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  1. I'm so excited for all the songs we'll get leading up to the album, especially I Rise!
  2. Hopefully she releases on a slow week with a tour bundle and a million different buying options like Kylie did with Golden. We've got to go all out. I really want her this album to go #1 so all the haters will be reminded who reigns supreme.
  3. It's incredibly hard to say. I'm hoping she'll outperform Rebel Heart the way Kylie has sold more copies of Golden than she did with Kiss Me Once. We all better be ready to not only buy physically and digitally, but also be ready to stream it!
  4. I'm selling my Atlanta ticket because she added the Nashville date and that's an hour closer to me. My seat is Section 109, Row E, Seat 6. I'm including a parking pass. If anyone's interested, PM me.
  5. I was just rediscovering this masterpiece last night. Forgot how amazing it was.
  6. I really wish she'd stop supporting this attention whore.
  7. Gay marriage being legalized in Madonna's home state on Like a Prayer's 25th anniversary. The Queen's impact is real!
  8. Amazing album! Wish I could have been alive when it was released.
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