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  1. How is the video anti abortion? Anyway All I saw was a Jesus preacher and an angry gay lol
  2. yeah. same. I tend to laugh to "break the ice" so to speak.
  3. as sad as that video is, im not surprised. this poor woman. oh my god I needed to really step away and calm down. so much to say but I know it might be too much; I know alot of you are sensitive to debate and unpopular opinion so I will keep to myself on this forum. if I were on that train I would not have been filming. what I will say is, be careful what you believe in government and media wise. it likes to keep you believing it for its own Gain not yours.
  4. you're right. amending that to I think people forget that - if the industry actually backed strong music and unique artists first and foremost, who put out music that's actually strong and good as it was back when the industry had power, it might just might still sell. just a guess though. :)
  5. I think people forget that - if the music was actually strong and good as it was back when the industry had power, it might just might still sell. just a guess though.
  6. I am adamantly against socialism and anyone who supports it. it has been of no service to any country that has adapted it. This is a horrible situation in Venezuela. I hope they find a solution soon.
  7. Something about the ad feels Gaga ish; , reductive, contrived. Won’t b surprised if no one can see thru it. The fallacy fallacy from all the psych majors being used to argue with any naysayer is cringe lol Gillette will flip flop when people find a new way to feel like a hero; its about the money. i believe they were identified as using child labor recently too. They also charge more for women razors lol.
  8. all the time! always looking Love this one - it's kinda what im going for in the new album
  9. you don't need to watch what you say; this is ALL going to come back to bite these people. this is not normal. it's like making weak mindedness/ thin skin mainstream.
  10. I see someone very lost and faded in her eyes. I hope that this perception of happiness fulfills her though
  11. huh? whats up with Florida? in Newark where I grew up the headline would read, " middle school girls get annihilated after being discovered to plan to cut other classmates. lol in all seriousness....something is up. isn't it something that the privileged few turn to violence and those who have nothing, make the most of their surroundings? are we just really meant to self destruct after we reach a certain point? are we not reaching high enough? I...don't get it.
  12. that’s a good one! White ring has great tracks
  13. follow me on IG/soundcloud! its gonna be a magical 4th quarter. you'll see. here's the title track demo
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