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  1. I'm curious to find out where the most crimes take place, as in democratic or republican led, how long they've represented, what the gun/weapon laws are in those regions. the history of the shooters. what was happening in pop culture during the influx of incidents. I started to do some research but it's going to require some time; this is going to be thesis level research. I think it's important to understand these things. I'm tired of hearing about these things and feeling helpless/uninformed. These things need to be looked into more.
  2. slightly off topic, is it true that crime in London is "surging" ? I keep coming across headlines in that vein.
  3. Ah got it; I don’t know much about Aussie politics; to be honest I generalized based on what I’ve personally seen in the us, and, I assumed since conservatism is trending lately that it may not be for different reasons. I identify as a free thinker. In the us, the new wave of liberal and socialism ideologies are eating the dems alive. Which are causing right wing parties to effortlessly win. I’m pretty open minded. So I can imagine how the rest of the country which is much more conservative outside nyc n ca feels. Hopefully it’s not as circus like there as it is here lol
  4. Not shocked. It will continue around the world the more the liberal side is represented by lunatics or until a new party that represents newer more effective ways arrives.
  5. How is the video anti abortion? Anyway All I saw was a Jesus preacher and an angry gay lol
  6. as sad as that video is, im not surprised. this poor woman. oh my god I needed to really step away and calm down. so much to say but I know it might be too much; I know alot of you are sensitive to debate and unpopular opinion so I will keep to myself on this forum. if I were on that train I would not have been filming. what I will say is, be careful what you believe in government and media wise. it likes to keep you believing it for its own Gain not yours.
  7. I am adamantly against socialism and anyone who supports it. it has been of no service to any country that has adapted it. This is a horrible situation in Venezuela. I hope they find a solution soon.
  8. Something about the ad feels Gaga ish; , reductive, contrived. Won’t b surprised if no one can see thru it. The fallacy fallacy from all the psych majors being used to argue with any naysayer is cringe lol Gillette will flip flop when people find a new way to feel like a hero; its about the money. i believe they were identified as using child labor recently too. They also charge more for women razors lol.
  9. huh? whats up with Florida? in Newark where I grew up the headline would read, " middle school girls get annihilated after being discovered to plan to cut other classmates. lol in all seriousness....something is up. isn't it something that the privileged few turn to violence and those who have nothing, make the most of their surroundings? are we just really meant to self destruct after we reach a certain point? are we not reaching high enough? I...don't get it.
  10. I used to think it was weird myself but only bc anyone I told this to would say it was. I realized 99 percent of porn is ... cold. Robotic. Angry. Not how real sex goes. And that many people are still kinda ignorant about sex n sexuality. Intimacy, sensuality, guards down, actual pleasure is much hotter and rare in porn
  11. Your attempts at trolling are kinda weak pa don’t even make sense . Find a better hobby
  12. most porn is such a turn off to me; they are not realistic. sometimes I try to watch and end up making faces or just looking at it like I would a train wreck. lol the only porn that has truly gotten me off is when ironically, a woman is genuinely enjoying herself! which is very rare.
  13. he will win again. if you're not this youre that. if youre that youre this. all I've seen people do is blame each other for everything instead of just realizing we are all different and we need to come together based on what is logical, reasonable, universal, COMMUNICATE and have a CLEAR plan. Trump is a symptom..
  14. it doesn't seem like he had mental issues. he was just really brave. he didn't hurt anyone and his words did not reflect delusion. he is on point with what he is saying. i guess he really believed in what he was saying and felt like the only way people would listen was to martyr himself. not a route i would take, but i actually respect that. RIP buddy.
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