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  1. I agree with "time will tell" so far it's been a lot of paranoia and hypocrisy from people. It may sound weird but I...think he will make America greater again. I think he will accomplish a lot. I hope i don't eat crow lol but whatever. I'm optimistic.
  2. eroticerotic

    The Weeknd

    I have star girl on repeat love Lana x
  3. eroticerotic

    Closer - Chainsmokers #1 12 wks!

    whatev...their music is what is hot now. and has been for a while... they liked my music on instagram so i can't hate!
  4. Anyone who thinks it's a choice to be gay, made a choice to be straight.
  5. this is all depressing. not because Trump won, but because everyone is so angry. Just look at that chick. this anger has been building up for quite some time in a great deal of people. I see it everyday when I commute to work, people yelling at each other because they grazed each other, or sat next to each other, people crash into each other on purpose, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the internet shouldn't have been given to us so freely. i don't know why just yet, but i feel like lack of internet control and etiquette plays a big part in why anger is on the rise. mix that with religion and poor education, which were a large cause of it prior to the internet, it's a disaster. that much emotion makes people mentally unstable. irrational. you can't think or listen. it's like 28 days later films; rage virus :/
  6. if the electoral decide to vote Hillary on Dec 19th, it's going to get uglier. People aren't talking, they are reacting. So, I'm thinking any chance for them to vote for her is out the window with all the protesting and craziness ensuing. I think disagreeing with Trump being elected should have been approached a different way.
  7. Wonder iF the capital during his presidency will be Nyc again. I believe president Washington started in ny then relocated to philly. ? Im not too great with history. A cpl more ran the country in philly before the White House existed.
  8. wow that was very well said
  9. eroticerotic

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    it's ever more so our culture now though - it's encouraged . i don't know, i had a gut feeling he would win, so I'm not too bothered. life goes on. we make the most of what we ve got.
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    2016 American Presidential Thread

    if anything is to be learned, it's never assume y'all!
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    2016 American Presidential Thread

    I like that and it's very true - but you gotta admit the polls should be very eye opening lol
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    2016 American Presidential Thread

    i already warned everyone he would win lol. so I'm not surprised at all. if she wins it would be a surprise to me. it's just the state the world is in today. we are not being progressing or are progressing at all.
  13. I don't think you unworthy
    I need a moment to deliberate.

    1. spotlight



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    2016 American Presidential Thread

    It's clear Hillary is the ideal winner. Trump, is not ready. but, i wouldn't be so sure she has it in the bag. i just think, right now, we live in a culture where, there's an abuse of power across the board. most of us have fame (online, known only for our media personas/projections, reality shows etc) and easy access to things, pretty much, and, for the longest, we've been told these things are highest forms of achievement. well, now, more and more people are resting on their laurels, believing everything they read, or, do things, just to see the effect they have regardless of the outcome. just turn on the news or read a blog. we now stop to take a picture of the travesty, rather than try to help a situation from becoming one. every vote always counts but it will REALLY count even moreso this year. ugh. so exhausting. Bernie I had your back! :/
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    Saudi-US bombing of Yemen

    I'm definitely aware of this. 2017 is going to be one of the worst in history. I HOPE IM WRONG.
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    2016 American Presidential Thread

    he looks like he either has alcohol bloat or crying bloat from the previous night or so.
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    2016 American Presidential Thread

    omg at the Hillary remixes I love Michelle O's passion. I need to find these Trump meltdown speeches.
  18. i don't think they visit us anymore ; imagine being in a space craft - the technology of that, and then, hovering over earth and seeing city lights from that altitude, to us they are beautiful but in reality its like cancer to the earth, then they get closer and they see us taking photos of ourselves, of your buttholes, then they see us killing each other, watching movies about that and seeing us cheer on! getting into fights over who throws, kicks, or bats a ball. fighting over dyed green paper. LOL i mean the list goes on. "ufo" intelligence requires teamwork. we have a long way to go. i don't know its funny to me. i think they stopped coming a long time ago
  19. Fake. Aliens only visit intelligent life πŸ€“
  20. this election is a disaster. it can only get better after the next four years right??
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    yes; i love him. shape of my heart is my jam i also love Desert Rose; the whole Brand New Day record actually Fields Of Gold, When We Dance, xxxx
  22. a lot of uncivilized men who need old world religion to feel important still think that force = power = masculine = man. targeting gay men and women, since they've bullied to the point where it is easy to target them, probably helps them deal with their own homosexuality and they probably feel like they are doing the right thing. Brainwashing at it's best. I'll never understand the fixation on gay men and women unless it has something to do with insecurities going on inside that person's head.
  23. I broke up with my grindr and scruff. I noticed I would only log on to get compliments and i rarely replied; unless i was drunk out or bored, and would basically troll others. Sometimes, very rarely, I did actually hook up. But I started to get weird vibes on them....this year actually. Profile pics seemed fake, the messages I would get were weird, and I started to recognize people I didn't even know, just knew them from seeing them on the apps. It was time to break up. haha
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    yea. the 90's was truly the last decade with really rich, great, diverse, music. i think 98 was the peak of that. i can't choose. love em all
  25. just looking at the upper right hand corner when i log in, and seeing the thread title , and "created by" displaying Pud Whacker, has me giddy alone