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  1. I honestly don't know how I feel about it, because I always longed for pre internet days, and there was life before the internet, and if prices are ridiculous I'm not going to bother altogether. I'll make due. Run for the bus, etc. however, I'm thinking a lot of people's livelihoods may be affected. People who actually use the internet for invaluable purposes . It's going to be interesting how it develops.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    she should DEFINITELY hire this fashion designer for her next tour. Ive loved every single outfit she's worn from his collection. They suit her yet add another layer to her. well done clothing
  3. M shades Cherish

    Madonna kinda was always like that ; she would promptly say no or dismiss for no apparent reason lol. And then completely embrace it when she feels like it. In 1998 she said she can't c herself doing lav or mg or even vogue. She's done them a few times since. Guy o kept pushing ideas on her and she wasn't open arms but now he's her manager. She avoided London bc felt the press was cruel n then she married an Englishman n moved there lol. For example. I feel like we will get cherish, angel, gambler. I'll remember. Or at least one of those.Why not? They were hits!
  4. well if people think she's fat it only brings to light how far removed from reality people are becoming, yikes!
  5. I think she looks lovely. Madonna with meat always a plus 1983-85, 1993 her big muscles love,,,,1994-1996 , 2000, +++
  6. Madonna new album in 2018

    sometimes i read these posts, and wonder if you know madonna (the artist) at all!!! whatever you guys don't want she will do, and exceed your expectations. and she will make everyone she works with conspire to help her achieve her Vision ;)
  7. "Are you ready to ride with me?"

  8. I cry

  9. What happened to Spotlight?

    i always thought Spotlight and Where's The Party were singles because I heard them so much on radio, people playing them. They both would've been huge.
  10. Sorry but I need GAMBLER on the next tour !

    here for it
  11. Like A Virgin from the tours ranked

    LAV all great!
  12. I streamed it and I actually love it. There's a bit of attitude n an attempt at getting in touch with darkness n her truth to the songs. Which is risky so props there. I don't feel like she's fully there yet but the songs are nice. Sometimes sounds redundant but the way the record is cut it works as a unit. I like how polished the mix n master is.
  13. Madonna new album in 2018

    I don't agree a cover ep would be desperate. Doesn't even make sense to say that. That's all very very subjective. She has done great covers why not officially release them. An ep is not an album. Imagination and thought required.
  14. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    There weres no Black Friday or cyber Monday deals. Gotta love/hate that lol 😂