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  1. I’m already annoyed by the phrase “abundance of caution”.
  2. Same. It’s scary out there honestly. It hasn’t even hit my county yet as far as we know but the shelves are bare and it’s total chaos.
  3. All true. Not enough people care enough to change it. The picture of the sea turtle made me cry. Humans are the worst animals to ever roam the Earth.
  4. God, can we please get to a point where people who abuse animals, children, and the elderly (or anyone else for that matter) get a mandatory 20 year jail sentence, or much worse??
  5. Now that makes me sad. The I Love Ass thread on this very forum introduced me to the glory of Tumblr.
  6. If I wouldn't end up in jail for the rest of my life, I"d be happy to trophy hunt his sorry ass.
  7. It's so crazy to think that everyone in this video is now dead and gone. I know that's morbid, but I couldn't help thinking it. Life is so short. Fascinating video though.
  8. Keep wild animals out of cages. If you can't, expect nothing less when you decide to go in the cage with them. This beautiful animal is dead for doing what lions do. Fuck people.
  9. Can't and won't watch the video but I hope the bitch rots in hell for eternity.
  10. Disgusting. Equally disgusting that monkeys were also forced to endure the tests.
  11. Another shooting happened today in Maryland. 3 dead, 2 injured. Not enough victims for people to really care this time. More focused on Trump telling the widow of a fallen soldier that her husband "knew what he signed up for". Can we please hang this man?
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