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  1. Something about the ad feels Gaga ish; , reductive, contrived. Won’t b surprised if no one can see thru it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ The fallacy fallacy from all the psych majors being used to argue with any naysayer is cringe lol Gillette will flip flop when people find a new way to feel like a hero; its about the money. i believe they were identified as using child labor recently too. They also charge more for women razors lol.
  2. all the time! always looking Love this one - it's kinda what im going for in the new album
  3. you don't need to watch what you say; this is ALL going to come back to bite these people. this is not normal. it's like making weak mindedness/ thin skin mainstream.
  4. eroticerotic

    Sinead O'Connor [merged]

    I see someone very lost and faded in her eyes. 😞 I hope that this perception of happiness fulfills her though
  5. huh? whats up with Florida? in Newark where I grew up the headline would read, " middle school girls get annihilated after being discovered to plan to cut other classmates. lol in all seriousness....something is up. isn't it something that the privileged few turn to violence and those who have nothing, make the most of their surroundings? are we just really meant to self destruct after we reach a certain point? are we not reaching high enough? I...don't get it.
  6. eroticerotic

    Witch Music - Genre

    that’s a good one! White ring has great tracks ✨✨✨
  7. eroticerotic

    Looking For Magic - Upcoming Album

    follow me on IG/soundcloud! its gonna be a magical 4th quarter. you'll see. 😉 here's the title track demo
  8. is it really that hard to have longevity? I notice that artists decline in popularity due to: 1. not being able to personally evolve - they stick to what they know, become sour at the newer generations and trends instead of making it their own, get comfortable, are afraid of taking risks. Cher, Rihanna and Madonna are masters here. 2. a subpar team - again, they stick to who and what they know instead of trying or promoting newer, hungrier team members, or having strong PR. Not negating any talent she may have, but Gaga is still around because her PR machine is in perpetual motion. 3. they don't take care of themselves. As humans we are instantly and instinctually attracted to healthy, confident, smart people. Most time as people grow older they underestimate what it takes to stay all of the above. Some develop nasty habits that eventually lead to their undoing. A lot of artists fall into this category. 4. they don't interact with or know their fans - every successful corporation has strong customer service and product knowledge without needing to resort to an ass kissing relationship or all out gimmicks. 5. artistic integrity - sometimes celebs get desperate and start trend hopping without their heart/integrity being in it. they don't have a healthy barrier between them and their fans and just pander. you always want to cultivate and develop what makes you unique each step of the way while keeping up with pop culture but the heart has to be in it. 6. personal choice - some artists just don't feel the need to be #1. so they don't really go all out.
  9. eroticerotic

    Witch Music - Genre

    Ok so post your finds! I love these genres. Always looking for new!
  10. eroticerotic

    Witch Music - Genre

    Instead of being a troll U can very easily look them up and or check out the Spotify playlists linked In threads. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. eroticerotic

    Witch Music - Genre

    Here is a Madonna Frozen remix in the style of Witch Music
  12. Interesting. That less than one cent per stream needs to go up then.... in just 1.5 years I’ve had about 30k streams I only made 200 dollars off that .. 😪
  13. eroticerotic

    Witch Music - Genre

    I think the core of the witch genre is mixing any mainstream genre such as pop or hip hop with "gothic" & romantic elements like classical music, cathedral music, Gregorian, occult, mysticism, industrial, ritualistic elements. Can also be quite melancholy, haunting. It's like any genre's darker alter ego. Some even sample horror movies/music. It makes for an interesting sound regardless of direction I think. Im not necessarily a fan of the noisier ones, I like more of the orchestral/atmospheric vibes. Early Grimes is a great example of I'd say the ritualistic kind. Check out Dream Fortress. Crystal Castles is a good example of the Industrial/Noise. Check out Plague. Some Fever Ray and Purity Ring's Asido are good examples of the Pop side of it. Ghosts 01 by Nine Inch Nails is a good example of haunting. Another fav is Speak In Silence by Hannah Cartwright. it sample occult sounds. It's a mood for sure!