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  1. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    When I saw the thread for some reason I knew ud come for tutr again 😂😂😂 itssuch a good song! 👀
  2. I understand Rebel Heart. You start writing SONGS. But songs, can't be hits without hit producers. its a producer industry oddly. should have been Simple. Except schedule conflicts. But it was a good idea, and not something she hasn't tried before. It's just different now. Let me tell you. Working with producers remotely is the most frustrating thing i've ever had to do but it's the norm now. I'm lucky to have found people who believe in me but that was definitely trial and error, and to be honest the best way to work with someone is face to face. Working remotely, at least the way I work, is painful. I need to know all the changes made so I know what changes I need to make, for example, to make it sound exactly how i need it to sound. and producers i work with aren't used to that, or being on a schedule or having to work as hard. i learned, if i didnt have good ideas id be shit out of luck. money won't matter. you can spend a fortune on bad ideas. it won't amount to shit. u need SOMETHING for people to remotely be interested. Rebel Heart was definitely a case study, and it resulted in great songs. again, lucky for us!
  3. this record was perfect for its time. Imagine, Newark NJ. There were cars on the street blasting this CD along with rap music. (This happened with Like A Prayer too) This CD is perfect, Madonna was unstoppable from 1985-1990
  4. M14 producers wishlist

    You better be prepared to die for what you believe in 😂😂😂 🤛
  5. Which 1D has staying power in bed

    so far , i think they've all released great solo music. as for staying power.....i only hear about zayn and harry. I would say harry because i think he's the cutest and, he took a risk. only risks create legends. hope he keeps it up and believes in himself more!
  6. people always ask me what M is up to like i'm her close pal lollll I'm going to overshare because I had a great night out and I feel love I think it's because she used to be 24/7 everywhere and not only does she have different priorities, it's a new generation. it happens. However i strongly believe if madonna wanted to be on the news 24/7, she can be. I love her. Madonna is kind of important in my family. when we exiled Puerto Rico from my father, the first song I ever heard was Material Girl. The first song the rest of my family ever heard was Like A Virgin. We stuck together while Madonna's career exploded. Madonna also beared a resemblance to my oldest sister. Especially during the VHI fashion awards in 95 it was insane. Anyway she is a key point in our conversations because not only is my family stoic, they grew up in the country of Puerto Rico and I grew up in the cities of the east coast. I feel like they bring her up with me to bridge the gap :). Anyway last i saw my family I happily introduced them to Holy Water lmao :)) Mind you i grew up in an insanely Carrie strict Catholic background so I took great pleasure when my sister asked if she said Jesus loves my pussy best? hahah Somehow, after the clip was over, they said she has a special place in Heaven. If I believed, I would agree!! The great thing is despite not being on the news 24/7, she's consistent so lucky us!
  7. I also think there are many who won't speak on it either because if they say anything more than, "what he did was wrong" or "he should be punished" then they will be criticized. You know there's a bigger picture here that needs to be analyzed, but if additional dialogue is not welcome or allowed then it will continue to happen. It s a horrible subject no matter how u spin it but we need to really understand why this happens and has happened for so long, what makes someone think it's ok to abuse, and what makes people turn a blind eye. It's a complex web that needs careful investigation to see how all the parts make it run, if we are to dismantle it once and for all. Also I can imagine how much criticism a celebrity truly gets and how high their tolerance threshold can only be.Sometimes it's best for the dust to settle before commenting if at all.
  8. I love her bone structure. to me her worst movies are filth and wisdom and the next best thing. i was able to watch all her other films without a problem! evita , swept away, we, iabwa all make me cry. 😭
  9. If I used that line as my last sentence would that have been Acceptable ?🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ Im sure u would have found something else. No wonder the SJW comment got u unnerved 😂 It all makes sense now And it's a good thing we r not the same person. 👍🏻 So, you're wrong. I said it three times now how many times would u like me to say it? I'm not sure why you would think you are right? You're not putting words in my mouth. I wrote them. What you are doing is You're taking out of context, projecting your feelings ,looking for something that was not in the tone or wording of my posts to begin with. Pretty sure most everyone else gets "within context." also, some advice, if u r not clear , before u convince urself u are, u should ask for clarification. Would make things a lot easy for you. 👌🏻 I can keep going.
  10. Oh to be in that brain for a day Lol Can u explain to me how I was "quick" to say cast the first stone? Were u with me when I posted that and did u time me? 🤔 Can you tell me how I was also Quick to throw people denouncing Harvey under the bus? The topic is about will madonna respond. And I gave my two cents about why some people may not respond right away. Somehow to you this became about me being quick. By the way, it's not a few extremists. As to How they compare to Harvey, well, now that you bring it up, many people who can't defend themselves suffer gravely from online harassment. It's insidious. And it's slowly developing into rage outside of the internet. It's just as objectifying which is dangerous because when you objectify you don't recognize someone as a living. Breathing human. That's a whole other topic though..... You're trying to create a narrative about me that is very clearly not in my posts. If you come for me, make sure you make sense . NIce try though. Hope you're OK. 👍🏻 (We now return to your regularly scheduled program. )
  11. Madonna Party @ Rockbar NYC

    r u in NY lets hang!
  12. Hm. I never said I'd attempt to understand or forgive. I said that people who he didn't hurt and people who didn't know would probably refrain from jumping into the witch hunt. And probably have to process it.
  13. Ok. Why would u think I was referring to you? Do u consider yourself a SJW? 😕 @impr3ssive_instant Im talking about A very specific group of extremists found online, and they are everywhere I read articles on. Hence the comment. And I think most people know what I'm talking about. And also about the people (not the victims) who knew about it that are jumping in. Anyway the fact is what he did was wrong.