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  1. defyinggravity

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Wow, great pics! Thanks Kilt!
  2. Great look and always so interesting to hear her answer these kinds of questions. I agree, it would be great if she does something similar for RHT release.
  3. defyinggravity

    Tours costumes & Madonna's arms

    I really don't think there's a special meaning behind this. My guess is that she just likes this kind of fashion.
  4. defyinggravity

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    True. I should have said more effective for me personally. I always like it so much when you can go wild and crazy during the finale. Madonna is a master at that: Holiday (WTGT), Everybody (GST), Music (DWT), Holiday (RIT), GI2M (S&ST), Celebration (MDNAT). I liked Holiday as a performance but as the finale it left me underwhelmed.
  5. defyinggravity

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    My one complaint about the RH tour is the finale. I mean, 'Holiday' was nice but before the setlist was known, I had this idea about 'Bitch I'm Madonna' as finale.And performed completely different as she did now. It feels much more like just a performance but I think the song screams for more audience participation. If she would have done BIM more like a huge party, like in the video, and had the audience participate so much more, the finale would have been much more effective.
  6. defyinggravity

    Tour with the BEST set-list?

    Re-Invention for me. There were so many hits plus songs from one my favourite albums. What's not to like?