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  1. Crave Medellin Funana God Control Looking for Mercy
  2. I am! I almost had a heart attack the day the X showed up on Instagram. The excitement was unreal!!
  3. I’m not sure any album, by Madonna or any other artist for that matter, can top Rebel Heart (plus demos) for me. Madame X was at an unfair advantage because of that. I wanted to love it just as much or more but even though the videos and visuals have been superior to RH, the songs themselves just don’t connect with me the same. I don’t listen to it repeatedly and don’t really have any sing-along songs like RH. That’s why I’m not too sad about not having tix for this tour, even though I hate to miss any Madonna tour and I’m sure I’ll regret it. I still love this album, just not as much as others.
  4. So beautiful. Glad she put that to good use.
  5. I love her SO MUCH!! she’s like the only good thing in my life right now. 75 videos, unreal. What’s the beautiful song that plays in the beginning of the video? I love that part so much.
  6. There haven’t been any performances in a while. As far as we know, all the singles and videos have been released. There are no charts to really watch to get excited about a hit single or anything. You can only discuss each song so much till there’s nothing left to say. that being said, I love Madame X but it doesn’t have the endless loop qualities for me that RH did, which I couldn’t stop listening to for about a year.
  7. The queen of music videos is snubbed by this has-been channel that nobody watches music videos on. It’s all so stupid.
  8. Exactly. It's just an observation (and a correct one), but it's not a criticism. I love the video regardless.
  9. There’s one shot where You can briefly see her profile, it’s not Madonna
  10. Madonna has a thing against beaches since Cherish it was a body double in Power of Goodbye as well. Any close up shot of her on the beach was a green screen walking ok a treadmill.
  11. This video makes me very, very, VERY proud to be a Madonna fan.
  12. I received a $10 refund to my PayPal, I assume it’s for the Freedom fighter bracelet that wasn’t included with the record and T-shirt. Then I got an email with a $20 gift card to the store. And today, the bracelet arrived in the mail. hot mess.
  13. That was a truly special and beautiful touch. Again this era is just taken to all new heights as far as visuals and inspiration. I can’t get over it.
  14. Absolutely beautiful! Such a work of art. I am so blown away by the videos for this album. She's put more work into the videos from this album than she has in the last 20 years. That wasn't her on the beach though.
  15. They just played Sidewalk Talk. Nice surprise!
  16. This video gives me that “Madonna rush” feeling that nothing else can compare to. I can’t believe the brilliance of this video and her astounding beauty.
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