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  1. The control freak that she is, I can't imagine Madonna being clueless about where the footage is. It's probably under Mercy's bed or hidden in the horse stable.
  2. Paradise (Not For Me) - DWT for the win of the 3 options I go with Sorry
  3. Same age as my daughter I'm officially OLD
  4. I know how it feels to be the talk of the town...

  5. also to get more "You Thrill Me" goodness it's mixed in the Erotica (House Instrumental) that was released the Deeper And Deeper Japanese single
  6. You can hear snippets of it on the Erotica maxi-single 6. Erotica (Jeep Beats)
  7. Blond Ambition Girlie Show MDNA Drowned World Virgin Who's That Girl Re-Invention Confessions Sticky & Sweet
  8. LAWD I haven't watched this in years The music number is awesome (even though she's just miming the words)
  9. Xaaaaaanaduuuuuuu

    1. svperstar


      There you are... a shooting star...

  10. Hotter than a 2 peckered goat.

  11. Not a huge fan of the song but I love the video I do like it live though
  12. This child is giving ERRTHANG and I love it
  13. He paid way too much. He could have got it for $30 at TJMaxx
  14. Joey

    Sexy as a sexy sexer

    1. Skin


      Thank you Mr. Joey. ;) So are we going to find out where you were hiding for so long? ha

    2. Joey


      just living life...nothing too exciting sadly LOL

  15. Oh dear Well she is a humanitarian so it can be filed under CHARITY
  16. All I had watched was part of the cheerleader section because the fact she incorporated Born This Way made all the gossip blogs. Everything else was new. I think MDNA Like A Virgin has overtaken BA LAV as my fave performance of the song. That was GORGE.
  17. Thanks Netflix! I really didn't enjoy the MDNA album but my God this tour is a non-stop YAAAAAAAS fest. I'm just up to the Justify My Love interlude and I'M exhausted. So far it seems like the perfect balance of new and old songs. I honestly didn't expect to enjoy it this much. Oh and I'm one of the few Revolver fans I believe so I was super excited to see it performed live.
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