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  1. I think this is a perfect opportunity to, instead of writing messages, to sit in person with an intersectional group of women, and talk in person.
  2. I wonder if it's possible for a celebrity to buy it and keep it safe
  3. That chick is out of control in that video. I went to look into her, and saw she has a very young son, and it actually broke my heart and made me remember what the defund the police movement is about. Part of defunding the police is to reallocate funds to help with social work, medical and mental health, job creation, and community based efforts to help communities stay safe and thriving without relying as much on the police or prisons. She clearly has some mental health/anger issues. I don't know if this is the best way to hold these "Karens" accountable especially when children are involved. The photo of her son got to me.
  4. Doesn’t congress have to agree to pass this? This is the kind of Shit that makes no sense. in the midst of everything thats happening, and when they already have a hard time getting coverage.
  5. Those people are approaching these things wrong and there will be further challenges ahead from it. i don’t think most people are learning anything from these times.
  6. it is out of touch when celebrities do this. They come across as pandering to me, or like they are afraid of being cancelled for saying the wrong thing so they just go, "ok lets do this to avoid problems" ---which to me is a real problem, ....there is a sincerity, a connection, that I just don't see. It's a nice gesture, but where was all this energy before? The issue is nothing new. Let me not get started on Nancy Pelosi and crew wearing African scarves instead of having called for police reform decades ago. Like...what are you doing sweetie?
  7. I thought being liberal meant tolerance? Agree to disagree not agree or else? I feel like it’s becoming a dictatorship and losing the plot more and more. the topic of gender is extremely nuanced Historically and culturally and there is still more to look into because there is still more conversation to be had despite its long history, Before anyone can be called phobic. Right now there’s just a lot of ignorance because the topic is pretty new to more people than not. And that’s OK. No ones born knowing it all. Also Not every trans person agrees with jk but there are many trans who do. Not every woman agrees with jk but many do as well. all trans people want is equal rights and To not be seen as second class citizens and not fear for their lives because of how they identify. like any other minority group. It’s sometimes the pc “allies” or extreme leftists that stir shit up. People are being extra with the phobic accusations instead of letting the conversation unfold. Tolerance is a lost art form nowadays it’s insane.
  8. I know; which is eye opening. Basically alot of people do what they are told to do and don't seem to question or research anything. You better believe though Trump supporters are going to be voting for him in these preliminaries. On a lighter note, Newark NJ my hometown is doing great with peaceful protesting, which, if you know its history, is amazing! https://patch.com/new-jersey/newarknj/5-inspiring-glimpses-newark-s-peaceful-george-floyd-protest
  9. didn't say one negates the other, but no one with a strong platform is using their platform about the other.
  10. Today was a big voting day in many states, but people decided to post black squares on social media instead. I think Trump will win.
  11. No but he would care about his fellow black people losing their businesses, seeing their cities in further turmoil, and seeing black cops targeted. I believe people that know him have attested to that, but, also just logically, I don't think he would have wanted them in the crossfires. He would most likely wanted justice which we need to get back to focusing on. Charging those cops with murder. Also, the majority of the protests have not been violent. I live in Upper Manhattan and everyone has been peaceful here. Can't say the same for Downtown Manhattan or other parts of other major cities. However that violence is what is being reported, and encouraged, by very suspicious people. It's election year. I trust no one who wants to keep minorities consistently in the same position and encourage violence, poverty, government dependency and resentment. If nothing has changed we need to evaluate who we've kept in office on a local/state level. and in congress. TERM LIMITS. We need law enforcement reform and education reform. We don't need to loot, destroy, or kill. Violence is a temporary solution utilizing fear, that has long term consequences. Hello 2020.
  12. I don't think George Floyd would have wanted black businesses, black cops, or black cities to be harmed, caught in the crossfires. Apparently also in Dallas, there was a stack of bricks neatly placed on pallets for protestors to use? The focus needs to go back to why racism still exists and towards putting those cops in jail for murder, and also what can be done to remove cops like that from service.
  13. Everyone is gay so I don't think they want gays eliminated. People seemed to have a problem with hyper sexual women throughout history as well. Which makes me think, people have a problem with the hyper sexual persona and The hyper focus on sexual activity in general. I think it's about the lifestyle, not the orientation. or sex. The dialogue is very very limited and it is still very one sided, despite the progress made as far as tolerance. Long way to go when it comes to self acceptance.
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