the next year and a tour in 2015.
  12. Does anyone knows something about this photo session? I read that it was made in 1994 by Jean Baptiste Mondino, who also directed Human Nature in 1995, for British Elle magazine. German model Nadja Auermann is on the pics. .
  13. If Madonna isn't popular on the charts anymore because of her age, then why does she release generic songs as singles if she knows the same result will be if she releases better songs?
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