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  1. Madonna’s Instagram

    Mirwais! What is that song she's singing?? I know she says it's not hers but what is it?
  2. A woman doesn't get any more beautiful than this.
  3. Madonna’s Instagram

    She wears them for two reasons, I believe: 1) to piss people off, and 2) to puff her lip out. I really think she likes how that looks. Lets tell her how much we love it and start wearing them too like the wannabes did in ‘85, then she’ll stop but yeah I hate them.
  4. YES

    I think this picture, more than any, I stared at as a kid, in complete awe of her beauty and power and confidence. She's changed so much through the years and I love her just as much as ever, but back then it was almost like a religious feeling - I can't explain it - I worshiped her. She was everything I needed. God, I love her.
  5. YES

    Quite simply... And I am forever indebted to her for saving my life time and time and again. She'll never know how much I love her.
  6. Agree. Horrible song and I see very few if any Madonna references, unless you're really stretching to find something. That being said, the Erotica era paved the way for videos like this to exist. But that's about it.
  7. MADONNA REWIND: "Did You Do It"

    I listened to it once, and maybe accidentally two or three times since in the past 25-1/2 years.
  8. I never even considered putting this song on a playlist for a party or whatever but now I absolutely will!
  9. I always wanted someone to look at me like that!
  10. We have bare bottom and bare bones, we need a bareback version!
  11. YES!!! Always loved this mix.
  12. Tori Amos - Native Invader

    Totally agree. Enough time has passed for me to be able to say the same thing. Can’t get enough of it.