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  1. idk y but I strongly have been envision a theme of the "construction of Madonna" -- as if she was a statue being maintenanced/constructed, I envision life like statue esque imagery, and also Madonna as every woman. Madonna as the front woman. surrealism in all those aspects. feel like there will definitely be the water section she wanted for previous tours. Very tribal/latin/wordly. Expect La Isla Bonita hahaha.
  2. eroticerotic

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    ooh this is a tough one I enjoy her albums equally. Homogenic Volta Vulnicura Medulla Vespertine Post Debut Biophilia Utopia
  3. I used to think it was weird myself but only bc anyone I told this to would say it was. 😩 I realized 99 percent of porn is ... cold. Robotic. Angry. Not how real sex goes. And that many people are still kinda ignorant about sex n sexuality. Intimacy, sensuality, guards down, actual pleasure is much hotter and rare in porn 🤤
  4. Your attempts at trolling are kinda weak pa 😂 don’t even make sense . Find a better hobby
  5. most porn is such a turn off to me; they are not realistic. sometimes I try to watch and end up making faces or just looking at it like I would a train wreck. lol the only porn that has truly gotten me off is when ironically, a woman is genuinely enjoying herself! which is very rare.
  6. eroticerotic


    Nah there are still great melodies and songs to be heard; people just need to write them 🙂 there will be a renaissance
  7. eroticerotic

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    he will win again. if you're not this youre that. if youre that youre this. all I've seen people do is blame each other for everything instead of just realizing we are all different and we need to come together based on what is logical, reasonable, universal, COMMUNICATE and have a CLEAR plan. Trump is a symptom..
  8. eroticerotic

    Has 2018 Killed the Pop Star?

    Does it have to do with the internet more than the artists artistic integrity or output consistency? Most of the artists who flopped didn’t release strong enough or consistent follow ups. Or the pr wasn’t consistent as well. They haven’t broight anything new to the table. Of course it’s going to wane.
  9. eroticerotic


    The charts now remind me of my high school days lol. Not music wise, people wise. Like there's the popular crowd, and I always wonder how 99% became that. That's not a diss to any artist since I don't know any of them personally; I would like to know personally how to get there without compromising who I am/stand for and without misleading people/dehumanizing them for my gain.
  10. eroticerotic

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    I think so. I feel like back then she wanted to prove she could be part of the band at her stature. she succeeded; the fact t that people were trying to cancel her after sex/erotica/body of evidence, and this show was sold out, this show is fucking awesome. I hope she goes full band again in her next tour because, I feel like, she underestimates herself as a musician live. for example, like a virgin rebel heart. she didn't need a single prop and it was a highlight. I LIVE for shit like that. she is such a presence. I understand she is human and she probably feels like she needs big show, but she really doesn't. love her. im stanning!
  11. eroticerotic

    Kanye West

    I....love the album. It's like an art piece, not really something for radio. Definitely meant to incite reaction.
  12. eroticerotic

    Lorn-a musician I just found out about

    anvil is my fav - he's been a muse for my second album, one to watch for sure.
  13. eroticerotic

    Troye Sivan

    he wrote a whole song about an anus wink, gave it a melody and you guys dig that? oy. i think i made it clear i like effeminate guys but he gives me the wrong vibe. i get rara vibes.
  14. eroticerotic

    Kanye West

    to be honest i don't think kanye is being out of line. i feel like...MOST? of us want to say things but back down from doing so because we don't have his privilege. we get to think before we say because we don't have the money for security. so i think in his head he thinks its ok to spew his thoughts. i think he is learning at the same time. i think we all are learning. the real world is much different from kanyes current lifestyle. this reminds me in a way, of American Life. to silence him would be a mistake. if he is willing to take the shit that comes with what he says, let him. he has the money for that kind of security until we all get to a place where it is ok to share any thought that leads to all of our equality and well being.
  15. eroticerotic

    Kanye West

    i love snoop xxx