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  1. it was originally the Like A Prayer Tour
  2. I think she was always calling it The Girlie Show Tour; if I'm not mistaken, "Erotica" the album was originally going to be called, "Girlie Show." I think she wanted to do her Blond Ambition and Girlie tours with dark hair but she changed her mind last minute for both.

    Just saw the rules video--She def has something; for some reason she reminded me of, if Lola Leon decided on a pop career. shes very pretty n rules is a sexy song. Something about it
  4. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    Tori black🙂
  5. Fergie thread

    what a night mare !! i have to watch it again lol!
  6. Rita Ora's new bops are more infectious than her ****

    Anywhere your song for you are greAt pop songs
  7. Secret This Used To Be My Playground Bedtime Story You'll See I'll Remember Honorable Mention: 4 Minutes - and I want her to pick someone from the audience for it ;D Would love a Junkie XL version
  8. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    i loved this tour at the time. what i still love about it is that it was rock/psychedelic in moments and imagery a lot. which is my thang. LOVED that she brought the guitar out.
  9. Justin Timberlake thread

    Feels like people are over today's pop music. I think people are ready for an organic musical shift 😎
  10. Queen Of Uncancelled Shows!

    i will never forget the day she cancelled rutherford nj in 2001. i waited 8 years to see her. I was 21, saved up so much for that night not just for me but for my sister, friend, and mother (we were not very rich, and we always loved M, so it was my little surprise). left work early lol. and bam. i got the surprise lol. i was really heartbroken. it felt like someone dumped me! lol
  11. i think we can all agree the pop princess section is not for the faint of heart or the defenseless. it definitely is for an adult audience and personally think it should only be seen by registered members (attn moderators) im all for freedom of expression/speech, but in this moment in time, we should "try" to practice practicality/awareness with our comments. i don't like gaga, but i don't wish her ill will nor will i compare her to madonna. karma is not an ego tripping. karma is equal opportunity and i refuse to align bad energy with my girl M. The two are complete worlds apart. I wish we could leave the two separate (while understanding it is a madonna forum).
  12. GTFO about Holiday! LOL everytime I hear that song it instantly takes me back to my first year living in NY straight from Puerto Rico. It would be the first of three times my life took a dramatic turn and Madonna of course is the soundtrack to each event. This song is pure joy for like, 100% of people who were there to experience it in real time!! I will disagree about Turn Up The Radio though. I think it too is classic Madonna. :)
  13. Justin Timberlake thread

    I tried to get into it but for some reason the mixing and mastering sounds incomplete; I couldn't get into it. I do love a lot of the songs from future sex love sounds