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  1. Well, in a way that supports that cultural issues are not that relevant when it comes to voting in a general election. It's all about socio-economic status. Otherwise the NO areas in Sydney wouldn't be such Labour strongholds since Labour is considered more gay friendly. Also, Tony Abbott's voters obviously do not care about the fact that he's such a bigot even though they overwhelmingly support gay marriage. I guess tax cuts, smaller government, less state intervention, free trade or whatever else Abbott's party stands for are much more important to them.
  2. It is so interesting that rural areas in the middle of nowhere were so supportive, but some Sydney suburbs just a few miles from downtown voted 70-80% against gay marriage. Basically all the NO vote came from certain Sydney suburbs. Not rural areas or smaller cities that much. The same has been happening in Europe with certain immigrant populations. That's why a significant number of gays vote for extreme right wing parties. Instead of demonising those groups of people we should try to open their eyes. It's not their fault they come from countries that are so backwards. At the end of the day, they vote massively for Labour which is more gay friendly and tolerant so they help minorities with their vote. It just shows you that cultural issues are kind of irrelevant in Australian politics, as they should be. It seems like it is more about class, income, taxes etc.. What do the Australian members have to say about this?
  3. Catalonia was so cool up until the mid 2000s... Now they look like a bunch of delusional deplorables. It's crazy how a 35% to 40% of the people act like they represent 100% of the region's citizens.
  4. The race was NEVER close. Hillary won with huge, in most cases, margins all the big populous states. California, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Arizona etc.The most populous state Sanders won was Michigan and even that was almost 50-50. Having a 400 lead in pledged delegates in a proportional system is a massive lead. It's proportional. In 2008 they were like 20-30 delegates apart at some points and she was ahead in the popular vote. THAT was close.
  5. I hope Trump SLAYS in Iowa on Monday! He will destroy the GOP!
  6. Brand new poll - 3 way race! Projections with Clinton vs. Opponents in a Three-Person Race The poll also asked likely-voter respondents to consider their options if Trump were to break ranks with the GOP and run as an independent, and the GOP nominated another person to run and to face both Clinton and Trump. The three-candidate scenario left Clinton with an extraordinary advantage, shown here, in descending order of Clinton’s projected results. Clinton, 45.4 percent; Cruz, 19.9 percent; Trump, 26.1 percent Clinton, 44.8 percent; Fiorina, 14.9 percent; Trump, 29.6 percent Clinton, 44 percent; Carson, 20.1 percent; Trump, 25.7 percent Clinton, 43.3 percent, Rubio, 21.8 percent; Trump, 25.9 percent Clinton, 43.3 percent; Bush, 19.6 percent; Trump, 29.5 percent http://polls.saintleo.edu/trump-gains-while-carson-declines-in-new-saint-leo-university-national-political-poll/
  7. Retweeted Jake Tapper (@jaketapper): Jeb Bush pushes conspiracy theory of Trump-Clinton alliance. LOL https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/12/09/jeb-bush-jokes-of-trump-clinton-conspiracy-theory-heres-a-look-at-the-evidence/
  8. I hope he wins the nomination. If he doesn't, I hope he runs as an independent. He can take at least 5-15% from the Republican candidate.
  9. It's interesting how some, if not most, of the Madonna haters I know don't really like Hillary either. They just hate strong independent women who don't behave like victims (gaga). She really is the Madonna of politics. She's been around for a very long time, has gone through a lot of shit, very polarizing and every other female politician secretly wants to be her but it will never happen.
  10. OMG Clinton testified for 11 hours! 11 hours in front of a bunch of clowns. She was so good.
  11. CNN's Tuesday night debate averaged 15.3 million viewers, easily making it the highest-rated Democratic debate ever.
  12. A new Marist Poll finds Hillary Clinton edges Jeb Bush in a potential general election match up, 49% to 43%. But in a three-way race with Donald Trump as an independent, Clinton crushes Bush, 44% to 29%, with Trump getting 20% support.
  13. Voting in the Republican primaries doesn't mean you're voting Republican fool. Lots of Democrats vote in the GOP primaries, provided it is allowed in their state.
  14. Everyone should go vote for Donald in the primaries! If Hillary is ahead comfortably by the time we have the primaries here in Michigan, many people I know are going to vote in the republican primary for Donald just to fuck up the republicans. Democrats and Independents who loathe republicans should unite to destroy them.
  15. When I listen to Rebel Heart the song it feels like my headphones or speakers are going to explode!
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