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  1. being a dad I sat through HSM2 and bought the soundtrack the songs are ANNOYING as hell but the 10 year old LOVES it the songs on the CD are lifted directly from the movie.. I figured they would re-record them to be more like songs and not just the same as the movie there's also a bonus song that wasn't in the movie and Isabella and her gaggle of friends LOVE the song and are quite sad it wasn't in the movie
  2. all she has to do is just promote the DVD with "THE PERFORMANCE TOO HOT FOR TV" or some shit to make up for it
  3. I'm using this as my new background on the computer EXCELLENT pic
  4. you're preaching to the choir here my friend... but it's useless to debate it on here
  5. yes but it's KYLIE so it should be expected on here
  6. there's some hot guys in that audience
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