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  1. What kind of poll is that? Out of 960 opinions... They're all so bad in France that Macron still stands a chance, that's how desperate we are for quality politicians.
  2. These students got arrested after they burnt cars, assaulted people and destroyed pretty much anything they could find on the street. NOT feeling sorry for them, at some point it has to stop. These retards think that because they're in democracy, they have the right to do whatever they want. The movement got out of control and tomorrow is expected to be even more chaotic. The most extreme of them want to break into the Presidential residency and get Macron's head, that's how sick they are in the head.
  3. People's anger has been increasing for years and all that was missing was a few people taking a stance publicly to start the fire. Even more than fuel prices, the most scandalous thing with all of this is the hypocrisy with climate change and actions that governments supposedly take to fight against it. It's just a matter of taxes but with no solution offered at the end, so people have to pay when they can't do otherwise. They feel trapped. Yet they don't ask big companies to change their model or invest in alternatives. This has been going on for years. Now the chaos has spread in Paris and other cities, and they want to come back next Saturday. The same thing will happen unless something is done, but what can the big chiefs do... They don't want to remove any taxes and they claim to have already done something for the poor and low wages. Both sides won't listen to each other because this has been going on for years in politics. I believe it's not only Macron but also previous presidents who have done nothing, and he pays the price for it.
  4. There you go, email leaks targetting Macron: https://mobile.twitter.com/wikileaks/status/860577607670276096 His team already issued a statement claiming this is normal stuff and that some documents are fake. Just a few minutes before the campaign is closed befote vote on Sunday.
  5. The problem is that this time, people don't want to accept it and it's making Le Pen get closer... They really are both not liked at all. I understand the dilemma between voting against or voting for none...
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