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  1. New EP - Looking For Magic

    Thanks! @Mensch! yes GTI is definitely in the EP. the other two i feel like i need to beef them up. not completely done yet, its gotten hard with my guy in LA and both of us picking up speed. Hope to complete this before summer for sure!
  2. Getting ready to release an EP before I start performing in the late summer. Still have to figure out of the 11 which 7 will make it on the disc. Here's Gone's The Illusion and Don't Stop. Enjoy!
  3. Avicii has passed away

  4. It wasn't relatable back then for sure. But I think the obsession with celebrity finally gave way and made everyone get a taste of it thru social media...and the song became relatable. Overall The songs " issue " was the prechorus (do I have to change my name/will it get me far/should I lose some weight/will it get me far) being repeated. I think... if each prechorus had different lyrics commenting on similar issues, it would have worked. But the music sonically was beautiful esp the chorus
  5. I like his version but sineadcreally made it her own. Both versions are impressive
  6. Madonna is working on new music.

    Music Impressive Instant I Deserve It Gone The entire AL album except the title track lol Future Lovers The AL outtakes def looking forward. their songs together have been lyrically terse, i'm wondering if they are going to combine that aesthetic with the singer songwriter vibe from Rebel Heart to create something new. that would be really nice. i hope she uses one of my demos! lol
  7. Madonna is working on new music.

    i just know that much. lol i think she is too "self-aware" and supportive! to do that ;P
  8. Last Northern white male rhino dies

    i think we are evolving into parasites....#lowkey our behavior and contribution to things like this is unapprehensible.
  9. Madonna is working on new music.

    her album title is not going to be magic...;)
  10. Madonna’s Instagram

    can't wait to hear what they come up with. mirwais is very flexible considering his work on Music, Life, and Confessions. I feel like they both throw ideas at each other until cells start forming a living thing. it's so hard to find people who have that sensibility now days
  11. im so glad; there's so much potential here
  12. i think the other problem is that there is no diversity/everything kinda sounds the same now. plus now days in order to make money off music, an artist or label has to partner up and can't truly be themselves 100% i think to avoid rattling the cage. back in the day the music mainly spoke for itself. so much has changed. the answers are in what has changed.
  13. people who call her ugly....i question. I'm obsessed with universal languages to a fault, i.e. math, science, music, sex ;) the golden ratio applies to all. her face i can just marvel at. how she moves....i think the people that called her ugly are people who probably push good things away. lol her face was like that of a roman statue. her body was sculpted: she knew to work out her neck and shoulders and forearms and back. this is why she looks so good for her age. i know people, including me, question her cosmetic procedures, but i think when we look back we will see she did a real good job at preserving herself for the media (even though i still feel that she would look beautiful without anything done). she can pull almost every look off. I'm going to post all my favs
  14. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    The rose mist, face wash, eye masks, and reinvention cream are all affordable n worth it. the serum and finishing cream are the pricy items. As much as the serum is great I opt for other less expensive just as good brands. Haven't tried finishing cream bc I tried reinvention and am very satisfied with that one. The clay mask is actually affordable it's the dual head kit that is pricy but u don't need the kit just get the magnetic flow stick n the clay mask n ur good to go. The line is just very refreshing without coating ur face. It's all very delicate n absorbs into your skin!
  15. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    Everything but the finishing cream; i even tried the reinvention cream. That n the rose mist are my fav
  16. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    yessss my dear :) what i mean is, an album catering to mainstream/success vs an Arca/Sophie/Bjork/Zola Jesus/Grimes produced album for example
  17. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    making an album is not as complicated as one may think. it really depends on who you work with and how developed your vision is. she can very well release an album in a short time to fulfill her contract and then complete her real album after the films.
  18. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    mdna skin really makes a difference. sorry for being an advocate but my skin seems...much more even, supple. i really take care of my skin but since using her line, i could get into detail but rather not to not sound like I'm ego tripping, but there is a noticeable improvement in how people notice me. it definitely leaves skin hydrated, youthful, from the inside vs a lot of topical creams that just lay on your skin and just make you shiny/desperate looking. her creams go inside out. they are very fine/delicate. she did a really good job with this line. I'm not surprised she is very proud of it.
  19. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    i think what she means by she's not a smoker is that she was never hooked, or bought packs. she was a social smoker but probably smoked insignificant amounts of time so theres no point in saying "i'm a smoker" same when she says she doesn't drink.
  20. Madonna Rewind: Beautiful Stranger

    get the fuck out! i was just listening to it again I'm like what a classic
  21. i love the soulfulness of it; it's on par with Respect by Aretha, anthemic and simple, it's delivery that takes it home and makes it timeless. Its my favorite M song.
  22. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    While I liked mj n prince I couldn't truly get into either bc of their reclusive nature. I love extroverts in n out of stage