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  1. Liquid Love gets my vote. I adore it. LAAPTMR is beautiful too, though. Tough choice. Run is cool, too. It actually reminds me of her very early demos, before the first album.
  2. It's the perfect song for the gym.
  3. Other than the album version, this would be my favorite. What an absolutely brilliant, perfect remix/performance/surprise
  4. Yes! It has the very slightest lead over Erotica. I would almost say they're tied for #1, but I think I've probably listed to RH a thousand times in the past 2 years.
  5. Amazing amazing song. I cried the first time I heard the chorus, I was just so overwhelmed by how beautiful it was. Ugh, what I wouldn't give to hear that album again for the first time. I remember sitting in my bedroom with the lyric booklet, volume on full blast, totally immersed in it. It was an experience like no other.
  6. Can you imagine??!?! That'll be the day! This album is in desperate need of a remaster. It remains my 2nd favorite album of all time, after Rebel Heart.
  7. I always loved Paula. Obviously not even remotely in the same league as Madonna, but it did make me think of this song.
  8. Actually, it's *slightly* reminds me "My Love Is For Real" by Paula Abdul.
  9. Definitely one of her greatest songs ever. The writing, the melody, her voice. It's perfect. Imagine what the music video would have been like.
  10. Seems like it. I do kind of wonder what she's up to exactly. Visiting her vaults recently, all these photoshoots. Something's up, and I'm trying not to be too dramatic and get my hopes up too much, but it does get me kind of excited.
  11. Fucking stunning. She keeps giving and giving and giving. I feel like the Rebel Heart era hasn't ended yet and I'm loving every minute of it. #REBELHEARTFOREVER