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    2016 American Presidential Thread

    It's clear Hillary is the ideal winner. Trump, is not ready. but, i wouldn't be so sure she has it in the bag. i just think, right now, we live in a culture where, there's an abuse of power across the board. most of us have fame (online, known only for our media personas/projections, reality shows etc) and easy access to things, pretty much, and, for the longest, we've been told these things are highest forms of achievement. well, now, more and more people are resting on their laurels, believing everything they read, or, do things, just to see the effect they have regardless of the outcome. just turn on the news or read a blog. we now stop to take a picture of the travesty, rather than try to help a situation from becoming one. every vote always counts but it will REALLY count even moreso this year. ugh. so exhausting. Bernie I had your back! :/
  2. eroticerotic

    Saudi-US bombing of Yemen

    I'm definitely aware of this. 2017 is going to be one of the worst in history. I HOPE IM WRONG.
  3. eroticerotic

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    he looks like he either has alcohol bloat or crying bloat from the previous night or so.
  4. eroticerotic

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    omg at the Hillary remixes I love Michelle O's passion. I need to find these Trump meltdown speeches.
  5. i don't think they visit us anymore ; imagine being in a space craft - the technology of that, and then, hovering over earth and seeing city lights from that altitude, to us they are beautiful but in reality its like cancer to the earth, then they get closer and they see us taking photos of ourselves, of your buttholes, then they see us killing each other, watching movies about that and seeing us cheer on! getting into fights over who throws, kicks, or bats a ball. fighting over dyed green paper. LOL i mean the list goes on. "ufo" intelligence requires teamwork. we have a long way to go. i don't know its funny to me. i think they stopped coming a long time ago
  6. Fake. Aliens only visit intelligent life πŸ€“
  7. this election is a disaster. it can only get better after the next four years right??
  8. eroticerotic


    yes; i love him. shape of my heart is my jam i also love Desert Rose; the whole Brand New Day record actually Fields Of Gold, When We Dance, xxxx
  9. a lot of uncivilized men who need old world religion to feel important still think that force = power = masculine = man. targeting gay men and women, since they've bullied to the point where it is easy to target them, probably helps them deal with their own homosexuality and they probably feel like they are doing the right thing. Brainwashing at it's best. I'll never understand the fixation on gay men and women unless it has something to do with insecurities going on inside that person's head.
  10. I broke up with my grindr and scruff. I noticed I would only log on to get compliments and i rarely replied; unless i was drunk out or bored, and would basically troll others. Sometimes, very rarely, I did actually hook up. But I started to get weird vibes on them....this year actually. Profile pics seemed fake, the messages I would get were weird, and I started to recognize people I didn't even know, just knew them from seeing them on the apps. It was time to break up. haha
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    yea. the 90's was truly the last decade with really rich, great, diverse, music. i think 98 was the peak of that. i can't choose. love em all
  12. just looking at the upper right hand corner when i log in, and seeing the thread title , and "created by" displaying Pud Whacker, has me giddy alone
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    i thought that was Ali Lohan under a pseudonym at first. the way her profile looked and how they tried to obscure her face in the beginning of her career LOLOL. she's cool. i love Fall Over.
  14. eroticerotic

    New MIA

    Her face isn't! xxx
  15. eroticerotic

    Hole - "Celebrity Skin"

    i love Northern Star, Dying, Malibu, and Petals
  16. evolution at its finest X
  17. eroticerotic

    2016 MTV VMAs

    as someone who stopped paying attention to pop culture when madonna was not included, beyonce has caught my attention the most. followed by rihanna. followed by britney. so whatever they win i am for! they deserve it. its a weird POP industry, which is what MTV is about, and if they can stay seductive and interesting, they deserve awards. taylor smith was a fool for ever thinking she could be a pop star. her ambition was too cold. ambition needs to come from the heart. and people need to confuse it for cold. it can't be the opposite. its just nature. karma.
  18. eroticerotic

    The Great Camille Paglia!!!

    i love her points but i kept thinking she would break out with porky pig's "that's all folks" lol
  19. fckin' robot. we need an alternatives to religion. an better education systems.
  20. eroticerotic

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    I'm nervous. Hillary needs to win at this point. But I swear with the way things are going this year, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump wins.
  21. eroticerotic

    LP - Lost On You

    its a really great song
  22. i must say, not all law enforcement is unethical. this issue can not be generalized between all cops and all blacks. a lot of my family is in law enforcement from all cop rankings, to fbi. they are a hard working crew and give back to the communities. and I'm nervous that all cops will now be seen as targets, and that someone i know will be attacked due to all this chaos. someone consumed with rage will not say, for example "oh, hey he helped open a homeless shelter that got many people off the streets and back to work; let me not attack him." one of the problems i assume is how they hire law enforcement. however, from first hand experience, there are good law enforcers out there that go above and beyond to project and help.
  23. eroticerotic

    Air - Twentyears

    i love AIR. esp since Virgin Suicides. will check it out; thanks!
  24. tbh i enjoyed the video but skimmed through it. 10 minutes is too long for me, the message gets lost on me unless the video is well done. when i skimmed, i liked the far shot of all of them together in the frame, and i also enjoyed when the camera was passing through each wax figure with sleep breathing sounds. i found it amusing ha. i think the inspiration he found from Vincent was quite good. it just made me see all these people from different walks of life, and think of the irony of the "we all sleep alone" statement, and how ultimately we all human despite our superhuman self imposed flaws.