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  1. look how distorted his facial expressions are and also his eyes are barely open or look like they are even looking at what is in front of them, they look somewhere else...he has no idea who he is. there are soon many people like this though. yikes.
  2. Very good point. It's definitely not social media perse, but people's mentality. Social media - media in general- just helps carry that condition faster and further.
  3. Ke$ha

    i think praying would have done well whether it was Kesha or not. The visuals those lyrics evoke are powerful. The broken strength in her voice really brings it home though.
  4. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

  5. Should have had a proper video: RESCUE ME.

    i envision her alone solo artsy, structured, ambitious choreography interchanged with scenes with back up dancers, on a ship deck in the thunderstorm rain, wild ocean water, just one huge choreographed, stylish sexy video sexy and wet :) definitely a david fincher video :) trying to get her ship through a storm
  6. i think it's all about streams and tours nowadays. Album sales are a nice bonus but people forgot how to respect and appreciate music lol. gotta move with the times! although, vinyl is coming back, so maybe the tides will shift in the next few years.
  7. He and I have already hashed this out
  8. Not the only one! Of the three singles, Turn Up The Radio had the biggest chance. It is classic Madonna and it's a lets get lost song for the clubs. Lyrics are relatable.
  9. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    watch her skip it
  10. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    I think this whole ageist thing is so out of touch with reality. It's inevitable. It's not something that selectively happens. When people refer to getting older as an insult, I don't feel any sort of way because, it's too absurd. It's like someone saying, "oh my god, you take shits!" There's going to be many, many self-loathing, regretful, people when they are older, if they're lucky to get older. They are going to look at people like Madonna, and respect what she was able to achieve, while they were too busy making fun of her behind a computer screen. It's gonna be ugly.
  11. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    got to give it to her, these were all jams and memorable. despite her latest PR persona she is very talented.
  12. MADONNA REWIND: the "American Life" rap

    I felt that the song could have been strong with a better rap and more do I haves, it felt incomplete like it could've been much more; nevertheless I still listen to it it's a guilty pleasure and the chorus is pretty
  13. you shouldnt have to defend your opinions... madonna is not mainstream. not to me anyway. you are entitled to your oopninoss in every era. she has shifted drastically. and all of the better, for who she is today.!