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  1. This Look kills me everytime

    Her beauty is astounding all throughout her career but there is something very special about this look. She truly defined the 80's.
  2. Katy Perry thread

    I can't get enough of it. I've actually gotten several of my friends into as well. I'm never able to do that.
  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope someday Madonna will acknowledge that this song exists.
  4. Holy Crap. The work's already been done for her. Just release this. It's beyond amazing. We could only dream of her team ever coming up with something this amazing.
  5. Wow, thanks! I can totally see her singing this. It's a cute song for sure, and Marilyn's style sure seems...influenced... by M.
  6. Oooh, what's this Possessive Love you speak of? Never heard of that. Wasn't there another song written for Like a Prayer called First Is a Kiss or something like that? Or was that just a rumor?
  7. I think about that too. She easily had another album of demos that could have been saved for later use.
  8. Exactly!!! She knew she could have had another string of hits with TB2, but took a risk, changed her style again, her look, everything.
  9. I hear it too. Pretty sure he did that on purpose :)
  10. Never Let You Go definitely has a ton of potential. The production is lacking but the lyrics and melodies are classic Madonna, so beautiful. Tragic Girl needs to be in a movie.
  11. What a gift to us fans. He's incredible for sharing this. It's interesting to see how the Who's That Girl sound could easily have carried over to Like a Prayer. In my mind, those eras have such a clear divide, image and soundwise, but this shows that you that, behind the scenes, it was all very close to mixing together. After all, these demos were recorded in '88, just a year after WTG.
  12. OHHHH MY GOD!!! What a glorious surprise so many years later. A song we'd never even heard of, completely finished. It just makes you wonder how many countless others are out there, from every album.
  13. With an open mind, as someone who has enjoyed at least a handful of songs from all of her albums, I finally listened to Joanne all the way through and can confirm that it does, indeed, suck ass.