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  1. Happy Pride! I don't think I ever see a pride thread here ever Hope everyone is enjoying themselves!
  2. I kinda feel the same about booze However there are some “health benefits in it” even tho I personally don’t think ill drink again life is just much better coherent lol
  3. Yes! and they should make cigarettes illegal. I hate those disgusting poisonous pointless things!
  4. there was alot to take in and unpack and process from the whole incident. still thinking about him and his family. the man came to the US to give a better life to himself and family. he reminded me of people I know. this hit real hard for me. I hope that this is not how the upcoming generations will be - given that I keep seeing stuff like this on the rise.
  5. I don't know why but this really hit me. Why on earth these girls would do this and after killing him crashing the car one of them only cares about where her phone was. https://abc7ny.com/dc-carjacking-mohammad-anwar-uber-eats-driver-killed-2-teen-girls-charged-murder/10454938 video....not easy to watch Here is a go fund me for him if you guys want to donate: https://gofund.me/9fffc496
  6. Human history shows that our species has always been addicted to them - id say all tragedy stems from the lynchmob mindset - none of this is anything new...same dumb, different cast.
  7. millions of years of evolution only to want to look like a fish again.
  8. im really saddened by how easy it is for people to get caught up in extremism, and want to argue endlessly and not see the forest before the trees and feel empowered by that. ?? I used to think the two party system needed reform for us to not continue to be collateral damage, but, I'm not so sure anymore. I don't know if it is a political party problem. I think alot of people just have contempt and hate inside them for some reason and worsens instead of lessens over time for them. I felt sick in my stomach last couple days, trying to keep up with the weight of what has happened; the only thing I know is that we better buckle our seatbelts if this is how we starting 2021. Had posted a comment about this on IG and all the sub replies to it are people going at it with each other. lol it's so exhausting.
  9. I don't know why but it's taking me back to pre 9/11 when we thought we were indestructible and fully secured. Then we found out about all the missed red flags. This is very concerning, and I'm sure our enemies took note.
  10. Yea i found that strange too it was like seeing self loather vs self loather it’s definitely about more than covid Weird energy
  11. @horn maybe try searching the title - may not be available in your country from the link I posted - it's an interesting documentary, covers alot of angles
  12. All I know is my male friends are straight - and there's no reason for them to be bothered by who I decide to date. Why would there be? It makes complete sense that only men who need to exert their "straightness" or hurt people who aren't, to always end up being a repressed gay person. Time and time and again. the story is consistently the same not just with homophobes, but, any bully (who they hate is a reflection of who they are) but....actually now that I think of it, it could also be a sociopathic power trip thing, that has nothing to do with self hate. just about control and power. the whole "yay for me, not for thee" type of thing.
  13. It does. But heres the kicker: we as voting americans don’t have to vote democrat or republican. if anyone actually bothered they would have seen many independents were running this year of which one was a black woman who was advocating for alot of what many were seeking in a candidate. This year would have been a perfect time to elect an independent. Speaks volumes to me that we didn't and that we'd rather continue the cycle.
  14. If two people want to consensually marry, what the church or any religion for that matter, has to say should have no bearing. couples should be allowed to have it recognized legally so they can have the same benefits that all couples allowed to marry have.
  15. Ive been around long enough; this i know and long enough , and healed enough to also say lets just see. And in meantime , think freely while you can. Cant go wrong with that.
  16. I was just thinking that too when i woke up to cheers and hot weather it felt vacation like for a minute i forgot what year it was lol
  17. Hmm? No i dont see things myopically. what I’m saying is i don’t like to be lied to, or have anyone speak for me, and for you to keep doing you.
  18. I cant react just yet ive been consistently let down by individuals who i was told to believe had my back So after doing so much work to fix that on my own, i see a little differently. im good with any president as long as they deliver but i will never wait on politicians to better my life
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