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  1. Lawyer sets himself on fire to decry pollution

    it doesn't seem like he had mental issues. he was just really brave. he didn't hurt anyone and his words did not reflect delusion. he is on point with what he is saying. i guess he really believed in what he was saying and felt like the only way people would listen was to martyr himself. not a route i would take, but i actually respect that. RIP buddy.
  2. New EP - Looking For Magic

    Thanks! @Mensch! yes GTI is definitely in the EP. the other two i feel like i need to beef them up. not completely done yet, its gotten hard with my guy in LA and both of us picking up speed. Hope to complete this before summer for sure!
  3. I like his version but sineadcreally made it her own. Both versions are impressive
  4. Last Northern white male rhino dies

    i think we are evolving into parasites....#lowkey our behavior and contribution to things like this is unapprehensible.
  5. Getting ready to release an EP before I start performing in the late summer. Still have to figure out of the 11 which 7 will make it on the disc. Here's Gone's The Illusion and Don't Stop. Enjoy!
  6. i think the other problem is that there is no diversity/everything kinda sounds the same now. plus now days in order to make money off music, an artist or label has to partner up and can't truly be themselves 100% i think to avoid rattling the cage. back in the day the music mainly spoke for itself. so much has changed. the answers are in what has changed.
  7. Grace Jones thread

    i LOVED her in boomerang. she's amazing. an original for sure. she did an interview in the 80s where she physically attacked the interviewer lol like she was a lion.
  8. Troye Sivan

    I mainly date and am attracted to effeminate and androgynous men so I'm not a hater by any means; however I don't think it has to do with sexuality as much as stage presence.
  9. Dolores O'Riordan has died at 46

    so upsetting.
  10. Troye Sivan

  11. I get this sense that we aren't moving forward with anything lately. We are stuck, there's no leadership. that we are just going from one extreme to the other. in this case we were given the internet without guidelines now it's being restricted with what seems to be set guidelines not ones based on an all encompassing assessment . I dont know guys and gals. ...... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. I honestly don't know how I feel about it, because I always longed for pre internet days, and there was life before the internet, and if prices are ridiculous I'm not going to bother altogether. I'll make due. Run for the bus, etc. however, I'm thinking a lot of people's livelihoods may be affected. People who actually use the internet for invaluable purposes . It's going to be interesting how it develops.